The Punisher

by Ryu

The original Punisher, not the remake. Dolph Lundgren stars in this one.

4 Comments to “The Punisher”

  1. Sly REALLY had to work to knock him out, so he could give that improvised speech to the Politburo at the end.
    I thought he was dating Hayden Panetierre now, but that turned out to be another ex-CCCP boxer.
    Their daughter was born healthy but possibly a bit oversized for the mothers petite frame.

  2. …..and this movie is even better than that other piece of 1980s escapism though I dont think Ronald Reagan would have liked it as much.

  3. This was actually a cool 80s action flick, when I watched for the first time I didn’t know it was comic book character, American comics are jewish industry so I don’t have any love for the character.

  4. You have to give the makers of this short Punisher film starring Thomas Jane some credit. The film depicts inner city black gang members not as misguided youths, ghetto freedom fighters, or gangsta antiheroes…but as murderous barbaric thugs who receive a justified comeuppance at the hands of a superior foe.

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