Choke-Points in USG Money Control

by Firepower

BIGFed – aka Uncle Beast – recently ordered “survival kits” for key members of its FED echelon. USG feels some sort of recent heat. But then again, those with all the power can afford a large helping of paranoia.

Notice the agency offices are in:

  • Champaign, Ill.
  • Billings, Mont.
  • Sioux City, Iowa;
  • Joplin, Mo.; and
  • Fargo, N.D.

Regular MINO & colored cities, huh?

These are not Los Angeles, Detroit or Ferguson…

It is true that if you …… follow the money, you discover all the answers. Money matters most of all to an oppressive, tyrannical government of the Liberal nazi.  The MMM keeps its money safe by keeping it in white enclaves far from coloreds, while demanding white families in cities desegregate for the glowing rainbow-hue of diversity.

The bad news is, when it all falls apart and you have Miggers, coloreds and white tribes warring amongst themselves Uncle Beast will send in the tanks & MRAPs to white neighborhoods – to guard the money.

You’re on your own, bitch.


19 Comments to “Choke-Points in USG Money Control”

  1. That is a very good observation, FP. Obvious, in hindsight.

    Their scheme is extremely clever. I admire it. They are using the virtues of the white race against itself. They intend to draw every advantage out of it that they can. Even in South Africa, they leave just a few whites alone, so they can enjoy a few technologies.

  2. See Galliawatch on the forced integration of rural France, beginning now. worthwhile to compare LN’s of different nationalities.

    • There’s nothing “forced” about it when implied victims not only meekly submit and tolerate it, but do not eradicate the colored infection.

      All good Whites repeatedly ask “whennnnn will this stop?!?”
      The obvious answer is a historical “when massive bloodshed makes it stop.”

  3. I haue noticed a lot of bank robberies lately and I expect to see more.

  4. I guess this post is really about the workings of greater America, and not at all about the Liberal Northeast and California, where you see a mini world of segregation at work, where the center of town are the mansion pigs and the periphery is where the undesirables are found.

    [nope: this post is telling you where the chokepoints in USG money are. take it fwiw]

    • This should be an analogy for someone who comes from a town of mansion pigs.

      Chokepoints that guard money are in White towns of greater America away from colored cities, and in the center of town for the Wall St, Political and media elites away from their outlying colored miscreants in liberal cesspools, which is a basically a microcosm of the former.

  5. A guardsman told me today that all combat veterans are being warned that they will be considered terrorists if they keep more than a one year supply of food in their homes.

    • Fuck ’em: THOSE ARE the dictates from the very Liberal nazi regime they voluntarily, boastfully served.
      Hopefully, Uncle Beast comes down so goddamned hard on them, they dust off them thar wep-unz and…

    • I’m not surprised.

      The USG is a cruel master. They let their triggermen do whatever they want when on duty. When they put down the gun, they’re niggers just like the rest of us. Actually, they are considered dangerous by their former masters.

      The funny thing is, soldiers are so stupid, they have allowed this to happen for decades. White soldier especially. They lie to themselves that bitching online or voting will change things. It’s not a military issue, but a racial issue.

      J, do you have a useful email address? If you do, just throw it in the form thing you fill out to comment here. You only have to do it once, then you can use fake ones.

      • Not to play the devil’s advocate here, but it’s understandable that the USG elites (most of them whom appear liberal) disdain their co-racialists, who are the dumb proletariat.

      • You can play devil’s advocate, JS. The problem is, the elites go from arrogant to scared in 3 seconds flat when “the proles” take a shot at them.

        Look at that little RC drone at the WH yesterday. Think about Tim McVeigh and the fear he produced. The elite are quite afraid of the poor white proles when they become revolutionary. The gun makes us all equal.

        The money doesn’t have eyes. If I see a $100 bill on the ground, it belongs to me, not it’s former owner. Any millionaire without his money is nothing. Suddenly, when I’m rich, I become a lot more interesting and handsome.

        My favorite is when they go from scared shitless to comedy after a direct action guy is found. This happened with both Kaz and Manson. They’d be scared again if Manson left prison.

      • Ryu – That’s why they use divide and conquer tactics. They love pitting the White proletariat against their beloved colored minions. And it seems to work out well for them so far!

      • I’d ally with the minos long enough to get rid of the elites. I consider the elites more of an enemy than the minos. It’s exactly the same as racial prison gangs joining to take over the prison.

        Against the minos, it’s fairly equal. But the police and the USG hold all the cards. They can hit us but we can’t hit back.

  6. can you please email me – i need to remove my images.

  7. Minos are not worthy of allies. They always hated the White demographic regardless of class. Their hatred becomes virulent and steered away, when libs direct them to the proletariat. Further, blacks are only about them, which makes sense, as every other group in America seem to made some headway or I say, able to sprout some greenshoot weeds with their soil, except the kneegrow.

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