Hostage Taking Done Right

by Ryu

Taking hostages used to work well. In the 60s and 70s, one could demand a plane and take that plane to Algeria or Libya, where one would be free. This is no longer the case.

Today the police will satisfy only trivial demands – for pizza, water, or electricity (that the police themselves turned off!) They don’t give buses, cars, or planes to terrorists. No million dollars in unmarked bills.

Hostage taking is always the wrong move today, because the endgame is either…… death or prison for the criminal. The protocols the police use are easily found if one wishes to find them. If they believe the hostages will be harmed, they WILL breach.

It must be understood that the negotiator works for the police and that his primary goal is to buy the police time. While the captor is talking, he’s not shooting, that’s the rationale. In the meantime, the police are massing outside, turning off electricity and water, kicking out the media, looking for a way to breach.

Hostage situations turn out badly for the criminals. Yet, there is a proper way to do them. One learns this by studying the mistakes of others.

Place the hostages at the windows, facing inwards. Then the police cannot look in. Let a hostage do the talking with the negotiator – then, he doesn’t get as good a read on the criminal. Don’t give anything without getting something in return. Don’t ever believe the negotiator or hostages are your friend.

If the cops breach, kill the hostages. Spoil their victory, like the Iranians did in 1981. Make them look bad. There should be no hesitation in this.

I cannot recall a single instance in real life where taking a hostage went well for the criminals today. For some reason, the protocols changed 30 years ago and the system got really cheap. It always ends today with the criminal dead or in prison. Don’t do it. The movies are absolutely wrong in this case.

Holing up is absolutely the wrong move. The system is great at building a perimeter and getting about 300 uniforms out there. Every time this happens, the system wins. When the criminals stay mobile, they’ve got a chance. Learn from the mistakes of others.

11 Comments to “Hostage Taking Done Right”

  1. It can go well.

    You know how?

    Simply by avoiding publicity. A lot of times, the Powers that Be don’t want the publicity especially if you’re hitting high profile targets.

    This is a subject I’m not going to talk too much about. But there are some simple rules for taking hostages these days.
    One is don’t get noticed. If the cops are after you, you’ve blown it. If you take someone worth taking the cops won’t be after you because elitesters don’t call the cops. You’ll be dealing the professionals and it’s a whole different ball game with guys who’ve spent the last the years fighting and dealing with situations.

  2. Ryu, did you ever read The Big Brother Game. Old Paladin title? I’m pretty sure Scott R. French was an assumed name and he makes a joke on the back about taking the risk of ocasionally being seen in public with private investigators.

    I’ve taken similar risks, so without getting into it, I’m speaking with firsthand experience on the hostage situation. These guys played the game much smarter but ZOG still won, technically.

    It was basically a win by decision, though. A decision doesn’t count when you’re still dead, even if it’s wasn’t cops or feds who got you.

    btw, I have friends who carry on correspondence with jailed fighters like Frein, Rudolph and Poplawski. Poplawski is appealing his death sentence. He’s still WN and wants to know if he influenced Frein in some way. Hopes Frein gets death penalty so Frein can be his new workout partner on Death row.

    • I congratulate you, Jaeger. You have reached a very high level in WN.

      I created an acronym after studying a few hostage books. ACP NRR. Abduction, Captivity, Proof of life, Negotiation, Ransom drop, prisoner Release.

      I have read many Paladin Press books and probably have forgotten many. I’ll get that one, though.

      Poppa influenced Eric. There is a connection between all direct action people. Only a few can really hear it. That’s why I post EF’s letter, and people still ask if he was with us, even when it is in black and white. Poppa didn’t act in vain. Others will learn from his mistakes.

  3. If inclined, for example, the prime targets for rightists would be the liberal filth that’s ruled Murka into destruction – or emotionally attached people close to them; maybe pre-teen sex slaves or cabana boys, or even family. Pick one.

    That’s a mistake. Make money another way. The prime directive is eradicating enemies. Thus, all along, the goal would be to collect a ransom for a corpse. The tree of liberty must be, from time to time, refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

  4. The reason Carter let the Iranians utterly humiliate the USA by imprisoning the personnel of its embassy in Tehran was that he wanted to be the first US president not to order troops into combat.
    His motivations were post-protestant / Brahmin / karma-based, to compensate for past extremes in the other direction.
    Once the Persians understood this, they yanked his chain for all it was worth.
    Americans could not see past his office to see the loser inside. He did not have to be a loser. He had the power.

    • He did not have to be a loser. He had the power.

      Actually, the main losers were/are the Murkan Citizens…

      Americans could not see past his office to see the loser inside.

      …who failed to check those powers of idiocy…

      • FP, you’re upcoming Murkan Sniper post already deserves a best-of thing. It’s funny and true. You have captured the dream of every white hick Murkan soldier.

        [ed note: you are loyal, truthful and possess superb judgement; thats why you’re the Exec. Officer of Eradica]

    • Carter should have played down the whole event instead of feeding into the hysteria. It was just one embassy far away in crapistan at the end of the day. Whether the hostages lived or died had no significance to anyone’s life. Obango for all his other shortcomings was politically smart and mostly ignored Benghazi.

  5. Reagan OTOH did not want the hostages to be released before the election for his own reasons, so he downplayed the outrage and even made the Iranians believe he might be sympathetic to their complaints.

  6. Hostage taking still works particularly in Russia during the Chechen Wars. Kidnapping was a lucrative business and many rebels made daring escapes after major sieges under the cover of human shields. Beslan was a highly successful operation killing/wounding hundreds while generating worldwide headlines. The authorities claim the attackers were mostly killed but witnesses say most escaped during the firefight. The Chechens had military hardware and most had Soviet/Russian military backgrounds but they’re also proof the fortune still favors the bold.

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