Why didn’t the Mob take on the USG?

by Ryu

…and why didn’t the cartels? This question has bothered me since becoming a serious WN. Organized crime has the money and the muscle to do it, yet they haven’t shown the will.

My conclusion is that either they don’t think they can win or they need the USG around somehow.

Organized crime (OC) more than anything is about money. They are perfect capitalists. The more illegal, the higher the profit potential of a product. The highest profit is drugs.

***OC relies on the USG to make their business illegal, enhancing their profits and reducing competition.***

Government creates crime by …..….the laws it makes and how it enforces them. To make alot of crime, make laws that apply to many, and vise versa. There’s a very close relationship between criminals, the legal system, the USG and the police. The USG creates the “problem”, offers the solution, and in the process, enhances its own reputation and power. It plays both sides of the coin.

The USG relies on OC to play the bad guy, making the USG the hero, while it creates a beaurocaracy designed to fight OC. The war on drugs and the war on terror are identical – the USG CREATES the enemy.

OC is afraid of the heat that sustained attention brings. They’d prefer to make their profits in the shadows. The higher level guys do not fear the USG, as they have the money to be connected. Only the lower and mid level guys end up in prison. The higher up you go, the greyer and more corrupt things become, Iran Contra being the classic example.

Got the vision? It’s the same reason as why there will be no collapse. The USG and the finacial system are locked together, just as organized crime and the legal system are.

18 Comments to “Why didn’t the Mob take on the USG?”

  1. It’s a symbiotic regression. Two self-annihilating entities that have identified mechanisms of perpetuation. Uncle Beast and OC seek radical autonomy both in the collective sense and amongst the individuals inside the collectives. Each time the opposing side pushes the envelope, the other side rationalizes its next radical step… This in turn provokes the other to counter with an even more radical step. The rest of “us” are simply collateral damage in this “infinite regress.” Now multiply this relationship by all the radically autonomous collectives engaged in a symbiotic regression with Uncle Beast? For the genuine white Supremacist, primary protocol IS NOT BE collateral damage. For the masses, including most “white” males, they will have joined some radically autonomous collective with a varying degree of symbiotic regression in relation to Uncle Beast. Uncle Beast only creates some of the criminals. Many are creations of other state, corporate and religious actors and many are self-motivated. Against the backdrop of Uncle Beast is a psychological provocation to relentlessly up the ante. It’s a dangerous game because Uncle Beast, relatively-speaking, has no limitation on how radical she can go. So if you really study WS 1.0 then one will see that the “white supremacists” provided Uncle Beast that rationale to get more radical with the consent of the masses behind her. And overtime, once a true leader of WS 1.0 could acknowledge this reality, he would be forced to conclude that his members where really just radical autonomists themselves. WS 1.0 WAS IN COLLUSION with Uncle Beast… Only “opposed” to Uncle Beast in the desire for a dysfunctional relationship.

    It is simply inexplicable for anyone not an avowed Supremacist to oppose Uncle Beast in principle. Any “opposition” is for mutual “benefit.”

    • TD,

      Order yourself Julius Evola’s Revolt Against The Modern World, Man Amongst The Ruins, and Ride The Tiger. I think you would greatly enjoy them.

  2. Both Uncle Beast and OC are strictly “material” things. When “they” die, total annihilation. But because the notion of being strictly material and the resulting in total annihilation upon “death” ARE CHOSEN BELIEFS then one concludes that Uncle Beast and OC are comprised of self-annihilators. So how do they perpetuate because both entities clearly exist now. How do self-annihilators perpetuate? The ways, memes and means have nearly no conceivable limit. But there are no guarantees that many entities won’t collapse into nothing. The trends say many, many will and “they” are largely “facilitated” from within.

  3. When the Uncle Sam gang was a 99% white male organization, its crimes were well executed, well hidden and mostly successful. The only thing that unites the splintering left wing of the US gang is their burning hatred of white people. The legitimacy of the US gang in the eyes of white Americans will continue to plummet as the criminality, corruption and explicit anti-white policies skyrocket from the left and “respectable conservatives” on the right refuse to defend white people. The GOP needs to disappear like the Whig party. The left is now unchained and they are our greatest ally in waking up whitey in America. Worse is better. Vote Democrat.

    • The only thing that unites the splintering left wing of the US gang is their burning hatred of white people.

      Very true: You need to see this: Five Fingered Fist of Liberalism http://wp.me/p2kmGE-h4

      …supporters have much in common with black fascism in their combined goal of eradicating Whites.

  4. The reason that the mob did not try to take over the US even during their heyday of the 1950s and 1960s is because they were well embedded within the gov’t from corrupt local politicians all the way up to the CIA. Secondly, being pure capitalists during this timeframe they were making excellent money so why rock the boat? Lastly, Sicilians and Southern Italians although being numerous in certain areas were never numerous enough throughout the country where the mob would have a population that already conditioned to view them as a quasi gov’t.

    • Although in these troubling economic times I can see ethnic based mobs start to exercise quasi rule in certain areas such as mex cartels in the SW USA, Triads in San Francisco. In fact it is already like this is the black community with the whole snitches get stitches mentality.

  5. Ryu, that’s a very interesting question, and while I have no knowledge of the mob, but insofar as the Cartels go, they have very close to ties to the USG. Yes, the USG is “anti-Cartel”….there are dozens of cartels and the independent ones are as likely to be a threat to the USG as Chavez’s Venezuela experiment was. They are surrounded and threatened by the USG allied cartels

    Corporations owned by corporations owned by corporations. Mexico is our Ukraine and we treat it not too much different than Russia treats it.

    Watch the cartel arrests. You NEVER see any tall white-looking guys get arrested as “Kingpins.” Yet all the cartel bigshots are tall aryan-lookg guys.

    Really smart guys. They want in to the power structure. They don’t want to destroy USG, they want to take over. It’s kind of like the original Barbarians, the Alarics and Atilas and Hermans, who started out serving as Roman mercenaries. The cartel heads aren’t mercenaries, but they do work with the USG now and they have a very expansionist mindset.

    • I’ve never seen a white looking spic arrested in a big cartel raid. It’s all the indian types getting made.

      • When they were busting guys left and right a year or two ago, from Zetas, they were guys no one had ever heard of before, who were mainly enforcers. the top dogs NEVER get pinched because they’re in very close with USG.

    • The top guys are politically savvy. The higher up you go the more politics matter.

  6. If USG really wanted to win the war on drugs, it could easily do so by effectively sealing the border (giant concrete walls, barbed wire, machine gun nests, etc.), executing dealers, and sending addicts to work camps (China does the latter two).

    USG’s law enforcement arm needs the drug war, because they need more money. If you’re in charge of a budget and don’t burn through all of it, you get less money. Less minions, toys, etc. next quarter. It works like this from super special black ops down to the janitors.

    Instituting execution for dealers would mean a holocaust for the low level nigger and spic street dealers, and a practical return to slavery if the addicts were shipped off to reform camps to break rocks and dig ditches. Gutless liberals would never conscience such a thing, although it’d have a salutary effect on the black/spic communities they say they care for.

  7. If I was president I would nuke Mexico before I would let the cartels run wild here and that night sleep soundly.
    That being said I am almost certainly quite unelectable.
    I have to confess I would enjoy it if they started commiting massive atrocities here, like where they cut the skin off the head and drape it like a bag over a doorhandle or hang corpses from freeway overpasses or stomp the heads into flat 2D profiles.
    The reason is that after a few hundred cringing liberal hipsters were slaughtered in their homes and the media kept apologizing for the war of 1846 SOMETHING MIGHT FINALLY START TO HAPPEN.

    • A few hundred slaughtered cringing liberal hipsters is a good thing – not something to go to war over. Save the dumb Jordies to use their guns on the Liberal nazi MINO Machine in DC and round them all up for eradication.

      Now, if I were King of The World, I’d nuke them alright, under the guise of The Migger Invasion, but to confiscate all their Migger oil and use their illiterate population and lush farmland as slaves to feed us for cheap.

      That’s the way to think…
      Never Mourn the PC DEAD – Rejoice http://wp.me/p2kmGE-se

      • If I was king of the world I wouldn’t nuke them, just change the gender ratio to 90% female. Guess that’s why I’m probably unelectable.

      • There ya go.
        Just make sure you have them sterilized.

        Sadly, if you look about you, you’ll see there’s plenty of white trash to pick tomatoes instead of getting in trouble. If coloreds are ever eradicated, low whites will certainly replace them.

  8. Criminal – Associate – Clean skin

    another way

    Organised Crime boss – Business owner laundering money – Person with no criminal record

    Usually the associate and clean skin get busted and the OC boss has no evidence tying him to the crime…

    It’s simple they all need each other in the relationship, even if the clean skin is ignorant of the folly.

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