I Support North Korea

by Ryu

America dislikes nations it cannot bully. This is the primary reason the US demonizes North Korea. As for their crimes, the US has no footing. Everything the Americans accuse North Korea of, the US itself has done:

Which nation has more poor and starving people? North Korea or the US?

Who has tortured more people?

Whose media is more controlled?

Whose military issues more threats and saber-rattling?

There’s a lot of conceit in the US, but North Korea has ……advantages. They have a homogeneous population. They have a strong military with excellent computer abilities. They have an intact family structure. It’s worth noting that while the US has attacked Afghanistan and Iraq, it has not attacked North Korea. Bullies only fight those they consider weak.

If the worldwide electric grid should fail, third world nations would suffer the least. America would suffer the most. North Korea would hardly notice. This picture can be interpreted in two ways. Light is not a measure of civilization.

The American empire stretches far and wide. It has many vassal states and colonies. There’s a short list of countries who have resisted: Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, Iran, and North Korea. Communism and Islam are two proven ideologies for fighting American capitalism. These are your leaders.

America once made a propaganda movie lionizing the people of Afghanistan. That movie has been forgotten. The idealized American soldier, Rambo, found many Afghani comrades.

44 Comments to “I Support North Korea”

  1. Ah, Rambo Part XXVI:
    Murkans are so well propagandized
    They cannot tell they are controlled

    Josie Stalin had it wrong – so did Uncle Dolfie: The best way to control The Stupids is not camps n’ gulags no! It’s with Pizza & Football.

    Bread & Circus

  2. The Ashkenazi Elite and the Anglosphere actually have very little influence in countries who see through their cultural facade and vapidity.

    Israel is an Anglosphere nation governed by an Ashkenazi Elite. Anyone who visits Israel and have a non-biased opinion will tell you it is one ugly shithole. Its vibrancy, urban life, cultural offerings don’t even come close to that of Beirut, Lebanon (whom the Israelis hate by the way), and I dare to say Tehran in Iran. Further, the average Ashkenazi in Israeli is no smarter than your Iranian, Greek or Turk, who live in nicer countries with a friendlier disposition.

    • Welcome to Eradica e-buddy. I’m happy my comrade from Half Sigma decided to join the dark side.

      I must disagree though: Israel is an advanced/advancing first world economy in an otherwise barren/bleak desert land.

      • If Firepower doesn’t fix my typo I’m gonna be angry that he removed my admin powers.

        [ednote: so…persnickety. i fixed all of them. merry xmas!]

      • It’s a rather ugly country in terms of its aesthetics and people. Many rational Jews who have visited the Holy Land, will tell you the same.

        There’s nothing to envy about Israel. The Modern Greeks beat them in soccer and basketball, and I assume they would beat them in a fight when it comes to weapons. And Greece is a shitty euro country.

    • Israel survived multiple invader onslaughts and is a nuclear armed state. They’re by far the most powerful entity in the middle east. The only other comparable country is Turkey which is part of NATO.

      • The nation of Israel looks far less admirable when one understands that a nation always on the brink of annihilation is a nation CREATED BY SELF-ANNIHILATORS… Of course, this does not mean that Israel does not have rival liberationist enemies right at her doorstep and therefore an inherent right to self-defense… Of course she does…

        The point is that until the “Chosen Ones” CONVERT even the destruction OF ALL their enemies WOULD NOT bring them back from the brink of annihilation.

      • On a more noble and grander scale, who cares if Israel have nukes in the ME. It’s a shithole. Israel has ugly topography, ugly people, and ugly everything. Beirut, Lebanon is a much nicer place than all of Israhell. Don’t forget its Hezbollah guerrillas gave the Jews a finger, and not much they could have done since their last spat with the Lebanese. Playing with radiation in that part of the world is lose lose situation anyway, since these teeny weeny nations are right next to one another, where a big bomb means everybody in that region will die.

    • A nation mostly founded by Holocaust survivors are self annihilators? Israel is horrible despite having a first world economy? Gee I wonder why they’re so paranoid everyone hates them and are committed to their destruction.

      • The “Chosen Ones” are self-annihilators. It’s WHY they are called the “Chosen Ones” and not Supremacists, Christian Supremacists, Jewish Supremacists or white Supremacists.

        You keep thinking Darwinian, but the game is all about the self-annihilators shaping the global environment anywhere and everywhere they infect.

        A nation ALWAYS on the brink of annihilation from its genesis is a nation that evidences a self-annihilating people. That’s all.

      • Just because one is surrounded by those who want to kill you does not mean one is not a self-annihilator. In fact, the perceptive social critic takes the opposite view. The fact that one is surrounded by those who want to kill him, AND HE also imagining himself being free, ABSOLUTELY infers HE is self-annihilator.

        Israel is part of a symbiotic regression.

      • Israel is really nothing but an Anglosphere outpost in that part of the world, where America keeps tabs on the petro despots. It’s like Puerto Rico to despotic Cuba/Venezuela, and Taiwan/Japan/South Korea to despotic China/North Korea.

  3. Ryu I like your searching nature, but I think you are wrong thinking that Islam and/or communism was or is an actually battle between our idealogies. There is SO much proof that Al Qaeda was created by the CIA, Bin Laden was taught by the CIA, ISIS being a jew creation, etc etc.

    The military machine NEEDS an enemy, and what better way then in the words of an commy ‘enemy’ “the best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves”.

    • If they need an enemy, they create him.

      But they sometimes lose control of their monsters. Osama was like this, as is ISIS. It may be the path for WN too. We do a lot of free work, scaring the minos. We should be getting paid by the SPLC and USG for our efforts.

    • Politics are fickle they change with the times; today’s friend can easily be tomorrow’s enemy. Jihadists were first used against the Soviet Union during the Cold War, but that doesn’t mean they’re simply pawns.

      Had the Soviet Union remained intact, it’s likely 911 would have occurred in Moscow and Leningrad with an alternative war on terror led by the Soviets. Perhaps the conflict would become another proxy war between capitalism and communism. However the Iranian hostage crisis also suggests radical Islam would have become a third major force in world politics.

      • For the record the Soviets were winning the Soviet-Afghan war from 1979-1984, despite massive opposition from the United States, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan. Whatever setbacks they faced they were winning the Cold War elsewhere in the lesser known Soviet wars in sub-Saharan Africa. The Soviet economy was also growing again in the early to mid 1980s after several years of stagnation. The demise of the Soviet Union was entirely due to capitalist restoration by Gorbachev. A betrayal only the founder of the Soviet Union Leon Trotsky correctly predicted decades earlier.

        The AK-47 perhaps the greatest firearm ever made and the most iconic symbol of Soviet power did more for freedom than any bourgeois constitution. The Cold War began after WW2 but in reality started with the Bolshevik seizure of power in 1917. The legacy of that heroic struggle lives on today in Putin’s Russia and elsewhere.

      • And yet… Communism only works for a people that desire to be coerced into a collective greater than the individual adherent while maintaining the illusion that said adherents are still equal to the overall collective.

        A dictatorship of the proletariat is a social construction BUILT for CONTINUOUS disassembling AND starting anew.

      • There was nothing inevitable about the demise of the Soviet Union but yes the class war is a continuous struggle. Trotsky warned that the precedents Stalin established killed Soviet democracy from which the USSR would never recover. This concentrated too much power at the top of the bureaucracy and would someday lead the way to capitalist restoration. Gorbachev represented this bourgeois counterrevolution from the top. He preached “reform” but now brags that he destroyed the Soviet Union. Mao Zedong also coined the term capitalist roaders to identify traitors like Gorbachev. Mao understood reactionaries and bourgeois elements were regaining ground in China. He started the cultural revoultion to stamp them out with the masses rising up against the party elite. Mao was very much like Trotsky in that they were both military leaders, committed to world revoultion, and understood that class struggle continues even under Marxism. A major reason Red China still exists while the USSR doesn’t is because Mao led while Trotsky didn’t.

      • There is always an inevitable demise for a “union” of self-annihilators. The only question for “communism” are of the matter of perpetuation FOR communism, like jihad, IS a socio-ideological mechanism TO PERPETUATE a certain variant of self-annihilator.

        In short, a WN cannot embrace communism/socialism WITHOUT FIRST becoming anti-WN/anti-WS.

        Your continued cheerleading of communism and Islam is done “in the spirit of” an anti-WN/WS…

        But instead of feeling an indictment, understand the true player that you are…

      • Your “self annihilator” talk is just bible thumper BS. Everything has a beginning and an end. Just because something ends doesn’t mean it was a failure. You can end on a high note or not but what matters is what was achieved. Real struggle and not pseudo intellectual Christianity hidden behind a facade of verbosity.

      • Of course, you have a liberated notion of “bible thumping,” but true to your materialistic paradigm, you ONLY CONCEIVE of self-annihation as total physical annihilation. You don’t conceive of spiritual and intellectual self-annihilation WHILE STILL “being alive.” It is this state of being that communism and Islam “help” to “remedy” BY casting the physical struggle as “all-being” and dismissing the spiritual and intellectual battle BECAUSE IT HAS ALREADY BEEN CONCEDED by the individual.

        You merely do the bidding for your own pet entropic force.

        That is you… Embraced a spiritual and intellectual self-annihilation BUT BELIEVE you are really alive because you are all physical.

  4. Because Ryu is a radical autonomist, one is automatically suspicious when he laments one radically autonomous regime in inexplicable favor of two other older and more primitive radically autonomous regimes.

    If one were to give the benefit of naive ignorance then the first order of business would be to dissuade Ryu from myopically viewing “things” from the relativist paradigm BECAUSE it has, ironically, “forced” Ryu into establishing what appears to be an absolute hierarchy. Of course, no radical autonomist will give “absolute hierarchy” any existence that then can be imposed on himself. So what’s the angle here?

    There are only two angles that a radical autonomist will work. Maximizing autonomy and minimizing autonomy BUT EACH pursuit can ALSO BE IN a passive-aggressive combo. So in essence, the radical autonomist has four categories of action. Aggressively maximize autonomy and aggressively minimize “others'” autonomy OR passively maximize one’s autonomy and passively minimize the “others'” autonomy OR aggressively maximize/passively minimize OR passively maximize/aggressively minimize.

    So we look at phenomena like Darwinism, Islam or Communism AND EVEN THOUGH each is a self-refuting human conception, each is, nonetheless, an “intellectual” vessel in which highly intelligent radical autonomists passively/aggressively control the masses.

    The only rationale for a radical autonomist of the West to abandon “American capitalism” to assimilate into communism or Islam is a) because he genuinely believes the “move” will maximize his autonomy or b) he KNOWS it will minimize the autonomy of all rivals who heed his word.

    • Sure, I seek to minimize autonomy of others. My freedom is their slavery.

      But Jesus did this too. He was a God, but he gave his followers a book of rules, rather than making them gods also.

      • But the effect of Jesus Christ was to ABSOLVE YOU OF YOUR IMPERFECTION and not impose upon you the psychological terror of being perfect or having hell to pay. This latter meme is the creation of the original radical autonomist. But because we are NOW post-liberation… In a state of “equality…” A radically autonomous environment… Perfection IS NO LONGER a conceivable concept for the masses. The imposition of Christ is a forgone conclusion to the sheep.

        To convince YOU to REJECT The Perfect Man, EITHER THE EMPIRICAL FACT OR THE HUMAN CONCEPTION, is to have you permanently psychologically imprisoned.

        The consequence of such a belief CANNOT CONTINUOUSLY be rendered meaningless WHEN it is so very obvious that The Perfect Man is desired by ALL females and admired, envied or hated by ALL males.

        Now you ask yourself what communism and jihad says???

        And you “see” the ROOT OF YOUR “ALLIANCE.”

        The hatred for The Perfect Man. The rejection of The Singularity. The desire for “infinite regress.”

      • Although ineffective on my frame, you nevertheless have mesmerizing qualities on ranks of lieutenants and below; the majority of numbers in every organization.

        I value such useful tactics. You must use this to bring more disciples to your religion at Eradica.
        Take care depleting it well before you grow physiognomically old and that relegates you to obsolescence.
        You must therefore work swiftly.

      • I also salute TD. He is the most persistant WN I know of.

        As for me, it won’t work. I’m not going to only hear one side of the story. The devil must have a say also. Satan led the greatest revolution of all time, and he is worth hearing.

      • If one is believed “too much a dick” – or doesn’t
        speak Xtian well enough to be The Pied Piper
        …then get one
        who does

      • Ryu…

        I must take the bait because in reality you are hearing the “other” side of the story for the first time. Not the story of Jesus Christ BUT the story of how Ryu has learned all manner of ways and means to reject the CONCEPT of The Perfect Man. And of course, the trickle down effect is the rejection of the perfect white man and the perfect Ryu. Anti-Supremacist… Anti-white Supremacist… Anti-Ryu… Self-annihilator. And it is with this learned rejection that one then becomes the clay in which to mold ANYTHING another sculptor desires.

        When one chooses radical autonomy OVER white Supremacy because it gives one maximum physical autonomy HE MUST NEVER FORGET that he has also given the invitation to all white Supremacists TO MOLD ME as one sees fit.

        With no identity to protect, there is no identity to defend.

      • Of course. The military and police do this in their training – destroy, and then build back up.

        One has to be willing to break the rules, and then remake his own. God did this himself when he created the universe, angering the void. God understands rebellion very well.

        God created the devil to trap the foolish, just as the USG creates ISIS, Osama, etc. He creates the problem and the solution both. Rules are for children, the unripe. Most need to be told what to do; God understands this. But I say that Satan and Jesus sit at the same table.

      • Ryu…

        They only metaphorically sit at the same table BECAUSE you sense benefit in falsely equating them. And you desire to falsely equate them to be set free from contributing to the intellectual understanding of the The Perfect Creator God as so many of your most distinguished forefathers have done.

        To put your mind on Supremacy… The Singularity… Recognizing that a universe of no more than redundant phenomena (observable, measureable, PREDICTABLE) IS A STUNTED UNIVERSE and therefore those that subscribe to it, either consciously or subconsciously, ARE STUNTED.

        The REAL Ryu is a true singularity. Under modern scientific understanding, YOU do not EXIST. Singularity do not exist. Only redundant phenomena exist. Only the “infinite regress” exist.

        You BELIEVE THIS and help bring “it” to existence.

        I seek to transcend the “infinite regress” that you and those like you relentlessly attempt to “create.”

      • Ryu…

        Another thing… All genuine white Supremacists are de facto white nationalists BUT nearly NO white nationalist is a genuine white Supremacist.


        The FUNDAMENTAL ASSERTION of WN has to be believed as though it exists HERE AND NOW. It cannot be defended otherwise. If “it” is debased to nothing more than a wish or a dream then it will not see existence.

        One cannot progress to white Supremacist until the claim of WN is unarguably internalized and impervious to ALL MANNER of counter argument.

        The right of Ryu to live amomgst his beloved white brothers IS A GIVEN! To argue against this right, ESPECIALLY from the radical liberationist perspective, is absurdity squared FOR IT IS THEY that have provoked us in re-altering reality by sheer psychological force.

  5. In a radically autonomous playing field, it’s a form of “white knighting” TO AUTOMATICALLY takes sides with those who “stand up” to the Bully.

    You ought to explore how the “good” South Koreans treat their brothers and sisters of the North or explore how homogeneously the Korean HATES, HATES, HATES the genuine white Supremacist.

    And the attack on Sony is an attack on Japanese infrastructure AND RIVAL radical liberationist ALL SOMEHOW coming at the expense of “America” and “Anericans.”. Cousin-crushin’ over there, rival smashin’ over here AND genuine white Supremacy as the universal backdrop that holds it all together.

  6. Aggressively maximize/minimize– The Tyrannical Dictator

    Passively maximize/minimize– The Sheep

    Aggressively maximize/passively minimize– The Neoreactionist

    Passively maximize/aggressively minimize– The Parasite

  7. One of the feverish pursuits of the mad secular scientist is to find existence of life where there is no light. He wants to find “life in the darkness.” But, it is not a question of whether there is life in the darkness of North Korea or whether all the lights of American just help “hide” all the lifeless darkness… The question is whether intelligent life CAN ORIGINATE from the darkness AND IF “it” cannot then light, ALL LIGHT, is a sign of Life.

  8. To further elucidate my point..

    Ryu attempted, consciously or subconsciously, to perform “mathematical jiu jitsu” upon the reader. There was a “forced” equation to be embraced by the “rules” of liberated mathematics, science, culture, etc.

    All the light of America = the paucity of light in North Korea…

    Light = Dark

    Fundamental assertion?

    Life CAN COME from the darkness.

    This is the COHERENT top-down/bottom-up ideology of a radical autonomist in real time.

    And in the real world, it has a self-proclaimed WN asserting that more life comes out of the darkness of North Korea than does come out of all the light of America.

    It’s really an inexplicable attempt at social engineering a totally uncertain future reality.

  9. In the Darwinian paradigm, the environment shapes the player and we see this play out prominently amongst all liberationist collectives. The black male hustles, thugs, rides dirty cuz his “poor” environment shapes him that way..

    The radical autonomist understands that by shaping the PLAYERS, he can then TRANSFORM the environment. He understands the falsity of the Darwinian paradigm BUT ALSO the ability for sheep to follow such a paradigm IF THEY BELIEVE IT.

    So here at Eradica, we shape our rivals in an attempt to transform this virtual domain in our image.

  10. Another high IQ “white” male liberal movement is the fetishizing of all things Asian. There is an implicit admiration/envy for stereotypical high IQ Asian and love/lust for stereotypical Asian female femininity. And once again, we have kernels of truth embedded in the steaming piles of poo left by the street abandoned skinned carcasses of once live dogs literally terrified shitless.

    There is no fundamental alliance with any Asian that is not first grounded in, at minimum, a respect for genuine white Supremacy. And at the level of Asian collective, this entity is anti-white Supremacist through and through.

  11. Great post. North Korea is one of the few nations capable of resisting US imperialism. Their leader even called Obango a monkey.

    South Korea’s male population are mostly cuckolds whose women are whores for western GIs. If that’s “freedom” then self respecting Koreans should embrace the DPRK.

    Contrary to the bullshit propaganda, North Korea actually was more politically and economically powerful than South Korea until the late 1970s.

    • Thanks, I like that they kick back. Their hacking shows that the US will bend.

      South Korea is just another whore for the US now. The men rely upon the USA for protection. Cuba must look out. The capitalists have dollar signs in their eyes about “developing” Cuba again.

      • Ryu…

        On the global stage, talk of “bullies” and victims IS THE LEXICON of the radical liberationist/autonomist.

        THERE IS NO SUBSTANCE to your stance in siding with the North Korean victim versus the American “bully” OTHER THAN to effortlessly minimizing the autonomy of those STUPID ENOUGH to PUBLICLY SIDE with a RIVAL radically autonomous regime BY HEEDING YOUR WORDS.

        In others words, THE PRACTICAL EFFECT of this post was to make “white” and nonwhite liberationists MORE RADICAL ultimately coming at the expense of a media created “white supremacy” emanating from America.

        YOU ARE part and parcel of the anti-white Supremacist zeitgeist.

        This is what a geniune white Supremacist sees…

  12. Thanks for this great discussion. A corollary of believing in the right of the brothers to band together and establish their supremacy is indifference to or contempt for the cowardly intellectual argument that other gangs also believe they are supreme and have the right to rule and therefore all who so believe are wrong and bad. You can take the side of that “higher” awareness and work towards making the gangs lay down their weapons, but if in reality you are undermining your gang instead of enhancing its greatness you are a traitor.

    I mention this in connection with TD’s theme of the Perfect Man. The Moslems think Mohammed was the perfect man. In our Western Christian tradition, he’s a satanic rebel. Now we are far advanced in that tradition and the Crusades were a long time ago, but that doesn’t mean we have to plant our feet on purely intellectual and self-defeating concepts like the functional equivalence of cultures and belief systems, or loyalty to a liberal world state. The sense of common destiny in the blood/heart/spirit is providential, a gift of the Holy Ghost. It is pragmatic and logically prior to intellectual constructs. You have it or you don’t.

    To quote Moses, “The Lord is a man of war.”

    • The vocation is primary. It includes the calling to develop culture based on inspiration and on accumulated and contemporary knowledge and experience, from the matrix of which inspiration proposes action. Eradica addresses all three functions: vocation, culture, and action.

    • And yet… All battle and transfer of power is at the LOCAL level via laws of physics. “Entrenched power,” “projected power,” “default elite…” All human social constructs utilized as psychological “barriers to entry.”

      But there is no barrier to worshipping The Perfect Man or for any individual man to seek greater credibilty and thus gain Capital.

      The hatred that derives from a consumption of this rendition is rooted in both the unmistakeable “imposition” it represents AND the unshakeable belief that “it” is the eternal whispering of the ghosts of white Supremacy’s past.

      This is individual and collective. We need not be indifferent, ONLY unapologetic about the desire to strive towards Supremacy as a white man. When other white men endeavor to do the same, we do not have a gang, we have white Supremacy.

  13. I support no higher authority, whether government or imaginary.

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