The Most Dangerous Game (1924)

by Ryu

The Zodiac Killer read this book and cited it as a motivating force. He is notable because he stole fire from the gods and got away with it. Unlike Prometheus. Zodiac did not have his liver picked by an eagle for eternity, but he died a free old man. It proves some people can learn.

It’s not a long read. Perhaps 20 minutes and 15 pages? I found it worthwhile enough to read several times. Being written in 1924, it is an example of a White Aryan work when our race was at its peak. The combination of both civilization and brutality is present.

6 Comments to “The Most Dangerous Game (1924)”

  1. This story shows terror can also be thrilling.
    It can even become an addiction.
    Many potential victims have been profoundly disappointed there hasn’t been another 9/11.

  2. I have a theory about this. Whites are desperate to be in the minority so they can face danger and terror again. The romance of violence and fear. The poetry of death.

    Whites need this to survive.

    • So they like the juice? They need danger to feel the rush, to feel anything anymore. Nothing seems real anymore for the middle class American.

      I can dig it, J. They’ll get what they want then.

  3. This was my favorite short story in high school. It was so good I reread it again during the Holiday break.

    • I’m surprised that you’ve seen this before, like in HS. It took me many years to reach it. You’re far ahead of your age group.

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