America’s True Bullying Policy

by Ryu

“Bullying is good, except when unauthorized.” It’s a trip to listen to American outrage over bullying. What hypocricy. The USA is the biggest bully in history today. This bullying occurs in nearly ever area of American life.

When a smaller country like Libya, Iraq, or Syria has a leader we don’t like, we either invade the country outright or assasinate the leader.

Police, soldiers and schoolchildren are taught in an environment of institutional bullying. The government agent is given more rights than….…. the recruit, and the agent MUST be obeyed…or else.

Nearly everything a cop or soldier does is illegal for a private citizen. Police brutality is at record levels, and the US military has killed 2 million civilians in the Middle East. The police are now allowed to perform highway robbery under the rule of “asset forteiture.”

The USG government has cuckolded the fathers of America and installed itself as the big daddy. Divorce today is a simple mechanism of bankrupting the man, taking away his children, then supporting the woman with the resources of the state.

How does one deal with a bully, whatever the size?

With force. When the bully understands that his force will be met with resisting force, he thinks twice. The Americans could never take causualties and they hate the sight of their own blood. They take great pains to hide their dead and injured.

Few bullies like a mark who fights back. Witness the American tears when a soldier is killed in Iraq or the Stan…or better yet, when a citizen kills a cop. “How dare these savage barbarians fight back – they should be greatful for the peace and democracy our bombs bring them.”

The white race will not be free until America is destroyed. The task will be done when the lights of New York City go dark, when the white house burns. amd when one can wear the true symbol of our race on his arm again.

There is a spiritual force that wants the USA gone. God is outraged by Jezebel the Great Whore and her worshippers. He grants victory to the Muslims and he is the true leader of our cause. You don’t have to believe in god to fight back, but it helps. Revolution takes a tremendous inner confidence.

23 Responses to “America’s True Bullying Policy”

  1. White supremacism demands we fight back.

  2. Kurt Vonnegut in his book Cat’s Cradle called the USA a ‘granfalloon‘ . It’s basically a vast collection of people whipped into a frenzy of collective importance and righteous meaning. They want to make it so that even filling out one line wrong of a 1000-page tax form is a grave offense. The notion of large-scale change is then beyond blasphemy.

    • Americans are idiotic sheeps, whether it’s the working/middle class suburbia or the metrosexual liberals of NYC. They both drink the koolaid, one like his ultra-refined and organic, sold at Wholefoods.

      • If the electricity is turned off, we’ll wake them up. Life in America seems to stop really quick when there’s no TV or computers. People literally don’t know what to do.

    • Vonnegut is the most brilliant novelist/philosopher who nobody cares about.

  3. The anti-bullying campaigns are hilarious especially when the solution is obvious.

    The USG tells kids to surrender while they buy the latest high tech killing machines.

    • I didn’t realize until recently that the anti-bullying campaign is directed at those who beat up or make fun of faggots. Anyone who wants a normal society is considered a mean old bully.

  4. As one of our family of posters from LoftB have said, America is really nothing but a business entity. You need to force your ideas onto others and control them in life, when it is all about a status-zero sum game via money hoarding.

    • LoftB posters – aren’t those the discerning smart set making 79 discursive replies… to lion’s fifteen word posts? :mrgreen:

      • It’s amazing how his terse one sentence posts elicit so many replies!

      • I don’t blame Lion.
        I suppose I’d do it also.
        I made a neologism called “fosetism” to describe the phenomena.

        thus, Who’s more at fault?
        The fellow who spends 2 minutes typing a post
        OR the 86 pretentious sycophants who respond?

        That 1 : 593 Words 0’Lion to comment ratio is why I post less there now.

      • The problem with his site is that it’s mostly about the mansion pigs in NYC, bordering on provincialism, and some of his ignorant readers from greater America just SHOULDN’T reply with their non-sequitur comments.

        [ed note: those who’ve never been to Manhattan yet are impressed because the…NYC Media Machine tells them nyc is “the greatest city on earth!” are ignorant yokels – and shall remain so]

      • The ignorance runs both ways. The provinces don’t understand District 1. But they don’t understand us, either. The difference is NYC has the TV cameras.

        New York isn’t the center of the world. When America falls, NYC will be another tourist town like Rome and Athens are today.

        Logic will only take one so far. WN doesn’t fail because WNs are stupid. WN fails because WNs on the average lack both brains and the balls.

      • Smart…just like the NSA is smart. Smart enough to build a surveillance state that will be used against themselves. In the case of “smart” WNs, “smart” enough to waste their time on trivial issues, falling into the trap.

        Smart isn’t enough.

        [ed note: hah. like HR smart – writing about imaginary girlfriends?]

      • I just read your definition on fosetism, about the poor doors of NYC’s Mansions.

        In a related topic, what a better word to define pimping without much effort, especially in regards to Manhattan’s rental real estate market. NYC’s has some really insane real estate legal jargon known as rent control, which means building owners can’t increase the rent of their tenants under a prescribed code and time for those who were residing from a period when NYC was mostly free of mansion pigs, which also means if the tenant was smart enough, he’ll rent out his apartment at market prices now and make a nice profit, basically parasitizing the parasite who owns it. What a lovely arrangement, as those poor yokels who move to NYC get to fork out a large sum of money for a sub par condition apartment in many instances, and the tenant gets to ride the gravy train at the expense of his landlord.


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