The Exception

by Ryu

Sorry. THEY beat ya to it

All rules and laws written by the USG today have one important exception – its agents may break the rules, the people may not.

The Federal Reserve can print money…you can’t.

The military can kill…you can’t.

The CIA can torture…you can’t.

An Eradica exclusive! We already know what the new drone laws will be. The USG and its agents can have them and use them in any way they like. You can’t.

There’s no need to labor the point. The legal system has been constructed in such a way to protect the government but to shaft the people. This is the primary reason why those to treasure “the rules” or “the law” are impotent.

8 Comments to “The Exception”

  1. Freedom is the choice to be ruled by emotions instead of laws.
    The US is ruled by connections and favor networks.

    If there is ever any REAL pressure, cowering liberals will look for parental figures who do not exist.
    Probably look something like naked Stewart\Colbert\Carell who are so popular on frontpage of Reddit right now. Warning link is pseudo-gay ironic hipster posing.

    Jordan timildly hanged a pair of prisoners after their captured pilot guy got toasted. That was still better than the US baby wimpout immediately after 9-11.

    • Hm did not mean to embed the youtube link above.
      I find the stupid vapidity infuriating, not for what they do but for what they would never do.

    • ISIS has a bigger pair of balls than Jordan. The one who will win is the one willing to give the most. My feeling about Jordan is that they are a country with a king who is mostly concerned about his own wealth. They won’t jump without the USG behind them.

      His wife, Princess Rainia or whatever, is a babe.

    • I remember when those three were radicals and actually challenging the powerful. They didn’t maintain that quality and momentum becoming crap but their heyday from the early to mid 2000s was great.

      [ed note: if you lived in The Soviet Union: what do you think would happen to you if you criticized Putin the way you criticize Obama?]

      • It takes balls to take on power. Brass balls.

        I’d never run someone down on account of how hard WN is. The US is the greatest tyranny that has ever existed. It’s not to be taken lightly.

  2. Not just impotent… But a combination of extremely ignorant and/or evil.

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