Elite Baubles

by Firepower

Triple-X BILL & Actual BunnyRANCH Hookers

Told ya so.

You folks really gotta shoot your pals these links; they show simple and quick evidence – unless your associates are also simple…

Rolls-Royce has its best sales year ever.

Feudal Manhattan penthouses once again set records! At $1,871 per square foot, you can compare your own living standards by multiplying that figure times your own house’s square footage, unless you’re too lazy and stupid to figure it out, which if you are, explains why they’ve ….…..always fucked you up the ass with their gold-plated cocks.

Fatboy RepulicantHERO! and symbolic Future Fatty Arbuckle-Great White Hope President Chris “Crippled” Christ-ee plops his round ass in billionaire turd Jerry Jones owner’s suite and spills nacho cheese all over supple leather chairs made of human skin – on JJ’s dime!

Bill XXXlinton has 20 phone numbers in his Black Book for his Billionaire jewpal’s sex slave hotties – and Hilary has 29!

…While OWSer youth are fucked by Obama’s Misery Index yet instead still worshipfully march for his coloreds – and Jordies keep on a-dyin’ fur thayre cun-tree and jes can’t wait to enlist and go fight ISIS 4.0 for Lieawatha Liz


18 Comments to “Elite Baubles”

  1. Jeffery Epstein – I keep seeing that name come up.

    There was another picture of Clinton that just came out.

    I don’t study these things closely, but one can imagine that the elite indulge in every manner perversion. The elite in sport, entertainment, crime, politics and finance all come together into a huge gray area. The important thing is to see that they must be destroyed, and appreciating what it takes in order to do that.

    • In a now Murkanized Nation
      where an ex-sex-President has not the decency
      to refuse posing with such a bimbo

      The entire GENBrandon born
      while he was decorating Monica’s tonsils with
      Oval Office cumshots
      Likely applauds his “Game”

      • It was already in place, when he lied about not using his willy, other than for peeing and Hillary.

        [ed note: still, in today’s Murka, the masses are far more likely to follow elite kardashians on twitter than decorate the dusty/rusy revolutionary pitchforks with their guts]

      • I do have to say that I take everything in the news with a grain of salt. It seems like almost everything in the media is propaganda for a sinister agenda against the average citizen.

        V for Victory over the Lizards!

    • Karl Koecher, a Czech who worked for the KGB and later penetrated the CIA, went to DC swingers clubs with his wife. He claimed that CIA and other USG personnel attended the club. John Bolton has long been rumored to have gone to swingers clubs as well.

      Jeri Ryan, AKA Seven of Nine, divorced her husband because of his penchant for such clubs. He was, you may remember, running against Barack Obama for the Illinois senate seat when the records revealing his unsavory personal life were unsealed.

      I can think of only two films that have dealt with elite perversion, Eyes Wide Shut and 8mm.

    • @ ryu

      Revolutionaries must rise up, seize power, and become a new ruling class. If that means eradicating the people who currently occupy those positions then so be it. Russian/Chinese history has taught us the way all that’s missing is the will.

  2. In Bill Clinton’s defense he was a self made man. His womanizing was partially driven by his lifelong feelings of inadequacy (he wasn’t popular with women until later in life).

    • Straight from the aurhorized bio.

      His family had more money than any authorized source would admit. Add to the fact, the FACT, that he married into Hillary’s family money and had the backing of whatever Commie-leaning groups he joined in college, and one could hardly describe him as “self-made”.

      The only praise I can throw his way is that he wanted to be a career politician, took his shot, and hit the mark.

      • That’s a very cynical perspective but yeah I’ll grant you that Hillary was wealthy. Clinton’s only real mistake was his naivete. Bush and later Obama made sure not to repeat his errors. They observed how his presidency was nearly destroyed by political gossip, media leaks, endless investigations, and fifth columnists. They made sure to appoint loyalists above all else particularly in highly sensitive positions like the Attorney General. They also immediately fired and relentlessly prosecuted anyone suspected of unauthorized disclosures.

    • Still, children looked up to him. People looked up to him. You have certain responsibilities as a leader.

  3. @ ckorzeniowski

    True Detective is an amazing show I’d highly recommend it.

  4. Meanwhile homelessness, unemployment, bankruptcies, medical debts, government harassment, and Baby Boomer-imposed bureaucratic regulations, monopolies, and mandates are way up.

    All we need now is to bring back the poll tax regardless of ability to pay.

    • Yet, despite the absolute veracity of your accusations, who is more to blame?
      The cretinous politicians playing games
      At the Feeding Trough
      Or lazy voters
      voting them into that power?

      If scum of all classification is not eradicated
      This will all grow worse
      until nothing remains worth even scribbling about

  5. I laugh at all the trailerpark tweeters absolutely crushed with disappointment that Republican’ts betrayed them…once again – and these are 40-ish “adults” who *should* know better.

    When one of the truest maxims I’ve made is:
    Democrats tax your entire coal mine wages to buy votes from coloreds,
    While Republicans give tax breaks to trillionaires and demand you invade everybody for Israel

  6. An interesting aspect to these recent revelations about Epstein and others is the timing. There is speculation about a major factional battle among the elites.

    • A commenter on Eradica reminded us that jews once were peoples of conquest – like Muzz – with multiple wives & concubines etc., in the Davidian/Solomonic tradition, only to abandon “god’s dictate”.

      This gazillionaire Epstein-Jew Virus could certainly afford his perversions: If he were sanctioned by God’s Chosen People (and Murka) to practice his perversions with 700 human sex slaves – behind god’s skirt like Solomon – he’d not be trashed in gossip rags, but get a sacred~holy Bibble Bookie named after himself as well…

      • Muzzies follow where Jews are, like rival gangs sniffing out and fighting for turf. I guess this a good analogy.

        The murdered editor in chief of Charlie Hebdo is believed to be Jewish. France has a huge Jewish population, only the Anglosphere comes in 1st. Further, the Muzzie radicals in France might be more virulent, given the fact that they are mostly from North Africa. You don’t want to mess with Moroccans if you don’t have to. They make Pakistanis and Bangladeshis in the UK and the USA look like nice, lovable, beta guys all around.

    • Some get thrown to the wolves, others run free. Look at Bill Cosby. Man, he must have pissed in someone’s cheerios. The media went all out. There’s plenty of sexual perversion, but only a few are prosecuted.

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