Murka IS the Super Bowl: Simple Explanations

by Firepower

It is a true rarity when an analogy occurs naturally out of the silly void of life. It is so wonderful – so perfect – that xtians believe it is The Hand of God – if gawd had a sense of humor, or even a dick. Either way it explains a hell of a lot more than gawd does in 5000 years, or in his 2000 page Bibble.

The helicopters and X-ray machines are from Tucson and Nogales, some of the busiest spots in the nation for the smuggling of drugs and immigrants.”

While reading this, ask yourself what consequences happen to a nation that does this – what such behavior deserves. Here goes: Murka is a nation that strips its sacrosanct post-9/11 border of protective equipment to bolster Super Bowl security.

Defenses at the busiest Migger ports of entry, plus the hotspots for drug smuggling and Migger Hopping.  Oh well: it’s not like those Blackhawks keep any of them out, anyway…

It sums it all up.

Enjoy The Games

24 Comments to “Murka IS the Super Bowl: Simple Explanations”

  1. I haven’t watched a super bowl in years nor do I care about sports anymore. I have my own vices, but cheering as negroes bounce a ball or emasculating oneself by wearing another person’s jersey isn’t one of them.

    • Good for you, Eradican… I sincerely mean that. And spoken as one who spent all his formative years pursuing an NFL “career.” I only thank God for squashing it.

    • @ eradican & erin:
      You guys talk about “starving the beast” but you don’t get it: If you don’t buy tickets, jerseys or NFL products etc. they profit nothing. If you don’t spend money – but watch the game – they’re entertaining you for free.

      It’s like being a music fan: You don’t starve the beast by boycotts, but by downloading free. They don’t give a rat’s ass about the $1.34 they make from you individually and you get the free benefits.

      • They profit by you being a “fan” of anything.

        The whole reason there are men making millions playing a child’s game is because millions are willing to spectate. The real pleasure is in the doing.

        I don’t want to watch their bullshit…but they can watch mine!

      • You’re not getting it.

        What profit do they acquire (exactly) when I do not pay a penny?
        For example, take the bar owner game. What “profit” does a bar make by letting me sit around watching their TV, drinking their free booze?

        If you don’t like ultra-niggers acting like ultra-niggers, fine – don’t watch it for that reason. But do not perceive you are doing so because it harms their profit. You actually harm it by watching their presentations and getting the value without paying.

      • They profit by my time and my attention. Those are my most valuable resources. Money is nothing in America, it flows like water or air.

        If I wanted their money, I’d take it directly by the raider model. Protests and boycotts are BS.

        [ed note: your time & attention are commodities only you value. profit is decided from a value determined by both buyer and seller – plus the entire market. everybody values a $100 bill, for example]

      • I don’t agree with money-worship, FP.

        The money has no eyes. It serves whatever master’s holding the checkbook. If I take a rich man’s money, I assume all his power. Today too often, the power lies in the money and the title, not the man himself.

        Money is another con the USG is running. It only has value because of people’s confidence in it. A $100 bill has no intrinsic, objective value. I learned it as a survivalist. If the SHTF ever, I’d wipe my ass with 100s.

        The value of a man isn’t his bank account. I count the Muzz and our direct action guys as the strongest, most elite clique in the world. Balls are more valuable and rare than money.

        [ed note: you’re bringing-up many unrelated issues]

      • Try this: It’s like PUA. You lose by boycotting girls, you win by banging them.

        You don’t harm rooshi by boycotting him, you do by downloading his ebooks for free. It costs you nothing – like your habit of dl’g videos instead of buying them.

        You don’t hurt George Lucas by boycotting THX 1138, but by watching it…for FREE.

      • Ah, that’s good.

      • What do you make of this article, FP? How much bull did they mix in with the good stuff?

        Some of it seems right. Of course isis would want take passports from rookies. But I’d think they treat their men well. Alot of organizations are broken from within is because of how they treat their soldiers. The mafia treated its men like niggers.

      • I see it as the foreign variant of MuzzHipster playing to the MurkaCam for sympathy because he sees gullible Murkans throw money at Miggers, coloreds and Ebolafricans.

        You can prove the truth by noting how many ISIS deserters blab their story to BloReilly on FOX – or if their combat effectiveness is degraded by mass desertion: None at all. It looks like they kick major ass. Cook it, too.

        I bet Jordie also has his passport confiscated by Sgt. Hartmann long before he “graduates” basic ingraining training. The article apparently describes the small group practices of a tough fighting force like the SS, Red Shock Army and what our USMC once was before pussification.

  2. It’s like you wrote once, FP.

    The USG would run their airplanes and grease their tanks with our blood if they had to. The people mean nothing to them. Border security is irrelevant.

    The most dangerous lies are the ones people tell themselves. I feel the USG leaves just enough room and leaves just enough liberty on the table so that “most” can still convince themselves they are free.

  3. 99% of what is on talmudvision is pure propaganda. I don’t understand how anyone with a brain cell left can subject themself to it. It insults and assaults my senses at every turn.

  4. The game of football is a quintessential American game ruined by radical liberals with a political agenda. The most interesting aspect of “deflategate” is the clueless nigel who can’t see that his “domination” of the sport is no more than a social construct due to the fact that he is mere political pawn. Seventy-five percent of the black players in the NFL wouldn’t even be there if they were required to meet the college academic and cultural requirements of their fellows white players.

  5. True TD and I have it from a reliable source that MANY talented White men are simply ignored by talent scouts.

    • Erin…

      There was a time that I felt like I was one those white boys. And college coaches of the “white” kind are some of the most sappiest, bleeding hearts of all liberals. But I put away the bitterness when I realized I have a much bigger role to fill.

  6. I myself never understood what makes the masses conform toward whatever is popular.

    Jung and Sheldrake believe in some sort of collective unconsciousness, but they are considered crank theories.

    All I know is that conformity is absolutely everywhere, the motor of mankind.

    • To understand something so complex, simplicity supplies the answer: People are social animals. It’s why we internet. People want – and perhaps, need – to belong to a group. It goes back to needing a group to fend off Sabre-tooth tigers etc.

  7. I’ve known several womynz who didn’t watch football, but went to the Super Bowl parties because it was “the thing to do” that day. That’s the social angle the NFL tries to push for every game, from pre-season to the big game at the end of the season. It’s part of why they have the money to buy the political power to force taxpayers to fund swanky new stadiums.

    It does remind me that the NFL put pressure on Arizona because they weren’t honoring MLK Day. It went something like this: Make it a holiday, or no super bowl for you! And they gave in.

    [it’s so goode Roger Goodells has round-the-clock SS protection and nobody knows where he lives…]

    • It’s interesting to watch.

      Sport, military worship and the USG all combine. I wouldn’t be surprised to see at the super bowl one of those “surprise” my military daddy’s come home spectacles.

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