Importing Coloreds: Simple Explanations

by Firepower

Can get a full-auto AK, but in Murka – YOU can’t

Today, I’m going to practice my Fosteism & dabble in some LOTBism. It’s clear what Murka needs is MOAR coloreds, because Detroit and Los Angeles don’t produce enough of them:

“President George W. Bush (FOX’s Hero/Pantload) and President Barack Obama have sharply increased the inflow of women from countries that practice genital mutilation, up from from 228,000 in 2000 to 507,000 in 2013, according to the new report.

[ed note: that’s half a million per year of new, imported colored baby mamma pickaninny breeders]

Obama’s administration is trying to raise the flow of immigrants into the United States. For example, Obama has decided to import thousands of Syrians among the 70,000 refugees sought in 2015.

AND: Between 2000 and 2013, the African immigrant population in the United States more than doubled, from 881,000 to 1.8 million, said the new report.”

24 Comments to “Importing Coloreds: Simple Explanations”

  1. Okay…so what?

    That’s the problem with the Fuzzy method. Then they actually rate direct action guys down. After a year or two, you’ve got the facts down. They don’t change, but only get worse.

    I do agree with brining in more minos. Minos make WNs. You’ve got to stick whites in a corner and say “either you join us or you die.” This works in prison.

    I would be comfortable and happy, to live in a “mino dominated” nation if the only whites were radicals. GLR’s suicide squad of 4 lived in Oakland in the 60s.

    • This new Firepower would cream his pants if he got mentioned in a major newspaper.

      “Please recognize my genius but also my superior manners vs the unwashed rabble.”

      [ed note: just imagine, I’d be as BIG as roissy – with as much influence as chuck ross]

      • Ha ha. FP should get a TV show. That’s the American way. Get a TV show, get an agent, an entourage.

        …but it ends quickly. And we already know how it would end. It’s just like Howard Beale on Network. The audience got bored and changed the channel.

        Hooo! That movie is the truth.

      • Indeed.
        I’ve owned Network in my library in every format from VHS to BD.

        Check out the author, Paddy Chayefsky

      • You could set out a perfect, riskless method of victory on every TV across the nation 24-7 for a week.

        But in a week, the public would want something new. I used to wonder how authors could blow out their methods and secrets so openly. But few act on it. Action! It’s everything.

  2. There are 2 million blacks, 2 million Hispanics and 1/2 million of 3rd worldies (Muzzies and Hindus) in NYC.

    Greater America pales in comparison!

    • NYC has a lot of colored folks. It’s all fine and dandy when the economy appears to be good and everyone gets their munchies. But a multicultural cesspool becomes a boiling, smelly fecal soot, when times aren’t good!

      • The Bronx and – now, to a lesser, diminishing extent – Brooklyn have coloreds. Manhattan does not.

        Manhattan’s Harlem once had many coloreds but the rich jews (and WASPs) gentrified them OUT. The same is happening now to Spike Lee’s Brooklyn. NYC is the epitomizing example of how a city can quickly rid itself of coloreds.

      • Have you visited NYC recently?

        Manhattan has many coloreds. They might NOT LIVE in Manhattan, but they COMMUTE, WORK, PLAY, and KILL in White areas whenever possible.

        A visit to the cesspool Times Square shows what I mean. A former porn heaven for all races, but now a public playground for MINOs.

      • Here’s some recent news in NYC regarding black on White crime in MANHATTAN:

        This black miscreant doesn’t live in Manhattan, but with NYC’s superb public transit system, he gets travels to White Manhattan from his ghetto hole and slashes his victims with a box cutter knife.

    • Good find. Ba!

      The fire didn’t even get into the house. Some hero. It’s a good op though. They’ll not catch the dude if he keeps quiet and doesn’t confess. Staying off the suspect list is good enough.

  3. More imported nonwhites means more voters for and clients of LN. It doesn’t translate into more territory held and means of production owned by nonwhites. LN domination is political more than proprietary (proprietary meaning based on occupation of territory and ownership of the means of production, historically, land). LN makes inroads by regulatory domination and inflating the currency, but its domination is essentially political. Therefore the prescription for destroying LN is political revolution, not genocide. Genocide is a means of occupying and possessing the territory and means of production of another people. Here nonwhites do not significantly occupy or own. Without the LN state, and under American principles of democratic self-rule, they are just struggling people.

    • LN domination is political more than proprietary (proprietary meaning based on occupation of territory and ownership of the means of production, historically, land).

      Today’s Murka is ruled politically by MINOs. They vote into power an Obama – twice – and Imperial Incumbent liberal Senators, forever.

      There can be no limited political revolution with the voting levers controlled by the MINO’s increasing numbers of feminists, faggots, coloreds, Miggers and jews. The only way to end their growing majority in time is to eradicate them and thereby thin their ranks until viable to deport the rest to sympathetic countries looking for another, new imported tax burden: England, Sweden or Italy etc.

  4. No general hate for MINOs (unless it’s personal).
    They usually don’t have such diabolical intentions, too many Muslims excepted.

    Hate for their importers.
    US envangelical conferences, meatpackers, Zuckerberg, almost all politicians.

    • ACLU Immigrants Rights Project,
      American Bar Association Commission on Immigration,
      American Immigration Council,
      American Immigration Lawyers Association,
      Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc.,
      Immigrant Legal Resource Center,
      Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service,
      National Council of La Raza,
      National Immigration Law Center,
      National Immigration Project, NLG,
      Pro Bono Net,
      The Advocates for Human Rights,
      Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,
      Carnegie Corporation of New York,
      Hagedorn Foundation,
      J.M. Kaplan Fund,
      John S. and James L. Knight Foundation,
      The Grove Foundation

    • Smart people in America who realize the disease effecting our country know their priorities of whom their enemies are. It’s blacks and White Libs, and only these 2 groups. White Libs of course, include Jews, Gays and Feminists.

      Muslims should not even be part of that radar.

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