How to Be Truly Invisible

by Ryu

America’s poor are both invisible and forgotten. They are America’s truest survivalists.

It’s embarassing to the USA that it has tens of millions of poor. Formerly, they were much more visible because they were allowed to live in the cities. Today the trend is to outsource them to another city.

Few actually look at the poor. Americans don’t want to admit that they too might be headed for the street. The vast majority of the former middle class will….….. slide down, not rise up. Success is no longer about merit, but connections and pull.

Most poor avoid the shelters. Homeless shelters are quite restrictive, as are all USG “handouts.” They are overcrowded, demeaning, and a good place to get stolen from. As is usual in the US, there’s always an attempt to gather personal information and throw numbers/metrics into it.

The best survivalist I’ve ever seen was poor. He was a poor tramp in a large American city.

He was a vet and he carried his life’s possessions in his backpack. Probably he had some mental illness too, because he talked to himself. With no shame, he searched through garbage cans to find something to eat. How he avoided illness, I don’t know. He was far from the middle class survivalist, who is merely another form of comsumer buying capitalist solutions. I know who I’d bet on if TSHTF.

The mole people were poor who lived in NYC’s tunnels. Police are scared of the underground because their radios don’t work down there. Most moles were forcibly evicted post 9-11, but a few must still exist.

39 Comments to “How to Be Truly Invisible”

  1. Most Japanese criminal organizations including ninja clans recruited from the bottom of society. Take a nobody give him purpose, discipline, pride, belonging, and you get fanatical lifelong loyalty. The USG also operates this way, as does any entity which calls upon their own to make the ultimate sacrifice.

    • @ Firepower delete the last sentence for me. If you hadn’t taken away my admin powers I could fix these typos on my own.

    • Yes. That is exactly what they do with SuperSEALs.

      It’s always the hayseed Jordy they recruit. They clean him up, give him a uniform, make him proud and they are loyal for life. A similar method for cops and marines.

      It works very, very well. It would have worked on me if I’d have had a smart recuiter.

      You like TMNT? That’s cool. That image of NYC is goneeee with the wind though.

  2. You would have to help today’s poor with their substance abuse problems before they would be of any use. Interestingly, the twelve step programs are very White and a rather good network for jobs, mates etc. We could probably borrow some of their techniques to good effect.

    • Not so sure: alcoholism was a real problem before drugs. Limeys were gin-soaked sots and germans loved gallons of daily beer.
      The greater problem is the heroin chic attitudes and glamorized drug sub-culture of Murka; another infected injection caught from colored filth – the same rats that got Miley twerking about “Molly”

      • Another woman problem is the apparent apathy of our modern day, useless, White female urbanites, who care about nothing, other than spending frivolously on organic food, fine dining, pets and yoga sessions, at the expense of everyone else.

      • At the risk of upsetting Eradica’s empowered resident matron Erin, these Empowered Grrls (even up to a creaky age 50…) lurv bragging about empowered singlemomhood!™, yet intentionally ignore it is they getting custody of GENBrandon & GENBritnee then raising them with the squalid values that turned Today’s Murkan Yoof into anchors – and tampons.

    • China had a substance abuse problem unprecedented in human history until Mao eradicated it. The carrot and stick approach works well. Amnesty, treatment, and reentry into society or starvation, slavery, and execution.

    • Everyone’s got a fix. Some addictions are better than others.

      Many Americans are addicted to money, TV and music. They are drugs and can be just as dangerous. I myself has to stay away from music. I have to be careful around TVs because they are programmed very well, making it hard to look away.

      I am mixed about “helping” people. Many do not want outside help. It’s an insult, that an outsider’s going to tell them how to live. People are made, and that is it.

      • Everybody craves a high but what separates a good addiction from a bad one is worth; achievement vs fantasy. The latter is what people can’t put back into the bottle when they’re done.

  3. I’ve never train-hopped myself, but if you want to meet tough guys, the young white kids who trainhop and hitchhike are as tough as they come.

    Some hobo serial killers wracked up some serious kill-counts riding trains through the country. the police had no way of catching them.

    • Indeed. I have studied the modern hobo and they are quite street smart. They’ve got to be. Train hopping is now “dangerous” since 911. One has to evade not only the American police, but the bulls, and the general public. They live in the shadows.

  4. I am very sorry JS. It sounds like you have been very disappointed by women. Still you certainly can’t expect silly young women to save the day. They are constitutionally unable and you know that. Like Ryu has said when White men get their act together they will be in control again.

    [ed note: White MEN arent the prob: HOW do white boys become ss poster hearthrobs 4u gals when their single mommies raise them like shit?. hmm?]

    • As one of the manosphere proponents has said, most American women have the intellectual curiosity of a dung beetle, while outpacing their male counterparts at the colleges and universities, learning nothing of substance and getting into a lifestyle of frivolous consumption with a meaningless job, post college years.

      • We don’t require women’s intellect.

        Women are for breeding and housekeeping. That’s what they are the happiest doing too, though they will roundly deny it.

      • These cushy corporate and government bureaucrat jobs are rewards for loyalty to the system. Revolution will occur when white women say so.

      • My interpretation is that women being the risk-adverse half of the sexes blitz through college in order to get to that place of security in the form of a job. Ask women what they know outside of what is being taught in the class and I guarantee that you won’t get much. They treat their coursework as dogma and rarely consider ideas that challenge what they’re being taught.

      • Apparently, women are no longer for breeding and housekeeping, especially White women. They are competing with men for educational slots and the same career paths.

        In response to eradican’s statement: These cushy corporate and government bureaucrat jobs are rewards for loyalty to the system. Revolution will occur when white women say so..

        It will not occur, given the fact that most White women have taken many good for nothing, cushy jobs that were created specifically for them, and no one else.

      • A lot of people lie to themselves today, JS.

        What women “say” they want is irrelevant. What they truly want is everything. The PUAs know it cold by now.

        White women, or women period, lead no revolutions. There are no white women direct action heros. It’s men, working white men, who lead. Then the women follow the men.

        Atavistic. FP used this word earlier. It means going back to an earlier stage. The white race has to get back to the basics: fighting, feeding, fucking.

  5. I agree Ryu with your statement about women. And FP I never bragged about being a single mother and I never wanted a career. My former husband and his family were very materialistic people whn pushed me out the door to a job when my children were still young. And since my dear husband liked my income but was too macho to help me out at home i began to wonder what I needed him for. I dont make a habit of bashing men but this is why I was a single mother. The fact that Ryu posted about poverty and JS changed the topic to how aweful women are should be noted. Ps are you a fag now JS?

    • I understand fully why today’s males disappoint girls, females and Women.

      You must achieve True Enlightenment – I am helping you: you also must comprehend why today’s boy, male (and especially, Man) disrespects the opposite sex.

      Do you understand why your personal experience matters little in explaining this entire situation in general?

    • If you read LoftB, I have been saying that I don’t date American White women. I specifically look for Euro chics.

  6. Yes and no Firepower

    I (finally) shared my story because I feel it is important to note that many middle class men WANT their wives to work as they like the shiny things two incomes can buy.

    As far as me personally, I have already achieved full enlightenment FP. The older WN women are always mad at me for taking the men’s side so I’m not some sort of fembot by any means.

    I would like to see us stop squabbling and work together. How come Ryu posted about homeless and poor people and JS made the thread about women? He even started his post “Another woman problem” as if he had posted something on the topic earlier in the thread or something.

    Here’s some enlightenment. Your site has attracted trolls. We should have a rule that you stick to the topic that was posted by the original poster. Perhaps we could work out some solutions if we stuck to a topic.

    Did anyone like my idea of borrowing from the cultish, networked 12 step programs? We could sober them up and put them to work. If it’s a bad idea, fine but it seems foolish to ignore it just because I’m not a man.

    PS. I already lead a real life group. Do any of you?

    • Erin…

      The main problem with the “single mother” narrative is that rather than being known as a base fact, i.e., a single mother is a female parent without a spouse, the concocted cultural narrative is of a female parent who singlehandedly finances the raising of her children. It is this latter falsehood that is regularly propagated as truth when it is almost certainly false IN ALL CASES such that the single female parent almost always either a) pays for someone else to care for her children or b) gets subsidized to care for her children through government, corporate or private means or c) pays for others to care for her children AND gets subsidized to care for her children. No female parent actually finances the raising of her children singlehandedly.

      But I will add that I agree with your take on “white” males that are every bit as materialistic as their “white” female counterparts although, in general, the materialism is of a different focus with neither one being superior to the other and both being an inferior mode of existence.

    • Yes and no Firepower……

      Men like two shiny incomes just as women do. Only now, men have finally become liberated themselves to openly say so: You’ve come a long way, baby. Enjoy. Turnabout is fair play. What’s good for the goose is literally good for the gander. In my house, you’d be working and cooking just as I’d work and be cutting the lawn.
      Ryu has full MADMod powers of his own and regulates his own threads. Him al so…spelljercks hiz oen treds 🙂 just as Eradican controls her own biennial article.

      The best way to adhere to your view of threadjacking is for you to guide offenders back on topic instead of calling down Firepower, God of Thunder.

      Trolls are fun for me; I can gleefully brutalize a victim while venting my deep, abiding sadistic streak.
      I like your idea of 12-stepping.
      you have followers? then why do they not post here after you’ve shown them the truly original concepts originating on Eradica… so, you may have fewer than ya’ll think…you have not yet achieved Total Enlightenment: I will tell you when you come close.

      • Just as a radical liberationist will deny that one is human by mere conception, he will also grant manhood and womanhood through sheer arbitrary existence after birth. Once one recognizes this “belief” system in others, he can then automatically “see” an Equalist… Er… An anti-Supremacist.

        The name of the game is to deny white males the chance, opportunity, desire, ambition, motivation and inspiration to seek genuine white Supremacy.

        This cat and mouse game of radical liberationists needs to be identified for what it is…

        Erin… YOU NEED TO CULTIVATE FEMININITY in YOURSELF and the loved females closest to you.

        Step 2: Accept white males AS IS and recognize your dyke face will do nothing to push them towards manhood AND IN FACT only pushes them towards de facto homo-ism.

        Step 3: Quit indulging in “jewish Supremacy” myths and recognize that the “hard right” who author these false creation myths are radical “white” liberal males.

        Step 4: Dispense with NS. It’s DOA. NS = nation of socialists = nation of anti-Capitalists = nation of economic illiterates = ???

        Step 5: Understand white Supremacist as a white man who strives towards Supremacy and recognize that YOUR UNWILLINGNESS to read the simplicity of the assertion PEGS YOU A “white” self-annihilator.

        Step 6: Reject ALL instances and forms of self-annihilation INCLUDING the belief that one has the “right” to kill her child in utero.

        Step 7: Recognize that the cry of “genocide” is almost certainly the cry of some variant of radical liberationist whose very existence is a perpetuation of self-annihilators…

        Step 8-9-10-11-12… I don’t know. That’s all I have for you right now.

      • ” why do they not post here after you’ve shown them the truly original concepts originating on Eradica” I tell the ones who can handle it. Different people have different uses. I have my own way of handling things and I take a longer term approach. It took the lizards a few decades to gain the power they have. It will take us a while to get our acts together as well.

        ” Turnabout is fair play”. Indeed. Perhaps if I had been a better wife he would have let me do whatever I wanted. Trouble is, our parents stopped advising us and left the guidance to television, schools, etc. I was not trained well. The only thing I had going for me is I had read a lot of classic books as a young person and had SOME idea of how things should be. I knew I wanted children in my early 20s. Thank the gods I got that much right. It wasn’t enough though and the roots of feminism were already entwined about my brain. I talked and argued too much (as I suppose I still do) It is a very very sad thing because although my children “came out” well, they suffered not having their father in the home and the lowered income was a hardship for them as well.

        For the record, I did not take my former husband to court for child support or alimony. He willingly helped out with a modest amount of child support because he loves his children. He still sends them money every month…and they are over 18 now. I know I am the exception in this though. I didn’t collect any state “benefits” either (TDaddy)

        I am taking a little risk in being honest but I am hoping it will help in some way. My point is that many (most?) of us reading here have made mistakes based on the horrible teaching we have received from OUR ENEMIES. I try to have a little compassion on both men and women. We have been lied to for our whole lives. How were we to know?

      • Women always abuse my compliments but still, that is a well-thought out statement.

        To grow into enlightenment, keep the emotion you had when you thought it out and wrote it.

      • Erin…

        I didn’t in fact accuse you of specifically being subsidized by the government ONLY that you are a single mother as a base fact AND NOT one who finances your child rearing singlehandedly. This latter FALSEHOOD is what is subtly suggested when “we” talk “single motherhood.”


        In the first world, NO SINGLE MOTHER finances her child rearing SINGLEHANDEDLY…


        Again, the major malfunction of “white” female liberationist IS NOT “feminism,” butt her dyke face which she WILL NOT bury and MAKE INVISIBLE TO a public at large.

    • Everyone does in accordance to their capacity. And everyone develops his own style. This is the true meaning of diversity. If you think a 12 step is a good idea, do it.

      It’s not my style. I prefer a one on one deal. I recruit and help in my own way. Someone looking at me would not believe, nor do I believe myself, in “charity”.

      As has been covered, I don’t believe in rules. A good WN would shove them back in my face. Why would a man who can take down the USG obey my rules? Whites have to get their instincts back, learn how to read the streets.

      Chances are taken, not given. If you want to shut up JS, try it. Make the move. The strongest will prevail…amen!

  7. What women “say” they want is irrelevant. What they truly want is everything. The PUAs know it cold by now.

    Ryu, I’m thinking about this, as this is true, but the PUA movement has been a failure. Mating wasn’t always difficult. The entire movement became a lifestyle and a lucrative scam for charlatans.

    White women, or women period, lead no revolutions. There are no white women direct action heros. It’s men, working white men, who lead. Then the women follow the men…It means going back to an earlier stage. The white race has to get back to the basics: fighting, feeding, fucking.

    When you have women who don’t support you, it becomes a harder task. It is harder now, and harder than ever before, when liberals and their feminazi and nigga stronghold, have beaten the average White man to the ground, where he could hardly get up.

    • You must acknowledge males also are failures in Modern Murka and share the blame.

      • Yes, and our modern day liberal culture has destroyed the manlihood of many men and ruined the role of women along its path.

    • I agree.

      After Style wrote “The Game”, he thought he’d given it away. But only about 10K people across the world practiced PUA at its height. Today, PUA like every other discipline has been niggerized. It’s much less intellectual today than in 2000.

      Men have to prove themselves worthy. They do this by being strong and not backing down. And stop being so afraid of…the FBI, the USG, terrorists, cancer, fluoride, etc etc etc.

      What women hate the most is dishonesty. White men can kill, rape, and burn to their hearts content. Women will mirror the inner state of their men.

      • What women hate the most is dishonesty.

        I rank wussiness #1, but the majority agrees with dishonesty b/c The Media prescribes it so as their view of manliness is skewed.

      • PUAs will tell you being honest with women is “beta” and it doesn’t get you laid.

      • going ot, the pua rule is to only be honest (and compliment them) after establishing rapport via qualifying during f2m attraction in the true Mystery Method.

        lol, even doing it properly, grrls still never appreciate mine 😥 so i revert to the Leykis 101 Method: Treat Women Like Crap.
        Works better and’s more fun.

      • Well, “radical honesty”, honesty without apology. A man doesn’t have to apologize for his desires.

        Yes! I’m a racist and proud of it. Like that.

  8. To FP’s comment “To grow into enlightenment, keep the emotion you had when you thought it out and wrote it.”

    I live my enlightenment. I only outed myself (admitting my mistakes “in front of” a bunch of bitter woman haters…not you, I guess, but others) because I am tired of the divide and conquer methods WORKING on us.

    When you guys have women that want to work with you…that care about White men, perhaps you could get to know them before you assume they are horrible. I have helped many White men with various things. And they have helped me too.

    Most of us, men and women both, have been bloodied in this battle called life but if we learn from our mistakes and try to do better, isn’t that worth SOMETHING?

    I can cook too! 🙂 🙂

    Man the fembots are really gonna be mad at me now!

    Have a nice Sunday.

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