Cops and Cons: Charisma

by Ryu

We’ll begin a new series called Cops and Cons. The skills that a cop uses and that a criminals uses are exactly the same. The only difference is, one group has a government licence, the other does not. As Murka becomes a third world country, the two will become one.

Charisma. Cops use this word to describe the compliance they gain from their attitute, posture, and tone of voice. The no-bull street truth is that it’s the ….…ability to create fear and to intimidate.

Both cops and criminals need charisma because:

SWAT breaching a house is just the same as a home invasion.

A police use-of-force is the same as beating a person up.

A cop getting a suspect to give up without a fight is the same as a criminal taking a hostage.

Yell real loud and stick a gun in the other guy’s face. It’s very simple. You have to make him believe that he’ll die if he resists. You’re using your own fear and turning it into aggression, so that your enemy believes you are fearless. The civilian thinks cops and soldiers feel no fear.

It’s always easier to act than to react. Whoever jumps first is going to win. Cops and soldiers are trained to never allow a fair fight, to never have the disadvantage. If they have to cheat, they cheat. Honor, integrity and duty are lies they tell the public to make themselves look better.

In this nightime traffic stop, you’ll see the cops sticking that flashlight right in the citizen’s eyes, blinding him. Whose protection do you think that’s for?

I read a book by a bank robber. He said the key was total surpise and absolute domination. Tell the subject everything you want them to do, as if they were a machine. A look will come over their face and they will comply. Also, the position on the ground is the same – face down, eyes closed, on the stomach, hands behind the back, feet crossed. Swearing helps – and cops do it too.

If you want to learn, learn from those who do without government protection. There is no comparision. The number of cops and soldiers who go to jail is nearly zero. When the badge and uniform are gone, when they aren’t getting paid anymore, we found out what they’re really made of.

Two clips are included below. One is SWAT. The other is a bank robbing crew.

31 Comments to “Cops and Cons: Charisma”

  1. Most of us know by now that most people are truly like sheep. I don’t say this to denigrate anyone, it’s just true. I know what you are talking about Ryu….people are very unsure of themselves and want someone who IS sure of themselves to tell them what to do. I found this out accidentally over the years when for instance, I was a bit of a know it all, people (women mostly) would look at me with doe eyes and do whatever I told them.

  2. You should put together a list of must read books.

  3. There is a “Books” tab above Joe.

  4. Because the modus operandi of the “white” anti-white Supremacist (the most diabolical of anti-Supremacists) IS TO CREATE false equivalencies THAN one reads a cop = criminal analysis WITH AUTOMATIC SUSPICION that the author is a “white” anti-white Supremacist. And if it is also understood that the author asserts himself to be a WN then “we” have a possible WN “white” anti-white Supremacist at Eradica (which just really hit me as a wonderful title) potentially putting forth FALSE EQUIVALENCIES as though he were a real force FOR THE ZEITGEIST.

    It would be FALSE TO STATE:

    Cop = criminal…


    One was actually saying…

    Government = criminal…

    Which is really saying…

    White man = criminal (since “we” are talking about “our” house).

    And once “we” get ^^^here…

    Then the frame is no longer a matter of observing and reporting, but propheteering.


    White man = criminal…

    He thinks that’s what it is going to take to win, but he can not “see” how dubious is the claim.

    OR HE DOES… And is a propheteer for the Zeitgeist…

    He is literally creating white criminals for the Zeitgeist to feed upon in a symbiotic regression of self-annihilation.

    A “white” anti-white Supremacist.

    The answer to a “default elite” is white Supremacy. Period. And there is no coerced collective to be found amongst
    white Supremacists.

    What this actually means to the individual white male is the battle that is already raging inside him over his free will and how far “it” is allowed to go.

    The genuine white Supremacist neither has to be cop or criminal and he can take BOTH TO TASK for being “white” anti-white Supremacists and dual fodder for the Zeitgeist.

  5. I don’t like to bring too much fiction to this reality-oriented site, but James Ellroy’s novels may contain useful information. He has made a long-term study of tough, driven racist LEOs, mainly focusing on L.A. in the ’40s-’60s. The racism seems like a collective pathology because there is no sense of the communities being protected by it. The driven LEOs are more broadly pathological, though there is some kind of secular redemption plot for some of them.

    I wonder if TD’s theory of anti-white WNs provides a key to these novels. Racism and violence are not negatives in these novels per se. But they are part of the strain the characters operate under. Could these tough racists have internalized liberal values and there struggle under the burden of self-condemnation? Maybe that is what TD means by anti-white supremacist WNs.

    These are books of impressive literary value, if you’re interested.

    • Anon…

      Clearly, a WN “white” anti-white Supremacist IS A radical autonomist SEEKING maximum autonomy AT THE EXPENSE of all around him. In other words, the WN “white” anti-white Supremacist maximizes his autonomy at the expense of fellow WNs.


      Because ALL WNs are “white” anti-white Supremacists THEN from the perspective of a white Supremacist the situation might as well be one liberationist feeding upon another (another instance of self-annihilation). Same old same old. THUS, the critique of WN found here at Eradica does not even rise to the level of weak BECAUSE it is PURPOSEFUL misdirection that SHOULD ELICIT real ire in the white man… Butt doesn’t.

      It is simply stupid to think the charge of “racism” = hate blacks when the charge of racism = white Supremacism. This is a difference with real distinction AND BOTH SIDES remain NONDISCRIMINATING… And obviously LIBERAL.

      On the “left” is PURE PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE posturing where the weak liberal can be NOT EXPLICIT and therefore quite reckless with his charge and the diabolical liberal GAINS the soft cover of this lack of exactness in the charge. And on the “right,” the “intelligentsia” AND white mass can scoff at the charge and wear “it” like a badge of honor all the while “failing” to perceive the murderous aggressiveness and MAINTAINING A UNITED FRONT WITH THE “left” against the genuine white Supremacist.

  6. -An excellent book everyone should read is “How to Arrest-Proof Yourself” by Dale Carson. A former street cop, FBI agent and now a criminal defense attorney, he explains how cops operate.

    -The flip side of this is how to resist control. Blacks do this all the time, they push against the police at every opportunity. They make every encounter a grueling chore for the cop, discouraging contact. If you do this, you’ll get arrested of course but this gives the individual status among other blacks.

    Realistically we can’t make getting arrested a status event for whites, but we can discourage cooperation and teach whites to be wary of cops and keep them at arms length.

    [ed note: you’ve read it. throw us some excerpts & quotes to interest more readers]

    • I’ve read it Thrashy. It’s good. The only way it could be improved is if that lawyer was more crooked, and told his readers how to truly break the law.

  7. Sounds like that’s how alQaeda pulled off its flying circus stunt back in ’01. There’s just no time to disobey. Like being hypnotized by Derren Brown. Next major terror attack, if there ever is one, may involve a number of fake cops pretending to take charge.

  8. I spoke to a guy once who said he had a business card he would hand to any cop that stopped him. I didn’t look at the card (was a quick encounter) but apparently it indicated that the guy knew his rights etc and he said when he used this card it was quite effective in getting the cop to back off.

    I looked online for examples of what I suspect such a card might look like and found this:

    I’m sure there are others too.

    And yes, Thordaddy, I know I am probably self -annihilating somehow by deciding to hand a cop this card but hey, I’m into being effective and I like cops to be far, far away from me. I might try this sometime.

    • I was responding to thrasymachus’ comment above.

    • Erin,

      There is a risk of friction each and every time one crosses paths with a radical autonomist especially those with legal authority. There is no “end all be all” way to respond. Things are always situational in these encounters, but I know from being a bouncer that those who come out face first talking about their “rights” are almost always some sort of fool LOOKING FOR A BEATDOWN. These knuckleheads are literally attempting to provoke a “get rich” beatdown. These people exist IN DROVES and THEY are usually NOT even the criminally-minded, but your everyday liberal sheep full of self-righteous indignation of their own creation.

  9. Figured you would find some weak argument to avoid doing something scawee TD. You are such a good boy arent you? In response to your previous comment the so-called federal government is NOT our house as you have stated and they certainly ARE a criminal enterprise and to resist such a force is righteous, not criminal. To try to justify PACIFICM in the face of the monster ~government~ is real criminality.

    • Erin…

      Your reading comprehension is poor. I’ve almost certainly had more formal and informal encounters with the police than you ever have or ever will have. The last one involved being pulled over for a car registration violation of 6 plus months. Would you even push the envelope in that benign manner? Anyway, I drove away BECAUSE I did not start yapping about my rights like some juvenile retard. The contact before that was in regards to one of Uncle Beast’s good minions attempting to violate my person and paying dearly in return. HE WAS WISKED AWAY and I went back to work. Shall I go on?

      Sticking a card in a cop’s face… Go ahead and see what you get. IT IS NOT HARD to get a cop’s attention and then show him how brave you are.

      And the federal government is not the “house” I speak of…. Sorry you can’t understand that.

      But please do tell us the last thing Erin did to press Uncle Beast’s buttons?

      • I’m very curious to hear about bouncing, TD. It is an interesting job. A professional en-force-er, but without the badge or uniform. You guys don’t have the protections the USG gives it’s enforcers.

      • Ryu…

        Bouncing has been decent for me. Decent money. Sunny days in SoCal. Fringe benefits. At this point though, the job is rather routine. It’s easy. Largely stress free outside the rare, unpredictable encounters. But the split between cops and bouncers is rather definitive now and you are correct when you say that “we” don’t have the protections. There was a time when the relationship was more congenial and outside seriously egregious encounters, a bouncer could be fairly certain that a cop would take his side. This no longer exists. I would say most cops look at bouncers as their lessers, but I would say “we” have more freedom/less pressure to concede to Uncle Beast.

      • How does one get “in”, TD? And how does one do it safely, without injury?

      • Ryu…

        It’s all about the first contact. The initial contact almost always sets the tone for what happens next. Most people have no capacity for real violence especially if they are sober. That’s what I was trying to tell Erin, but she can’t put away her dyke-face long enough to learn. She believe she wants to provoke cops BUT ONLY IF said cop just wilts in return. That’s stupidity. When a person comes out babbling about their “rights’ then one knows that one is dealing with someone who is attempting to escalate (for whatever reason). It’s no different for cops. One comes out with an escalating tone then things will escalate. For me, I want to get paid without any sweat and if I can talk the potential combatant out of an escalating situation then that is what I’ll do. Call it simple customer service. I imagine most cops take the same stance. These fools that inexplicably cross cops and then come out “swinging” when they have no real capacity for violence are like the itch that can’t be scratched. This can wear on one psychologically because these people are literally seeking out a “get rich” beatdown and one wants to give it to them if for no other reason than they are literally asking for it.

        As for getting in… The barrier to entry is slight. Bar owners want good talkers that can convey a visual capacity to handle belligerents. What they definitely do not want are violent rogues that can have them out of business with one altercation with a persistent and/or monied “get rich quick”-type individual.

      • Excellent post. Thank you, TD.

        If a beating has to be given, the beaten WILL narc, won’t they? Today everyone talks to the police.

        [ednote: i’m glad somebody understands wtf td writes about]

    • Erin…

      Your real dilemma is YOUR DESIRE to wear your dyke-face at all times. You have a million and one reasons to keep that thing on at all times.

      But I bet you put that dyke-face away whenever you cross one of Uncle Beast’s minions???

  10. You are absolutely obsessed with homosexuality TD. I also will NOT be sharing my police encounter stories on this forum. I dont need to impress pacifists/cop callers.

    • Erin…

      You ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to bring any femininity to this forum. You only bring your dyke-face which is merely tangentially related to the de facto homo-ism of the “white” male and not actually related to the “homosexuality” that you believe I’m obsessed with.

      In other words, you do not have a real deep understanding of the milieu you are in…

      I’ll bet that YOU NEVER ANTAGONIZED your ex-husband about not being a white Supremacist, buttjew somehow think yourself a WN? It doesn’t make a lick of sense.

      And calling me a “pacifist” is laughable. I’ve said nothing pacifist. I’ve only informed you that coming out of the gate with your “rights” is the mark of a fool asking for a beatdown. After all, cops are only human LIKE YOU and apparently you can’t understand this.

  11. You fit the profile of someone who has been sexually molested TD. I hope you havent. While you are bragging about your police encounters why dont you make yourself useful and share your evasion techniques with us. Im always open to such things.

    • Erin…

      I haven’t…

      And if you could only understand that Liberalism = homo-sexual “nature” = self-annihilation then you might progress a little on the issue. But, I’m sure you’ll stick to the “Jews are genociding Gentiles” meme that is so popular amongst phony WNs. Your dyke-face is evidence of a self-annihilation that you refuse to confront.

      And of course, YOU, as a very feminine white woman, would have absolutely no use for cop evasion. You cannot “see” this?

    • Erin…

      How about this…

      What is this thing called “Liberalism” that the “white man” has fully embraced to his obvious demise?

  12. You have not answered my question Perhaps the men here could learn something from you who knows?

    • Erin…

      What was the question?

      As I don’t spend ANY TIME evading cops… I have a four children under 18 that I still need to guide and look after. I don’t even entertain the idea of out-criminalizing Uncle Beast as it can’t be done IMHO. I’ll leave that to those who won’t even call themselves white Supremacists or the ones that do who are really just other radical liberals.

    • Erin….

      Let me ask you one question I hope you will answer…

      Did you ever tell your ex-husband that you desired for him to be the best white man he could possibly be? Or likewise, did you ever ask him if he desired to be the greatest white man he could possibly be?

      In other words, was there any expectation in your marriage that you desired a genuine white Supremacist? If not, why not?

      And have you have considered the opposite of your situation, i.e., a female spouse that desired to work because the simple, single income life wasn’t enough?

    • See Erin…

      It’s a one way street with these dyke mentalities. I suppose I have to answer your question, but not vice versus?

      I profile you as one of those female liberationists that can’t imagine having a man lesser than you, but absolutely does not want a man greater than you AND definitely wouldn’t claim PUBLICLY that you wanted an “equal” man…

      What would you call a position like that ^^^?

      I call it your dyke “nature…” And it has little to nothing to do with base sexual proclivities.

      • I’m sorry I couldn’t get back to you earlier TD.

        I’m afraid I was not racially aware yet when I was married-as I said, less than optimal training growing up (although there was some good teaching in there too) My former husband and I are friends now and his new wife seems to know how to “wife” him. He is doing well and he’s a good father.

        Yes, you shouldn’t answer for me. I WOULD like a man better than me. My man is better than me in many ways. He is very masculine most of the time and I try to encourage that. Sometimes he disappoints me and I guess I’m not supposed to say anything about it, but it’s hard sometimes. I DO understand what you mean about Dyke face although I don’t like the term. I am always trying to be a better woman.

        Would a good women even comment on this blog or just read without commenting. It’s hard for me not to comment when people say untrue things (I’m speaking in generalities at the moment). I know a lot of “on the fence” men read here and I want them to have facts…facts that are pooh-poohed here.

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