Murderin’ Muzz Massacree!

by Firepower

The “Murkan Method” of slacktivism consists of buying a gun at Wal-Mart, ambushing people, then running back to your living room to tearfully eat a bullet before the almighty SWATZIs nab ya. Varying themes, like the colored who just offed the two sainted NYPD coloreds, might change the suicide location, but the final result is always the same.

Do you hear me Christ Dorner? Didn’t think so. Eric Frein? Hopefully by now you’ve worked up an “escape” plan. No? Gee whiz! With all that new time on your hands?

Successful attacks like this Paris Job work on – get ready! – military principles. The military doesn’t do suicide missions no matter what patriotic….…. bullshit your Disney-fed brain’s sucked-up on TeeVee from Hollywood flagwaving Jordie propaganda. It’s not complicated: When the military and COP-Thugs™ plan, they do it in three simple stages.

One is Infiltration – where they get in – and that’s the easy part. The second step is the operation – where the fun happens – and the last is what suffers the most Freinism: Extraction. That’s the harder part. You see, they actually create a plan on how to escape – like the Mass Murderin’ Muzz just did. Like Jordie does. Like Officer Friendly does.

HEROCops! even had a plan for Waco and Ruby Ridge, but they went awry. The Davidians didst showeth mercy and negotiated with the ATF to let their wounded escape harm and get them off the hook, but the Friendly FBI showed no such mercy and burned every last Koresh Fan alive.

Pulling a Frein where you stomp around the woods for a month freezing your dick off, waiting for Officer Friendly & Adorable Ranger K-9 Fido to slap you around before spending the next 300 years in a cement tomb is not victory. Taking sweet, sweet revenge on simpering sissy French faggot newsies who… drew cartoons of your favorite prophet is.

People who kill the shit out of other people for drawing insulting cartoons are not to be fucked with. The glib Murkan Mentality of Mockery is only safe for scared simpletons on Twitter who think “free” speech is facile* because they’re anonymous and even then, too chicken to board a plane and correspondingly kill the fuck out of Muzz.

Paris is heavily infested with cams. The Muzz simply put on ski masks, which are impossible to get in Murka due to the Democrats banning and heavily regulating ski masks. The National Skimask Association, the NRA NSA permanently lost the battle to preserve your Constitutional right to keep and bear ski masks. It may be true that “Charlie Don’t Surf” but Hajii Does Ski, apparently.

Guns are sissy-scream-illegal in Sissy Underpants France – AK-47’s more so. Compared to Murka, budding Tim McVeighs *should* have nukes instead of ANFO in a Ryder truck. Hey, there’s another gomer who got caught by a county mountie with a 52-inch waistline – when he even had a fully loaded Glock in his lap. Showing tender-hugga mercy really helped Timmay V when BIGov BOP shoved that last needle in his arm.  If Pierre El-Achmadinnijab got himself  AKs, budding Murkan Muzz should have warehouses full of .50 cals, Anthrax, M1 tanks, Ebola and C4; it’s the land of the “fee” after all.

Silly Muzz apparently also learned to… get away…like Americans with balls once did: Dillinger; Machine Gun Kelly, Bonnie & Clyde, George Washington – and even fucking Bill Ayers. Hey, don’t look so fucking astonished: when your party rules with its fascist iron fist, you too get plush teaching gigs at university re-education camps instead of a tomb at Leavenworth. But first… they all planned that teeny little thing called Extraction.

Eric Frein was big on Infiltration and Action but totally inept on Extraction. It’s how every military conducts successful operations.

  1. Infiltration
  2. Operation
  3. Extraction
  4. Chris Kyle big money payoff book time!

Wiseguys think the “French Justice System” perhaps can’t track them now because Pepe Le Muzz snuck in the country and aren’t even citizens – the same as our brave HEROJordie™ Paratroops who kill other poor slobs. They get to invade, shoot-up goatfarmers, then retire to a widescreen TV where they cry for the camera about PTSD.

Why, infiltrating non-citizen infiltrators create ideas for, say, Aussies to travel 10,000 miles to Murka, plant their seed of vengeance, then withdraw back to the Outback to regroup! Murkans can even trade actions with the fifteen million or so nations that now hate our fucking guts, so both groups *could* be anonymous once they made successful trades of Extraction back to their respective home countries.

Bet you every ISIS nation’s thought of doing that here…long ago.

Sleep tight!

47 Comments to “Murderin’ Muzz Massacree!”

  1. Hit the nail right on the head, and that’s why I love you guys and gals – cutting edge tactics and a concept of strategy!

    • Wow, FP. Your style is flashier than mine is.

      It’s the extraction where all our direct action guys fail. And that requires the most work by far. People just don’t seem interested in this.

      I will admit that handling the heat is probably the hardest thing there is, far harder than pulling a trigger. Cops and soldiers get PTSD just from shooting – and they don’t even have to cover themselves! A criminal has PTSDx1000. The cop can just go home and watch TV, with no worries.

      Those Muzz have a big problem. One of their crew couldn’t take the heat and turned himself in. After interrogation, he no doubt revealed their plans and spilled his guts. Doesn’t look good, but hopefully the right people will learn from this.

      • A major component of extraction is being able to flee the country. This is much easier elsewhere than in Murka due to geography.

      • Slightly off topic: Non-Muslim men convert to Islam for 2 reasons: an easier accessibility to marriageable women and self empowerment via the Ummah (Muslim community). Just like all religions, it really has nothing to do with god, it’s all about you and your tribal affiliations.

        The Charlie Hebdo Editorial murderers were low miscreants in their Old World of Europe. They are however, punching above their weight, if you compare them to our Murkan Coloreds who have poor future time orientation and could never plan this sort of attack.

  2. Suicide is a viable option – depending on the circumstances. All actions must have E&E – but it doesn’t mean hide in the woods. Get your ducks in order BEFORE anything is done. Plan and rehearse – think of every way you might get caught and plan around that – LIVE TO FIGHT ANOTHER DAY. Start small to build up confidence then grow with the experience(S). Think safe house or abandoned structures – pretend to be homeless – have caches – think like a chess master not a checkers player. Live to conquer, survival is mediocrity.

    • You honor your namesake with your understanding. Bob also did not allow himself to be taken.

      Suicide’s not so bad. People commit suicide to avoid the treatment they will receive by the regime. It is good to die like a man, rather than a slave. This is a mistake on the USG’s part.

      Prison really messes up people. By the time of his execution, John Paul Franklin became a multiculturalist. He wanted death.

      I remember watching Lawrence of Arabia. Those revolutionaries saved a bullet for themselves, to avoid the cruelty of the Turk.

    • Good advice about having caches stocked in various locations. This is what Boston mobster Whitey Bulger did. Although he eventually got caught he was still able to kick it on the beach for a few decades in beautiful Santa Monica, CA.

  3. So how will this play out in the media? Ultimately, the true culprit will be French “racism,” i.e., French “white supremacy.”
    [ed note: this TDO will rage for several days then disappear like Ferguson, dead NYPD HEROCops and missing gook airplanes]

    This is how self-annihilators can a) kill each other with near impunity and b) ensure that no white male associate himself with “racism,” i.e., “white supremacy.”
    […and – ya lost me]

    It is the stuff of savage nihilists.

    It is so horrifically ordered that only sheer rejection of self-annihilation can extract one from this nearly all-encompassing paradigm. It is not “white supremacy” that “we” swim in, but a perpetual self-annihilation that “we” are forced to bloody wade through.
    [clock’s about to strike “poolside”, baby]

  4. Ummmm………..ok, I thought this was about E&E. To get back on track, obviously tips NEED to be given since it does not seem to be a part of the equation. Only blind luck, if you are lucky, will see you through a mission. This is a war zone and operatives need to be trained and trained for success. We owe it to ourselves and the warriors to have the best information. Any less or distractions from this topic, are a recipe for failure.

  5. So, TD is one of the MIRauders that try and bully people with big words – hijacking important topics with utter bullshit that means nothing and seeking approval from others. Go find Faux news komrades so you can masturbate over “ideas” or hijack each other – Fuckin Bill Rhyes wannabe.

    • Bobby…

      I want to be that “thing” that anti-white Supremacists justifiably annihilate each other over…

      What about YOU?

      “You” into selling E&E training that translates into future white boy on the run for his life from Uncle Beast?

      If you said, “kid, this training is for when you inexplicably kill some self-annihilators (but not in the name of genuine white Supremacy) and have to run from Uncle Beast forever,” how much E&E training would you sell?

  6. Thordaddy = rambling christian nutjob and wannabe self help guru.

    • It…

      I’m not trying to help It because there is no way It is about to be a genuine white Supremacist…

      All I’m trying to do is shine a light on the anti-white Supremacist so others can know who to destroy.

      [the muzz prefer destroying the most obvious enemy right before them, then argue about their own sects. compared to your wishes, they’d be killing Sunnis before they ever got to frenchies]

      • The modern muzz destroys anti-white Supremacists (their “own”) AND PRACTICALLY NEVER a genuine white Supremacist (their true spiritual, intellectual and biological enemies).

      • Anti-White supremacists – shine a light on them – ya tosser – IF THEY ARE NON WHITE GUESS WHAT – ENEMY – DUHHHHH – thanks for the useful knowledge…

      • Clown…

        Anti-white Supremacists come in color and “white.”

        YOU are an example of the latter…

        But a colored Supremacist provides no friction.

        And the “white” anti-white Supremacist is the core of “WN” 2.0.

        THE MUZZ kill your type, not my type. The muzz kill their type, not my type. The muzz type is your type. Self-annihilation. You and the muzz together.

  7. JL is that you?

  8. On a truthful note, TD is dense and has impenetrable logic skills. His only effort to these boards, is IF you read his ramblings – IS DO NOTHING AND FOLLOW HIS RIGHTEOUS PATH TO VICTORY OR VALHALLA. Wanker.

  9. TD needs to hang out with the plants over at MIR – the big words and self-congratulatory back slapping for actually HALTING and BOOTING real people interested in change for themselves and their children. People like him need to have their heads removed from their bodies ala The Order. Many kinds of agents disinfo and cowardly – which one are you TotalDouche?

    • Clown…

      Do you even have children?

      Are you going to leap Uncle Beast in a single bound?

      Are you going to call yourself “The Arrangement?”

      Are you going to steal something real important to Uncle Beast and hide behind the bushes for the next 30 years?

      CLOWN… YOU WON’T EVEN type…

      I, Mykolas, am a genuine white Supremacist…

      And Copy/Post Comment…

      You’re a joke and so is the rest of the anti-white Supremacist “WN” movement.

      You still haven’t even contrived a scenario where you actually need E&E…

      What have you done, clown, to put your E&E training to the test?

      PS… The last time someone said they were going to remove my head IN PERSON, they left in handcuffs, bleeding profusely from a gashed up face and screeching to the police how he was one of Uncle Beast’s good soldiers. I just laughed at the puss-see.

  10. TD – type I, Total Douche, am doing a dis-service to this topic – hijacking it for my own ego, so that I and my brood may live peacefully under the Iron Heel. Expect nothing from me except to criticize and detract from the conversation THEN post your drivel.

    • See fag…

      YOU are an anti-white Supremacist…

      You literally cry electronic tears because another white man with actual white children speaks his mind at a domain that isn’t even yours.

      And on top of this is the fact that you haven’t a clue about the nature of paradigm you inhabit.

      Can you not comprehend that the anti-white Supremacist IS HE WHO DESERVES TOTAL ANNIHILATION?

      That’s YOU, man… AND YOU DO NOT EVEN KNOW IT… You actually think “they’re” hunting you down for being an insignificant “white” male?

      • Let me elucidate for you a little more deeply…

        In a future E&E, you will have done what?

        Eradicate an anti-white Supremacist BUT put yourself on the run from Uncle Beast?

        The first question is why? Why would you take out an anti-white Supremacist illegally when there are a myriad of legal ways that Uncle Beast even let’s you profit from?

        Start there…

        Or just let “us” all know that the anti-white Supremacist is not your enemy?

      • Point proven.

      • Don’t you think it’s stupid to talk about checkmating the King when you’re barely a pawn and can’t even see the two-toned colored squares of the chess board?

      • T Daddy. Tell us the legal ways to take out anti-white Supremacists? (and profit from it!)

  11. Get over yerself pal, you ain’t all dat. Yer ARA stripes (yellow) are showing.

    • You have to quit using all these inside acronyms because I just do not know them…

      I’ve studied the “white supremacist”
      movement enough to know that:

      1. Mostly childless and thus clearly unconcerned with the existential crisis of white man.

      2. Mostly comprised of atheist jews and Gentiles.

      3. Mostly DO NOT BELIEVE in objective Supremacy.

      4. Almost always annihilated in an event of no significance or turned before their last breath.

      5. Cannot say, “I am a genuine white Supremacist.”

      6. The “white supremacy” movement is an anti-white Supremacy movement.

      7. No leading luminary ever says, “I want to live in a land of white Supremacy.”

      8. Actually no real love for their fellow white man…

      I’ve just given you 8 assertions you can rebut if you dare desire?

    • That’s ^^^ actually the queer in “you” talking…

      To the extent that this is about “me” is to the extent that I FORCE MYSELF to become a white Supremacist SO AS TO reject the temptation of self-annihilation.

      “You” understand that?

      BY ARTICULATING a white Supremacy IN PUBLIC that I CANNOT EVEN “ESCAPE” (but must operate by or be annihilated), I MUST OPERATE by this order or face self-annihilation…

      For “you” as “white” anti-white Supremacist, “you” DESIRE self-annihilation AND THIS IS WHY “you” reject white Supremacy.

      Buttjew = EVERYONE

      So “you” can’t “see” your “white” anti-white Supremacy because it is the air you breathe and the water you drink and the food you eat and tv you watch and the music you listen to and the mother you hug and the brother you drink beers with and girl you grow intimate with and on and on…

      I’m trying to help correctly order yourself and you throw a childish tantrum… “You” aren’t the first to do this, though.

  12. Are Uncle Beast or Islam or communism or China or the radical “black” collective, entities that the white Supremacist can attack while minimizing repercussions? Yes… And this is mainly done by facilitating the self-annihilators amongst their ranks. But because each collective practices a different type of self-annihilation and perpetuation then one’s tool box has to have the right contextual tools.

    There is simply NO RATIONALE to put one’s self on the run from Uncle Beast WHEN Uncle Beast maintains his superior position by the sheer self-annihilating “nature” of his most ardent sycophants. Same goes for Islam, communism, China, the radical “black” collective, etc.

    In other words, why would “we” imitate Paris when the muzz are already doing it? Killing Western nihilists who desire self-annihilation? Why would one eradicate a self-annihilator on the homefront just to put himself on the run from Uncle Beast (unless we are talking self-defense)?

    If Eric Frein would have recruited 2-3 minions and decided to randomly target 6-8 WHITE cops and smeared feces in their faces and then sent an articulate manifesto to the local papers explaining to the WHITE BOY desiring to be a cop in Uncle Beast’s machine that he will be LIBERALIZED (have his self annihilated) once he crosses that blue wall and no longer be automatically seen as a fellow white brother…

    The media would still talking about Frein and he would most likely be free (out on bail, at least) to even further explain his white Supremacy.

    Instead… Sheer stupidity with no articulated goal BECAUSE Eric Frein had no clue that his FIRST STEP was to be a white Supremacist thus OPERATING from the correct frame. Now, he killed two “white” anti-white Supremacists BUT no one can “see” this. He’s locked up for the rest of his life for doing what Uncle Beast does daily and no one “sees” that. And his ultimate motivation might as well have dissipated into oblivion.

  13. Muslims have an advantage over Whites – networks of people that won’t narc on them. Unless you have ties to the Appalachian community or something analogous you must leave the country.

    • Wow, a community of like minded individuals with a common purpose – whatta concept – I’m sure TurdDaddy will dump all over that too – it’s the self-destructive people that offer the ‘safest and most-legal’ advice.

    • But just like the nigger and his “moderate” black compatriot, this anti-snitch mentality DOES NOT originate out of loyalty, but violent fear.

    • A community of “white” anti-white Supremacists sounds like an oxymoron. It sounds like a “thing” that is dead on arrival. It sounds like a “thing” that was only granted “life” as a parasitic entity gorging on the imminent death of genuine white Supremacy…

      It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that this war is internecine and all about self-annihilation.

      The key distinction…

      I’m a white Supremacist and the “bad” guy…

      And “you” are the “white” anti-white Supremacist and the “good” guy…

      And this does not strike “you” at all as extremely odd seeing “we” are all supposedly WNs?

    • If you are white in a predominately white country and cannot find any loyal brothers, what MUST YOU DO to go to a non-white country and find loyalty?


      Be DISLOYAL to the genuine white Supremacist!!!!

      Betray your white brothers!!!

      DO NOT LEAVE country to seek out a “justifying” cloak…

      Whine about how mean Uncle Beast is when you’re butt naked in bed with Betty Beast.

      All this action…

      And can’t even speak the defining claim…

      I am a white Supremacist…

      A white man who strives towards Supremacy…

      Dense, impenetrable logic…

      Self-annihilation is THE GUARANTEED manner in which one liberates from white Supremacy…

      Cold, hard logic…

      You are indebted to one or the other. All white boys are!!!

      QUIT CRYING about “me” for telling “you” this…

      • Gotta ask, what’s with the photo of your lover’s back as your avatar – and you cry queer? Sureeeeeeeeee…………

      • lol…

        My precious little daughter took that pic for me to chart my progress. I’ve had both lower and upper back/neck/jaw structural weakness from years of bulldozing players on the football field… Mostly corrected by now…

        Then I thought… “I got your back if you are a genuine white Supremacist.” Literal, figurative, metaphoric… Whatever.

        See that back? It says, “That white man has precious children AND has thought about ‘kill, kill, kill’ way more than ‘you’ have.”

        In fact, while “you” are waiting for Uncle Beast or Islam or communism or whatnot to provoke “you” for the millionth time…

        I CREATED BY OWN DESIRE to exact wrath on my enemies… Four times over and “you” have read nothing yet but the most basic first step…

        And “you” won’t even take this baby step…

    • Hey Snakey. Nice to see you’re still around. Appalachia and the Southern whites still seem to have a semblance of community. I envy them that.

  14. Too bad the cartoon brothers were shot when they did their Sundance Kid ending. France needed dozens more attacks like that just to get one third to wake up.

  15. Hey Mr. 50 cent words, try adding something useful rather than blather on non-sense.

    • “You” don’t even understand this war… “You” don’t understand this medium…. “You” aren’t even certain what tools “you” need. “You” do not even know who “you” are???

      And “you” SPEND your time trying to counter an entity that might as well be H.A.L. 9000 as far as you are concerned.

  16. Oh, a city boi.

  17. Another thread ruined by Thordaddy.

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