The Trouble with Being Muscle

by Ryu

Being an enforcer is great.

You get to beat people up, knock down doors, and blow shit up. If your boss has enough clout, you can kill men and take their stuff, as the American police do. The American military actually gets metals of honor for murder and assault.

Best of all, if you work for the USG, you’re untouchable. You can hit others, but they can’t hit back. Every dead cop and soldier is memorialized. His wife gets a nice fat check and a folded flag. Nice gig if you can get it – you’re a hero if you win or if you lose.

There’s only one problem: you’re a slave.

You have to hit who the master says to hit. No unauthorized murders or raids. If you step out of line and make your own decisions, there’s a hundred young bulls eager to impress the boss with how ….… obediant they are. This obediance and loyalty are the two most important characteristics that an enforcer can have.

There’s a crestfallen look enforcers get when they learn who they really are and who they serve. They’re not special or unique, just obediant. If they disobeyed, they’d be put down as easily as those who they put down.

Never lie to yourself. If you want to kill, burn and rape, fine. Then it’s just a matter of serving the right boss. But don’t kid yourself – it’s not about “service, honor, and duty.” Serving yourself and the devil within maybe.

The only people to learn from are those who do it on their own, with no protection. THERE IS NO COMPARISON WITH THOSE WEARING A BADGE OR A UNIFORM. Who’s more impressive – the tightrope walker with no safety equipment, or the guy with a safety net and emergency crew at the ready?

7 Comments to “The Trouble with Being Muscle”

  1. As usg’s (actually paltry) wages become the gold standard for “high living” according to its majority staff of hick jordie SWATZIs & uppity, fat colored bitch cubicle slugs – the MMM is funded to (and will) buy increased loyalty in the future.

    It always amuses me when some ex-ranger brush-cut Jordie HEROCop!™ with 300 raids on nigra dope-dens pulls his gun on the typical carload o’ coloreds ridin’ dirty and loses his job – or, Officer Rube Lawnorder gets Fergusoned.

    • Then they are surprised when they get canned! Somehow, they haven’t learned who their real masters are.

      Do you think the system will ever get rid of all white soldiers and cops? There is a push that the police force must represent its population. As Murka diversifies then, the white proportion must decline by their new standard.

      • Do you think the system will ever get rid of all white soldiers and cops?

        Most white hicks are awakening that they foolishly serve a colored regime.
        Then, when a rich, elite white asshole is the Eight-Year Emperor, the coloreds still staff the pissant cubicles of USG because of Affirmative Action exclusivity in hiring.

        Jordies are decidedly not Murka’s Bess an Brahtess. It’s just carrot-treat sloganeering meant to keep luring clodhopper cannonfodder to shovel the shit and fill the triggerman jobs. That is why only the stupidest of whites become soldiers.

        Still, it’s been even decades longer that dumb white HEROCops!™ serve and protect niggers in filthy colored ghettos then get fired for calling one a “negroe”. But, these gluttons for punishment seek those – and HEROFireFIGHTER!™ jobs – because of the fat, faaaaaat paycheck (and fatter pension) when they retire… at the ripe old age of 45.

        I’ve sadly discovered that the amount of liberal shit whites will willingly eat is nearly limitless today.
        So, the price Uncle Beast pays is fucktard hillbillies iPhoning Mary Jane Rottencrotch back home, 49 times a day, to bitch about the shitty job they volunteered for; these dumbasses are a key reason why Murka can’t win wars.

      • Libtard Whites aren’t any better when it comes to the intelligent scale. They just come off as more polished and protected.

        Knuckleheads don’t all have the same interests and motives.

        I do agree with you on White gubmint workers with guns.

    • You see this article, FP? Drone on WH grounds. If that dude didn’t confess, he’d never have been caught.

      [ed note: toldya the peons would finally figger out it’s not only Uncle Beast that can haz droneburgers. just wait till an enterprising ex-jordie McVeighite finally figgers out he cant get a job bc he’s white and puts a grenade on one…]

  2. That woman brought in chains as spoils of war is a primary motivation for my activities.

  3. Strangely enough, the best way to be truly invisible is

    to be too different in a deeply conformist society.

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