Organized Crime

by Ryu

We’ve been doing it all wrong.

The visible face of the system doesn’t reveal much. There’s a symbiotic relationship between crime, the police, the legal system and politics. The politicans make the laws, that the police are sworn to enforce, bringing down those who don’t contribute to the right person. Only the little guys see the inside of a jail cell.

The public saw a piece of this with Iran Contra. The CIA and US military were bringing drugs into the country, while fighting “the war on drugs”, then they used the proceeds to support dictators in Central America, all while publiclycondemning the behavior of the dictators. It was only after Noriega in Panama stopped obeying his American bosses that….…. his country was invaded and he was jailed.

I’m not certain of the OC view of race. Their primary interest seems to be profit. I cannot name a single area which is uncorrupted. Not even doctors and medicine. Grocery stores beg for donations for cancer. No cure has yet been produced, yet the money rolls in, year after year.

The last time WN had a chance was with Bob Matthews in the early 1980s. He robbed banks and counterfeited. At one time, he had a warchest of about 2 million. He failed, because he acted without permission. He didn’t pay off the right people and set the fix. So the feds administered their favorite punishment, death by fire.

The problem with direct action is that no one can do it. Only system enforcers like cops and soldiers can use violence without repricussions, because they have protection. Investing in direct action as it as reckoned now is foolish, because not one in one million men could ever do it without permission. The only man I can name who has ever acted on his own and gotten away with it, is the Zodiac. Since then, millions of killers in the military have gone clear without the slightest trouble.

Better than that – some killers get parades. There’s a great show made of uniting system enforcers and their families on TV during sport.

We need money. The way to make money is crime, whether it is called crime or not. The more illegal, the higher the profit margin and the more people want it.

Whites want WN, but they do not want to call it WN. They want to live in a white country, with white neighbors, living white, but they don’t want to be called racist. Someone has already beaten us to the punch, because some developers already use this model. Guiliani almost certain knows what we know.

This is a new beginning. Consider how the current system works, and how nothing changes. The USG enforces new laws, which increase profits to criminals, who contribute to politicians, who make new laws, which increases government power…the only loser is the one who wants change.

The USG can be rolled up in the same way they roll up drug networks. It’s how Pablo Escobar, Noriega, and bin Laden were all caught.

19 Comments to “Organized Crime”

  1. so the fly farmer was right? : )

    • Liquidate a mile of any town in Murka and you’re a millionaire. Money isn’t the problem. Finance is necessary but that’s not the main barrier towards revoultion but a lack of power. These loaded developers buy off local city officials effectively controlling city power. The negroes/beaners are then persecuted by the bureaucracy and police. When they’re pushed out either by coercion or cost the brand new development starts. Results are achieved with power.

      • Yes but to have power, first you have to have money.

        Someone was mentioning the other day that the fact that such a small group of people hold so much of the world’s wealth an creates an unprecidented opportunity for the right person or people. I’m beginning to think hackers are really going to gain some ground. Look at what they have been able to get into so far.

        And with digital currencis that can be manipulated anonymously being created all the time, I’m eagerly anticipating a future where wealth is re-re-distributed. Interesting time ahead.

  2. there is no shame in taking a long term approach

    • There is logic to Firepower’s worldly extrapolations…


      This really means that the chance for the genuine white Supremacist to make substantive impact grows near its WORDLY END as such an entity is physically extinct and ALL REMAINING “white” males have no spiritual or intellectual conduit in which to resurrect “it” physically.

      At the SAME TIME… Due to the mandate of the causal chain, these same spiritually and intellectually DEAD “white” males ONLY DABBLE DAILY with physical self-annihilation. THIS IS THE HERE AND NOW… Tomorrow will be exponentially worse… And 50 years from now? The youngest children will ask with bewilderment,”what is white man,” in the same manner that the anti-Supremacist asks,”what is objective Supremacy,” except that we won’t expect a young child to intuit that which does not exist, but we can certainly demand that the adults amongst “us” intuit objective Supremacy. If they cannot, they are merely children asking, “who is white man?”

  3. It’s seems the work of economic fidelity to finance the “war on drugs” here and the war on South American dictators abroad WITH THE DRUGS AND MONEY strong-armed from the various cartels versus either a) absolutely no financing at all towards these endeavors or b) financing directly through the American taxpayer’s dollar bill.

    And to say, “[w]e’ve been doing it all wrong” and MEAN “we” haven’t been criminal enough ACTUALLY MINIMIZES one’s scope of action. To be even more criminal = less autonomy. To be more “successfully” criminal is HOW YOU WILL BECOME a financier on the hook. A true white Supremacist understands that perpetuation will come through “break-even” economics and not wishful windfalls or by exponential growth economics or through the thrill of black market adventure.

    Perpetuation, Ryu… Put this in the mathematical context when thinking about financing a perpetual movement of white Supremacy. The exponential growth philosophy of the “elites” and the Black Market Adventures of the Global undertow are places of self-annihilation. They are not places where WN/WS economies can perpetuate.

    • Then give us a better idea you windbag. Working out at the gym ain’t gonna get it. Give examples of specific actions. Yes I know I have my womanly marching orders. Now you can give the men their non-self annialating orders. Enough pontificating. Get specific.

      • Erin…

        No… Go finance yourself with a criminal enterprise… Or you can buy/sell products and/or services like anyone and everyone else attempting to make an EXTRA buck.

        YOUR PROBLEM is that you HAVE NO ECONOMIC PRINCIPLE and so giving you advice is futile.

        Exponential growth… Break even… Black market… Which economic system to you bow down to?

      • Break even economics is a codeword for safely subversive suburbanites.

  4. WN/WS economies can perpetuate in the underworld, the whole world can be classified with different criminal elements, similar to one entire Mafia war.

    Simple way to think of it.

    Criminal – Associate – Clean skin

    Mafia has businesses and Casino to legitimise money into the system. (there’s not one Italian family I’ve met that doesn’t have one relative in da business. The stereotype exists for a reason.) Hey some are even my step relo’s.

    Biker gangs have small businesses, clubs, and hold public events(Tattoo and biker shows) to legitimise there money.

    They make there money pretty much how the CIA did in the article.

    The fedgov just inject(print) new dollars and put it in your super pension account, if they fall short.

    The instances of Political corruption in connection to the Mafia goes back to 60’s, even further the 20’s, it’s well documented and this occurred with the abolishment of our once white nations as time progressed.

    Difference is legitimising the money.

  5. Awareness of inherent racial differences and preferences should in no way be confused with hate.

    I like Hispanics a lot more than stuck-up Germans (to the extent I am capable of experiencing affinity), but the latter will be far more useful for realizing my technological dreams of the future.

  6. I’m glad Germans are discrimating.

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