Work Ethic and Communism

by Ryu

There’s no absolute answer here. Sometimes a good work ethic is right, other times it is wrong.

A pride in the white work ethic is the wrong basis for wn. Many whites do work that goes against their class and their race. Only a slave works hard when it is not to his advantage.

For the most part, the white race’s superior IQ and work ethic serve only to make him a better slave, and he is better able to decieve himself.

The model for the working white man seems to be as follows. Bust his…… hump for 45 years, gets fired when he starts making real money or when he has an injury, then whine about it the rest of his life.

For white women, to do the ame with the idea of being “liberated” from being dependent on a man. They trade a spot in the family where they are precious, to the workplace where they are infinitely replaceable. This is not the path to power.

Under capitalism, all people are replaceable. We can have a new president or superstar actor in place within the hour. No one is special or unique. Man has been divorced from his work. The language of communism is work and class; this is where the new emphasis on communism really shines.

Not only does communism counter America, it preserves certain “technologies” – like marriage, racial solidarity, and military prowess. Communism protected Eastern Europe from American degenracy for 50 years. This is why the most desireable women of our race are now Slavs. The best men of our race are the Russians, who retain their masculinity, while the American man is a beta cog in the Murkan money machine.

Whites seem to want to become the new jews. They want to make money and live in a big mansion while others take all the risk.

Nowhere is “working hard” more emphasized than the military. But “work hard” for what, and for who? It’s never asked. White men working hard to protect an anti-white government. All of their work is a tremendous waste. I didn’t see one mino in this SEAL training video.

41 Comments to “Work Ethic and Communism”

  1. Horrifyingly true.

    It is VERY difficult going it alone which I why most won’t do it.

    Ideally, parent should allow a young man to live at home until he is well established in his own business. Once a person is paying rent it is more likely he will be trapped in salaried or hourly work where other arbitrarily decide what his “worth” is.

    Barring that White need to delay gratification on frivilous things, putting exces cash into their business or other invesrtment. Risky? Sure, but blowing all your money on nonsense is an even worse plan than investing in your future.

  2. America and the Soviet Union have always been opposite sides of the same coin, they both worship materialism. America derives its materialism and belief that work “ennobles” a man from its Calvinist roots. The less vulgar form of materialism practiced in the Soviet Union was derived from practical military necessity and was achieved through the bludgeon and bayonet, whereas in America promises of shiny new toys was all it took.

    I find it interesting that you bring up the slave work ethic. From having firsthand experience working along side american blacks as well as reading Dmitry Orlov’s accounts of what the Russian attitude toward work and “career” was under the Soviet Union I can safely say that they had a more intelligent attitude towards work by doing the bare mininum to get by. As you correctly stated it is the middle class white men and women who have been trained since childhood to define their whole being by grades, career, and social status who are the best slaves. The sad thing is that many of

    • continued

      these middle class white men commit suicide when they’re divorced from their career.

      With all do respect Ryu, Ihave to disagree with your assessment about the former communist Russian man and woman being the best example for indo-europeans to emulate. Communism was the american system of proletarization on steroids, some of the people came away from it with families that worked, valuing education as well as a mental and physical tenacity. Others came away from it completely niggerized: alcohol/drug abuse, whoring, and thuggishness. Coming from an area that has many former Soviet Bloc immigrants it is easy to see these two extremes.

      • Thuggishness is good, in the right manner. One ought to be thuggish in matters of territory. Niggerized is a loaded word; it’s just a simpler mode of existence. Whorishness is woman’s natural state. They trade what they have.

        Right now, the white man is too domesticated. More like a dog than wolf. He needs to move in the other direction. There’s no doubt in my mind that WN is far stronger in Russia than the USA.

      • Ryu there is a big difference between having respect for yourself and doing what needs to be done to protect yourself vs engaging in bar brawls over gutter skanks, beating someone to death because they stepped on your Nikes, or shooting someone because they cut you off in traffic. Some of the toughest people you’ll ever meet are some of the most mild mannered people you’ll ever meet.

      • Arthur Jones was an interesting man. He kept lions, crocodiles, snakes, etc.

        He said that if you give an animal the capacity to think, it makes more mistakes. Obeying its instinct, it always makes the right move. Thinking slows it down and weakens it.

        The right move is to hate outsiders who move in on our women and territory. The modern educated white man can talk himself out of anything with his mind. It is a strange thing, an “education” that weakens the animal.

    • In Socialism or Prussianism, Spengler mocks Marx for developing a concept of socialism that is nothing more than capitalism for the working class, based on the same English pirate ethic as industrial capitalism. He contrasts this with “true socialism,” the sacrificial social solidarity represented by the Prussian ethos, which was demonstrated for the world by the German mobilization in 1914.

      His analysis of the Russian Revolution is that it gave the Russian people the opportunity to overthrow the hated Westernized ruling class and their hated Westernized culture. The fact that Marxism was another Western movement doomed it to eventual failure. He thought the Russians would eventually get rid of it just like they got rid of Petrine Europhilia.

      Communism/Marxism can be a weapon in a people’s hands, which is what Ryu and Eradican seem to admire about it. As anything but high explosive, it is pure poison.

      • If the Americans dislike it, it warrants a good look from us. That’s my philosophy.

      • It is a corrective to many illusions, but the correction includes so many illusions it has to be kept in perspective as a tool.

      • Sure. We don’t use a hammer to turn screws. It has great utility as a test. WN is about racial issues, not economic ones or religious ones. The Muzz and the Commies are not my enemies.

  3. Now this is pure political pipe dreams coming from me, but if the old ruling order of the USA were to collapse for whatever reason the new order needs to be divided into the warrior class having supremacy over the mercantile class. This can be seen in the old Prussian Order. More recently it can be seen in Chechen culture where the tribal elders reign supreme and where a mans primary duty in life whether he be a farmer, businessman, or engineer is that of the warrior. This allowed them to prevent their culture from one of being turned into one of foreign brides and drunks.

    • search for “jordie” on Eradica.

      Then reassess: How do you regard the Murkan warrior class that voluntarily dies for Bush’s WMD’s and Obama’s regime? The same regime commanding the IRS to persecute the Tparty?

      As for me, they are only fit to round-up Miggers at gunpoint and deport them.

      • There is a big difference between warriors and soldiers. When I say warrior I am speaking about the same people that Ryu has respect for aka people like the Taliban who go out in a pair of flip flops, a bath robe and an 1950s AK 47 to give Jordie PTSD. These people fight for something higher than themselves namely filial loyalty and a culture, aint none of them getting the equivalent of lifetime VA care, GI Bill, or preferential employment.

        Now in contrast the US Military is comprised of soldiers:people who fight for a material benefit, no better than mercenaries. The nigger navy cook who joins so he can retire in 20 years all while terrorizing the Okinawan locals, the illegal beaner who joins so he can get his family a green card, the white kid who does it for college money or to learn a trade do not make warriors.

        Now you may consider the gung ho white kid who joins the Marines or combat arms to “get some”. Although I may respect them more than the average “college bound” Brittany and Brandon, I still do

      • Now you may consider the gung ho white kid who joins the Marines or combat arms to “get some”. Although I may respect them more than the average “college bound” Brittany and Brandon, I still do

        It’s accurate to say I have slightly less contempt for collidge GENBrandons; they have a chance at making a contribution to my comfort – like the internet we’re using right now – while Jordie slavishly serves and obeys the LNs of the MMM. Jordie poses more a threat to my ideology than GENBrandon!™ who is easily swept aside for merely being in my way.

        A white hick Jordi would gladly hoo-rah-WACO my house if a nigger attorney general commanded him to.

      • continued,

        do not consider them warriors because many of them follow a faux ideal of masculinity like the tatted up UFC fighter of PUA. People like Eric Frein, McVeigh, the Hebdo bros, Unabomber etc are warriors because they did it for a higher belief not to impress some San Diego bar slut or to get a USMC tattoo.

      • Firepower you and I are in agreement that many a Jordie is ignorant in the arena of politics and history and that they willingly serve degenerate masters. The respect I have for them is more in the metaphysical:discipline, self sacrifice, physical courage etc etc. And we both know that the Brandon and Brittany archtype aint STEMers cause ya know that entails hard shit like being sober for your afternoon classes, having more than a half hour of homework, and like not being able to BS standards.

      • Both deserve contempt because each is based on a generation of scum.

        We’re discussing which we hate less: our brother’s or cousin’s shit overflowing our toilet.

  4. Why not work on improving yourselves then . If you dont, you are no more effective than the niggerspikkers.

    [ed note: I am as mentally advanced as possible; years ahead of you.
    The proof is: You do not realize either – and plus, nobody knows wtf you’re directing your statement at…]

    • OH Firepower, I bow before your great knowledge. 🙂

      One important topic that the (also) great Bob Whitaker speaks of is how not to use KEY WORDs when verbally propagandizing the uninformed (and weren’t we all uninformed at one time eh?) Years of television etc. have made certain words and phrases POISON if you are trying to influence people. The public has been conditioned to shut down when it hears such words/phrases. Jew is one of them. “The White Race” is another such phrase.

  5. What is needed is a national capitalism: a capitalism that is leashed to serve the nation and not “free” markets interests.

    • It is called National Socialism. It is just what it sounds like. The nation or people work together and help each other. Denmark has it, although it may not be called NS. They are a fairly homogenous society, almost everyone works, people GLADLY pay high taxes because they KNOW that the safety net will be there for them, should they become unable to work AND mooching is taboo in their society so no one feels taken advantage of. My understanding is that they have also closed their borders, rather recently.

      • Regarding Denmark’s borders:

        And don’t miss the first half of the first sentence of the article: UNDER PRESSURE FROM A GROWING NATIONALIST MOVEMENT, the government in Denmark on Thursday reintroduced stringent checks on its borders with Germany and Sweden,…

      • The Cold War technically began after WW2 but in reality started with the Bolshevik seizure of power in 1917. Nazi Germany was very much part of the worldwide conflict triggered by Leon Trotsky. In one of life’s ironies Trotsky’s Red Army would defeat and conquer Nazi Germany.

    • The free market is an idea you use to attack government-sponsored (i.e., crony-favoring) privileges you don’t like. Given affirmative action, government subsidies of you name it, regulatory capture, too big to fail, Government Motors, and qualitative easing, the free market looks a lot better than what we have. The free market is closer to the white American’s self-governing pirate soul than troughocracy, but the soul should be the criterion, not the market godlet.

      • Free markets and rule by the competent is good. BUT, mercantile interests need to be controlled and subordinate to that class of philosopher-warriors I referred to. Should people like Larry Flynt or Joe Francis of Girls Gone Wild have a disproportionate say in the direction of the state just because they capitalized on vulgar interests? Also, we need to get rid of the rentier class.

        [ed note: ah, rentiers…do “the foxes” ring a bell]

      • We white Americans believe in self-rule, and if we have to rule economic and social malefactors to achieve self-rule, we want to be able to do that.

        The militia is the people in arms. The same people will decide the laws under which they live. Say good bye to the national marketplace and federal supremacy in everything, meaning, you have no say over what happens in your own neighborhood.

        Rentiers are fine, subject to the people’s laws. (See Neo-Populism and Counterculture and The Rebirth Constitution by Dahlberg and Kaardal)

  6. The fact that communism protected Eastern Europe from degeneracy, is more accidental than by design. Kind of a unintended consequence that is probably driving the internationalists nuts. However, remember one thing about communism. They had to use border guards to keep their people in. That is usually not a good sign. Frankly, choosing between the current systems of gov is liking picking the lesser of evils. We need better options.

    • Yeah, but WNs have to fight tooth and nail to get the white race to preserve itself. I’m not opposed to playing the bad guy.

      If WN ever gets on top, we will know everything there is to know about revolutionary tactics. The USG is the ultimate bad guy. To beat them would be an amazing accomplishment.

      Those border guards did the Russian people a favor. If they were let out, they’d have become capitalists. Same with North Korea.

      Freedom failed. WN will establish a more total and subtle tyranny than the USG ever did. Then, I’ll sit in my throne and watch the chickens “blog” for revolution, while crucifying those who actually take action.

  7. Erin, the term “national socialism” has baggage – Nazis.
    Plus “socialism” brings up pictures of bread lines etc.
    Thus I prefer national capitalism.

    • You could say we have national socialism now, but the “nation” is their team, not our team — the liberal White Supremacists as opposed to conservative White Supremacists. Both sides want different versions of Western civilization to rule. I.e., LN is White Supremacism too. So there is some truth to the ridiculous spectacle of neocons and progressives accusing each other of being racist.

    • We are working on this problematic nomenclature, but it proves difficult with so many “contaminated” word combos. Long ago, I asked ryu for suggestions, but he’s dutifully occupied writing his weekly 403 articles.

      It must be slick. I’m pondering a name with positive propaganda buzzwords: National Democrats.
      Anything with “democratic” in it is accepted by the Murkan Sheeeepul.

      • There’s names that appeal to me, then there’s names that appeal to who we want to recruit.

        I like the “White Workers Revolutionary Party.” That’s the organization name I use to myself.

  8. National Democrats practicing National Capitalism
    One God, One Nation, One Destiny

  9. or Popular Democrats. The races and immigration would not be a problem were it not for the LNs (and their Republican and corporate fellow travelers) using them to beat on us.

  10. These are good suggestions.
    Beware abbreviations that would spawn mockery.

    Suggest more, as white nationalist urgently requires replacing.

  11. Democratic Action, American Democrat, Democratic American, Democratic Progress, Democratic Union, United Democratic, American People’s Party.

  12. I like White Worker’s Party. I can’t stand anytyhing with the words democratic or american in it.

    • Too bad: “white” is rendered offensive long ago by LibMedia. It’s just the way it is. You can’t be a pretty sparkly Tinkerbelle, either.

      Both democrat and american are effective lure words to the simple folk we need to storm the barricades. Sorry.

      DAP = Democratic American Party: Sounds patriotic – and you can whistle its anthem while you round up MINOs for the camps.

  13. Fun fact, back in the 1950s Curt Richter performed highly unethical animal experiments (also see Cohen, Aden et al). Turns out the toughest, most vicious wild rats drowned within minutes of being dropped in a bucket. Some died of cortisol stress.
    However tame white rats kept swimming for days before drowning.
    The key was that every few hours they were taken out of the bucket for one minute to give them hope.

  14. Great article and commentary.

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