The Mountain of Dust

by Ryu

Sitting on top of America’s mountain of guns (MOG) is a mountain of dust. Americans have more guns than any other people on the planet but they use them the least. How did all the dust get there?

It’s been accumulating since the first KKK in the South disbanded and the last free Indian was defeated. The MOG served its purpose when the white pioneer conquered the American West. A muscle atrophies when it isn’t used. Similarly, freedoms disappear when they are unexercised.

The freedoms America has lost aren’t missed by many. Most Americans are quite content today. Freedom is being able to maximize their paycheck, having many comsumer choices, and being able to light some fireworks off on July 4th.

While Americans may have forgotten about the MOG, the police surely haven’t. The first thing they look for when searching a suspect is…..….. a gun. Police mythology demonizes the civilian marksman. While there are only 200 police deaths every year, that’s enough to frighten even the greenest recruit.

There is no way to awaken the brainwashed American public by propaganda. USG propaganda far outnumbers anything we can produce. The Americans will have to be forced to hate the USG.

Everything in the US today depends upon electricity. Without it, the people do not know what to do. I am sure that all readers have seen blackouts and their effect on the population. Life literally stops until the TV and computer comes back on.

50 Comments to “The Mountain of Dust”

  1. Of those 200 deaths, I’d wager half are automobile accidents. Bored blue jordies going 120mph to respond to misdemeanors isn’t uncommon. The great American death machine…has four wheels. Coincidentally, a colored rapper mowed down two compatriots with a truck recently.

    • More than half. The most common way for a cop to die is in his car. More cops kill themselves each year than die by suspect’s guns – just like modern soldiers.

  2. For an entire century, America was a symbol to the rest of the world.

    This century, it has become a mere symbol
    …to its own citizens.

  3. I have to say it bothers me how Ryu and FP use pictures of their wives to get views.

    • At one time, I also did not agree with the use of pictures and movies. I thought the content should stand alone. I had unlimited faith in man’s rational nature.

      We and all internet sites have been affected by the decreasing attention span. My own attention have been affected by it.

      A beautiful woman has more truth in it than almost anything else to a man. Beauty is a form of genius, though it does not last long. There is deep truth in using sex as a form of advertising. Sex is a part of WN.

      • Which is why women with credibility (and perhaps physically attractive women), publicly supporting the WN movement would work wonders and get men to do their bidding. Your response to my previous post about this matter was, they are not needed.

      • There’s not many of them, JR. I worry about the majority, not the minority. If there’s a WN who wants to specialize in that, he should try it. Our time is limited because no WN does it for a living. We have to ration according to need.

    • whereas i only have of each, ryu has me beat on the black ones – plus a gooker. you KNOW how women like to be treated like shit.

  4. I’m glad you’ve realized “freedom” mostly depends on what those with power want. The small Oregon bakery that turned away business from homosexuals will be fined up to six figures. The money will go straight to the fags bankrupting the family of five. The message has been sent to others producing a chilling effect on anyone else who dissents. People will accept it though justifying their inaction with drivel like “espionage model” or Taqiyya.

    • Studying communism has helped. Dissent within the confines of the law is a hard, hard thing. If Eastern Ukraine had voted 100% to join Russia, the USA would not have allowed it. 95% wasn’t enough for them.

      There is a certain foolishness in what we do. The smart move, from one POV, is to stay quiet. But then nothing changes except by entropy.

      The Americans believe in a false diversity. One must be pro-gay, pro-woman, and anti-white. This is not true diversity. As a WN, I do accept diversity as legit and will allow the strongest to prevail.

    • I have done business with gays. They at least pay me on time. Urban SWPL women will pay you whenever they get a chance, and blacks will never.

      • I always remember one of St. Tom The Leykis rules:

        “Women are the cheapest creatures on earth!”

        But, he always pissed me off; he’d never say that coloreds are also the cheapest race.

      • FP: That’s a great quote, which is why I’m downsizing my female clientele. My business doesn’t want to make women open their wallets like the Apple Store, Nordstrom or Whole Foods.

      • You do not win by “starving a beast”. Even so, there’s no way that ever happens by refusing their money.

        You win by taking their money.

      • FP: It’s not that I don’t take their money. It’s a bad investment to wait for them pay me a year later. The time spent on their needs could have been used on other things.

      • Charge them interest.
        Take them to Small Claims Court and collect damages.

        Think like a jew.

      • FP: Going forward, I will dump half of my female deadbeats. No need to think like a Jew and go to small claims. I’ll be lucky if I see them in court. My livelihood isn’t entirely dependent of them.

      • then you’ll lose profit.

        If i could make a decent profit selling bacon to jews – I’d do it.

      • Homosexuals are perverts and pedophiles. Most are impoverished and disgusting as well.

        The idea that they’re attractive and or successful is a bourgeois myth. Most simply aren’t.

  5. Hey Ryu, you had a comment about how you almost were in the military yourself, I think this would be an interesting post or discussion, because there were SO MANY times I myself was almost in…if I believed in my country, if i believed in the brotherhood etc just a little more.

    • There’s no high and deep truth, EK. I would join the military to learn how to kill, beat people up, and intimidate. In the US military, all my vices are virtues.

      Believing in my country, brotherhood is all BS. Don’t lie to yourself about it or what your motives.

      Some soldiers were halfway honest. They loved the Stan. They got to lift, shoot shit up, dip, drink, and hang out with their buds. That’s what they like.

      • Exactly Ryu…

        So when they get back to the States and believe they’ve earned instant respect “cuz, we was protectin’ yur freedumb,” they must be instantly disabused of this self-congratulatory lie.

        One joins the US military for only two reasons: desperation or because ONE WANTS TO JOIN. It’s no more complicated than that.

    • EK…

      I was “almost” in the military via the Army’s football squad. Thankfully, I rejected the invitation and over twenty years later I can’t say I have any regret. A sizable majority of these soldiers are punk-azz mofos and certified anti-white Supremacists.

      • I was offered a ROTC scholarship my freshman year of college, but I declined it. I also pulled out of going to Marine Corps bootcamp the day that I was shipping out. Needless to say, my recruiters really enjoyed that (haha).

      • Political Animal…

        I think many of “us” here could have been yes-“men”-ions and then chose not to go down that path. The executive dispute really only exists between those of “us” who said “no” and those who said “yes,” but never became the wiser about their decision.

  6. Also, I believe it was syria, that the gov tried to shut down the internet because people were communicating, and it actually made it WORSE because no porn, facebook etc and riots increased.

    • Indeed, whining for someone (else) to DO SOMETHING is a pressure releaser.

      So Eradican you are not under-cover but rather openly defying the USG? Just wondering. Taqiyyah was certainly used by Jews effectively in the United States so I can’t see why it wouldn’t work again.

      [ednote: we agree with YOU. generals and leaders (those with the true brains) must die in combat as inspiration to the trailersheep, who’ll suddenly grow brains and Rise Up!]

      • As of now Mindweapon has shut down his blog so much for Tacos I mean Taqiyya.

      • Mindweapon has shut down his blog

        I am disappointed mw doesn’t have the gumption to post on Eradica to air his views. Not even under an alias.

        Oh well. Slow thinking is the characteristic of lumpenproles of all races.

      • You’re mistaken. Use your knowledge of human moves. Someone doesn’t invest 15 years into something, then dump it overnight. Just with that, you should know if he quit or not.

  7. NEVER in human history have a people complained so LOUDLY and been so heavily armed…
    But done nothing about it…

    People get the situation they deserve.

    • Americans seem to love patronizing big conglomerate businesses that monopolizes and sucks this nation dry of innovation and competition.

      The Spanish youth trashed and burnt down a Starbucks in Barcelona a few years ago (their occupy movement), of course our American chumps would never do anything remotely of this sort, instead, your local Starbucks is more sacrosanct than any religious site.

    • The reason is a part of it, the gun is a part of it.

      But using a gun without permission is the reserve of kings. Only a few on Earth can do it.

      • Or most Americans are just cowards, while they blow a lot steam, but can’t get themselves moving.

      • You miss the point, then cause dissension by blaming (TDO’g) just the one preeminent faction of The Western World – when the same White Wussification exists in all of it, from France, Sweden to England etc.

      • America is completely White wussified and its demographic is more moronic than that of the Old World.

      • You are singling out one loser from many culpable nations as the target for your ire.
        That benefits nothing.

        It’s mocking your neighbor because niggers & Miggers burned his house…
        The moment after yours is torched by only niggers and pakis.

      • FP: Americans are the least willing to upset the status quo when compared to their Old World cohorts. None of our urban youth are willing to do any dirty work (just look at the occupy movement and their bloodless protests). They’re only situational opportunists at best, willing to pander to the corporatists, if they could get another quick fix of pleasure from them (many of them were sipping Starbucks coffee, while fumbling at their Apple Laptops). Meanwhile, the protestors in Southern Europe were burning police officers, American corporate businesses, and were willing to take on any heat.

      • Again, you’re playing the “Who’s Worse-er! Game”
        As if it matters when both Murka and EuRot
        Fap themselves to sleep with inaction

      • Further FP: The occupy protestors had no unified goal regardless. MINOs were supposed to be on equal footing with the privilege of White urban youth who shared a similar outlook. Only in a fictional Hollywood media, that would be true!

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