Real World WN

by Ryu

WN works out differently in the real world than imagined. Right now is not the best time to form groups, as the police apparatus is still strong. If things change and surveillance breaks down, we can think about recruiting a team. One should know what he’s trying to do before he does it.

The Aryan Brotherhood sells drugs to whites, and allows certain minos in. They do this to survive. Those minos give them access to things they would not otherwise have. A white junkie will get his fix from anyone; better that his money should go to a loyal racist than an outsider is the logic there. These are just a few real world considerations.

I’d let in some jews and minos to my team. Ideological purity is less important than getting things done. The first priority is the security of your members. If they don’t feel safe, they think about anything else.

Positions have to be filled according to ability. All organizations have a muscle end and a brains end. The leader is always the one with the most experience who puts in the most hours.

“Good” people are extremely dangerous. They are the first to rat out their comrades. Someone who cannot break the rules is a danger to himself and others. Be very careful about….… the work what you give a good person.

You want people who know what trouble is and how to deal with it. If someone doesn’t have experience with the police, he’ll crack. The American police are expert at lying and intimidation. There are certain rules you learn on the street: don’t look at a thing twice; if you think someone is behind you, they are. These skills have to be learned early, or they are not learned.

Teamwork is a skill; not everyone has it. Eradica is now my fourth group blog after the first three broke up. Some people just cannot work together. WNs who can work week in, week out for 10 years like FP or MW are extremely rare. This is why most WN leaders tend to know one another.

48 Comments to “Real World WN”

  1. One CAN form groups. Even if it just to get together and talk (much like we do here). It takes a while to find the right people. Then you doc it quietly. The group doesn’t have to have a name or even be called a group. It can be people just meeting up for dinner.

    The best kept secret of WN is how many successful businesmen, attornies, doctors etc. there are amongt us. Also some ex military, professors, These people can be a wealth of information in how to hold your own in the decline.

    Starting these groups is important to do so that trust can be built. I envision, at the very least, perhaps people’s children spending time together and perhaps a marriage or two coming out of it. My dreams keep me motivated. Perhaps some of the younger members take things to the next level.

    If you keep your group quiet,ono one will know or care about it.

  2. Thank you for the praise.

    re: MINOs as allies, I’m for it. The 3% of colors & jews on our side are worth more cultivating than rooting out and eradicating.

    Trailerparknazis & PeterPanzers will of course, foam and futilely Niggerspickike at this, ranting “they must be killed!” but they haven’t even shot one mean glance yet at the nigger family that just moved in next door.

    What sense is it hating the measly 3% on our side, while the other 97% are raping your wife and daughters: None.

    • That’s correct. MINO and Jews as allies sounds almost like feminazis wanting to become homemakers for their husbands.

      I look at the poster “The Undiscovered Jew” on LoftB, as a right wing Jew who would revert to the left given under the right circumstances. He once complained that there aren’t many good Brazilian Restaurants around his way. WTF?

      • There are varying degrees of provincial disagreement.
        I wouldn’t eradicate a good ally over Brazilian/ethnic food; that’s a matter of personal taste. Now, not linking to Eradica proves the greater capital offense imo.

        Liberals outmaneuvered rightists in the Language Battle too easily. Today’s trailerparknazi & Niggerspickikery PeterPanzer fan feel “it’s unfair” they can’t goosestep around with swasticky armbands, calling themselves the White Nazzi Power Party!!!®, yet fail to see how impossible it also is for leftists to be truthful and call themselves the New Weather Underground and march with Peace Symbol armbands.

        The vast majority of the common man we need to fill our ranks are simple and ignorant; propaganda battles are won with honeyed words.

      • A true WN-Jew, is a far much rarer species than a Japanese or East Asian Xenophobe. It is not to his benefit to be one, given the fact that the Juden has no nation of identity and therefore, he lives like a gypsy without any roots, and is at the mercy of an entity that submits to the demands of various cultures and ideologies.

        No need to waste time on them!

      • Using the german juden has zero meaning to an italian or Russian and makes the utterer look like a trailerparknazi clinging to the one near victory a loser nation and its cause came close to achieving: Rounding up and eradicating suburban types used to cushy 1930s European goodies is easy.

        Conquering Britain with the Luftwaffe alone while you’re fighting Stalingrad is the sure way to end up in a Berlin bunker sucking a Walther PPK.

        Do the 97% need to go? Yes.
        They’re not hiding.

      • I propose WNs in America to spend their energies in assisting old world WNs with their cause, as America is a nation without irreversible effects. It is already very tainted, SHTF with Minos and libs, and the permanent damage they have caused.

      • How can I help, JS?

        And what nation should I focus on?

      • Juden sounds like a nice term with legacy, or if you simply wish, the word Jews. I would use the word “Judio” when addressing to Spaniards.

      • juden has a legacy alright: the nuremburg trials, the berlin wall, the collapse of the 3rd reich and utter defeat where the rest of the world rubs your nose in shit for the next 80 years – and still counting.
        Just call them jews: That’s what they are. They seem to find it an even greater insult than kike.

        Try these concepts:
        Don’t Call Them N*ggers…
        No More Nationalism
        Leadership For Nationalistic Organization

        …You never ever heard Your Idol Mr. Hitler call them “jewbastard fucking hebe KIKES!” in his speeches. I looked for “hymie hebekike” in Mein Kampf, but just could not find it. If he did not do it – why do you? He simply called them Jews. Just call your enemy what they are; it is vastly more powerful today. It always was.

      • While vastly better than MINO rulers, this is the same Elite that sent common men off to “fight nazis & japs” in ww2 while they ran things safe back home in a Manhattan Oyster Bar. They are the same emerging elites that quickly stole the post-1776 Dream of America and put fellow whites (like the Irish) into coal mines and mills.

        Whites require reminders these people are only slightly better for whites making less than $1 million than our current Ruling Class.

      • You should contact the Right Wing Parties of Spain and Greece. Greece as you know has Golden Dawn, and they have an English section.

        Just tell them that Europeans and we as American counterparts, are under assault from multiculturalism and degnerate social mores, and ask them how you can help.

        Vox – Spanish Right Wing Party:

        More about Vox from Wikipedia:

        Golden Dawn Wesbite:

      • Tell me which one to focus on. As an American, I am results-oriented. Do you feel that Golden Dawn has a real shot, or are they lying to themselves?

        One thing I like about GD is that they have police support. Also, they have an above-ground and under-ground portion.

        I’m willing to do this, as I am now convinced that most Americans are not ready for what we have to teach them.

      • Tell me which one to focus on. As an American, I am results-oriented. Do you feel that Golden Dawn has a real shot, or are they lying to themselves?

        You can try Vox. Just send them a message using Google translate in Spanish. The realization of these parties in the Old World seem possible, where as in America, these parties would have been clamped down already by our PC police.

      • Sum up Vox in one paragraph. Who, what, where, why. Are they associated with the Basque independent movement, and the Catalonians?

      • You can read up more on the background of VOX here:

        Here is one sentence (PP is the party of the current prime minister of Spain):

        It accuses the PP government of pursuing left and extreme-left policies and of being soft on terrorism, including submitting to a ruling by the European Court last year condemning prison sentences, some thousands of years long, which gave no hope of release, as a violation of human rights.

      • Correct, much of the ultra-elites are inbred and White. They however, want their societies to be multiracial and degenerate, either naively or perversely. The outcome is the same.

      • I’m glad I’m not the only person who noticed something off about The Undiscovered Jew.

        Most people are only situational sexists/racists more than happy to become liberal again.

      • Eradican – Jews are known to be situational opportunists. They could never be genuinely nationalistic of any country because of their long held nomadic tradition without roots, and a bad one at that.

  3. Not a fan of breast implants, breast shape reveals genetic vigor.

    Meanwhile the good people are holding candlelight vigils to show tolerance is stronger than hate.
    In a world run by pcdemons and liebral Redditards the first weapon is contempt.

    • Never assume them as “good people”.
      They are, in fact, the greatest enemy you face, for they are the ones who will round you up and put you in a camp – with a peace sign around their neck and a libtard grin on their face.

  4. Mino allies are fine. Realistically if we ever start to gain power we’ll find ourselves responsible for millions of them and we’ll have to come to some sort of amicable settlement.

    But we really should be careful about trusting any Jews or promoting the idea of a “good jew”. The evidence is mounting to suggest that they really cant help themselves and that what they do is biological, not cultural.

    • Discussing The Good Jew V The Bad Jews is wasting time and putting the proverbial cart before the horse.

      Sure, there are a few good ones, but that’s the same ratio as good MINOs: 3%. Such a small percentage is not worth the time when the other 97% destroys your nation with impunity – while you actually have their addresses.

      Germany’s population in 1939 was approx. 81 million and they cleansed even their newly conquered territories of “the six million” so Murka with its 330 Million can handle any of the stupid 25 million who would not self-deport – as many German jews did well in advance of the final solution.

      You could easily preserve these “good ones” by standardizing the record of their behavior based on public figures of acceptable ones (say, John Stossel) knowing the basis is 3:97.

      There is no – and can never be – amicable settlements with remnants of a people you eradicate.
      Miggers would be repatriated to el mexico on the very trains they used to illegally invade the border. Several rich Gulf oil platforms would be confiscated as reparations for the trouble Miggers caused and any further violations of US soil would be met with the US Navy again confiscating oil platforms and ground forces occupying land as payment. That’s what that navy and army is for – not airlifting candy and Ebola blankies to filthy africans.

      You’ll see provocative, smartass mexican policy quickly revert to respect once hit hard in los banco accountas.

      • “There is no – and can never be – amicable settlements with remnants of a people you eradicate.
        Miggers would be repatriated to el mexico on the very trains they used to illegally invade the border. ”

        Miggers would indeed be sent back to Mexico. But if whitey ever got his shit together and told them to go, firmly and unequivocally, the vast majority of them would go peacefully. They’d recognize that they were completely outmatched.
        And going back to Mexico is hardly a fate worse than death.

        So our settlement with the Mex will be comparatively amicable. They’re just opportunists, feeding on a host who is giving away his country for some inexplicable reason. If we started acting normal and defending our territory they’d quickly recognize that the opportunity is over.

        On the other hand, uprooting the Jews and whites who think like Jews is likely to be very traumatic. Their hooks are in very deep and it’s not clear that the parasite and the host can be separated without some messy surgery.

      • Wikipedia: Operation Wetback especially if you have never heard of it.

  5. One of the ‘good people’ was Valery Sablin, a true believer and exemplary Soviet communist with highest political reliability marks. Would fit right in at Harvard.
    In 1975 he realized all other communists were hypocrites, and tried to steal a Soviet warship to use as platform to start a pure communist revolution.
    Caused a big hassle before he was executed.

  6. Deracination IS PATHOLOGICAL…

    ANY GROUP that comes to disregard its origins; attempts to scrub clean the complete meaning of their origins or voluntary confines itself to an origin of perpetual self-flagellation then that group IS DOOMED TO SELF-ANNIHILATION. It is pathological.

    A black/Jew Supremacist can easily understand a spiritual alliance THAT ABSOLUTELY requires physical separation of the races WHILE FURTHER recognizing his need and desire to separate from the radical black/Jew collective..

    But because there are no genuine black/Jew Supremacists, “we” never hear from the “good” black/Jew a real sincere desire to separate or be rid the “bad” blacks/Jews.

    Any alliance with the mino/Jew is “based” in radical autonomy and NOTHING ELSE.

    And this is really no different than the alliance one makes with your average “white.”

    The point is…. Unless ONE is a genuine white Supremacist then the debate is completely contrived and pure sheep food. Deracinated groups are pathological. DOA. But even as a white Supremacist, the dilemma is solved. Spiritual alliance evidenced by physical separation.

    The genuine black/Jew Supremacist has his own audience to contend with. “We” must taunt “them” out of the shadows and call into question their very black/Jew manhood.

    • Even Luis Farrakhan is compromised. He has softened since a family member married White. A real Black Nationalist would want to go back to Africa anyway.

  7. Another reason as to why black women are so undesirable and not worthy of female companionship of any sort. The picture above shows what muscle pumping does to them, which is basically nothing, in terms of appearance had they not engage in it.

  8. The majority of contacts I have made are with European Nationalists. They have a better sense of image, style, and culture.

    • Good stuff. What they can do is light years ahead of what American nationalists can do. I attribute it to more political freedom than we have.

      Why do you bother with American wns? What do we have that you want?

      Man, a racist political party would be infiltrated in HOURS in the USA. Took the tea party about a month, OWS a week.

      • I’m not sure. I think the FBI specter is the greatest propaganda tool invented since Satan.

        Whites need to turn the tables and demand PC libtards provide concrete answers to:
        1. WHAT is wrong with racism?
        2. WHAT is so good about their coloreds?

        Their efforts to lie their way out of questions like those should recruit thousands to our cause.
        If everyone is too intimidated and things go on the same as they’ve done for decades with tiresome Niggerspickiking, TDO and ridiculous VRW – then, as I’ve said: I’ll PoolSide.

      • I don’t fear the FBI or NSA. Those are propaganda, lies so the wn public thinks there’s an agent under the bed or in the closet. Fairy tales for adults.

        It’s the cooperation of the public…and many WNS. I see a lot of WNs who want revolution, but then threaten to turn in anyone who proposes violence. Consistently, I have been the only nationalist who approves of Eric Frein, Kaz, McVeigh, etc.

        Pierce may have been right in 1978. The Organization in TD had 2000 members. Today in the US, I’d estimate the number is about 200. That may be high.

        Too many care about the rules. If the SHTF tomorrow, many would still obey today’s laws. The mindset is not there. The only people I trust are the criminals and the extremists. “Good” people today are all pro-system.

        The perfect slave is the one who loves his captivity. The USA offers many opportunity for diversion. Even this, is a form of diversion for us. I try not to indulge too much.

      • “Why do you bother with American wns?”

        Well, I don’t really bother with them. That is why most of my contacts are outside the US.

        “What do we have that you want?”

        I’m always interested in networking and communicating with like-minded individuals.

      • ” Consistently, I have been the only nationalist who approves of Eric Frein, Kaz, McVeigh, etc. ”

        You’re the only one who publicly and loudly broadcasts his approval for them AND their tactics anyway.

        Giving approval or disapproval to these people doesn’t change anything, but loudly praising them and endorsing their methods has the potential to draw unwanted attention.

        A lot of the time you’ll hear “while I condemn his methods, X raised some valid points”. Sometimes the condemnation is genuine, sometimes not, but engaging in ritual condemnation of that sort is a good way to protect yourself from incriminating logs that will later be used against you.

        There are a whole lot of people across the political spectrum who say that Kaczynski raised some valid points but who “condemn his methods”. His manifesto is widely read, even in rather mainstream circles. But everyone condemns his methods. Consequently, they don’t get in trouble.

        How much of that condemnation is genuine? It’s impossible to know, and that’s the point.

        More of this sort of ritual is going to be necessary going forward, as they shut down free speech on the internet.

      • Free speech exists everywhere just don’t threaten the powerful. Even in WN circles the very same crowd that disparages sand niggers then prattles on about “Taqiyya”. In the end their middle class morality isn’t up for the task of revoultion. At best these people want to be safely subversive and earn a smart badge.

  9. Euro Nationalists don’t have the PC culture set upon by them, and further, it was the proletariat, who were the ones who settled in the New World.

  10. FP the questions you mention HAVE been asked by WNs however we don’t own the mainstream media.

    By design, TRUE dissidents don’t get a “fair trial” on television. Look what happen to Dr. Duke everytime he goes on television. The interviewer doesn’t stick to the issue at hand, only attacks him repeatedly about his past involvement with the Klan. Notice they never invite someone with no “baggage” like KMac onto their shows?

    Shoot, even fake opposition Ron Paul couldn’t get in on the Republican “debate”.

    Still, the hive mind of WN does effect the commentary to some extent. The internet has let the cat out of the bag on a lot of things and the so-called “mainstream media” has to deal with it in order to maintain some semblance of credibility.

  11. Ryu – The Alt-Right blog just posted this about blacks:

    I would disagree wholeheartedly with the author that blacks are ONLY a nuisance and not a menace (where he states that they are menacing only as the underclass). Given the fact that we have a large large black underclass in this country, he of course is wrong, not to mention, race agitators like Al Sharpton and enablers like Bill de Blasio of NYC have made it clear that a career profiting from this demographic is indeed lucrative for many years to come. The problem with this thinking, gets back to my point of the hypocritical racists who blame foreigners for usurping America because they see it as a desirable piece of real estate (vs our liberals who are always ragging about how America is up to no good) or our multicultural environment, which has made certain parts of country resource laden with interesting amenities afforded to the same hypocritical whiners, all while discounting the elephant in the room (the large black underclass, their liberal masters and their demented policies).

    Blacks have nothing positive to contribute to American society. They are a negative sum game, which brings misery to everyone. They are neither entrepreneurial, innovative or diligent enough to become an asset to this country. It’s all a liability with them!

    • JS…

      Please explain the difference between an alt-rite “white” racist and a white Supremacist and how it makes sense to be the former and not the latter?

      I do not ask this in aggressive tone, but am truly inquiring as to what you think explains this dubious phenomenon of the “white” racist anti-white Supremacist?

      • TD – There is no difference, except the alt-right WNs appear to be worldly educated like their liberal counterparts, not your parochial minded chump in the middle of nowhere, who complains about America being swamped by non-Whites, spewing all kinds of nonsense along the way.

        A honorable WN movement would be about supporting White survival and creating communities that support it, not ragging about multiculturalism in bourgeois cities and ignoring the elephant in the room – that is the black problem. Don’t like an American city that looks like a global village? There are plenty of burgeoning White communities in America and other parts of the world, outside of the liberal cesspools. What I don’t like are hypocrites who live in cities such as NYC or San Francisco, who complain about multiculturalism and how foreigners are taking over their towns. It’s like whining about the mosquitoes in a swamp area. Their hypocrisy becomes very apparent, when they talk about enjoying the amenities in these cities because that’s what liberal cesspool towns are only good for: a Disneyland tour of the world, but it appears they want to be stoned drunk without the headaches.

    • …The Alt-Right blog just posted this about blacks:

      You will discover ar is only good for stealing concepts from Eradica i.e.

      …then, confounding itself with its own innate sense of self-defeating hypocrisy.

      • The author of that post in Alt-Right lives in the Bay Area, and we all know that the Bay Area is another NYC, a leftist cesspool. So yes, it would be hypocrisy to complain Mansion Pig cities that love coloreds patrolling their outskirts.

    • Yeah, that’s a good article. I put blacks below traitor whites.

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