Do You Accept Bribes?

by Ryu

Reminds me of HAM or hearts and minds. American soldiers in the Nam, Iraq and the Stan handing out pez and lollipops after they kill the kids’ parents. The American police would like to buy your goodwill for $100.

4 Comments to “Do You Accept Bribes?”

  1. Saw them giving out stickers at the park to Mex kids That’s because their union hired two pis who illegally tried to set up the mayor and two city council members

  2. Biggest bribe is the socialized pension and healthcare intergenerational wealth transfer plan mostly benefiting the Boomers.

    George W planned to cement the Republican Century with his open-ended prescription drug superscam and his no-child-left-behind Union buyout racket, but he did not count on a certain ultra-charismatic community organizer appearing out of nowhere like the second messiah.

  3. Anyone with children knows the ins and outs of bribes… All kinds of bribes… Every kind of bribe… Multiple those children and one has a matrix of bribes. It’s not the bribe, it’s the “equality” of the bribe that is most odiously offensive because it assumes an equality of child/citizen when no such thing exists by the material metric of the bribe in which we speak.

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