Israel Leads the Way

by Ryu

It took the holocaust for the jews to get their homeland. It will take a similar calamity for wns to get their homeland.

Every event has at least two POVs. While many jews died in the holocaust, they are much stronger today than they were before it. The holocaust united jews like nothing else. It would not be surprising if there were more jews now than there were before the event.

Nothing will wake up most whites. The precipitating event would have to be Biblical, as in worse than the farm murders of South Africa. Like modern whites, the jews lied to themselves about….…. Hitler. But a smaller white race will be a stronger one. There’s too much weakness today.

Israel houses the hardcore jews, and everywhere else gets the soft ones. WN will be like that too. The tough whites are already wns. Everyone else needs convincing. The smart jews didn’t die in the crematoriums, only the sheepish ones did. You guys have nothing to worry about – it has never been WNs getting polar-bear hunted in the streets.

Israel has made mistakes. If an evil has to be inflicted, let it be done once and quickly. They allowed the Palestinians to fester in their midst. They didn’t build a large buffer between themselves and their enemy. They are too obvious and proud in their control of the Americans. It’s cheaper to learn from the mistakes of others than to make them ourselves.

The early creaters of the Jewish state must have been exactly like us. It took a tremendous amount of planning, overt operations, and backdoor dealing to get their country. Things will be the same for us.

I saw this movie about a racist biker gang once. They aren’t anything like what most WNs today imagine of the future, but they are the type who will fight back. The FBI features strongly with their usual MO: infiltrate, turn a witness, catch them in the act, set up a bust.

23 Comments to “Israel Leads the Way”

  1. For the radical autonomist to play, he must manifest at his most opportune time.


    When he does, he is vulnerable to a stifling identity…

    The original ethnic Jews were “The Chosen Ones” AND “they” still are because “they” NEVER converted.

    Instead… Facing annihilation for this lack of conversion… “They” created a “spiritual” and “intellectual” Jew that could outlive a biological annihilation. AND NOW these new created “Jews” stand in as motivation to perpetuate the ethnic Jew that defies conversion. And with a matrilineal-centric lineage firmly in place, you have a people that CHOSE TO LIVE on the brink of annihilatiom for the sole purpose of creating new autonomous “Jews” which then served as the allure to assimilate into an ethnic Jew by way of “conquering” a Jewish female.

    It’s a fascinating story of a people in perpetual rebellion that then look like either valiant warriors or bedeviled charlatans.

    And yet they are merely self-annihilators who absolutely refuse to be Jewish Supremacists.

    It’s amazing all the lies that are told, but no one ever lies about being a white Supremacist even when they maintain a false conception.

  2. In the multi-cult, the diaspora is brought to one’s doorstep. In other words, for the white man, his diaspora requires that he not move at all and only his environment needs constant changing. So unless one has an answer to a continuously changing proxy environment then the idea of “homeland” just can’t resonate. White man likes changing environments once by the power of his own mechanics and now by the power of the State machinations. That desire to be a lone wolf is a desire to be a personal diaspora. That desire to be a virtual wolf is a projected diaspora.

    It’s not at all clear what kind of “home” land WN 2.0 desires. Certainly NOT a land of white Supremacy.

    We don’t need calamity. “We” are already a psychological calamity…

    The liberationist frame is deeply entrenched.

    Anti-white Supremacy is the Liberal State.

  3. Israel has a very inspirational origin story. Their economic and military achievements are impressive as well. The hatred directed toward Israel is misguided and mostly consists of evil imperialists stealing land from brown people. The problem with that is borders change all the time and nearly all of Israel’s wars have been defensive.

  4. It helps that they are facing Muslims, who will give no quarter as Paris sidewalk cop just learned.
    Cameron and Hollande did or will call the attackers cowardly, but they were probably among the bravest men in France.
    There is simply no room for weakness.
    By chance, enough Jews had a fighting spirit, unlike the Swedes, Norwegians, Minnesotans, etc.

    • Miggers win by forming cartels, killing shit and crossing a borderline.
      Coloreds win by sending Black Panthers to voting booths and murdering whites.
      Muzz win by killing their enemies.

      Whites lose by tweeeeeeeeeeting over crap like Boehner’s speakership “threat” and Grande Crappe like The DAILY Outrage™!:

      • I like it, Eradican. Even that little slice of land is too much. If the Muzz have the balls to make a move, good for them.

      • They’ve tried and each time they’ve gotten their ass handed to them. Israel wouldn’t even control half the territory it does if its neighbors had respected its territorial integrity.

      • The Iranians could put up a good fight with the Israelis. It makes sense that the Israelis want to take them out. Also, Iran is aligned with Russia and China. Your admiration of Israel is what make the Jews tick. They have more to brag about, when it comes to being God’s Chosen.

        I’ll be visiting Iran in a year or so. I might check out a few of of the Central Asian “Stans”, while I’m at it.

  5. What do you guys think about the recent Muzzie attack in Copenhagen, Denmark, targeting the Juden? Feeling celebratory or what?

    • And slightly off topic, this past Friday evening, I got to witness a White beggar (gentile I presume) who was asking 3 religious Jews in their black garb for money at a street crossing in NYC. Their response was that we are Jews and we don’t have money because it’s a Friday night, as they were heading for the Synagogue. Religious Jews don’t carry money on a Friday night or on a Saturday, this I fully understand. But the way these guys spoke to this poor sap in a loud and clear tone, was that of condescension and superiority. Do you think the Jews would given him pocket change on the other days. No! No! No! They’re full of shit!

      I managed to drop a dollar bill on the guy’s cup as the Jews walked way. They could have at least said sorry, we don’t have any money, or asked the guy to come by the synagogue for food. But Jews are never generous, if they don’t have an agenda. This was in a cesspool neighborhood typical of NYC, that has a SWPL population, living alongside colored miscreants and also JEWS.

      Why do people dislike the Juden, including Muzzies? Their religion is full of superiority condescension towards the “other”.

      • Most Jews in the Anglosphere and the Northern Eurot Nations are all the nazi rhineland variant. Therefore, the word Juden, is a very appropriate word for them. They aren’t the Spanish Jews from Iberia or the Migger Jews from the Middle East.

        [ed note: its appropriate only if you’re German. if you want to glorify a bunch of nazis who lost in crushing defeat, fine – look like a fool. zog, juden etc. are the outdated vocab of a failed wn movement that died 35 years ago and compensates by playing dress up in clownclothes of SA uniforms and white hoods fapping to b&W newsreel of the Munich Rallies. but tell us: whats the spanish word for jew]

      • Ashkenazi Jews were first known as parasites and took on that identity, in an area where people call them the “Juden”. So it would be fitting that this term sticks with them. Regardless of the Nazis’ defeat in WWII, their success was that the State of Israel was created to put these odious cretins left to their own devices, so that the White Gentile Christians do not have to encounter them ever again.

        The Spanish word for Jew is Judio.

      • I made another comment on another blog about Jews and their lack of pioneering spirit and civilization attributes. The Juden is a lazy parasite who could never live in non-White domains. His existence depends on the blood, sweat and tears of the White gentile, yet he furthers his agenda by using non-Whites to destroy his host.

      • NYC has an abundance of financial and legal firms, nearly all of them run by Jews. Jews are one of the largest demographic, yet they are severely underrepresented as workers in food production, law enforcement, public utilities, waste management, anything relating with the management of a civilization. They are your consummate liberal parasite in the blue states.

    • First off, juden should only be used by Germans
      In Germany

      As for the other: I’ve long-stated each nation in the Western World creates a collective entirety suffering from a suicidal neuroses of reaching into the world’s kittylitter box and sprinkling itself with the cat shit of Miggers.

      • Juden are Juden, In Germany or elsewhere.

      • [ed note: sure – to any sub-IQ PeterPanzer Germanophile fixated on resurrecting the Third Reich 2.0. it must be a hoo0ot listening to you call your carshed “das kommandowagen kraftbunker” with an aussie accent…]

      • I know who my enemies are, mate.

        No amount of obfuscation will derail me from me and mine.

      • That’s fantastic, chief: Just tell us how your calling jews… juden
        …Casts some magic spell defeating them.

        It’s clear inmates in prison calling their jailers “pigs” really helps bucketfulls.

      • I’ll tell you something then, champ, picking a fight over calling a kike a juden is for jews.

        [ed note: getting called-out for using childish, Abracadabra Open Sesame Werdz (like juuuuuden) – then exaggerating that callin’ out into “a fight” is for fuckwipes]

  6. IDK if youll see this RYu, but I like your part about a smaller white race will be a stronger one, I never thought of that, but assuming we dont all get genociced/mowed down it would be good and somewhat inspiring.

    • My admin view lets me see just about everything, EK. I do think we need to lose some whites, unfortunately. The liberals are dragging the rest of us down.

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