Elite Differences: How They Dine

by Firepower

A high-end Manhattan restaurant is serving up the city’s priciest plate of pasta — a $2,000 dish of homemade tagliolini (wtf ever that is) complete with fresh lobster and black truffles and served on a gold-leaf platter designed by late fashion icon Gianni Versace to resemble Andrew Cunnannan‘s Cock.

Q; In an America “allegedly” suffering with higher taxes and folks moving down into trailers – what kind of people can afford this, for one meal?
A: The elite

Del Frisco’s is notable as the most expensive restaurant… in Manhattan. That’s quite the accomplishment. It’s where Rev. Al dined celebrating his Ferguson Victory – and likely dined again for his SONY victory.

Where do you eat?

16 Comments to “Elite Differences: How They Dine”

  1. Incredible Chutzpah

  2. Another Stuff White Parasites Like Posting – Yes, expensive meals at the expense of your tax dollars. Thank You America – Signed Washington DC & Co.

  3. Given the fact that no one in America is doing any real work, with the exception of tradesmen and the food preparers who are the backbone of society, Republicans telling working class chumps that everyone should be working and no one should go on welfare is full hypocrisy.

    • Yes.
      Democrats want to tax all your wages to buy colored votes
      While Republicans want to tell you who to fuck, then invade everybody
      How BOTH Leftist & Conservative Elites Control You http://wp.me/p2kmGE-1dL

      • It’s fucking amazing how our politicians are just another form of entertainment for the masses. The 2 parties are followed by our inane idiots, who are loyal to them like their favorite sports teams, except the politicos are more dangerous to their well being.

      • It is the inevitable result of the Murkanization of the masses.
        Old axioms are axioms for a reason: Small things amuse small minds.

        The key diff being these minds were deliberately made small by decades of planned LN/MM BIGov School indoctrination.

        Who is more to blame: the cretinous politician pandering to filth, or the very filth that repeatedly elects them?

      • FP: It’s a Machiavellian question you asked me. Politics has no relation to morals, as said by the Florentine.

      • One wise to the instructor to the prince, will find great delight here.

      • Your site is the perhaps the best of Lion’s blogroll. Honestly, I think he’s just being a nice guy to put a bunch of useless lightweights, including those manosphere types on his site. I do however, spam a few of them just for fun, occasionally!

  4. Good article. You just present the facts.

    There’s 3 ways to make money: you can print it, earn it or steal it. Only the USG can steal it and print it. Earning it takes way too long to get the amount WNs need. This is another advantage to your raider model.

    I found an article on how Sharpton gets his. He’s one of the bagman for the system. If you want a racist accusation to be silence, you give him some cash. He reminds me of what a WN would be like if he worked in a visible role. He’s very clever.

    [ed note: good one]

  5. But their guests have earned their conspicuous consumption through their wealth transfer, arbitrage and symbol manipulation services carried out on our behalf.

    • Every instance where I hear a FOX-ite complain how
      “the rich are taxed too much!”
      I recall Dan Bilzerian.

      If The Rich have such resources to waste, they should be taxed harder: google him. [GIFY]

  6. One of you guys should do a post on that guy.

  7. Any posts on the NFL playoffs coming up, Firepower?

    Just going through the rosters and I have this stat for you:

    Patriots – Whitest team and have 3 x Brandons
    Packers – fairly White. 1 x Brandon. Cam tells me they also have a Jordy.
    Broncos – unable to assess White status. 2 x Brandons.
    Colts – Black as an Abo’s arsehole. No Brandons.
    Cowboys – Relatively White. 2 x Brandons
    Ravens – not too bad by NFL standards. 1 x Brandon. Also an Elvis.
    Panthers & Seahawks – both have Mino QBs both leaders in passing and rushing for their respective teams. No assessment of Brandon status as they are automatically disqualified from any White support.

    • hah. nfl coloreds are a sub-culture of the white/jewish elite in that they are permitted limited entry, yet display similar characteristics in flaunting wealth at strip clubs with $400 bottle service.

    • The logical progression of any entity seeking maximum autonomy is its anti-entity…

      So NFL –> anti-NFL…

      There is nothing to be done other than not throw your money towards this redistribution scheme…


      America football IS A PREMIER GAME in and of itself THAT ORIGINATED in the idea of white men with exceptional athletic talents having a civilized manner in which to display this athleticism. There is simply no single game where one not only matches such extremes skill sets and body comps against each other BUT does so in multiples at one time. The logistics and specialization of America football are not surpassed by any other team sport. The controlled violence is nearly unmatched.

      AND SO IT IS A LOGICAL TARGET for destruction by the anti-white Supremacist…

      And it’s no coincidence that politizing the player was step one…

      In other words, if you want the anti-NFL, make all the players modern blacks.

      We are… NFL ——- here–> anti-NFL.

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