Lose Your Fear of Criminals

by Ryu

What’s the USG’s number one export?

Fear. Fear of terrorists, of drugs, cancer, radiation, domestic violence, drunk driving, thieves, killers, guns, etc etc etc.

There’s a tremendous market in fear. All professions use it now, from doctors to car mechanics. Fear is the dominant emotion in America today.

“Criminal” is a loaded word. A crime is something the state finds disagreeable and makes illegal. In the United States today, everyone is a criminal all the time. It is impossible to obey the number of laws they have on the books.

Professional criminals are….….. not dangerous to the working man, because he has no money. Drug cartels and mafias only use violence against patrons who welsh on their debts. They are not stupid enough to use random violence which will bring down the heat and curtail their business activities.

I have performed experiments. Steal my car, the keys are in it. Come invade my house and kill me, it’s open and there’s the loaded weapon. Take my money, there it is.

Over and over again, these experiments have failed. I have performed them for years. The vast majority of Americans don’t have what it takes to be criminals. It’s a totally different thing to act on your own without protections.

Without their uniforms and badges, I am convinved the police and military would be toothless. Who is more impressive, the tightrope walker with or without safety equipment? Who has to be more prepared?

I’m a radical liberationist. It means, you’re free to do what you like, as far as your balls and your ability carry you. The more free I become, the closer I get to God. He understands freedom more than anyone, because he has the most.

This world is wide open for the taking. The Muzz are going to beat the Americans, because they have more conviction; the Americans just fight for money.

26 Comments to “Lose Your Fear of Criminals”

  1. You can feel the fear and hate everywhere nowadays… The Globalized World made everyone realize that they’re in a competion for resources against everybody else.

    • Elites made sure the masses are divided and conquer, where only a few can come out at top.

      It pays to be a sociopath within the law!

    • It’s a sham competition. I’d let the Americans win and they can keep their TVs and iphones.

      The greatest resources and technologies on Earth are not contested today – superior men, actual working families, good health. Afghanistan will be there long after America is forgotten.

  2. I’m a felon if I rape and kill someone, and I’m a felon if I throw a soda can into an endangered bird reservation.

    If America really wanted to fight muzz terror, we would have invaded the gulf states and strung up the sultans and sheiks that finance al Qaeda, ISIS, etc. Even Joe Biden knows that the Gulf Arabs finance them.

    Ukrainians are fighting for the money, too, and that’s why they’re going to lose. They want to fuck off to the EU and grow fat on big salaries and generous social welfare. Most of the people fighting for ideology over there think they’re fighting WW2 all over again and they’ll have the Fourth Reich once all is said and done – meanwhile they’re being led around by a State Dept Jew.

    The patriot movement in America is going to fail as well, because at the end of the day it’s more about money than freedom. Middle class whiners are above all concerned with being respectable.

    • Nice comment.

      The survivalist movement in the USA is mostly an extension of middle class materialism. People spending money on crap they don’t use. They even have TV programs showing off all the junk they can buy.

      • How people slaving away at their jobs so they can live the lifestyle?

      • There’s a human need for fellowship. The USG realizes this. They warp it to their advantage. It’s hard to be alone, and misery loves company.

        I deal with it by rationalization. My success today does not depend upon any objective value. It’s all pull and politics. If I had friends in DC, I could be a billionaire by sundown. WN is my life’s work.

      • For most Murkans, it’s all about the money. They desire a comfortable, yet petty lifestyle, ironically, which is why many people slave away at their job.

        Yes, finding intelligent, like-minded individuals who are counter-culture is hard, and finding American women with this same outlook is even harder, which is why many men cannot be the outsider, even if they wanted to. The USG understands this.

      • I don’t think things are hopeless. The quality of the people the USG are getting is decreasing. They don’t pay well enough to get the best. It’d take a lot more than 50K per year. Even 200K is damn cheap for my best. There is no one at the FBI or NSA who could do what FP does.

        This story was ignored by the media. The Muzz are using a cellular system. It seems that only the “awakened” really understand what’s happening.

      • I take all media reporting with a grain of salt; they are only a topic of fun discussion. Elites are Elites because they are Machiavellian.

  3. I agree Ryu. Murkans live in fear and they think their mcmansions keep them safe when really big homes make them a target.

    To me, being free means being able to enjoy the sunshine, the scenary, without having to own it. Being free means blowing off modern medicine (for the most part-in an extreme emergency I may take avantage of certain advances). Being free means not needing “entertainment” but finding contentment in what is actually happenning in my world. It is being free to say what I want .

    I was speaking to some men in their sixties yesterday and they said I can’t complain since I don’t vote. Ha! Who thought up tha nonsense? They also think without police, anarchy would take place. I say let it come. With no cops around we can take back our neighborhoods if we have the guts.

  4. Professional criminals are not dangerous to the working man, because he has no money

    The different way to interpret this is as an explanation to another form of Game – The Bluff.
    It is the essence.

    Bluffing hinges on the amount both bluffer and bluff-ee have to lose – and are willing to lose.

    Murkans are fat cattle – fat chimps.
    Fat chimps in zoos fight over piles of bananas while wild chimps do not; they’ll communally share even a meager few. This has ramifications in “Communism” if PKS is listening this week…

    Fat Murkans fight over video games, graffiti turf & TDO. They do not fight over a King’s EOs regarding New Miggers – or the bars on their zoo chimp pen.

    Meager Muzz do not fight over these piddling wuss-creators, but will kill the christfuck out of a non-muzz for a cartoon. That, is what makes a warrior.

    • Meager Muzz do not fight over these piddling wuss-creators, but will kill the christfuck out of a non-muzz for a cartoon. That, is what makes a warrior.

      Muzzy killers go after Jews as 1st priority. Any place that is a Hymie Town, means more Islamofascists, which means native Whites have a higher chance of becoming their target practice.

      • Being a student who dabbled with Islam, Muslims are vehemently more hostile towards Jews than anyone else, including Christians. Their intellectual elite were the 1st ones to criticized them.

      • It’s no surprise to anyone that the Anglosphere and France (places where most of the Jewish elites reside and multiculturalism is out of sync), are the prime targets for Islamic terrorism. In a perverse and indirect way, the West’s multi-pluralism and heterogeneity are against the tenets of the hive minded, Islamic religion that wants uniformity. In certain respects, Islam’s enmity with the West, shares similar ill feelings with the WNs and the Bible Thumpers who want a more homogeneous America, free of Jewish influence.

  5. My highly individualist selfish dream is to cheat death by turning myself into a rudimentary computer program in a few decades time.
    It’s an extreme long shot that would still take trillions of dollars of worldwide research.
    Until then I would gladly give up all conventional wealth and live in a rural trailer.

  6. “The quality of the people the USG are getting is decreasing.”

    Uniforms and equipment don’t make the man. The raghead who survived the ISIS massacre discarded both and fled. He just wanted a job; he didn’t want to fight. Just because you see a uniform and a batbelt doesn’t mean you see a superhero.

  7. but no woman will reproduce with those who reject the agenda and the lines of such awakend men die out.

    these women will mate and reproduce more conformists which will only strengthen the Agenda.

  8. “The more free I become, the closer I get to God. He understands freedom more than anyone, because he has the most.”

    A very important bit of wisdom there. Religion blunts a man, makes him doubtful and confused when it comes time to do the deeds that must be done. The creator is the author of natural law, and has made his creation to be free to learn it and live by it.

    Religion is the big jew who hijacked the microphone and made himself mediator.

    • Thanks, TAS. I will be looking at your site to see what kind of nationalist you are.

      • Not as active as I’d like, as far as nationalism goes Not much on the blog, mostly reblogs. I have many thoughts that need composed. I don’t have a lot of time, Hymie’s treadmill still has a hold of me.

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