Proof There is NO God

by Firepower

George Carlin, dead.  Bill Maher – still fucking Manhattan callgirls.

David Gregory (and Howdy-Doody lookalike) still brandishing illegal machine gun clips – Tim Russert, still dead…

Andrew Breitbart, dead.  Chris Matthews – holy christie, still tinglin’.

Christopher Hitchens, dead.  Paul Krugman – still spewing Liberal HateSpeech, and being paid millions.

110 Comments to “Proof There is NO God”

  1. Christopher Hitchens at least recognised the Hanukkah was a jewish hate festival like most of the jewish holidays.

  2. Proof that God exists….

    Firepower is alive and welll… And one step closer to white Supremacy.

    [ed note: so you say]

  3. This is no crypto-WS. The genuine white Supremacist does not conduct a mind war of convincing the masses that there is no Perfect Creator God so that the individual WS has a better chance of getting to the goal line first.

    This is the work of the radical autonomist AND THE TRICK is to get the masses at the self-annihilating “goal line” first.

    Atheist = there is no God

    Modern scientist = the is no evidence for God

    Sheep = there is no evidence for God; therefore, there is no God

    And the one thing that the radical autonomist posing as atheist or scientist or atheist scientist CAN BE COUNTED TO DO…

    Is NEVER revert back to the OoG… The Origin of God.

    There was THAT man!!!

    In our MANDATED materialistic world, there was that man that CONCEIVED GOD with NO empirical evidence available to him.


    It is IMPOSSIBLE to CONCEIVE THE INCONCEIVABLE and “the inconceivable” are those… Huh? What? Who?

    I fully expect a chirp-a-thon to follow.

    • Look at the list.
      See it.

      No god kills a Timmay Russert, then does not also take a Chris Matthews – or at least give him dick hemorrhoids. He doesn’t grease a Tony Snow while letting a Bill Xlinton use his stable of mistresses to keep his dick wet.

      You speak, as if, returning The Light of Gawd to Murka, Saves-A-Murka.
      That’s been babbled about for over half a century here to no avail; certainly Gawd would chip in a bit, yes?

  4. And here comes the Flying Spaghetti Monster (which was literally just spell-checked and capitalized) courtesy of some ill-informed nascent anti-white Supremacist to show us all how one can take extant things and mash them together into something conceivably “inconceivable.”

    But one has to choose omnipotence versus “flying,” omniscience versus “spaghetti” and omnipresence versus “monster” to conceive the TRULY inconceivable…

    But where would the OoG have “seen” these things? Where was the empirical evidence for omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence IN ALL THE UNIVERSE?

    [ed note: *sigh* some folks have NO trouble believing stuff…they make up…themselves]

    These “things” cannot exist in a secular-materialistic world…

    Yet, here we are and the “sheep” are so deceptively engaged.

  5. And then the little Darwinian dweeb chimes in to tell us these inconceivable “things” are simply extrapolation towards a logical end. Yet, this same fool forgets that EVERYTHING he says and does is done un-WILL-ingly. In other words, POSSESSING NO FREE WILL, this Darwinian dweeb IS FORCED to say and do what he is saying and doing by some mysterious external force.

    He is a lap dog doing lap dog “things.”

    One cannot, after all, take extant things and extrapolate said things into nonexistent things. I mean… Not really do it.

    • You sound angry.
      Don’t know why…

      You (as asked previously) must use your prodigious, fertile mind to solve the Epicurean Enigma:

      Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?
      Then he is not omnipotent.
      Is he able, but not willing?
      Then he is malevolent.
      Is he both able and willing?
      Then whence cometh evil?
      Is he neither able nor willing?
      Then why call him God?

      • I’ll serve whatever god is willing to help our cause. Allah helps the Muzz. Jesus isn’t helping whites at all.

      • Lol… Not at all… I write with exhilaration and feverish anticipation…

        And I believe I came forth with my answer on Evil/evil… But I shall elaborate further just read myself write…

        There is Evil and there is evil.

        Evil = Lucifer = Satan

        evil = conscious degenerate = gratuitous pain…

        We have already ESTABLISHED that the anti-Supremacist IS NOT A BELIEVER in objective Supremacy AND SO Evil does not ACTUALLY exist. “Evil” only exists as a rhetorical device for the anti-Supremacist to use against the ignorant. AND because “Evil” does not actually exist in their STRICTLY materialist paradigm, then neither does “evil.” Instead, WE HAVE A false equation that ULTIMATELY asserts “evil” = gratuitous pain WHILE GIVING the conscious degenerate INCREASING LEEWAY to be more unconsciously degenerate.

        Now, the REAL PROBLEM of Evil and evil ONLY EXISTS for the genuine white Supremacist. All debates outside this paradigm simply involve radical autonomists LYING AND WEASLING their way around these nonexistent concepts in a game of minimizing/maximizing one’s autonomy.

        But for “us,” the problem of Evil and evil IS SOLVED.

        Lucifer CHOSE gratuitous pain and willingly became Satan.

        Eve CHOSE the words of the “snake” over the words of Adam.

        Adam CHOSE the words of Eve over the words of his Father.

        Man CHOOSES gratuitous pain AND BRINGS “it” into existence.

        The Perfect Creator God did not create Evil and evil. He conferred free will to His grandest creation and they have betrayed Him.

        But even this rendition it not palatable to the secular-materialist as there is no genuine free will. “God” created Man to desire Evil is what they’ll say…

        It is a self-fulfilling prophecy. A manner of propheteering.

        In “our” world The Perfect Man established The Standard in all matters. This included the suffering of the most gratuitous pain, the “perfect” pain. Not just excessive in its physical and psychological savagery, but intensified by the sheer innocence of its scapegoat.

        On faith, NO MAN will ever suffer equally. No man will ever face MORE evil. And no man will be made to ENDURE Evil equally.

        That’s “our” answer. Your “answer” is rhetorical connivance.

      • There is something I’m curious about, TD.

        When will you focus on action? I have no interest in being a man of words.

      • Alas, conniving, subterfuge and cunning are the weapons of success in a world abandoned by a god.

        Your inchoate definition of evil holds no shared, universal human commonality, for it is your own construct.

      • Ryu…

        That’s juvenile…

        You haven’t MADE ONE STEP in the direction of having a relationship with The Perfect Man, but lament that he isn’t “helping” those that mimic your exact stance?

        So you’re mad at The Stranger for not helping other strangers who look like you, but who are also strangers to this Stranger?

        And I told you before, Allah “helps” his worshippers BE radically autonomous. This is what you “admire” without recognizing that YOU DO NOT need a false creed to be radically autonomous.

        All you need do IS REJECT genuine white Supremacy.

        So in short, you are donning pom poms and revealing skirt to cheerlead collective movements that have no functional use to a “white” radical autonomist.

      • Your philosophy is not strong enough to make the desired impression on me.

        I’ll make my own rules from now on…like God does. By the old law: either other men take it, or they’ll stop me.

      • Ryu…

        You mean… When will I talk about being “criminal?”

        If YOU HAVE a perverted orietation then your talk of “action” is perverted.

        Let’s say I delivered my last child with bare hands, no midwife as though I was a doctor myself… And some many years later, said child is completely “unofficial” AND STILL more American than the President by my DNA alone. Let’s say, this was my fourth child, a son, literally not a single drug ever entered his body. Never yet propagandized by a “public school.”

        It’s that action, my “friend?”

        I thought that gravitar = action…

      • Huh…

        The universal concept of Evil/evil breaks down to the concepts belonging to the Supremacist and anti-Supremacist. And amongst these conception ONLY the anti-Supremacists STILL DEBATE. The problem of Evil/evil IS SOLVED amongst the Supremacists.

        But the larger point is that the anti-Supremacists argue about Evil/evil IN TOTAL BAD FAITH. Or better yet, their arguments are immersed in a faithless environment YET THEY ALL AGREE that Evil/evil shall be laid at the feet of the God of the genuine white Supremacist.

        Materialist’s definition of evil = pain. Simple as that. Except, “pain” must now be “liberated” so that compared to a heroin high, feather-tickling one’s nutz = pain.

      • Ryu…

        It’s not MY philosophy.

        It is the paradigm THAT WE BOTH MUST ABIDE or face self-annihilation.

        You have ALREADY conceded spiritual and intellectual annihilation. You have already embraced anti-Supremacy and anti-Capitalism. You ACCEPT the reality of anti-Matter.

        All that is left is for your to embrace anti-Ryu and truly liberate yourself.

      • Ryu…

        Think how quickly you have progressed from holding mathematical truth over your truth or even Truth itself, BUT NOW, you will readily subordinate mathematical truth for the LEARNED false equations OF OTHERS?

        This was always a potential “unintended consequence” of articulating the idea of radical autonomy as it relates to genuine white Supremacy. The masses crave radical autonomy. They love to destroy the “created self” in favor on something yet inconceivable but still evidencing real autonomy.

        That’s you… Always destroying your last self, advancing towards a new created self and defining that advance as “action.” In reality, it is a process of self-annihilation PROVING one’s radical autonomy in the real world.

  6. 3-step training plan of concrete daily action. Feel free to be creative.

    Mind: Always on Supremacy

    Upper body: Train like you will crucified.

    Lower body: Train as though you are a beast of burden.

    That’s enough for at least 50% of WNs to occupy ALL TIME outside paid work.

  7. Imagine being an anti-Supremacist and anti-Capitalist and lamenting a lack of “action.” IT ONLY MAKES SENSE when objective Supremacy and Capitalism ARE TAKEN AS A GIVEN.

    This is why all these arguments with radical autonomists ARE IN BAD FAITH.


    It is NOT CLEAR whether your proscribed suggestions of “action” will, IN REALITY, advance the autonomy of your fellow white man. And if that is not even a consideration then one has no business hailing himself a WN when the self-applied label is for mere subterfuge.

    And if you then add the inexplicable RELUCTANCE to advance to white Supremacy….

    Well, what?

    • You define terms as they suit you, then impose them as “a reality”.
      When, in fact, it is only reality to you.

      To be acceptable, you need make your explanation/refutation/explication of Epicureus’ Axiom much shorter, less confabulated – and at least as elegant as his original statement.

  8. Ryu….

    Take no offense… You are at least here attempting to advance radical autonomy without being explicit… As a radical autonomist is wont to do… It is at least consistent and coherent. You erroneously pull in communism and Islam though because their INHERENT anti-white Supremacy is too empirically grounded for even the most densest of “whites” not to intuit. This evidences a growing condescension towards your fellow white man and there is no WN where this is no love of your fellow white man.

    One cannot be immersed in a perpetual cycle of self-annihilation. There is the logic of chosen finality and then there is the “leap of faith.”

    You cannot stayed mired in between Ryu and anti-Ryu. You MUST CHOOSE white Supremacy or self-annihilation. Those are the only options for the white males of the West.

  9. Thordaddy is a Christian nutjob making the comment section unreadable with his average 10+ posts saying the same thing everyday.

    • You are a “white” anti-white Supremacist = ENEMY of white Supremacy AND white nationalism.

      I’m not allowed to point that out here?

      • “I’m not allowed to point that out here?”

        Wouldn’t it be easier to just write posts? You were given admin permissions a while ago, so why not just write posts.

        As for people privately complaining about comments… do so publicly.

        I disagree with a lot of people on a lot of things, but I don’t argue about everything. Not everything matters, but more to the point, I simply don’t have the time.

      • Because the admin. privileges weren’t needed (although the invitation was appreciated) BECAUSE THE MOST PROBABLE OUTCOME if I stayed MY COURSE was anti-administrative privileges and the obvious total exile it would mandate. If a gardener stands in one place to lay seed then he will need to spawn and cultivate UNDER CONSTANT threat of attack. But if a cyber-gardener spreads his electronic seed at the MOST FERTILE OF DOMAINS only to move on in good time then the “threat of attack” is desired in order to cultivate the few flowers that desire to bloom and resist the ravaging of the many insects.

        This is a DOMAIN of radical autonomists OFFERING A GENUINE white Supremacist “administrative privileges.” The default assumption is an attempted assimilation. Nothing at Eradica is settled. Time is not of the essence for the genuine white Supremacist. TIMING is all that is left to master because that is where the impact of information actually lies. And with this type of medium and forum, The Law of Big Numbers suggests a message that reaches some radically autonomous “white” male of the West AT JUST THE RIGHT TIME.

        To eject me now would be to lose face amongst white men who desire Supremacy. That is the nature of the game.

      • @thordaddy
        Because the admin. privileges weren’t needed (although the invitation was appreciated

        It’s a simple misunderstanding: I did not offer you admin. It was an author slot same as everyone gets. Sketchies get contributor slots, like Hipster Racist and AAL, etc. Admin Power is earned later.

        …THE MOST PROBABLE OUTCOME if I stayed MY COURSE was anti-administrative privileges and the obvious total exile…

        Nah. In a sincere collegial sense, you’re taking a simple probability and conjecturing it into an entire scenario. If you have your own posts or “column” to use as your bailiwick, you could expend your energies dazzling, and recruiting new adherents.

        Nothing at Eradica is settled. Time is not of the essence for the genuine white Supremacist.

        True; Eradica is conceptualized as an academy for leaders…to develop their leadership skills. Future Leader types eschewing the failed VRW past are needed to advance.

        False: Time is most certainly crucial as we all age into decrepitude and now appear swiftly headed toward submitting our future to the incompetent hands of Today’s Brandon & Tomorrow’s Justin! Unless we retire at 65 to “the woods” for safety, we must recruit new kids.

        To eject me now would be to lose face amongst white men who desire Supremacy.

        I eject only the rare Iago and deceiver; I have a fantastic bullshit detector. Behind the scenes, many request slots at Eradica but are refused on grounds that remain private here for the sake of Security Strategy & Tactical Practices.

        As a quick example: Hipstard Racist was not banned, but sulked away of his own accord after public spankage of the logical confrontation type; he can even still post here. I told ya: Most opponents surrender discovering they cannot break my frame. I speak Truth always as it’s the best defense; the best defense is a good offense. WN (and especially little wn) attracts way too many VRWs, TDOs, NNs, PP’s – and plain old nuts.

        Eradica is a real organization run on Best Practices: Time-wasters, spies and distractionists are those getting the boot up the ass, not disagreements. The total of failed authors at Eradica had authorship privileges rescinded for dormancy. All retain full commenting privileges, yet still puss-out after mean old Fiyapowwa made dem angwy. That includes Pat Haniggen, Conchobar and some other dicklicks I forget: So, wtf good are those who won’t even write to espouse their views to 2100 daily followers? Fuck them.

      • This is a good post, FP. Deserves an article of its own.

      • TDaddy, I LOVE what you mentioned about delivering your child etc. THIS is the kind of thing we need to read about from you…Examples. I’m sorry but your method of describing the White Supremacy you espouse is just too wordy to be effective. If you want to win people over, you might want to consider tweaking your strategy.

        So what about the White Tax Avoiders? Are they White Supremacists? What about the guy I met a few months ago that would rather dig food out of dumpsters to eat than obtain US “currency” to buy food with? Is he a White Supremacist? I’m really trying to understand.

      • FP… Very well…


        YOU are conjuring up the difficulty in interpretation in order to maintain your own radical autonomy. Please believe me when I tell you this.

        This is the frame YOU ARE BEHOLDEN TO and have been brainwashed to believe from day one…

        Supremacy = degeneracy

        Such that…

        A white Supremacist = white degenerate…

        This ^^^ is THE CREED of the anti-white Supremacist/radical liberationist.

        CLEARLY… A FALSE EQUATION that YOU NONETHELESS maintain by any means necessary (by means of radical autonomy).

        You are GIVING “Frankenstein” life to a memetic phrase FOR NO APPARENT REASON…


        White Supremacy = white Supremacy = white man who strives towards Supremacy…

        The truly DEGENERATE “strive” towards “equality…” Anti-white Supremacy.

        You need not even go further and bother yourself with true definitions AND YOU SHOULD STILL BE ABLE to read the self-evident Truth and the self-evident lie in the above equations.

        But to help you along…

        Objective Supremacy = The Perfect Man = He who will do all right…

        The “white” males of the West NEED TO DO IT ALL RIGHT or it is “infinite regress” –> total self-annihilation.

      • Darn.
        They always display the
        Terse Stoicism
        …just before they clam up
        And give me the
        Full Silent Treatment

      • FP…

        I didn’t object to your response and so there was nothing to write. I am only committed to write here in a spontaneous and counter-reactive way. I don’t pen diatribes to be edited and distributed at a later date. I write off the cuff and so I can envision a time where my hypothetical comittment to author at Eradica will appear uncommitted. I don’t need that perception. I’d rather be a pit bull on the other side of the fence providing the fear that comes from such a frothing vicious animal AND the relief of knowing I’m still on the other side of the fence.

        Because in reality… I am on the other side of the fence to the radical autonomists within.

      • Ok TDaddy. I am a White Supremacist now. What shall I do first?

    • Eradican…

      YOU DON’T even know who “you” are BUTT, you are pontificating on here and attempting to shape reality with little more effort than tapping your keyboard.

      Shouldn’t I make it AN EFFORT for you to continue?

    • When it rains, it pours… Any gamer understands this concept.

    • I’m not the only one getting sick of your inane commentary. Others have publicly and privately said the same things. What’s so hard about posting succinctly? The rest of us have opinions as well but we don’t need 23 posts and counting to convey ourselves.

      • Is it supposed to hurt my feelings or shall I be sad that I put in about 19 minutes and 7 seconds per day on average posting at Eradica and YOU SPEND ABOUT 4 minutes and 23 seconds reading my comments and that makes you and some others “sick and tired.”

        Revolutionary? Bwahahaha…

        You are a “white” anti-white Supremacist.

        How can you be revolutionary IN THE HERE AND NOW?

      • And you are free to prolifically post on the perceived benefits of joining deracinated collective that have you sign a “no free will in here” release form in lieu of accepted membership.

        Go ahead and light us up with your lexical imagination.

    • You lurk here all day and night waiting for a response to your “brilliance”. You’ve gotten even worse since your dickriders came out of the closet. The only thing radical you support is….Christianity. The bible thumpers of the world unite.

      • Lol… No clown… I train. run on the bay, go out to lunch with my bro, bounce at the beach, chill with the kids… And write like a mofo whenever I please courtesy of my my iPhone.

        You ought to see those little white boys’ eyes light up when they see this diesel huffing the bay. They know a lion when they see one. And what do you think runs through the minds of the miggers all about? Your pipsqueak antics here are “growing” more minuscule by the minute.

      • Do you think us real American white boys need history lessons on the world’s most deracinated cults?

        Get a clue, sockpuppette.

      • I must have hit a nerve for you to snap out of your retarded posting style and talk normal.

        Everybody on the internet is also a god/goddess getting invited to the kewlest parties brah.

      • Real American white boys like you are phony tough guys who won’t even give a non-white a mean look you dumb faggot.

      • Now, now… Being a true friend to the real faggots, they will not approve of this unsightly tactic especially when IRL, “we” are speaking of a father of four. Communism is pro-homo. Capitalism… Not so much.

        But do you seriously think being a bouncer in SoCal for nearly the last 20 years means:

        a) I never gave the “other” a mean face?

        b) I have extremely poor social skills?

        c) I’m queer?

        Lol… Girl, you funny!

      • Homosexuality was illegal or otherwise frowned upon in every communist country you flag saluting imbecile. Faggot normalization is bourgeois decadence and only prevalent in the capitalist west but nice try.

        Are you sure you weren’t a bouncer at a gay club? You seem to talk a lot about homosexuality even linking it to heterosexuals. The PUA lifestyle focused entirely on men meeting women is gay as well in your kooky worldview.

      • Eradican…

        This is how you understand homo-sexuality…

        Homo = same = sodomy = orientation…

        This is how you should understand it…

        Homo = same = exact same = self = sex with self = liberation/radical sexual autonomy = Liberationist = anti-white Supremacist = self-annihilator…

        In short…

        Homo-sexuality = self-annihilation = Liberalism…

        IT DOES GET any more “mathematically” exacting than than…

        And communism… it has no “beef” with the homo-sexual or his anti-white Supremacy. This is a fact, disingenuous laws or not.

      • ^^^ IT DOES [NOT] get any more… exacting than [that.]

  10. I am
    What you won’t believe
    You are
    And I say I believe
    So the cleave
    IS YOU
    And what you decree
    To be
    The reality of me
    White Supremacy = white man who strives towards Supremacy.
    Nothing more, nothing less.
    A thing of hatred
    That YOU WON’T LET BE…
    Be a white Supremacist
    And to be lonely…
    As in alone
    In an identity crisis
    You call “free…”
    That’s what “you” be…

  11. If I am a Supremacist and YOU are an anti-Supremacist, all things being honest, YOU ARE by our respective choices LESSER THAN me NOT BECAUSE I attempt to be better than YOU or that you try to be inferior to me…


    I just try to be better AND YOU DON’T ATTEMPT (at least explicitly) to be better than anyone else.

    That is a CONSEQUENCE OF YOUR believed PARADIGM.

  12. I am the best on the Internets at defining the player to my immediate advantage AND THIS IS ONLY BECAUSE I have fully embraced the Supremacist/anti-Supremacist paradigm which is the Global OS. Further, I HAVE ACCEPTED the “nature” of the anti-Supremacist where others not only deny his existence, but naturally deny his self-annihilating nature. To be or not to be has been “upgraded” to “be so I can destroy thee and PROVE my radical autonomy.”

    “Action” as Ryu demands IS PROOF of “doing something.” But that’s it. Radical autonomy is the goal AND SO THAT IS ALL that is required. Action.

  13. I have to convert “white” males into white Supremacists and it is not even a question as to “why” anymore. “It” just is THE ONLY WAY to advance my sense of genuine free will. Simultaneously, I get to define radical autonomists BECAUSE THEY ABSOLUTELY DESIRE a created self in which to destroy in order to prove their radical autonomy.

    So I chase Ryu with ghosts of white Supremacy AND HE INTUITIVELY understands that when he FINALLY “puts on” the real thing, he will not be able to go back to radical autonomy WITHOUT KNOWING FULL WELL he has chosen self-annihilation over genuine white Supremacy.

  14. What will the analytics say? By mere volume and simple mechanics, I “make the spiders crawl” more than all others here. And because I infuse my musings with memetic commands, I help create the reality of organic searches that lead one to Eradica.

    All that needs to be done here is to ensure that any program of eradicating one’s enemies includes a) ALL anti-white Supremacists only AND b) they must be consciously aware of their anti-white Supremacy (their lethal state) and given option to retreat before annihilation.

    Although, one can summarily assert another as an anti-white Supremacist, he summarily eradicate him on the spot and claim genuine white Supremacy. They act, as described, would, in reality, be one anti-Supremacist slicing the throat of another anti-Supremacist AND whimsically holding “white supremacy” accountable. This is one nasty racket perpetrated upon the white male of the West.

  15. White supremacy blah blah blah……Radical autonomy blah blah blah…Liberationists blah blah blah….on behalf of all Eradicans who want their comment section back…..shut the fuck up.

    • You fool… Your “eradicans” would eradicate white Supremacists FIRST AND FOREMOST and you come here as a supposed ally of WN?

      You are a snake in the grass of Eden.

      Luckily for you, most “WNs” are nothing of the sort and would absolutely refuse to live in the Land of white Supremacy.

    • Who wants there comment section back… Take it mofos…

      NO ONE IS STOPPING YOU but your imaginary self.

      It’s like you don’t even know the basic mechanics of the medium you play in…

      I give you so much red meat in which to sink your ravenous anti-white Supremacist jaws into and you “sit there” with a golden fork, platinum steak knife and silk table napkin neatly tucked in your Polo endlessly contemplating your first precision cut…

      Come on girl… Slice away… Put those incisors to work.

    • Do you ever shut up? I ask because Firepower evidently doesn’t support quality control.

      [ed note: harrumph! well, if i did… your 2 articles per year merit high grades]

      • Once again, we witness the imaginary imposition that isn’t actually there. You don’t even hear me. You see and feel no emotion from me. You smell no actual fear this isn’t of your own making. And you taste no real bitterness that isn’t just creative narrative building. You need not even observe what I write AND still be able to effortlessly traverse this domain. In short, you play queen in order to maximize your autonomy while attempting to minimize mine. In other words, the “rationale” behind minimizing my autonomy HERE is actually ME PUTTING YOUR PANTIES in a bunch. And if my hunch is correct, you grow frustrated with the unpredictable tickling it causes. And because I am a white Supremacist and you are a dyke communist than this is very transgressive indeed.

      • Eradican…

        You don’t have a finger on the pulse of the real American white boy. I do. I am. What you have is ideological bunkum. What you “offer” is a “friendship” in a primitive cult of deracinated autonomists. EXACTLY what is not needed here in America. And most WNs have simply succumb to the anti-white Supremacy of the European “man” who is so thoroughly brainwashed by the false equation Hitler = white supremacy = ultimate evil that he is virtually lost forever… Literally voluntarily self-imprisoned to a dumbfounding declaration…

        “What is objective Supremacy?”

        The question, asked with an understanding sincerity, is nonetheless INCONCEIVABLE to modern “white man…” One LITERALLY cannot intuit the meaning of objective Supremacy.

        To put it more bluntly…

        One can understand that white supremacy = white degeneracy BUT one cannot understand that objective Supremacy = The Perfect Man.

        This is the real psychological war that is transpiring. A total perversion of the white man’s mind is near complete.

        A true communist dyke can bring nothing to the table.

      • Maybe you should get your own blog where you can rant and rave like the idiot you, are sparing the rest of us from your drivel.

      • eradican:
        Maybe you should get your own (thordaddy) blog…

        td’s pedantic style (no insult intended) of weaving pixie-dust-God-Majick! has a definite allure to proles. Proles yearn for Religion. The opiate of the masses is…what, again?

        I offered him a spot, long ago, to be the Pied Piper of Eradica, spreading his Gospel from blog to blog, bringing in fresh converts here to be further recruited into our ethos.

      • @ Firepower

        I blog/comment regularly but can’t do both simultaneously. I don’t rehash crap from news stories either.

        Murkan rightists are dumb as is we don’t need any more flag waving, bible thumping, Hitler wannabes.

      • Hitler wasn’t capitalist? What a load of shit. He was built up by international capital to eradicate the USSR. His political base was among shopkeepers, middle managers, farmers, and other bourgeois reactionaries like yourself.

        America and Wall Street are the embodiment of capitalism you nutjob. The only problem is capitalism no longer serves the masses anymore. It never actually did either but was forced to make compromises in the 20th century.

        Your whole gimmick is a repackaged version of Christian identity.

      • Once again, you treat Capitalism AS MERELY a physical thing. Once again, you attempt to confine us to a strictly material world. Once again, you fail to comprehend that communist = socialist = anti-Capitalist. Meaning, in both the communist order AND the socialist Nazi order, Capital can and should flow to the least worthy of individuals and investment either “in principle” or out of a perverse racial “loyalty.” This is the ETHOS of the communist/socialist/anti-Capitalist/anti-Supremacist.

        And I’m not Christian Identity. I’m a genuine white Supremacist. I make no claim to be a white descendant of one of the 12 lost tribes of Judea. I have no dispute with the facts surrounding the race of Jesus Christ. It changes nothing in terms of a white man in America circa 2014 striving towards objective Supremacy. Ask a Christian Identity adherent if he is a genuine white Supremacist and he will almost certainly give an emphatic “no.”

      • TD’s clarity has grown. He used 39,021 words WITHOUT using ‘radical autonomy’!

      • Redundancy is a necessity to any possibility of memetic domination. Clarity only comes from observing a singularity truthfully or recognizing a redundant pattern of phenomenon. The “trick” of the radical autonomist is to act as a “singularity” AND hide and disperse his destruction amongst the redundancy.

      • USSR and Red China both superpowers but “capital flows to the least worthy”. How about you pull your head out of your ass instead? On the topic of alternative uses of time how about doing some real “white supremacy” instead rambling endlessly? SoCal is a Mexican ghetto while the “white supremacist” keyboard commando preaches online.

      • @ PCL

        You have friends in high places. How about asking them to put TD on a leash? He’s humping all the furniture and ruining the place.

      • Thing is… If you are a yes-“men”-ion of any stripe, you can only look at me and say, “damn, that dude CHOSE not to be one of us.” It gives them pause because of the love/hate nature of man himself in relation to other men. I could be them. I can STILL be them. But I chose not to and they are wondering why? Wondering why they chose to? Wondering about the efficacy of yes-“men”-ionism IN A WORLD with no REAL allies on top or bottom?

      • No answers just more bullshit propaganda. The capitalist paradigm is indestructible? How come the west is literally falling apart then? But according to you “the west is communist hur durr” that’s why Russia/China are safer, more wholesome, and traditional than Murka, right? Nothing you say makes any sense but you just redefine reality to suit your retarded worldview. Your kids also need to be euthanized if they’re as rabidly dumb as their old man.

      • Eradican…

        How many times does it need to be pointed out to you that “America” OPERATES under an anti-Capitalist economic order ALTHOUGH the dominant players are still PLAYING within the Capitalist paradigm? Meaning, the top dogs ARE ALWAYS seeking greater credibility, i.e., Intangible, indestructible Capital… The “stuff” that gives everything else real value.

        If YOU BELIEVE in “equal distribution” of Capital (whether by one, few, many or all) as the communist/socialist/liberal IS MANDATED TO BELIEVE then you believe in an economic order that MANDATES Capital flow to the least worthy of individuals and investments. This is your nascent ETHOS. This is your program of economic self-annihilation. It is the economic order that “America” has embraced. You MUST STILL FOOLISHLY CLING to the idea of American Capitalism = American Capitalism when “American capitalism” = anti-American Capitalism. You’re a political neophyte who is either wholly ignorant or a radical autonomist HOLDING TO THE SCRIPT like a “champ.”

      • Eradican…

        Do you have financial investments in Russia or China for the purpose of full disclosure? If not, why not?

      • You just can’t accept that the state exists to defend the interests of the ruling class. Those ruling classes are the capitalists who own the means of production. With their economic/state power they also control culture, education, and bureaucracy. It’s called class warfare and it’s what buffoons like you try to dance around as much as possible.

      • Stop trying to filibuster everything to death. Please shut the fuck up instead.

      • Lol… You act as though you were providing new insight WHEN IN REALITY at both the nation-state and at the global-state level are the anti-white Supremacists which comprise of the super-duper majority of nation and global state yes-“men”-ions. Your schtick is pretending to be anti-nation state so as to usher in a global state of anti-white Supremacists. “Our” ruling “elite” (and the “elite” across the white world) are mostly “white” anti-white Supremacists with whom YOU have no ideological battle, BUT you still PRETEND TO BE ENEMIES. There is no dispute between the anti-white Supremacists that litter the state apparatus and their distribution of capital goods to fellow anti-white Supremacists. This is what you are protecting. This is an anti-Capitalist order. And you are no foe to Uncle Beast, Uncle Joe or Johnny Jihadist. You are only a foe to the genuine white Supremacist.

        Just come clean you little androgynous rascal.

      • White supremacy a vague buzzword to describe anything you approve/disapprove. Racial chauvinism is nothing new either and has never challenged the powerful. Just look at your miserable track record half of Mexico lives a few miles away from your little white suburb while you lecture us about “supremacy”.

      • I MOVED TO a REAL WN battleground… Not away from one like “white flight…”

      • So white people…..doing stuff…….that betters themselves….while praying to jeebus… revolutionary?

        I doubt mister family man is in danger except when Pedro goes cruising in his lowrider through suburbia.

      • All you want is a return to America prior to liberalism’s ascendancy. Hardly different than any other Steve Sailer type conservative except that crowd is too high brow for Christianity.

      • If you actually has a brain, you would recognize that “liberalism’s ascendancy” is a false social construction that relies on one’s anti-Supremacist “metaphysics.”

        Secondly, it’s not that Sailer types too are “high brow” for Christianity, it is JUST THAT YOU DEFINE high brow = “white” self-annihilator AND SO does Steve Sailer… Only his definition is apparently subconscious…

        True Christians ARE INHERENTLY anti-Self-annihilators… PRO-creators… Capitalists BY NATURE….

      • You’re a fucking nutjob. Please die.

  16. How do you “show” a “white” male how to be a genuine white Supremacist over the Internet?

    First, you give him COMMAND OF LANGUAGE. He uses this to FORCE the anti-white Supremacist to declare himself.

    And NOW HE IS 99% through “the matrix.” It’s like tic tac toe now.

    BUT FIRST… He must have intuited the high probability of violence in DEFINING AN ENEMY by command of language and established a protocol for violent interaction. In other words, if you are a “white” male that seeks genuine white Supremacy THEN YOU OUGHT BE PREPARED to be violently violated and in turn forced to take lethal action.

    We have on here one who would readily eradicate the genuine white Supremacist.

  17. If you just replaced “white Supremacy” with “righteousness” and “radical autonomy” with “sinfulness”, what would separate thordaddy from any fundamentalist preacher in the Bible Belt?

    • The real thing in real life. In others words, I don’t look like a preacher… I look like I would punch a whole through your head with a GQ smile.

      • Lol… Or… Is that “hole?” One never really knows in the “land” of radically autonomy…

        But anyways, Stubbs, the REASON “YOU” would do that IS TO TRY and = me to any “fundamentalist preacher.”

        BUTT… They don’t ACTUALLY TEACH OR PREACH genuine white Supremacy, do they?

  18. One has to understand that in our virtual reality I am the best white Supremacist AND most radical of radical autonomists BECAUSE I observed and then embraced this truest of paradigms first. And in doing this I get the opportunity to be both an Exemplar and definer of the anti-Exempar… The degenerate… That “thing” that has sunk to a state of being via an all-accepting indiscriminancy (toleration + nondiscrimination)… The liberate screaming for liberation. The battle cry OF ALL collectives of radically autonomous degenerates..

  19. The supremacy argument made by thordaddy basically boils down to that you should always assume you are ‘somehow’ better than your opponent. No Golden Rule, no Reciprocity…

    • Oogenhand…

      I thought more of you than to stoop to such a sophomoric interpretation.

      An intelligent white man can see the falsity of Islam by merely confirming its “reward” for conversion through jihad.

      An intelligent white man can see the falsity of communism by the mere fact that the ideology MANDATES Capital, capital and “capital” to flow to the least of worthy individuals and endeavors as proof of its egalitarian “nature.”

      And an intelligent white man SHOULD BE ABLE to intuit objective Supremacy IN A MANNER that DOES NOT pay slavish homage to the radical liberal frame.

      If you think for one second that thordaddy wakes up MOTIVATED AND INSPIRED to be “superior” to a bunch of savage liberationists, you simply CANNOT see The Game with clarity. You simply CANNOT assess the nature of your relationship to the “other.” You are stuck in a symbiotic regression that you have no desire to remove yourself from.

      And now, you have shown yourself to be another “white” anti-white Supremacist…


      You are a “white” male who hates, loathes and despises the genuine white Supremacist whether REAL OR IMAGINED!

      YOU CANNOT POSSIBLY offer a real solution to the white males of the West with your clearly perverted orientation.

  20. Has fp gone neocon? Tony Snow was a lying neocon shill. Hitchens was the same.

    • You made your first comment
      a doozy

    • Mike…

      The “neocon” slur has no real force when you understand that the accuser IS NEVER a genuine white Supremacist. The accuser is always another rival liberationist WHO REALLY DOES HATE the neocons for “their” freedoms. “They” mocked the neocons for attempting to conduct a war on “terror” AND NOW CRY “torture.” “They” ridiculed the neocons for not defining the enemy and NOW “they” show great sympathy for jihad. “They” stood silent while the neocon redefining went to absurd levels asserting Islam = religion of peace and NOW barely a peep concerning this total perversion of reality.

      Mike… You are no foe to the neocons… You only play one the internetz.

  21. Whiteness is only incidental to Supremancy (Christianity) for Thordaddy. He isn’t interested in the white race, just his particular hobby horse.

    It’s odd he never ever cites Scripture to back up his points.

    • No chorzeniowski… “Whiteness” is not “incidental,” it is SUBSTANTIVE AND CONTEXTUAL… Only the anti-white Supremacist TRIES TO MAKE IT EVERYTHING so that he can hide his anti-Supremacy behind the acceptable hatred of the white man.

      I don’t need Scripture to back up the fact that nearly ALL are anti-white Supremacists. I don’t need Scripture to elucidate on the nature of The Perfect Man. And I don’t need Scripture to tell you that you’re probably childless and so YOUR TRUE CONTRIBUTION to white man’s existential crisis IS ZERO!

  22. Firepower must be desperate for comments/views to allow Thordaddy’s filibustering nonsense to continue indefinitely.

    [its called xmas vacation. i see you’ve written several new articles]

  23. TD, I’ve got a Mr. Silverstein on the line. he’s really impressed with your rapping. Says Eminem is the last white boy who could spit verse like you do.

  24. What can Firepower do
    How about Ryu
    Eject a genuine white Supremacist
    From this zoo?
    The “stink” I leave
    Is permanent “poo.”
    I stain the anti-white Supremacist
    Like “goyim” goo
    Enjoy the view
    From the top of a turd pile
    Sees the “master Jew”
    Figment of a far right imagination
    Taught at the alt-rite school
    Dose of the HBD paradigm
    And white boy’s the fool
    Gives up his free will
    Just to be un-accounted-for…

    • td *ahem* rhymed:
      What can Firepower do
      How about Ryu
      Eject a genuine white Supremacist

      You forget your purpose.
      You are here to dazzle simple people with your abstractions to recruit them to a cause.
      When you craft webs that are not appealing to this audience it exposes you to charges of bullshit-ism as any purveyor of religious-type dogma experiences.

      You overplay your hand
      then do not know when to rake in your winnings
      before you lose all.

      It’s like a magician who does the same trick too often and folks start to see the wires. They stop paying for tickets to future shows.

      • Firepower…

        I get your sentiment. But mine is no magic trick. If you’re a white boy born in America in the last 50 years, you best be an anti-white Supremacist. And it does not matter whether one’s definition of white Supremacist is legitimate or white degenerate. YOU CAN’T BE either “it.”

        So far, only a Euro-fag, dyke hag and some androgynous lad took offense. But the white boys around “here” are still straddling the fence. They still believe they have some defense against against the charge of anti-white Supremacist.

        White Supremacist or anti-white Supremacist… THERE ARE NO OTHER AVENUES. Call that “magic” if you so desire.

      • td said: Firepower…

        I get your sentiment.

        That you continue on the same path proves you do not.

        You forget your purpose.
        You are here to dazzle simple people with your abstractions and recruit them to a cause.
        When you craft words that do not appeal to this audience you alienate them.

        It is that simple.
        Your purpose is to recruit fresh new meat, not decorate with words for your entertainment.

        Your appeal is to two divergent types: The high-concept secular academician and the low-brow simple folk primed to accept mysticism.

        You need greater discipline – and focus on the latter, for the former will only argue the “how many angels can dance on a pin” routine.

        In another category, practical thinkers in the purest literal sense (like ryu), will not surrender this light to your exhortations.

      • Firepower…

        Ryu represents well the archetype of the “convert class.” Since only white males can become white Supremacists and high IQ “white” males are the “best” of the radical autonomists then this is exactly the target market I seek for conversion. “White” males 13-45, above average IQ, beholden to HBD paradigm, hyper-cynical, mathematical and scientifically inclined, atheistic, anti-social, anti-Supremacy, radically autonomous, identity crisis, etc…

        Their most vulnerable spot is The Equation… THEY MUST KNOW The Equation or they “fall” out of the conversion zone. Remember, genuine white Supremacy CANNOT BE all-inclusive. “It,” by separation, must be exclusive. Ryu NOW FAILS to understand The Equation. He IS ATTEMPTING TO LIBERATE from white Supremacy with this new inexplicable inability to comprehend The Equation. But it is a false front. Ryu HAS ALREADY ESTABLISHED himself as a man of The Equation.

        When I write that the anti-white Supremacist believes:

        White Supremacist = white degenerate…

        A man of The Equation KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT I’M SAYING…

        But also

        He KNOWS that ^^^ is a FALSE equation… But Ryu has made no attempt to correct the equation as he “sees” it needs correction.

        And when I write…

        White Supremacist = white man who strives towards Supremacy…

        A man of The Equation KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT I’M SAYING… Even WITHOUT knowing the definition of Supremacy.

        But also

        He KNOWS that ^^^ is a TRUE equation or else his natural inclination would have had him refute it with the CORRECT EQUATION.

        My role here is to fashion genuine white Supremacists who then carry out all the necessary actions in their own personal sphere to perpetuate white Supremacy. Demonization and eradication of evil is a necessary component which at the ground floor and in real time means the curing of the self-annihilators amongst “us.”

        The default assumption is that there is no personal solution to our collective descent. And in our post-liberation society, eradicating liberals = kill’m all… No discernment… No discrepancy… Indiscriminate… Starting right at “home.” The logic demands that the anti-white Supremacist do himself in FIRST!

      • I should have added:

        convert class = “white” yes-“men”-ions and their “proteges.”

        We must assume a requisite supply of handy “white” yes-“men”-ions to fill all necessary executive positions in Uncle Beast’s massive bureaucracy. So we must get them right at the door of the collective or right after they’ve walked in. We must tell them that the cost of membership is a dispiriting + deracination + homo-sexualization + bureacratization. The “benefit” is the destruction of the genuine white Supremacist with total immunity. The risk is constant interaction with other radical liberationists below and ruthless radical autonomists on top. Our goal is clear. We WANT yes-“men”-ions too! And we know exactly where they are. Now we need to tell them exactly what they are about to face in joining with Uncle Beast. And then we can find those who want to take to the next level. Find those that want to bring white Supremacy to their particular organization. It’s only going to be a few. It can only ever be a few genuine white Supremacists in any venue. It starts here with a medium the plays in the Laws of Big Numbers.

  25. Pull the trigger and end the nightmare.

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