South Africa

by Ryu

FHM South Africa. Honest 2 god

No country on Earth interests me more. It is my wish to go there and live before I die.

I knew a male Afrikanner personally, before I was a racist. The real reason he came to the US was that Mandela was elected and he saw the writing on the wall. Within a short time, he found an American woman to marry and he got his green card.

Later I was a racist and met an elderly Afrikaner woman. I was only able to speak with her for less than an hour, not long enough to develop the rapport to get honest answer on a topic as taboo as race. She expressed regret that white children would not have opportunities. She seemed happy to die safe in the USA, in an all white area.

The whites of South Africa live only by the……. favor of high-ranking blacks. The “tribute” that they pay is a few of their daughters, their work in STEM and infrastructure jobs, and what they pay for security.

The South African government chooses a level of civilization they want then tailors their treatment of whites to it. If they want to drive whites completely out, they’ll become very poor. If they want more wealth, they might allow the white people some hope.

Why don’t they organize and fight back?

Many men lie to themselves, but at some point, reality must destroy the lie. Edgar Steele wrote a book called “Defensive Racism.” The Afrikaner should be rabid racists, the most extreme in the world. Yet they are not.

Thordaddy uses the phrase ‘self annihilation.’ Most whites today have this trait in them. They will not fight back, they seem to have a death wish. I do not expect the vast majority of whites to EVER fight back, no matter what is done to them. I believe that becoming a WN is only partially a matter of education, and the best are made at birth.

Black security forces are now using the sjambok, which used to be used by the white police forces. The blacks actually have to imitate and amplify what the whites had to do in order to maintain peace.

24 Comments to “South Africa”

  1. Like whites everywhere, South African whites valued participation in liberal civilization more than their own survival. I have long said liberals would rather die (or have you and your children die) than give up their liberalism. A whole civilization of martyrs for decency. Self-annihilation (national suicide, in Auster’s phrase) is the negative, external (etic) interpretation. Subjectively and internally (emically), it is a sacrificial, religious gamble that the ideal of human brotherhood will eventually win out over racial, tribal, economic, religious, and civilizational divisions, “the walls that separate us,” as liberal pastors like to say. This reach for a transcendent ideal is very Western, as is the will to power that enforces it, but for the most part, in the reality we observe, it is a ghastly sham, a glittering front for cowardice, greed, betrayal, materialism, and degradation of every kind.

    The White Supremacist may ultimately acknowledge, intellectually, that other groups may legitimately assert their own supremacism, and thus share in a sense the ideal of equality. But as a practical matter he knows he can only be worthy of such equality by uncompromising assertion of his will to supremacy and assertion of his civilization and culture (vocation-culture-action), in whatever forms these take in the brave new world we face. As The Clash used to say, “The future is unwritten — know your rights.”

    The South Africans I know are extremely conservative, but they’re not revolutionaries. They sadly surrender to the liberal empire.

  2. I’m reading Kemp’s history of the AWB right now. The picture he paints is of Revolutionary Boers and conservative anglos. Eugene Terre’ Blanche came within a hair of victory.

    That’s what pains me about WN…it always manages to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. It casts a rope over the abyss but doesn’t cross. Its faith consistently waivers at the precipice. It flubs a line. It wears a swastika. It gets defensive.

    Boers shouldn’t have this problemm. Their faith says they made a new Covenant with God. Pastors wittled away at that. What was once The Day Of The Vow is now The Day Of Reconciliation.

    • “Should” is a dangerous word. Maybe the stakes just aren’t high enough yet. Alot of people won’t make a move until they feel the juice.

      • I take the opposite view that people embrace radical politics right before the fall, when their spirits aren’t broken, and when they have enough resources to defend but not enough to fear losing.

    • I have always been fascinated by the fact that FW de Klerk is still breathing after his treachery. He lives in SA in easy reach so why is he still alive? If the Boers can’t even take care of the biggest traitor in their history living amongst them, then I don’t hold out much hope for any kind of revolt from them. The same could sadly be said of all the Western nations, but the Boer really has nothing left lose, so why not take the traitor with you?

  3. You can go like a perpetual ricocheting comet – from wimpy Afrikaners to sissy Swedes to faggot Frenchmen to mewling Murkans, etc. – ALL bowing to coloreds while fucked up the ass.

    This should* tell you all it is not a singular national problem characteristic to one country, but a worldwide, encompassing civilization issue inherent now to all Western Cultures.

    • It is.

      But the Boer are the closest to extermination. What does such a man think? Everyday, fewer white faces, less opportunity for his children. What does he tell himself to keep going?

      It’s like a jew, acting as if Hitler didn’t exist. He believes this on the way to the camps, on the way to the gas chamber, into the chamber. Maybe…a few seconds before death, THEN he considers resistance.

      We are different than the jews though. There is no one coming to save the day. There is no more dangerous human move than lying to oneself.

      • Of course, Whites are different from Jews. The spirit of inquiry and pioneering endeavor are the mark of the European, which is sorely lacking among Jews (who are blamed and disliked for being parasites).

      • I’ve come to admire the jews, up to a point. They have a different mind than a white. More perverse, greedy and cunning. An average jew is far more prepared racially than the average white. No contest there.

      • It may be that our long-time Americanized emancipated Jews are as Western as anybody. Their sentimental solidarity among themselves is not deep, for most. Their lack of solidarity with white Christian-descended Americans is like another flavor of the lack of solidarity and competitive individualism of us white Christian-descended Americans. Jewish capitalism in America may be Western-Faustian, transcendentally committed to mastering and dissolving all value. (See Spengler. He thinks Jews can never be truly Western, but he was a continental European.) MW often tells us to learn from the Jews, but much of what there is to learn they got from us.

      • Yes, today’s White supremacist will find better compatibility learning from:
        1. The nastier pre-christian version Romans
        2. Medieval English
        3. Vikings and
        4. pre-Civil War America, etc.

        The best to learn from jews is parasitism of those past, successful white nationalists and perhaps parasitism of today’s LN/MMM.

      • For FP — from a pre-Civil War American:

        My Life had stood – a Loaded Gun –
        In Corners – till a Day
        The Owner passed – identified –
        And carried Me away –

        And now We roam in Sovreign Woods –
        And now We hunt the Doe –
        And every time I speak for Him
        The Mountains straight reply –

        And do I smile, such cordial light
        Upon the Valley glow –
        It is as a Vesuvian face
        Had let it’s pleasure through –

        And when at Night – Our good Day done –
        I guard My Master’s Head –
        ’Tis better than the Eider Duck’s
        Deep Pillow – to have shared –

        To foe of His – I’m deadly foe –
        None stir the second time –
        On whom I lay a Yellow Eye –
        Or an emphatic Thumb –

        Though I than He – may longer live
        He longer must – than I –
        For I have but the power to kill,
        Without – the power to die –

        –Emily Dickinson

  4. The dominant ethos is perpetual change. Those who become adept to perpetual change are at a great advantage in Western society. But this is the abstract analysis and not how “things” look at the individual level. In the progression is the PUBLIC LIE of self-creation. The idea that “liberalism” as practiced by true western liberals is a matter of self-creating “you.” Yet, the “success” of a created SELF is something particular… Something not about TO CHANGE… This defies “liberalism” as conceived in a more abstract manner. And so the PRIMARY application of “liberalism” as expressed by the sheepish masses is self-annihilation, i.e., the continuous and perpetual destruction of the last created SELF.

    We see the BOERS of the past, but “they” (the Boers themselves) destroyed that conception long ago.

    Who is responsible in rebuilding the narrative? Can “we” not imagine killer Boers again? Are the only white Christians in South Afrika those “self-annihilating for salvation” charlatans that the alt-rite likes to tell us all about? Isn’t this all just HBD protocol anyway! There is no free will and only white man drives himself insanely mad thinking otherwise. The “others” are more than content with their animalistic ways and the most noble liberals treat “them” like pets. And sometimes pets turn on their owners. Why are “we” lamenting?

    • Because WE were born to care about this TD. You yourself said there is no free will.

      I’ve been rebelling against this system almost since birth, before I even understood what I was dealing with. I was born to it.

  5. I wonder if there are more mixed race offspring now.
    There is some evidence they are more prone to misbehaving.

    OTOH local witchdoctors may use their body parts for juju rituals when they run out of albinos.

    • Just being around coloreds in South Africa is a bad influence for Whites. Just look at the Pistorius Clan, not just Oscar but his brother as well, who are known for their hooliganism.

      Ryu thinks WNs should side with coloreds who have similar goals. I’m not sure about that. They are usually up to no good, and their goals are never noble nor worthy of execution, because of their lower intellects and lack of high future time orientation.

      • WN is not strong enough to win on its own. There’s a whole heap of enemies. Disagreeable alliances may be necessary. We cannot defeat all of our enemies at once.

        There are precedents. Wardens prefer that inmates fight each other, rather than the guards. I will write about the Attica prison riot of 1971, when blacks, beans and whites aligned briefly.

      • Liberal Whites, Jews and Coloreds (with the exception of a subset of Hispanics) are all enemies to the WN movement. So what does this leave you? Muzzies and Asians. The problem with Muzzies is that the Islamic religion, at least the more dysfunctional subset of it, is that of low IQ converts, who are usually coloreds, joining the uneducated Sunni sect with their petty terrorist plots.

        The 3 Non-Western Axis of Evil consists of Shi’a Muzzies, Asians, and Ruskies, which is namely, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Communist China and Russia. They are here to fully take on the Anglosphere Empire and all of their degenerate minions, in all spheres of influence.

      • The WN movement only has one real enemy: the USG.

        The jews, blacks and muzz don’t attack us. Antifas are nothing. It’s the police and the Murkan just-us system that really screws WN. Most of our job will be done when the liberal whites and their white pawns are handled.

      • The USG is really this: Jews, liberal whites and blacks. This trio are in control and they’re the most dangerous to the stability of America, where they also drive much of our world politics with other countries. You have Murkan jews complaining about how certain Euro nations are too homogenous in their demographics.

      • It is also faggots & feminists as illustrated here: Five-fingered Fist of Liberalism

        These diverse liberal/leftist groups form a network supporting each other the way “our” white side can only dream.
        While “aryans” and trailerparknazis offend Irish, Italians – and HBD’ers offend trailerparknazis – the FFL conquers all…

      • Perhaps our time would be well spent inciting the negroes. Hahaha

  6. Or inciting online insults to islam to expose the tensions under our demon masters pc cloak.

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