American Sniper

by Ryu

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With over 150 kills, Chris Kyle has killed more people than Manson, Dahmer, and Gacy combined. He is worshipped as a hero by most Americans and Christians. As with everything else in America, it’s not what is done, but WHO does it. If you’ve got a flag on your arm, you can get away with murder.

He who lives by the sword, shall also die by it. What do you call it when an assassin is assassinated? Justice. Just as Kyle killed by creeping, he too was killed unexpectedly.

We always find out how good someone is by how they do when alone. It’s one thing to kill with the USG’s full protection. As a professional soldier, Kyle had body armor, backup, helicopters on the wait, and armed escorts. As a civilian he had none of those protections. He died pretty easily out of uniform.

I read the “American Sniper” book with relish. I expected and found….… America worship, SEAL worship, and hadji hate. It’s pure propaganda, Pat Tillman style. Naturally, they virtually ignored his death.

Get A Statue Fer~YER BACKYARD! America, Fuck YEAH!!!

America loves her killers. American Sniper the commodity is already making the corporations money. Just as Kyle served big business and the USG in life, he serves them too in death.

There’s the Kyle American Sniper fan club. The American Sniper midnight black tactical sunglasses. There’s the American Sniper workout…you too can have this body! Get your American Sniper t-shirt and backpack today! Only $19.95 (shipping not included). Call now and we’ll throw in two!

Here’s the Chris Kyle SuperSEAL workout.

There’s little to learn from those who operate under government protections. A better sniper for study was Lee Malvo, the DC sniper. With only his gun and a pile of guts, he shut DC down. It’s worth noting that because Malvo operated in DC rather than Iraq, he probably killed more actual terrorists than Kyle did.

A hero’s life cut short…by another hero? It was a marine who killed Kyle. Who to root for?

20 Comments to “American Sniper”

  1. Now, Kriss Kill needs customizing to fit perfectly into the Modern Murkan Ideal of “hero”.

    His weepy-weepers must be 40 feet tall (and on The Silver Screen) to display his “humanity” – whatever-the-fuck that is.

    All his self-promotion, books, KrissKyll Korp. Hillbilly Hat Skull Logo and smug rush to every TV cam within 30 miles exposes a deep hypocritical cynicism Murkans simply lack the brains now to comprehend.
    I heard in his book he said “his only regret” for killing all them muzz was he “didn’t get to kill more” – is that true, ryu?

    • Yeah, that’s at the end. Like all celebrities, he “doesn’t do regret.”

      • hah. he doesn’t do much
        “cardiac activities”
        ANYMORE, either

      • Chris Kyle got what he deserved. Good riddance. I didn’t understand all his lying (including the made up fight against Ventura) but now realize he was mostly lying to himself.

      • Vets are habitual attention whores now; the media glorification made it so.

        They wear camo hats and vests festooned with 15 lbs. of ribbons, medals and buttons soaked with weepy-weepdrops from bowing at their silly Nammermorial…

      • I wonder about copyrights…

        If I sign up at a recruiter, should I call an agent too? Should I publish a book or do a movie first? I’ve got to be sure to get a cut of the ticket sales and merchandizing. The Ryu action figure and bobblehead.

        Suddenly, capitalism and militarism are becoming one. Being a “Murkan Hero!” is now big biz.

      • Lying is alright. BSing himself is wrong.

        All warfare is based on deception. It’s when he started lying to himself that he lead himself to his doom. He lied about who his masters were, and that he was a “good” person.

  2. Kyle killed for the Boehners and the Chomskys and the Moores AND NOT for actual traditional white America. This is the real dirty secret. And Kyle was not a white Supremacist. So he killed for the radical liberals and the radical liberals must do all they can to hide this unsavory fact by embarking on the tired theatrics of the phony “liberal vs conservative” divide.

  3. The greatest American sniper was Lee Harvey Oswald.

    • Oswald was a loser for rescinding his American passport and wanting it back because he felt the Soviet Union was boring place, the country where he defected as a Communist.

  4. This is something similar I noticed myself, you have all these ex special ops guys who ENDLESSLY talk about bringing down the gov, yet what do they do? Drink beers and talk.


    Its the exact same shit, cowards at heart, who had to be given PERMISSION to over throw govs.

    • Many of them still think that they are better men than you are because they have proved themselves in combat. Combat experience seems to trump everything in certain circles, even if it proves to cost more than it’s worth.

      • Political Animal…

        So very true… But this is largely do to either their complete ignorance of the role that have VOLUNTARILY pursued OR the total knowledge of the true masters they serve. Either way, putting their “manhood” front and center is a sure tell-take sign of their deep internal conflict over the decision they have made.

    • The lesson is to gain a tremendous respect for criminals and terrorists.

      Acting with permission is nothing. Manson with a uniform could have dwarfed Chris Kyle’s record. The whole game is being able to act without permission and without being caught.

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