How Things are Set Up

by Ryu

I admire God for setting up things the way they are in WN. Victory is possible, but there’s no holding back. One has to risk his life and everything he has in order to reach that point. It is the way things should be.

Our direct action heroes were changed by what they did. Right after the action, they lived in a world where anything was possible. A world where the system can be beaten. System agents can bleed and die. This special knowledge is why the system must arrest and silence successful activists.

Many WN are astounded by what the Muslims are able to do. Their Islamic faith gives the Muslim a personal confidence that makes many things possible. If God is with you, nothing is impossible. His authority and power are higher than that of the USG.

Perfection is a real and it is worth pursuing. For brief periods of time, I have fulfilled my genetic potential. I was able to do and …… see things that were lost to me before.

In sports, I’ve been in the zone. For a few hours, I was the best player in the world. Academically, there have been long streches where I recorded nothing less than A’s. During one class, I averaged 98%. The peak human experience is worth having.

WN can be a means of personal growth. Other people and other races don’t really matter. One white supremacist operating at the peak of his ability would be able to bring the entire USG down. We know his this is possible because of what Osama did. Not only was Osama bin Laden a great activist, but he was also a great escape artist.

The system operates as a vast, interconnected machine. Its architects would understand the points of greatest vunerability. There, the slighest breath or touch of the pinkie would have enormous consequences. A 5 cent washer can stop a million dollar machine. The USG operates in the same manner. Winning is possible if one is willing to gain the understanding that the system’s engineers have.

Many WNs have a mental defect: they enjoy losing. If you suspect you have it, take the time to correct it. Eric Frein sabatoged himself by not planning his escape well. He was expecting, and wanted, to be caught. Every battle is decided before it is fought; make sure you get the outcome you really want.

This little speech sums up the error. Nearly every WN who ends up in jail has it.

22 Comments to “How Things are Set Up”

  1. Ryu…

    This is your best piece… You can “feel” your desire for genuine free will. It’s a desire that only a certain white man seems to really have… One can’t really love the action unless he embraces the accountability that goes with it… Both on top and on bottom are phonies who pretend to love the action, but absolutely hate the consequences. At the top is a “default elite” who delude themselves as life-savers, but hate the emotionally distressing consequences their actions cause and at the bottom are the trash, niggers and miggers who delight in degeneracy and do everything they can to shift the burden of destruction to others. BUT in the middle… Passivity… Those, who in stark contrast to those above and below AND beholden to the relativistic paradigm choose no action = no consequence and no accountability. This is now what middle America defines as freedom. Middle America simply wants to eat, sleep and work in peace and not much more. BUT this should not be seen as a real problem per se. This should be seen as a “problem” that only needs resolved once those on top and bottom are reigned in and submitted.

    • Thordaddy, have you ever read any Julius Evola? What philosophers have influenced your thinking?

      • Cointelproagent…

        I’ve heard of Evola… Maybe read some tidbits… But my intellectual mentors are/were both contemporaries. The late Lawrence Auster and Australian Mark Richardson are the two individuals most responsible in shaping my beliefs.

        I simply don’t believe we can look to deep into the past to get a sense of what we need to do to become white Supremacists. It seems we only need to look more deeply into the here and now to know what to do. For me, the basics are settled.

        Something particular > nothing particular at all…

        Perfect God > radically autonomous god(s)…

        White Supremacy > radical autonomy…

        White Supremacist > anti-white Supremacist…

        Living > self-annihilating…

        Celibacy > homo-sexuality…

        Monogamy > polygamy…

        Heaven > hell…

        Orientation > action…

        etc., etc.

  2. But you can’t stop there… To the white Supremacist, all gods are NOT EQUAL… This is the first and most glaring flaw of paganism. It mandates gods of equal power. But it is worse than that because at its essence IS THE NOTION OF MULTIPLE FATHERS. Paganism is matriarchal. “It” divides the fathers’ power. “It’ lost out to Christianity BECAUSE the white man rejected The Matriarchy.

    So now, having resolved whether one is created by multiple fathers or just one, the debate moves on to which God is Supreme? The Judaic God? The Islamic God? The Christian God? Can one blithely set aside the racial context in this analysis? We know one can convert to Judaism, but that does not make him Jewish. We know that DEFINITIVE PROOF of conversion to Islam is a self-annihilating act of mass murder of infidels which then confers martyrdom to the jihadist. And we know that those who worship The Perfect Man… The Man with the Most Capital… The man who lived life all right are called Christians. Which God is a solution to the “infinite regress?” Which Gods are contributors to the “infinite regress?” This is a mathematical term. But, it is also our physical reality known as entropy. You know these things and you believe them to be facts of our empirical world. Can this entropy be transcended? Can you REALLY HALT your degeneration? Are you, in fact, in a race to the Singularity? Will this WN battle still be raging in 2456 AD?

    • I’ll assume that by paganism you’re talking about the old religion of the Europeans. Unfortunately, you’re wrong that all the Gods are equal. Separate Yes, but equal No. In all the versions (Greek, Roman, Germanic) you have the equivalent of a Zeus, father of the Gods. The Head Honcho. The guy who calls the shots. To put it in the Christian perspective, Zeus would be like God, and the other Gods would be like Angels. Not quite the same, but pretty close. Its not surprising really either. Paganism and Christianity have a lot more in common than you think. Why? Whites have left their racial mark on Christianity just like anything else we touch.

      Ever notice how God, when he is depicted, is shown? Then notice how Zeus, Odin, etc. is depicted. Notice a similarity? Please remember that Christianity alters itself to make conversion easier. In Europe it altered itself by incorporating parts of European paganism. Where do you think that the Christmas Tree and Easter Bunny traditions came from? Christmas was actually moved to coincide with the Pagan Yuletide celebration. In South America, They incorporate Indian Pagan Traditions into Christianity. I’ve always found this very creepy about Christianity. Kind of the ‘Borg’ of religions.

      Also, please don’t forget that not all Europeans converted of their own free will either, so Paganism was not necessarily rejected. Some conversions were by royal edict (the elites loved the divine right of kings nonsense which came with Christianity) and some were done by the sword. Convert or die – Something early Christianity is noted for. Would Paganism have survived if Christianity had not arrived on the scene? Who knows, but in the culture clash, Christianity won.

      • Adit…

        You must have missed the part were I wrote, “[A]ll gods are NOT EQUAL…”

        And Zeus was not the creator God to actual Greeks.

        I don’t see any real debate in the “evolution” of white man’s conception of his creator over time where it involves zeroing in on ONE FATHER as the only acceptable belief… The flaw of paganism is in not having ONE creator God… It can only lead one to believe in NO creator God that then isn’t female or multiple creators gods that divide the fathers’ power in favor of the “mother.” In short, it’s matriarchal. That’s WHY it was ultimately rejected.

    • Dissapointing, TD. If you’re going to play the ‘memetic domination mindwar’ games, you should at least choose not to bend knee to jewish heresies (be a hypocrite), or, to learn hebrew and go full-circle. Original juadaism was polygamous, conquering, etc. Heresy worshipers will continue to be easily manipulated, until they learn the language. FP has won against TD.

  3. In my opinion, unless you create your own god (which is impossible) you are bound by law and rules which to me is anti-supremacist.

    I also feel that certianly no one wants to get nabbed for direct action but i think that success depends on one not being overly worried about arrest etc. Too many will get so caught up in planning that years go by with no action. (Wow, I’m sounding a little like FP). There has to be a balance.

    Start small. Kick over a couple of street signs as you walk by them (the kind that are on a wooden horse) Grafitti a public restroom. It will seem like child’s play after you do it and you will wonder what else is possible. There are NOT cameras everywhere and after dark, most of the drones are glued to their tv sets. IT’S TIME.

  4. The System – the Establishment – that which is now transformed into The MmM, has myriad names, for it is myriad things to different Murkan tribes.

    Murka prided itself on “diversity”. Murka lived and will die by diversity so it is only natural for it to define its poison in diversity.

    The MM exists solely on the whim of The Peeple by its aura of invincibility; they have the full power to topple it easily. This false mystique prepares apathetic PC peeples to prefer watching Comfy TeeVee than dumping tea into Boston Harbor or chiseling off the face of the MLK Pharaoh-God colossus in Wash. DC.

    The True People *could* destroy this MM house of cards in a month – then have it all fixed in another. Imagine if your world suddenly was perfected by next xmas.

  5. M&Ms are multiculturalism and mediocrity, 2 hallmarks of the Anglosphere, especially here in Murka with its exaltation.

    I noticed a banner for this business in Aussie land, when I was watching the news of an Asian woman coming out of the Choco-Cafe in Sydney, where an Iranian Islamo-nut was holding a few women hostage, all thanks to an unwavering immigration of woggies.

    You can’t get more low brow with this logo. Even McDonalds has a nicer M to it!

    • JS…

      Mediocrity and multicult are anti-hallmarks truthfully understood. The reality as it still stands, is that only genuine white Supremacy can come out of America. Paradoxically, the “whites” in Europe are both deeply submissive to anti-white Supremacy AND hyper-tribalist in their own version of “50 shades of g(r)ay.” Only out of America does the requisite “white boys” exist to muster a true revival of white Supremacy BECAUSE only in America are there real WHITE BOYS for there to manifest real white Supremacy. EVERYWHERE ELSE are anti-Supremacists of German origin, Italian origin, French origin, English origin, Irish origin and on and on… These individuals who “we” want to think of as fellow white men and potential white Supremacists are no such thing. Many simply can’t even think in “our” terms.

      • Continental Europe, especially Southern Europe has very little sympathy for America, and they hate the Jews, and look down on them because they are culturally inferior.

        ANGLOSPHERE nations is where Jews thrive with their mediocrity and multicult (liberal) mantra.

  6. You would expect that after thirty years of TV integration featuring whites and a few blacks hanging together as if they have transcended their racial differences, it wouldn’t feel so cringingly forced and unnatural. At least that is how it feels to me. I wish it didn’t. Yet that describes basically every TV commercial.

    Of course it would be much easier for whites and Indians to hang together, like in the Big Bang Theory. India just recently tested its prototype unmanned space capsule.

    • Indians despise whites and rarely associate with them; perhaps 1:3000 permit their daughters/sons to marry a white.

      When coloreds first demanded “TV equality” they claimed only to want a presence.

      Now, they must be the Judge, Doctor, nuclear scientist and Boss; the dominant, wise authority figure in charge over the stupid white male. We even have colored black bitch Oprah-Presidents.

      TV is not made by coloreds – it is jews & WASPs who make this choice. It was not enough to have “a presence” at the table, now whites (and specifically, White Males) must be humiliated at the same time.

      • Awesome. That sounds like a good mitzfa for a young WN. Infiltrate injun communities by PUing their women.

        Hate and love are two sides of the same coin. The worst thing for a person to feel is indifference. A good PUA can use hate and “flip it” into love like judo.

      • However, there are token South Asian males for the liberal establishment that you don’t find with East Asians. The Leftists dislike the slanty eye guys in favor of the brown skins types. And with good reason, given their pedantic and obsessive compulsive tendencies that even conservatives might find repulsive.

      • Eradica has commented on this site.

        This is about the dislike of East Asians:

        Why are East Asians disliked much more than the Hindu types? It’s quite apparent that East Asians come from an inward culture that favors conformity over individuality, peevishness, rigidness and infantileness, all anti-hallmarks of a mature and dynamic Western Civilization, which came up with the idea of democracy and the countless number of inventions that East Asians now enjoy in their homelands or where their tentacles have reached, including the West.

      • I used to read at AD’s site. He’s a good writer, he’s worth reading.

      • Why are East Asians disliked much more than the Hindu types?

        It is a complex answer, but the basic difference is such Asians look less like whites than Indians, who are actually Caucasian. Call it an innate genetic detection system.

        Pick the hottest Asian bitch and only the most fetishistic sufferer of AZN Fever would prefer his fixation over a Giselle Bundchen.

        Both asian and indian cultures/families usually reject whites as marriage material; it’s just asians are “more” foreign than indians.

    • It’s not a willing coupling. The blacks are free, the whites are not.

      The “force” you feel is that bayonet they used to integrate the South, and to muzzle us. Take the police and military out of it and you’ll experience true equality. The system muscle is the only thing holding back WN.

      You’re feeling the gun at your back. You know that if you talk, the USG will use it. It is not imagined.

      • True Ryu. And the lower classes, who SHOULD have the will to fight, are drugged up with a combo of sports and chemicals.

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