Checking A Stupid Majority

by Firepower

Third World Elites – and even Second World elites – flock to Murka to park their money.  The beneficiaries of this B Team’s money naturally are our elites. No one else can afford to create the dazzling luxuries banana republic thugs and Russian gangsters crave. If they’ve seen it in las NYT Style Sektion, it’s a must have.  The nyt and WaPo are the de facto gossip rags and catalog of wants for the Ruling Class.

Murka may no longer make cars, tools and much of anything but …….decaying colored cities, but its future market is luxuries for the World Elite.

Note these key indicators from this excerpt in italics:

 Others are seeking a vacation home, a temporary escape from the sputtering economy in Brazil or political unrest in Venezuela. They flash wealth in South Beach without inviting trouble.  They drive nuclear-orange Ferraris. They stroll the Lincoln Road Mall in Louboutin heels. They rack up four-figure sushi tabs at Nobu.”

Prudent prevention dictates simple, clear facts do not degenerate into predictable sputtering VRW, NN & PeterPanzering from our side. Even top-echelon liberal propagandists see this plainly:

“Generally speaking, I’m much more of a conformist, but it happens I have strong views about climate because I think the majority is badly wrong, and you have to make sure if the majority is saying something that they’re not talking nonsense. The polar bears will be fine” – Freeman Dyson, Nobel Prize Winner, NY Times magazine, 2008

If you impress an audience of potential recruits (you want to convince) that you’re an illiterate hick they are glad to judge you as one and your message is wasted.

Spread it around.

11 Comments to “Checking A Stupid Majority”

  1. In Marxism the type of person you’re referring to is a rootless cosmopolitan. These people are nation wreckers. The transition from an industrial economy to a “information economy” (rife with millions of legal and illegal immigrants) is their doing. I have no idea why asset seizure against the elites is never discussed here or elsewhere.

    • The USG routinely freezes bank accounts, puts liens on property, engages in economic espionage, intimidates businessmen, and wages financial war on whole nations. All this in the land of the “free market” yeah the market free to be rigged by those with state power.

      • America is indeed an empire, yet not quite the way it’s been described. I have a draft explaining this model.

        For now, Murka’s embracing of this “world elite” model you describe is born and gains traction in the Wilson administration that ushered in the IRS, FedTAX and his yearning to plunge us into Europe’s “World War” One.

    • eradican wrote:
      I have no idea why asset seizure against the elites is never discussed here or elsewhere.

      Everything here is something not discussed elsewhere. One could validly say the exception is Olde Marxist Ideology. If you have a hot sister who could convince me, I’d like to see her post.

      That said, asset seizure against our Elites is practically impossible now, for the seizing entity of BIGov and the Elite are one in the same. You must have seen that Sick Willie is literally in bed with Manhattan billionaire jew pimps. Cheney is a war criminal and Booboo Boehener asks him for autographs.

      • I never said there won’t be a fight but force is the supreme authority above all others.

        Raiders don’t pay wages they steal stuff until they’re satisfied and there is always loot.

    • We will write about the raider model more soon, E.

      It is our own form of “bailout” or seizing the assets of the elites. ISIS did this in a beautiful way by taking those oil fields, and making a million per day selling the oil.

      In plain English, it means being a “criminal”, or what is called criminal. It’s legal for the elites to steal from us, but it is illegal for us to steal from them.

    • Actually, Whittaker talks about this. Basically, he tells everyone to forget torch-lite victory parades, and instead to hammer the anti-whites with massive fines for their actions. Use their own machinery against them. Taking their money is more painful to them then taking their lives.

  2. Confiscations and arrests.

  3. The WHOLE Latin-American elite has McMansions in Miami, when Putin came to power the jewish oligarchs runned to London, thats why the USG ZOG is so determined in wrecking Russia.

  4. Yes, a great post. There are still a few things that are “Made in the USA”. NYC builds luxury towers for the 1%.

  5. I think this is why there has been no collapse. If America fell, a lot of other nations would fall. What would have been a localized American collapse has endangered everyone.

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