John Joe Gray

by Ryu

“John Joe Gray is not worth it. Ten of him is not worth going up there and getting one of my young deputies killed.”

Now we’re getting close to a real solution. The system is not willing to die. They feel fear too. They’ll always tell you want to do, if you….… have the ears for it.

2 Comments to “John Joe Gray”

  1. Another reason why the widespread ownership of firearms should be encouraged, and everyone should make it their policy to open fire the moment their door is busted down.
    I never repond to knocks.

    • CCL’s are overlooked as colored pest control. Get one.
      Practice like a SWATzi.

      Strap on a .45 and a Rolex.
      Toddle on down to the nearest
      “Urban Area”
      Take out the trash…

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