Reviews of Movies…I’ll Never See: Murkan Sniper

by Firepower

Greg Marra Chris Kyle Statue 2Ok, in my prediction, here’s how the flick goes down: Simple hillbilly with knack for marksmanship trades lifetime of driving forklifts at local Wal-Mart for glory as Uncle Beast’s bestest-ever triggerman.

Along the way,  he finds trooluv with his “amazing” hick princess & high school sweetheart, Martha-Rae-Billyjean, blue-eyed baby queen.  After they pop out a few future cannonfodder pups, he suddenly “haz him uh change o’ heart” then squirts a few for the camera. The retarded clodhopper, Screaming Eagle – Lone Wolf Twitter avatar crowd in the seats go wild when Our Hero entertainingly opens a few dozen more muzzi~haids in a spray of CGI ketchup – all for that drooling hayseed audience cheersquad sporting huge boners in their overalls.

Blo-Reilly orgasms dusty loads in his custom $2200 Manhattan-tailored pants for this movie: Hey, every conservitard and their precious fam staying 100 miles far, far away from the enlistment center do – because when they gets ta wavin’ thet~thar flag thingy, be sure it’s you they see taking a bullet from….… Hajji in a dusty shithole – not them: They’ve $200 plates of pasta to eat in Manhattan…

It’s the same ‘tude they bring to actually living anywhere near “o-ppressed colored-murkans”. Whip out an old mp3 of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Fortunate Son: 1968 is new again, but we never learned our lesson. So, Uncle Beast will ram his cock up your ass until you do.

san fernando curt just fapt!

Eastwood has a hard-on now for Hollywood mocking him over his kooky-konvention chair speech. He’s not gonna take him no shit after decades of being made a mega-star – and magisterial Hollywood Royalty – by audiences worshiping him for dramatic, high-art Spaghetti Westerns & Dirty Harry movies. That’s what makes a Great Man in Murka now. He is a God. That’s what makes a Great Man to conservitards. Why! He’s almost… Reaganesque.

Hollywood liberals (and naturally, jews) will whip out their bottomless hypocrisy and deny Oscar nominations for an incredibly popular movie saying “we don’t nominate for popularity – only Ahhht!” – while nominating the fuck out of The Help, Da Buttla and Selma –  plus every other colored-glorifying slop stupid Oprah-watching housecunts creamed their drawers over.

After the TDO blows over, it’s back to entertaining Murka with movies of alien space superheros saving Earth from alien space supervillains.

No Shit: Buy ’em on eBay! RIGHT NOW!!!

Look, Conservitards have their own version of PC nearly as obnoxious as Leftists’: You must approve of (and applaud) invading sovereign nations if that benefits israel and their exclusive Manhattan Club. Notions of invading situations like Nigeria (to save The Children!™) are quashed and forbidden by Fox – as is antagonizing every country with nukes like Paki-stan, RED China and North Gookorea. Them thar rascals can get away with murdering tons of kids… and do.

btw, Khris Kill didn’t appear to be such a sniveling, regretful weeper when wearing his skull n’ crossbone hat sporting that logo of his company. He said his only regret was not killing more muzzies. Sensitive he-man and blood-spilling entrepreneur. What a combo.

30 Comments to “Reviews of Movies…I’ll Never See: Murkan Sniper”

  1. Liberal PC is mostly hypocrisy and opportunism but conservative PC produces more true believers.

    • Not decided yet whether it is so because rightism is the new cause or Libtards ambivelence is from their controlling every single aspect of Murkan Life with a fascist, iron fist of total rule…

  2. I just love those raging chumps in conservative talk radio, who feel as if the showing of Murkan Shooter was a major victory over the Hollywood left, when in fact, it comes out of the same turd hole of idiocy and dumb downed sensationalism.

  3. That’s the truth FP.

    Today, a white boy can either work as muscle, a scientist, or drive the beer truck. As a soldier, cop or scientist, he will serve his enemies. Driving forklifts, he makes no money.

    I’m disappointed that Clint Eastwood would make such a military worship movie.

    He must be quite the liberal when he’s not carrying “the biggest handgun in the world…it’ll blow your head clean off!” Hard to tell about people from afar. He’s probably in Vail now, drinking a latte.

    It’s a bad situation. If Chris Kyle wasn’t American Sniper, he’d be greasing pump jacks in West Texas or branding cattle. Even as Murkan Sniper, when he got out, he’d be driving beer trucks or a bodyguard for the elite.

    • That UBL Killa/beertruck story you recounted is informative.

      The Benghazi triggerbois who got the fuck shot out of them quickly retired from their CIA Merc jobs. FOXFellated them for a month straight and they just couldn’t stfu about their “war stories” – like some twisted FOX HooRah/Jordie Reality Show.

      The chattiest one let slip he was booted from the seals because he also ground up his knees for good old Uncle Sam then got tossed on the scrap pile.

      Another one got his arm so shrapped-up, now his left thumb hangs like a limp Vienna Sausage from the tendon/nerve damage. So now, how is he gonna look at Ma Deuces and Iraq “war” porn and jack it?

      • Being a Navy SEAL is, like peak athletics, terrible for your health in the long run. You run around a lot wearing a bigass pack, and your joints go to shit.

        I haven’t looked into it, but I’m sure the jobs for vets shit is only around to prevent another Bonus Army, and to keep potentially dangerous people busy, fed, and satiated.

        In 1990s Russia, the mob was able to snap up primo talent because the government was broke and had to fire loads of soldiers and people from the “special services” (KGB and GRU).

      • I’m starting to read more about the injuries and drugs soldiers and cops have to use. It’s no easy business, being muscle for the USG. They wear out their bodies pretty quick.

        Today the police serve as an “extended military.” A little less action, but a bigger paycheck. They still get the pension after 20 years too. Estimates I’ve seen put 25% of cops as exmil.

      • Leon Trotsky (founder of GRU) was the first and only person to correctly predict the demise of the Soviet Union via capitalist restoration. He warned about a capitalist class forming at the top craving more luxuries and personal ownership of the USSR’s vast resource and factory wealth. Gorbachev/Yeltsin and later the oligarchs represented this clique. Glasnost and perestroika were codewords for destroying the Soviet Union. Under capitalism Russia was looted mercilessly and its economy converted from producing fighter jets to cheap bicycles.

        Russia was the first country in history to advance the class war beyond the bourgeois stage and now the bourgeois were back for revenge. It was only thanks to the heroic chekist (KGB) Putin that Russia was able to recover. Had the state not renationalized industry the windfall profits from the oil boom would have been sent offshore, leveraged 30-1, and squandered in failed business ventures. Russia would have been bankrupted again during the global financial crisis but instead they prospered.

      • I hear many good things about Trotsky. One day, I’ll have to study him.

        Russia and China will beat the US in time. By squeezing Russia with low gas prices, as the US is doing now, Russia will take the right steps to protect itself.

      • It is one of my fav stories. Beer trucks aren’t so bad, but it’s nothing compared to killing for a living.
        This guy comes back, expecting some big parade. No job, no parade, no health care.

        “Navy SEAL who killed bin Laden left in poverty with no pension, healthcare or protection”

      • Everything you need to know about Leon Trotsky, Marxism, and the Soviet Union all in one thread courtesy of Eradica itself.

        The short version is Trotsky was the George Washington of Russia and intellectual architect of almost of everything associated with communism from the October Revolution, Red Army, Soviet industrialization, gulag camp system, de-Stalinization, and Cold War.

      • Danke. I have heard that Trotsky at his most radical would burn down the factory and hang the bosses.

  4. Clint Eastwood is an anti-White. He did that stupid movie Gran Torino where he is the White man that dies sacrificially for non-Whites (naturally his OWN fake family isn’t worth a damn) His final pose in death is with his arms outstretched like Jesus on the cross. Don’t think that imagery isn’t effective on White people.

    I have no expectations of him (or any of his cronies) making anything but pure propaganda films.

    [ed note: clint feels that worst of all white emotions: guilt – for being a lifeguard in the cali army, instead of Korean Kombat]

    • I would watch AS, if it was a film made by WNs and marketed as independent like “craft beers”.

    • Even before I was racially aware Gran Torino bothered me for the reasons you said. Eastwood made another movie about WW2 where non-white veterans returned home to face racism.

    • He did say he would attack Michael Moore if he tried anything with him.
      That was after Moore attack-interviewed NRA figurehead Charlton Heston in his early senility.
      Clint reminds me of an uninjured McCain.
      A personal maverick but politically still in the Overton Window.

      • Michael Moore on the other hand successfully moved the Overton Window to the left, at personal risk.
        He was furiously attacked for criticizing the 2003 Iraq invasion at the Oscar ceremony, but became beloved by the left.
        In high school he got national attention for criticizing the Elks at their award ceremony for excluding minorities. They changed their policy soon after.

      • What’s needed is discussion toward a strategy of how to shift the Overton Window to benefit our side.

        First, I encourage you to explain to our readers this most excellent theory that I (and you) believe.

        The only way I’ve seen (yet) to successfully combat continual Liberal nazi use of TOW is the Muzz strategy: Kill the fuck out of every enemy, then when their family comes for revenge kill them even slower, twice as agonizing and more bloodier for the cameras you’ve set up to publicize it. So, when the Liberal Elite Media (LEM) activate their finger-waving-shaming propaganda machine as the main, effective weapon against your blood-machine, then lop off their heads for the very same camera – preferably one took from their dead cameraman’s body whom you also recently utilized as yet another opportunity for Orange Jumpsuit-Snuff Cinema.

        James Earl Raying MLK was the perfect start, but imagine America today if a Jesse Jackson, Jr. had his head opened up like a melon on TeeVeeee. Then every other 3rd string replacement was eradicated – along with their grieving, trash-talking family. Would there even be an Al. Sharpton?

      • goddamn THAT was excellent writing.

        The rich now live in their own Elysium-style biosphere. It’s a floating bubble high above Earth, connecting London to New York to Shanghai to Dubai via a chrome Business Class tube in the sky.

        quoting sun tzu and tossing in Elysium is how I THINK.

      • NYC is still not on the level of Paris, Dubai or even Shanghai, yet!

        I do however have to say NYC and London is what you call the Anglo Malaise of Messy Multiculturalism.

        Too many damn low IQ colored savages run like feral animals, that even the rich in their mansion pig castles can’t even fortified. Worse, you now have a de Blasio dumb turd who want turns back time to the colored NYC.

      • In reality, Manhattan has a very small niche of wealthy people and quality housing. The rest is a wasteland of ironclad office towers for the robber barron types, who brand themselves as captains of industries, tenement housing, which are now converted for the lesser SWPLs, who want to emulate them, and the rest are rotting housing complexes for the colored holdovers.

  5. Great article, btw.

    • Nope! She’s disappeared into the mist. The media stopped covering her long ago.

      How are you Doomie? Still raising chicken?

      • Yeah, still doing that stuff. Probably will for a long time, if not forever. New year, new job, though. So far this one is better than the previous two.

      • Wow! I’m surprised you are still in the chicken game. That’s a hard business.

  6. An excellent review. I too will not watch this movie.

    I don’t watch movies at all, actually, but I will most definitely not watch this one.

    I prefer your reviews. More please.

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