MINO Machine: Loretta Lynch, AG-to-be

by Firepower

Let’s Play: “Count The Colored Rulers!”

Nah. MINOs don’t rule Murka! When you go from Sir Eric the Holder – Murka’s most fascist henchman in history – to an Empowered African-American Soul Sista, all is kosher, right?

I told ya so about the LN/MMM – the Liberal nazis running the….… MINO Master Machine. One day, your grandkids will shove their own race into The New Ovens run by its ever-increasing radicalized coloreds…

The only way to trump in the Racial Poker hand of a former Black Panther Afro Brutha is the colored female topper. Next up: An African-American-Hispanic Lesbian Attorney General – so Murkan whites will bleed dry quicker.

After Lord Holder’s buttfucking Murka for six years, Soul Sista 2.0 will apply a healthy plunger of Feminism up your assholes.

11 Comments to “MINO Machine: Loretta Lynch, AG-to-be”

  1. Having experience working with negros, they’re terrible co-workers. Worse, blacks are dumb fuckers and aren’t freethinkers in any sense, which shows that they’re forever in slave mode. Don’t expect a business to become profitable or innovative, if you have them under the helm. It’s sad that America has caved into their demands of equality, when they aren’t capable of it.

    • I think whites are forever in slave mode.

      The colors are in barbarian mode. They don’t give a rip, they do what they like. It’s whitey worry about pleasing the master, making him money, being a good little servant.

      Who do you think acts more servile – whites or blacks?

      • watched an episode of cops yesterday. It is unbelievable how rebellious they are with cops. Then when they finally get caught they try other tactics like lying and confessing.

      • Yeah. Blacks are really good at dealing with the police in those terms. They don’t cooperate, or look at pigs as their friends. They don’t worship the police like whites do. That’s a gift.

        I find it hard to express how far out a white man needs to go in order to actually fight back like Frein or David Durham. Very few whites can ever achieve the mindset that blacks seem to be born with. Yet the commonest ghetto rat has it.

        I sometimes listen to negro ghetto music. It is refreshing.

      • I can see whites mistakenly feeling over “grateful” to the cops – for protecting them from Those Scary Negroes – much like white hicks roboticly worship Jordies.

      • Ryu – You are correct. Many Whites can’t think outside of the box like blacks, but they are more servile, while blacks act like anything goes.

      • Sorry Ryu, but it doesn’t read like you’ve confronted too many nigels in your life? My experience is an overly exaggerated bark followed by little or no bite when confronted by a credible threat. The nigel’s disrespect for law enforcement is not a principled one, but a learned behavior stemming from an anti-white Supremacy that has been deeply ingrained in the nigel’s psyche. But, nigels are not so stupid so as to be unaware of the fact that they can continuously push the envelope in a degenerating society and thus show an ever increasing disrespect for law and order without due consequence.

      • Why should coloreds kowtow to the law?

        The crime lord Holder and his snatch-empowered female colored trump card replacement ensure the Affirmative Action, preferential treatment model now applies to law as it does to hiring and college admissions.

        It is their nation now – along with Miggers’. Whites surrendered it.

      • FP…

        I am not suggesting that nigels should kowtow to the law. I am only asserting that their extravagant monkey behavior is not principled BUT merely learned behavior and then exploitive due to both their “knowledge” of and desire for increased degeneracy.

        My experience of nigels who meet a CREDIBLE THREAT and ACTUAL RESISTANCE is an exaggeratedly flaccid and pathetically apologetic stance not at all similar to the clown shows one sees on YouTube when confronting law enforcement.

        Make no mistake, nigels FEAR genuine white Supremacy.

  2. I suggest dropping PC labels like “feminism” and “equality” and use more exacting and TRUE labels like “dykism” and “anti-Supremacy.” After all, the former ARE THEIR passive-aggressive EUPHEMISMS and “we” use them as though “we” were the true conformists.

  3. All a stage show, incredibly boring really.
    Maybe they are trying to recreate the politically correct early episodes of Star Trek The Next Generation.
    One episode had a crewmember extra wearing a man skirt in the background.
    Still hoping that becomes a thing with liberals.

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