World’s Most Perfect Girl: Chanel West Coast

by Firepower

Amazing what being a couch decoration for an MTV-D wigga-nigga sandwich pays nowdays.


  • Not a virgin
  • silly
  • giggly
  • dsl
  • no dad (I bet)
  • dyed blond(ish) pubes
  • rich
  • nice tits


  • rapper
  • daddy issues
  • blond dye-job w/ roots
  • knows what black dick tastes like
  • lays for pay

* Le Sigh* All the good ones is taken…

18 Comments to “World’s Most Perfect Girl: Chanel West Coast”

  1. Today’s women truly are begging for discipline and I don’t mean that in a sexual way.

  2. Women in America, for the most part, are only good for a sexual workout, and nothing more substantial should go beyond that. That’s the viewpoint of men, who know the red pill or what the Manosphere call “alpha males”.

  3. what both js & erin note are the dichotomous truths on both sides of a same coin.

    There will be no return to “the good olde dayes” of gentlemanly behavior or demure things once labeled “ladies”
    For both require honor, integrity and a degree of virtue – all concepts lost on today’s GENBrandeez.

    It is not reduced to males merely being pussy-hungry dogs, nor females just golddigging slunts: It is both interacting and impacting the other with their foul, modern behaviors. Neither side is right, but rather, both are wrong.

    That is because each sex is a product of modern LN/MMM BIGov Skool indoctrination into corruption.
    Men now will be promiscuous for the sensation of different sex partners.
    Females will be disloyal for wealthier sex partners.

    Both shall behave as animals, as the nigger does. Thus, the niggerization of Murka is near total.

    • Yes, I’ve said on LoftB that black men do not belong in college, because of their inherent profiles of lower IQs, poor future time orientation, and most important, oversexed behavior which are incompatible with higher learning. I get to witness this 1st hand, how all these poor beta males who are over studious in college, and then get shafted at the end by the elites when it comes to job hiring, in favor of black men and White women who’ve been screwing each other at the dormitories.

      [ed note: coloreds are at deliberately at college precisely because the LN/MMM wants them to have sexual access & activity with higher quality white females. it fits with their Leftist Indoctrination]

      • Ah, it’s good for them. Those angry white boys can grow into revolutionaries. Best to learn how things work when they are young.

        I’m pleased with how things are going. Unless a kid is a true liberal believer, he can be converted without too much trouble. I remember walking by a dorm room once full of guys watching American History X. Soon, that movie will look moderate and quaint.

      • Most White men in the mid level colleges, are either gay or effeminate (similar to Asian men), yet the heterosexual types can’t compete in any field, because they have been indoctrinated to be leftists without benefits.

        The problem with the WN movement: They are hardly any young, attractive, remotely intelligent, White women, who haven’t been brainwashed by the left. Women follow other women, and a backing from them, makes the movement not that of losers.

      • Who cares about the women? The men make the movement. They’ll be the ones doing all the shit work anyways. WN is a pyramid scheme missing the bottom part. We have wishes and desires, but no soldiers.

        A dozen PUA WNs like HR, and the women are no longer a problem. That’s his gift, not mine.

      • I would agree with you and disagree with you, in regards to White women joining the WN movement.

        Let’s say having a few smart sisters being part of the fight, makes it 100X more easier. Women always helped and inspired men to mobilize successfully during wartime at its backdrop. It’s a necessity!

      • Js what kind of man blames women for HIS lack of success? Grow up.

    • The type of white man who can actually win it for us scares both the USG, and most WNs.

      Long ago they had monikers like “Vlad the Impaler” or “Ivan the Terrible.” The type of leader we need is like a monster, an animal. Those guys, even Hitler, looks like a moderate in comparison.

      The WN movement has most of the brains it needs. It just needs the balls. The Muzz don’t have half the intellectual justification that we have. If this movement started thinking about enacting revolution and destroying the USG, they’d advance by light years.

  4. Ugh, FP. Mixer women do nothing for me. She seems dirty, like that one blonde girl, Ke$ha.

    • FP said the niggerization of Murka (actually White Murka) is almost complete.

      • That’s a good thing!

        Whites should imitate the negro in many things. Particular, in aggression and being territorial. They aren’t afraid to call for dead pigs when one of their own falls. Whites have lost their instincts. Sometimes it’s good to just do, rather than write essays about crap.

        I’m a fan of the Black Panthers and Malcolm X. I’d love to work with both the Muzz and black nationalists. The black man of the late 60s and early 70s was badass.

      • Why would you want to work with Muzzies and black nationalists? It means more pollution and more contamination from them.

        Remember, multiculturalism in the West is a disease, and rightly so, given the fact that these individuals have very different cognitive profiles from Whites.

      • To me, the USG is a bigger enemy than the blacks or the Muzz. It is a relic of my survivalism. It’s the police who keep WN from truly succeeding. Once Johnny Law gets out of the way, WN should win.

  5. That’s the problem JS. White men don’t want to get their hands dirty. Stop making excuses.

  6. Channel west coast is one foul disgusting filthy whore

  7. How much to fuck you for a night cunt?

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