Media Cooperation with Law Enforcement

by Ryu

No area lies uncorrupted. Almost everyone is cooperating with the USG’s police state, from the tech companies to the news.

Many times today, you’ll see stories on crime where the police remain mum on the methods that they use. Those secret techniques are the tricks of a police state.

There is no independent media in the US – don’t trust everything you read:

36 Comments to “Media Cooperation with Law Enforcement”

  1. Im pretty sure our enemies, being a few chess moves ahead of us realized the potential of print, film etc. very early on. I get the impression *the news* was never organic but contrived. At the risk of being ridiculed by you folks, there are even truth seekers who believe that men never walked on the moon, that the moon landing was only theatrics! Certainly, we should look at ANY glitzy news show with a critical eye these days. Also, I don’t know if Thordaddy is mentally ill or if he is TRYING to dertroy the reach this blog is having (something like this is happenning over at Pol on Reddit from what I understand) Censorship is not always a bad thing. I hope you will ban td before you lose a lot of readers fp.

    • The best WNs on an individual level are better than the best of the system, because we don’t have the state behind us. We are at the same level of understanding as them.

      Be thankful for TD. He is teaching us valuable lessons, though not the ones he imagines. Better to learn now, when it is cheap.

      One thing a WN has to learn more than anything is focus. No matter if a bomb is going off around you, don’t lose your concentration. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted.

      • There is something I’m curious about, TD.

        Describe your development. You have not followed the typical path. I’ve never seen you at Amren or any survivalist site. How did you go from average white to white supremacist?

      • Ryu…

        I swore I answered your inquiry under this entry, but it appears to be answered up thread starting with hanging up the NFL dream.

      • Ryu…

        I hung up the NFL dream and became a father… That’s how the transformation started from a nearly purely physical existence as “jock” to a spiritual and intellectual being who started imagining a hypothetical savagery reigning down upon my innocent child… But I WAS ALWAYS SUSPICIOUS of blacks for as long as I can remember going all the way back to pee wee football at age ten…

        Then I found the late Lawrence Auster and his liberalism = nondiscrimination as “highest value” and Australian Mark Richardson an his “autonomy theory.” Over time, being a bouncer/profiler, I developed my own definition of liberalism…

        An all-accepting indiscriminancy which represents the surest path to self-annihilation. This is the “pact.” This is the “equality.” It was becoming obvious that the liberals both discriminate and hold the created self as impositional. The better way to see the liberal was his indiscriminate nature that desires annihilating the newest created self AS PROOF OF one’s autonomy. In other words, IF you are something PARTICULAR then you seemingly lack autonomy because there is no change. Of course, for a white boy, in order to be something particular that you then didn’t desire to destroy and remake while STILL retaining your notion of personal autonomy required one’s CONCEPTION of “free will” to change.

        The weakness of the McDonalds, Taylors and the Sailers is the their “free will” doesn’t actually exist as “we” are beholden to an HBD paradigm. In reality, this paradigm simply let’s the radical liberationists off the hook. “They” are not ultimately accountable BECAUSE THEY LACK genuine free will. It really is a win/win for the enemy courtesy of our “allies.”

      • Ryu…

        The reality is that the intellectual “right” and the “far right” ARE BY FAR the biggest, most influential creators and distributors of liberal and “jewish supremacy” creations myths, respectively, when the REALITY is that “liberalism” — because its metaphysics are strictly material — MUST HAVE physical origin. There CAN BE NO spiritual (gnostic) or intellectual (enlightenment) origin for Liberalism. The origin of Liberalism WAS the first act of radical autonomy… The first act of anti-creation… The first act of self-annihilation… The first act of homo-sexuality…

        “White man” has joined the “other” and embraced the homo-sexual “nature,” i.e., the self-annihilating “nature.”

        He who stands opposite IS a white Supremacist.

      • When the media told us that the personal was political, they meant that politics was paralyzing.

        But that fact alone TELL US NOTHING about how to react to or act outside of that political paralysis.

    • Erin…

      You remind me of those sniveling little customers that demand I remove another patron for the grave offense of make YOU a little uncomfortable in what amounts to a place of new unbearable physical stimulation.

      You simply don’t have the standing to ask your higher-ups to do your bidding ESPECIALLY when it amounts to shackling the free will of a genuine white Supremacist.

      You CANNOT call yourself a WN and ACTUALLY BE a “white” anti-white Supremacist. But the fact that you try to impress this false equation on the world BECAUSE you hold it dear to your heart and deep in skull only means YOU ARE MENTALLY ILL in the normal understanding of the phrase…

      Meh… ASK ANYONE IRL… And they’ll say TD is mentally chill.

      • I’m not uncomfortable, silly little boy.

      • Lol… IF “you” were honest…

        THEN I AM YOUR ENEMY as genuine white Supremacist…

        And “you” are in fact a few steps behind me BECAUSE I know the “white” anti-white Supremacist BETTER THAN YOU KNOW YOURSELF…



        And OBSERVED white Supremacy…

        But when you are a strong, straight, clean Aryan looking white boy with a GQ smile and lug nut knuckles…


        You get play WNist in this world… This world IMPOSES white Supremacy on thordaddy…

        You get it?

      • Another thread ruined by Thordaddy.

  2. Erin…

    The correct frame is that our enemies observed in MEDIA the opportunity to propagate self-annihilation AND OF COURSE, a genuine white Supremacist being a genuine white Supremacist WOULD NOT “SEE” in the Media the opportunity to sell self-annihilation, rather, he would see the opportunity to sell white Supremacy. The interesting aspect is when one really looks at the “products” and recognizes that one comes in an infinite array of variation and the other is something quite particular, you ADD viral communication and then cogitate on where true power in the hands of one man could potentially emanate? He who sells self-annihilation or he who sells genuine white Supremacy? Which one is BOUND to the Capitalist order and shall receive credit where credit is due? Your “economics” are debt-laden, guilt-driven and capital destroying… And you didn’t even know this until now.

  3. For some reason, almost everyone seems to agree with the System. Must be genetic. They literally cannot think outside the Mainstream.

    If there was an extremist revolution, most survivors would sincerly support the most radical or perverted policies, the way ex-Nazis became East-German SED functionaries.
    That means most people do not need to be educated or indoctrinated to support a political change. Only power matters to them.

  4. Leaders and persons capable of breaking groupthink are rare.
    The Bible likens men to sheep constantly.
    When the sheep go wrong, it means the shepherd has led them astray.
    Change the shepherd, you change the path of the sheep.

    This is one thing this blog attempts: educating shepherds.

  5. I don’t agree with TD about a lot of things, but if any banning occurs it should be Erin for requesting a banning at all.

    [ed note: I’m not planning to ban anybody.
    still, Ryu also has MADMod power.

    I have been getting numerous complaints, though, about thordaddy’s impenetrable, dense obtuseness. ]

    • Jaeger…

      Amen to that…

      But we need a dyke face in here in order to witness a transformation to feminine white woman.

    • There is nothing sacred about “free speech”. Most blogs moderate comments to minimize idiocy.

      Erin is rightfully concerned about the direction of Eradica. The moderation here has been too lax.

      • You fool… All you’ve told us is that you won’t fight for your own beliefs… No doubt, I believe you…

        And seriously, A BLOG NEEDS CONTENT… Continuously… You provide a few paltry lessons on Russia and China BUT LIVE IN NEITHER place, have no monetary investments in their “systems” that we know of AND CONSISTENTLY fail to recognize communism as a deracinated ideology which means “it” is self-evidently pathological BECAUSE deracination is pathological.

        And the direction of Eradica is the submission and eradication of anti-white Supremacists…

        That’s YOU, It.

    • Dude…

      I USE EQUATIONS for Christ’s sake!!!

      • That was for the editor who didn’t see fit to scoff at the idea that “equations” represent “impenetrable, dense obtuseness.”

        I serve it up like a smorgasbord AND give you the exquisite little truffle… But “you” won’t have either way BECAUSE “you” are anti-white Supremacy.

    • I’ve blogged/commented on a lot more than Marxism. Moreover I have a pretty unique perspective for someone in the alt-right sphere. Unlike you who takes pride in being a “real American white boy” I’ve traveled extensively overseas. As for blog content leave that to the actual content creators we don’t need you hijacking every thread with your rubbish.

      Eradica has one goal truth/victory (both lead to the other) not your rambling pseudo philosophical babble.

      • Eradican…

        It’s fascinating to read “you” radical autonomists maneuver with the Logos.

        Take “pride” in being a real American white boy? That’s a DEADLY sin…

        More like… Statement of FACT so as to inform the reader of ORIGINS and potential motivations and inspirations…

        In Its radically autonomous world, there are no origins… At least not certain ones… And for those who assert their origins, those origins are either completely meaningless or indicative of one full of pride/sin. That worldview makes It an anti-white Supremacist.

        And the fact that It’s traveled overseas as many with Its like mind have a) puts a lie to the loud, prideful American on foreign lands meme and b) in no way serves as a credible criterion in defining It as alt-rite.

        How is It “alt-rite” other than It just saying It is a liberal anti-white Supremacist? I mean, what makes It = alt-rite?

      • So you’re a flag waving moron? That explains a lot. Spare me the shitty psychoanalysis when YOU lack international knowledge not me. Nothing else you said is relevant to the discussion and just another example of your wrecking.

      • Thanks for that clip, Eradican. It’s valuable.

      • English is clearly not Its first language… What country did It ORIGINATE from? Should that inform us or is it entirely irrelevant to the fact that It espouses deracinating ideologies?

        And please tell us It how international travel is a meaningful identifier but being a real native white American man makes one a “flag waving moron?”

        It… You are the yes miniot… It is the one mandating slavish obedience to the mob collective.

      • It… Has It answered a single, direct question? What is It? Where did It come from? Start there, please?

      • Why do you ruin every thread you post in? If anyone was interested in your nonsense you’d get your own blog instead of wrecking a perfectly good one. The topic of concern here is YOU not me but nice try.

      • The modus operandi of this blog is eradicating the enemy BUT the “enemy” is only defined as “liberal.” That’s not good enough for one to take direct action. I’ve read nothing from It that would help the modern white male, steeped in serious identity crisis, to define his true enemy.

      • The white man is to liberate himself from all restrictions. Especially those legalized by the nefarious USG.

        He can do this using a simple process, plan prepare execute cover. He will learn everything he needs to know in the struggle. And the struggle never ends. “Mein Kampf” is an apt title for a white nationalist leader.

      • td mistook:
        The modus operandi of this blog is eradicating the enemy BUT the “enemy” is only* defined as “liberal.”

        *Grossly wrong. TOTE is the MMM run by LNs and their MINO subjects in entirety. I have written extensively on it – much you have yet to read in the archives.

        I write clear and concise with precision yet you do not understand, yet expect others to get your message steeped in vague mysticism.

      • Ryu….

        That is incomplete…

        White man shall set himself free from all Evil restrictions…

        In your stunted outtake, white man ULTIMATELY embraces the homo-sexual “nature,” i.e., the self-annihilating “nature.”

        Dispirited, deracinated, homo-sexualized…

        Soul, Identity, Existential imperative… Those are the REAL CONCRETE “restrictions” that the radical liberationist “frees” himself from.

      • FP…

        I’ll accept that exacting although the “mysticism” charge is off base.

      • I still believe the cold, hard logic that exists for those who operate outside objective Truth is “kill’em all.”

  6. and the courts including the us super jew court ruled that cops and presstitutes can legally lie

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