Intellectual Eunuchry

by Firepower

generation LAMEThe computer is no friend.  It is merely a platform, nothing more.

That said, males today are satisfied venting online.  All you hear is “the Nietzschean Dialectic of pragmatic theorum presupposing the concomitant…blah blah”

from the Super-Literati – and lesser jugheads spewing “OMG I RLY HateyHATE ____!”  …Well, that’s just Niggerspickiking from the lesser educated professional venters.

I’ve never heard anybody (of any action orientation) who took a beach, built a bridge or cured Polio EVER speaking like that. The internet has made effete intellectuals out of ….…even shallow thinkers.  It’s made sluggards of most and put them in a Circus – as in Bread & Circus.

It’s safer than taking actual action.  There was is the routine game of Screaming at TV News!  And now there is: Screaming at Your Keyboard.

America is finished with this crop of males today.  A future, ATAVISTIC generation must emerge to take action.  It is to these I speak.  My words mean as little to Generation-PlayStation as their senseless words mean to me.  I do not denigrate the few currently worthy who understand my meaning; that is but a test to detect the worthy.

24 Comments to “Intellectual Eunuchry”

  1. FP: Yes, and this is the same reason as to why the WN movement is a failure from the get go. Worse, being parochial minded and less educated, are some of the other reasons as to why the liberals have handed their asses to them. The WN movements in the old world are much more poignant to say the least.

  2. Anger is such a precious resource that it’s good to save it up. Maybe like abstainence for WN.

    Venting without action is not good. It accomplishes nothing. Better to train or study, something that causes one to grow. I recommend it.

    How many will use this, I’m not confident. It’s like telling men not to masturbate or to give up porn and get a real woman. The PUAs were not hugely successful in this.

  3. I talked with a friend the other day that had attended an AmRen Conference. He told me that after observing these intellectual-type WN, he knew that these guys weren’t going to achieve much of anything. He spoke to Jared Taylor as well and basically told him that they’re fucked.

    • While movements do need thinkers, that is not the problem with national democrats.
      wn has sat dormant for decades in the land of The Mountain of Guns. In comparison, the muzz have taken over nearly all the world in those same decades.
      I was the first to describe this and got much unwarranted, ignorant wrath of the shoot the messenger kind:
      Why White Nationalism Will Fail
      Vikings Riding Wolves

  4. Like you said men of action arent venting online. Jt Ready used the net to recruit and raise money. So it should be clear what needs to be done now FP. You are a good writer but if you arent careful you will end up with a venting blog that is no more effective than the blogs you hate so much.

    • Long before then, I shall be gone.

    • If anyone is really frustrated with America and hate this nation for what it stands, there’s always the world. But most would remain stationary and wait till that day of reckoning. Whenever that is!

      • It’s hard to pick up and leave. In addition, moving costs a lot of money. Most nationalists are not rich and don’t have the kind of job that allows for it.

        If I wanted to be a family man, I’d move to around the Black Sea. To be a better nationalist, South Africa. To be surrounded by an all black nation that hates whites, and a lax 3rd world police force would be fantastic.

        There will be no collective day of reckoning. Life isn’t like that. There’s no moment where everything changes. For individuals, they can fight their war, win, then move on. Collectively, since we can’t form groups, it’s not in the cards.

      • Correct, which is why being an intellectual eunuch is a favorite pastime for many WNs. It’s very easy to whine and do nothing about it.

        All I can say is that most Americans have wasted their hard efforts on futile consumption, and the roosters have come home to roost, when funds are really needed.

        I’m just waiting till the day, when our well to do youths have squandered all their parents’ resources, so they can join the club of the futile (the majority of Americans).

      • And maybe there is already a trend. I’m sure some of you have read the news about the son of a Mansion Pig in NYC who killed his dad because he refused to give him a larger allowance at the age of 30 for doing nothing.

      • The amoral lifestyle has only yet begun to affect the squandering Murkans; the Final Doom is more distant than most expect.

        It took a long, long time for both Romes to fall.
        It takes a long time for a whale carcass to rot away.
        It will take a long time for the once greatest nation to do the same.

      • America’s golden age was about 3 decades. Rome’s was about 2 centuries.

        Some delusional thinkers say we’re now heading to another renaissance.

      • America’s several ages of gold were semi-cyclical.

      • the age of America: 1776 – pre-Civil War
      • age of capitalist America 1875-1929
      • 1943-1964 post-ww2 years

        These were punctuated – and more notable – by the periods of decline, i.e. the Civil War & Great Depression. Note the ever-shortening Golden Ages.

        The continual decline from 1964 until present is the longest in our history, indicating permanence.

      • There is no “working your way out of” too many coloreds and Miggers. There is but only eradicating them, or allowing them to breed greater numbers accelerating this trend of decline until collapse.

        Those delusional thinkers claiming we’re now heading to another renaissance are the same sappy CheerMeisters unable to differentiate between positivism and Wishful Thinking.

  • If you read LoftB, there is a commentator by the name of “peterike”. He makes great comments, but ultimately he appears to be one of those hypocritical racists who ignores the black problem, and complains about NYC being controlled by wealthy foreigners, especially Asians, where he himself is a bourgeoisie type. He’s similar to the Undiscovered Jew, who are just situational opportunists.

    • If you read LoftB, there is a commentator by the name of “peterike”

      Eradica gets many hits from lotb and we’re grateful, but they’re afraid to comment here;it’s disappointing.

      All that intellectual firepower going to waste, preferring to continue in the dream of being Manhattan Ostriches
      distracting themselves with “the big issues” –
      like complaining about $15 muffins or
      writing 4000 word comment-tome replies
      to lotb’s terse, 24 word posts…

      It’s one of the most discouraging scenes I know of.

    • These people are disingenuous and wouldn’t work towards a better America, all because of a few conflicts or a racial group disturbing their peace of mind, while they gobble up their exquisite French Macarons and drink their $100 bottle of Champagne to wash them down their gut. The same fucking imbeciles who complain about multiculturalism, while they try out that new Middle Eastern Eatery that just opened up in Manhattan.

      Peterike eats sushi, yet he complains about Japs buying up New York (a thing of the past), but to make a point.

  • A key diversionary tactic of the anti-Supremacist is to exhort a white Supremacist’s penchant to “think you’re smarter than everyone,” seemingly unaware that said white Supremacist is not driven to gain un-experienced experience at the expense of the anti-Supremacist. Rather, the anti-Supremacist is merely attempting to provide indignant smokescreen for his LACK OF THINKING about “things” he has not or will not attempt to experience (mainly spiritual or mental “things” as the physical “things” gain most of the attention).

    The PROBLEM of intellectual WN IS THERE IS NO SUCH THING.

    The HBD/Darwinian/Evolutionary paradigm IS BUST… False… Easily falsehood BY RACIAL AND ETHNIC self-annihilation.

    BUT THE DETRACTORS of “intellectual WN” are no better as they ARE NOT EVEN PROVIDING A CRITIQUE of the intellect of WN?

    WN 2.0 = “white” anti-white Supremacists WHO DENY white man’s free will AND DESIRE FOR self-annihilation SUCH THAT:

    White man = anti-white Supremacist

    But do not expect to hear that critique ANYWHERE, but from a genuine white Supremacist.

    Unless one is speaking out against FALSEHOODS when he laments the intellectual output of WN than he might as well be saying nothing at all.

  • The so called “greatest generation” simply did what their elites told them to do. The much harder task is how to usurp and supplant their power.

    • The “Greatest” generation is all but retired now. Those illustrious robber barons we see today from that age were, back then, unactivated perfumed princes sitting on their ass safe at home in a Harvard dorm per Big Daddy’s command while the rest of the poor suckers got their dick blown off in WW2.

      This so-called GENGreat! was the one pushing colored rights, divorce and smutty TV when they were in control: Norman Lear is the epitome. LIUFY

      Now The Problem Elite is their successors, GENKorean War and mainly, Boomers.

      • “Perfumed Princes”? Do you read David Hackworth? Gotta out “G” the “G”.

        [ed note: ive read The Hack, before his discrediting. i also liked his MARVY concept…]

      • The millennials are another boomer generation. Overpopulated, entitled, self absorbed and narcissistic, except they aren’t going through the good times like their old economy steve parents.

  • your so called greatest gen is responsible for the cesspool we are in now more wars just to rob countries is not the answer to the issues

    • Yes.
      I’ve stated many times GG were not only erroneously worshiped for “defeating Nazi genocide” but destroying America with busing, Desegregtion, Ted Kennedy & his Miggers and the Hollywood Sidney Poitier/Bill Cosby type of lie.

      Murkans of that gen also bear responsibility for gullibly accepting it and not resisting.

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