Ready to Play Ball?

by Ryu

Perhaps we might get further by cooperating with the system, rather than fighting it.

WN has many hidden allies. If you live west of the Rockies in a white-majority town, it’s no coincidence. Nowhere out West stays white without a lot of behind the scenes action.

There are two great examples of crypto-WNs: Rudy Guliani and Sheriff Joe.

You all know Guliani. He is the man who transformed NYC from a diverse shithole to a white/jew paradise. NYC in the 1980s was a dump. By 2000 the minos were out. The New York my generation remembers is now a…… historical relic.

Joe Arpario is the sheriff of Phoenix. Arizona is a majority Mexican state, yet vast areas of Phoenix remain lily-white. There is no way that he is unaware of the racial issue and demographic crisis. If you see a white city in the American West, there are racists in leadership positions.

A wn operating out in the open like Guliani or Joe has to be very subtle. If FP himself was installed in either position, he could not push things much more. Being openly racist would be suicide.

Direct action, done properly and without permission, is largely beyond human ability today. Without unofficial protections as the minos enjoy, and without uniforms as the cops and soldiers have, it is impossible. The only positive role model I can name who acted and got away with it in the long run is the Zodiac. Everyone else was burned out, busted or dead.

I advise young WNs to identify, and with infinite sublety, get next to powerful crypto-racists. Learn how the world really works.

The powerful are always recruiting – and loyalty is worth more than ability. WNs with power and influence have been trying to get our attention, but we have been deaf.

Murka is one big, interlocking crime ring. There is no vital organ to strike. There is a great book which illustrates this in dramatic fashion. On the Take as written in 1978, which means things have only gotten 30 years worse.

30 Comments to “Ready to Play Ball?”

  1. NYC is still a diversity shithole. Nothing has really changed significantly except with the borough of Manhattan and its demographics. And worse, it’s now a bastion of Liberal Closet Racists, who reside there and wished more harm would be done to their co-racialists, who don’t fit their agenda.

  2. Geez Ryu! Sounds like you’ve been sucked into “someone’s” frame. Mayday, mayday!

    • Yep! Ryu is incorrect to say Giuliani is a closet racist with WN sympathies at heart. After a long discussion in LoftB, and with another reader’s feedback, I’ve come to the conclusion that this person is right. Giuliani is more of a closet liberal than a secret WN person. He opened up the floodgates for all these parasitic – mansion pigs (a term coined by Firepower) and their lesser wannabes to reside in NYC, who hate the White working and middle classes, who by the way, lived mostly in the outskirts of NYC, relatively carefree from these vermin. Not only are these parasitic swine dependent on the White working class and yet are ungrateful towards them, they fervently dislike any non-black individual (blacks of course are another group of leechers) who provides a helping hand to them (think of the Mexicans).

      • ryu is correct on most issues.

        I’ve spread the word on lotb re: the NYCaste System and discovered…the most pernicious deniers of this are Noo Yawkawz themselves. Nobody – and I mean nobody – there will admit so.
        Why US Cities Fell & New York Thrives Pt. I
        Fosetism: Separate Entrances for Rich & Poor
        Elite Castles In Feudal Manhattan

        Rudy G is not so much a closet racist as he is a closet classist: He’d no sooner dine on a $75 plate of Oysters Rockefeller with you than he would with Mumia Abu-Jamaal. He is just a tip-toer around – and avoider of – the racial minefield in which he cannot will not call the spade a spade thus proving who runs the nation now.

        It’s as if one magic day, all the coloreds in Harlem, the Bronx and Hell’s Kitchen magically vanished and were replaced by White Yuppies and every Manhattanite ignored the shit out of it. I detect this shame in Lion’s attitude, when he has nothing to be ashamed of: Ridding a city of vermin is a good thing.

        A simple category search on Eradica of “feudal Manhattan” reveals treasure previously unknown to the masses.

      • A classist is even better.

        He works for the dollar then. If I have the money, he works for me. I don’t believe the Americans give a hoot about diversity. All they care about is that fake paper the USG prints up.

        I feel certain that if I had 30 minutes, on an equal field, Guiliani would work for us. That’s not him in a suit surrounded by armed bodyguards, but him in my territory.

        [exactly. speaking truth to power may be our last chance to court establishment repubs]

      • Yes, getting rid of the coloreds in NYC is a great thing.

        As mentioned by you, the degenerate Manhattan SWPL, and Brooklyn Hipster vermin, are no allies to their White working and middle class outskirt neighbors. They do everything to ensure nothing is in their favor, while these poor saps are the backbone of their fortifications.

      • And a new modification acronym for all those White liberals who inhabit these mansion areas, living on a unproductive existence: SWPL – Stuff White Parasites Like.

      • SWPL – Stuff White Parasites Like.

        ME like

      • Giuliani cleaned up NYC across the board not just Manhattan as is falsely claimed. His tough on crime and strong mayor model became popular nationally as well. There is nothing wrong with an elite as long as they deliver results.

      • There is nothing wrong with an elite as long as they deliver results.

        Yes, but Giuliani made NYC obscenely expensive, only afforded for the moral high ground hypocrites with money.

        Before Giuliani, many of the outskirt neighborhoods never had any serious crime to begin with. Think of the working class neighborhoods who never got to benefit from Giuliani’s cleanup because they didn’t need it in the 1st place. In fact, they were harmed from it, inadvertently, because of what I said in the 1st sentence. The lesser SWPLs who couldn’t afford the mansion areas, decided to live in the neighborhoods of the working class, inducing the greed of real estate developers which would displace the original residents, creating a rippling effect, where the core area was the most expensive, and the outer areas slightly less expensive.

      • There is nothing wrong with an elite as long as they deliver results – is better understood as:

        Elites are good for their kind so long as they deliver positive results for their own kind.

        Every time a Government Servant of The Elite “reforms” and “cleans-up” a colored crime shithole for TV Election Ratings, the FOX NeoConTard Type 1A simply ignores all those niggers & Miggers gots to go someplace…

  3. PS. Getting away with it isn’t the most important thing and don’t forget, you never hear about the ones that get away with it.

  4. Erin…

    Many a young high IQ white males have EMBRACED the minimizing effect of the Darwinian meme WHILE simultaneously REJECTING its fundamental assertion laid bare.

    The name of the game IS DEFINING your proximate rivals SO AS TO SHAPE your immediate environment to your maximum advantage.

    The selling of the Darwinian meme is a “player” filter… A counterintuitive barrier to entry only conceivable by high IQ individuals. A mechanism in which to relegate potential rivals as mere spectators.

    • “The name of the game IS DEFINING your proximate rivals SO AS TO SHAPE your immediate environment to your maximum advantage.”

      THIS I can work with. Actually, this is how I think now. I actually think about ME, my bloodline and my friends and their bloodlines now.

      I certainly have little use for WN writing anymore. This is the only WN site I come to now. Although I’m not a a “player” here, I like how things are getting hashed out here.

  5. This racket is well known top city planners easily make six figures or more by keeping coloreds out.

    It’s all hidden behind the power of language though or as liberals often shriek “dog whistle racism”.

  6. To the genuine white Supremacist, proceeding deceptively MAKES NO SENSE. In essence, it makes the first act, the defining act, the motivated act, a deceptive one. And with the mandate to deceive is the necessity of an unaccomplished goal. So one is, in reality, largely stuck in a series of deceptions until the goal is reached far down the road if ever.

    What you witness with the “sheriff” and the “mayor” and the “people” is a symbiotic regression where all the radical liberationists get what they DESERVE, the radical autonomists are perched high on their pedestals AND EVERYONE gets to chalk up this very unfortunate situation in Pheonix and NYC on the ghostly legacy of “white supremacy.”

    “Sheriff, you a white Supremacist?”

    “Absolutely not… I don’t think my race is better than no other race. I got a job to do for ALL THE PEOPLE of Arizona and I’m go to do whether you’re black, blue, white, yellow or Jew. I’m a color-blind sheriff… I know the legacy of ‘white supremacy.’ Ain’t tryin’ to bring none that here…”

    “Mayor, are you a white Supremacist?”

    {spit sputter chuckles}

    “Listen… Blacks are the greatest victim of black crime. I saved black lives. Does that sound like ‘white supremacy’ to you? The former black mayor… 2000 murders. My city… 243… Does that sound like ‘white supremacy’ to you? Look, we can’t profile on a person’s skin color alone. I really believe that. But you have to take in all the variables. That’s what I did as the mayor… Take in all the variables. A white supremacist wouldn’t do that.”

    • TDaddy, sometimes, in order to accomplish their goals, people have to be quiet about them and find other ways to accomplish them.

      • Speaking out publicly as a White Supremacists accomplishes nothing except putting a target on your back. And it’s wonderful that you are buff and strong but as you know, our lives and the lives of our loved ones can be snuffed out in a minute-AND OUR REPUTATIONS ALONG WITH US, but or for the US Gov. regardless of how physically strong we are.

        btw, do you take steroids. Might account for all this posting.

      • Tell me about… “These” machinations are a ten plus year endeavor… One must step on the big stage at some point BUT it will be a different time for all… And the best should know exactly when to step on that big stage because patience is a virtue.

      • Lol… Spoken like a truly liberated female…

        First… Define “speaking out publicly?”

        Secondly, “buff” is the word of the nascent equalist. I’m built for violence because a) it’s a natural inclination and b) it is how I put food on the table and c) I have to go a lot further than YOU in this battle.

        As for steroids… Clearly, the anti-Supremacist regime wants to restrict access to PEDs… I vehemently oppose them ESPECIALLY with that Viagra and Xanax hidden in their drawers….

        But… In about 28 years of training, I did a 5 week stint way back before I knew anything about cycling and I’ve done one solid 10 week cycle between then and now… But my back… It’s looked like that since I was twenty years old mowing down D-1 ballers as a “white boy” playing all the wrong positions.

        It’s symbolism, Erin… If you are a genuine white Supremacist… I got your back… Literally and lexically…

  7. So the key is to BECOME and elite. Then you can be as racist as you want. Maybe take on a Jewish name. I got dibs on Bernstein. hahaha

    • Erin…

      Refusing to be a degenerate does not FORCE one to become elite nor does it signal that one is elite ALTHOUGH “our” most degenerate is now the “default elite.”

      Snap out of the degenerate frame that has you conceptualizing Supremacy IN A STRICTLY relativist light…

      To even speak of “supremacy,” ONE HAS TO GIVE EXISTENCE to objective Supremacy.

      So the TRICK OF the radical autonomist is giving “life” to “supremacy,” liberating to = degeneracy ALL THE WHILE maintaining either an air of incomprehensibility or outright REJECTING the existence of objective Supremacy… Er, maintaining the Frame… Maintaining one’s radical autonomy.

      • I’ve rejected nothing! I just don’t understand what exactly you are getting at. Sorry….really trying.

      • Erin…

        You reject the genuine white Supremacist BECAUSE YOU REFUSE TO SEE “him” outside the radical liberal frame. In other words, YOU COULD ONLY PROFILE a “white supremacist” IF he was acting in accordance with the LIBERAL CONCEPTION.

        If, on the other hand, he was acting like a genuine white Supremacist, YOU HAVE ALREADY CONCEDED that you would not know what this looked like…

        The question is whether TO BELIEVE THIS OF YOU…

        Whether you can truly not profiler a genuine white Supremacist AND ONLY profile a “white supremacist” if he acts in accord with the liberal script?

        So your flaw is ignorance or evil?

        You have to choose NOW… As do all the rest here have to choose… Continue playing ignorant to one’s anti-white Supremacy or be summonsed to the charge of evil due to above average intelligence.

    • Erin…

      YOU are doing this… Ryu is doing this… Eradican is doing this… Firepower is doing this… This is a place of radical autonomists.

      • thordaddy wrought:

        YOU are doing this… Ryu is doing this… Eradican is doing this… Firepower is doing this… This is a place of radical autonomists*

        *IIRC, that’s the good one, right?
        I always get those mixed-up!

      • No…

        The radical liberationist is the self-annihilator in denial…

        The radical autonomist is the self-annihilator in control of his paradigm…

        For the “white” male of the West, there is no good in self-annihilation whether subconsciously initiated or consciously invoked.

    • Erin…

      EVEN IF I was anti-thordaddy IRL…

      It still would not EXPLAIN WHY you are so adamant in your belief that genuine white Supremacist SHOULD NOT EXIST?

      This whole exchange with YOU can be summed up in the following assertion:

      Erin DOES NOT desire The Perfect Man. Erin does not desire the existence of genuine white Supremacists. Butt, Erin CALLS HERSELF a white nationalist.

      How can you maintain this FALSE EQUATION???

      WN = “white” anti-white Supremacist…

      You can maintain “it” BY BEING a radical liberationist/autonomist…

      “We” can’t know for certain whether you are a mere practitioner (radical liberationist) of white self-annihilation or whether you are a fundamentalist “preacher” (radical autonomist) of white self-annihilation?

    • There is a consequence to playing the Game of Life as though upon death, whether peacefully or in the ravages of our war, YOU EARNED TOTAL ANNIHILATION…

      And the consequence is that The Perfect Creator God WILL GIVE YOU EXACTLY WHAT YOU DESIRE and a TRUE God is wont to do.

      WHY any intelligent white man WOULD ORIENT HIMSELF in this manner CALLS INTO QUESTION ALL the notions of “intelligent,” “white” and “man.”

      The consensus HERE is this is exactly the outcome. Total annihilation. A place of self-annihilators.

  8. If the convert class is high IQ “white” males of the West THEN The Equation is the most obvious and unequivocal “tool of the trade.”

    To “game” high IQ “white” males IS TO ULTIMATELY SHOW THEM as being IGNORANT of The Equation.

    Such a finding ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITS designation as high IQ ANYTHING.

    Of course, before one gets to that logical conclusion, one must engage this process at the “local” level. One must engage high IQ “white” males, SCHOOL THEM on The Equation and the dominate true and false equations of our time AND THEN ANALYZE the reaction as to make an assessment of their ultimate intelligence. IT IS A GIVEN that a self-annihilator IS NOT ACTUALLY intelligent. This is the criterion with which one evaluates, validates and legitimates true intelligence.

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