What Happens When Cops are Raided?

by Ryu

IRL, Kim Guilfoyle RLY IZ Mrs. Ryu

…or the NSA is surveilled? Or the FBI infilitrated?

Many a man can dish it out, but few can take it. The man who lives by the sword, dies by the sword as well.

Many in the USG try to deny this “house rule” of the universe. They celebrate their victories, then lament their losses. The USG maintains its power though animal violence, yet they cry when ISIS beheads a single American journalist:(

Cops are the same way. Following big raids and busts are parties with beer and pizza. Yet, when their own houses are raided, outrage :O

For better or worse, till death do us part. One must be prepared for……. both aspects of a practice. Nothing is all profit or all loss.

I have only seen the following once in my life when a breach goes bad for SWAT. It was particularly memorable.

11 Comments to “What Happens When Cops are Raided?”

  1. Stereotypically, the average cop craves authority but lacks the means to attain it without legal sanction. Their weakness then is verbal persuasion. Lawyers and disloyal families demoralize them like nothing else.

    • As do smartass tweets, etc.

      • I have learned that cops have a large number of fears.

        What they fear, more than anything else, is defense attorneys. They hate being on the stand and not being in control. They hate having to react to the DA’s questions.

      • That is why a lawyerly approach combats them best. Trick questions, subterfuge and the like – documented for latter examination.

        The same tricks they use, but with different tools.
        Lawyering up immediately is necessary. Think of yourself as a lawyer and approach them that way: They are used to bullshit, worshipful questions like “how COOL is it being a cop?” and what kind of gun they carry and if what it’s like to arrest somebody.

        Sly questions regarding their authority seasoned with a hint of inside info intimidate them. Intimidation causes fear and fear causes mistakes.
        off topic: see
        Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces

  2. Since cops are under the same relentless pressure to seek radical autonomy as all others AND it is foolish to believe one can dampen the plentiful supply of yes-“men”-ions THEN we must focus on conversion within. If we are to have cops then we must persuade them TO OPERATE as genuine white Supremacists AND NOT turn into pigs, i.e., embrace radical autonomy.

    The transformation of cop –> pig is the same as it for man –> homo-sexual… One embraces a degraded state and then calls “it” freedom. For the cop –> pig transformation, one is LIBERALIZED… Dispirited, deracinated, homo-sexualized… bureaucratized. So if you are a white male seeking to be a cop in America 2014, YOU MUST FIRST UNDERSTAND that you are walking in WITH THE INSTITUTIONAL EXPECTATION that you will turn “pig” promptly enough and without argument. Psychological war is all “we” really have when it comes to this particular issue.

  3. There are basically two modern cop archetypes: Pig for Profit&Prophet and Naive Cop highly susceptible to the persuasion of illegitimate authority. The transition once one walks across the blue wall must be swift and unequivocal. Naive Cops turn into Pigs by recognizing the propheteering to be done in recognizing an illegitimate authority, i.e., one who rejects the rules of white Supremacy and embraces the desire for radical autonomy as the only “rule.”

    Our job is to two-fold and the blue wall is the focal point such that the object of conversion is Naive Cop right at blue wall and nearly pig right after he has crossed the threshold. The object is to TELL HIM, “white” male liberal with desire of yes-“men”-ion status what EXACTLY WILL TRANSPIRE… One will be liberalized (dispirited, deracinated, homo-sexualized and bureaucratized) and have all traces of white Supremacy corrupted out of him.

  4. If you are a white Supremacist operating in a radically autonomous environment then you need exceptional social skills AND desire for greater and more acute perception. You need to be a good “radical autonomist.” But first, you have to be able to discern a radically autonomous environment AND articulate internally the operational rules of white Supremacy.

    Future “white” yes-“men”-ions…

    Do neither nor…

    “We” must guide them, persuade them to act in their yes-“men”-ion status by the operating rules of white Supremacy so as to be akin to an anti-Virus exogenously injected which seeks to eradicate the self-annihilating organisms within who will have Copdom inevitably destroyed through absurdly reckless propheteering (think Minority Report as the foreshadowing… The confidence of telling your enemy IN ADVANCE exactly how you will beat them and then doing it).

    Revenge of the Nerds was another foreshadowing event originating with high IQ “white” male liberationists.

    Jihadists do much foreshadowing in their propheteering, also.

  5. At Eradica, one MUST ASSUME that the most crafty and ruthless of social engineers congregate unassumingly. So one takes this post by Ryu and the default orientation is that this post serves as a means to social engineer future cops IN ONE’S IMAGE. Of course, there is instinctive push back in being identified in ways that appear to seek to minimize one’s autonomy. And therein lies “our” problem. “We” seek to socially engineer future “white” cops into operating by the rules of white Supremacy WITHOUT GIVING PAUSE to the idea of minimizing their autonomy. The psychological battle is in differentiating between genuine free will even in times of total depravity versus a false sense of freedom in times of blissful denial.

    “White” male who seeks Copdom, you go into a radically autonomous environment. Your choices are total assimilation and self-annihilation… Eh, pig-status. Or, stealth operation by the rules of white Supremacy UNTIL the time is ripe for revelation. The former is easy deadly while the latter requires an increasing in one’s encompassing skills: spiritual, intellectual and physical.

  6. The malaise of “white” male of Murka is a profound identity crisis. He has been indoctrinated since birth to reject ALL notions of white Supremacy while only slowly learning of the very narrow corridor of radical autonomy that he MUST NOW traverse. Adding to this malaise is the sudden shock of the OBVIOUSNESS OF IT ALL… Both the indoctrination against white Supremacy AND the foreshadowing of a Liberationist-ONLY paradigm hits one like a Henderson H-bomb.

    This battle between pigs and anti-white Supremacists is a battle between two variants of radical autonomist. Ryu, there is no reason for me, as a white Supremacist, to cheerlead either side. Meh… This is “white” liberationist soap opera something akin to the Stanley’s calling out his niggers. It looks like a real moral battle from then outside UNTIL you operate under a white Supremacist frame AND THEN it looks like two variants of radical “black” liberationists battling to maximize their respective autonomy’s at the expense of what will enviably be “white supremacy.” It’s win-win for Liberationists and lose for white Supremacy.

    You are engaged in the same process with this white male versus white cop series. It all comes at the expense of white Supremacy.

  7. What the dilemma for average white cop in America? He has to be a “racist” anti-white Supremacist. Meaning, he has to stay tough on the radical nigel WHILE PUBLICLY MAINTAINING an air of “equality” with thug and citizen alike.

    HE CANNOT operate in his capacity BY THE LAWS of white Supremacy.

    This is a profound dilemma for many a young white boy dedicated to maintaining a civil order through legitimate use of violence.

  8. I hope you can appreciate the ability to eject liberationists, especially the female variety, from this competitive playing field here at Eradica.

    Eradication of one’s enemies is a viable option given two conclusive proofs:

    1. The enemy is imminently lethal.
    2. The enemy spreads self-annihilation which is an uncontainable biological weapon with MAXIMUM infection points.

    The closer one gets to genuine white Supremacy the closer one gets to logically concluding that ALL FALL within the above two parameters.

    But the conclusion is not feasible and logic must submit to a genuine free will. The self-annihilator who is most infectious is your lady, brother, mom, best friend. They are worthy of conversion to white Supremacy and you are their cure. And rather than being totally consumed by the eradication of all aggressive genociders and infectious self-annihilators, one can leave a segment of his overall action towards the conversion of those he really cares for to white Supremacy.

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