The Killing of America

by doomdigit

Below is an interesting documentary about ultraviolence in America: assassinations, race riots, spree killings, and serial killings.  Some of the events are well known but there are others that most probably have not even heard of.  Sadly, the documentary has a very simple premise — more guns equals more violence.  Near the end of the documentary there is an interview with Edmund Kemper who says “When someone abandons himself to being a victim, he’s ….…..gonna have to be one.”

I was riding the A train southbound under Washington Heights.  For you lucky readers who don’t visit or live in New York City, this is on of the Rotten Apple’s infamous subways passing beneath a neighborhood that’s well known for wholesale and retail drug vending.  I had just dropped my motorcycle off across the Hudson River in the state of New Jersey.  My bike is an extremely loud, very obvious vintage chopper that only loosely conforms to the motor vehicle equipment laws.  The Fourth is a night when the bulls are out on the roads big time and the chances of my being pulled over were very good.  They’re good any time, but better on the Fourth.  For that reason, and because I was crossing a state line, I had no concealed weapons and was alarmingly sober.

So at 11 o’clock I was on a downtown train, reading a paperback book.  The only other two people in the car were at the other end, about 50 feet away, talking to each other.

At 168th Street, under Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, my man got aboard.  He took a seat directly across from me, and as soon as the doors were closed and we started to roll, he produced a paper of white powder–either coke or crank, probably coke–and sniffed it allllllll up.  Then he licked the paper clean, rolled it into a ball, and flicked it down the empty aisle of the train car.

Not every town in America has people openly horning coke in public, and truth be told it’s not that common in New York, if for no other reason than other folks will want a taste–or take a taste away by force.  The various narcotics outlets in New York cater to a large and impatient clientele.  But it’s not shockingly uncommon, either.  You do see people shooting up and that sort of thing, and smoking reefer is about as common, and as de facto legal, as smoking cigarettes.

So his sniffing didn’t bother me.  It was the Fourth of July, right?  Let freedom ring.  But I kept half an eye on him while I read my book.  Abruptly he got my full attention: he reached behind himself and pulled a nice long knife from the back of his pants with his right hand and stuck his left thumb in his mouth like a baby.  I don’t know which move looked crazier, the blade or the thumb-sucking.  And then there were his eyes, which were obviously headed into orbit from the coke.

Freedom was suddenly not ringing as loudly as it had been.  Thumb-sucker looked at me, turning his blade this way and that to make the light gleam off the flat side, like the psycho killers do in grade-B horror flicks.  The knife was hidden from the other people at the far end of the car by the design of the seats–not that they would have done anything.  I learned from getting shot in the streets of New York that most people won’t even dial 911 to help you out.  You’re strictly on your own, lonelier than a dope dealer in a parking lot full of cops.  I shifted my weight in the seat to prepare a kick and closed the book, ready to throw it spine-first into his face while I got clear.

He glanced down at the knife in his hand.  “You like it?” he asked.

“Yeah.  I got one a lot like it.”  No need to tell him it was at home.  It really wasn’t all that difficult for me to stay calm and just act irritated.  I was in kind of a general rage anyway, pissed off at being on the train instead of my bike, pissed off at New York, pissed off at being sober this close to midnight on the Fourth.  They say that fights are won in the mind and not the hands anyway, and if that were true, I had this sky-high thumb-sucker already cracked in half.  It was the perfect mood to be in…

Thumb-sucker looked at the knife in his hand again.  “You want it?” he asked.

Little trick question there, I guessed.  He probably meant pointy end first.  Something else occurred to me about this guy: he was speaking clearly with his thumb in his mouth.  After you get past the age of pacifiers, this is real tough to do.  Stick your thumb in your mouth and try talking.  This guy spent a lot of time with his thumb in his mouth.  Which just made a bad scene worse.

Now I looked him in those cokey eyes.  “Naw, you keep it,” I said, referring to the blade.  “It’s a nice one, hold onto it.”

“What’s your tattoo say?” he asked.  So he was illiterate too.

“Psychotic Reaction,” I said.  I got it after I got shot.  It made a lot of sense then.  But I took the cue and started riffing, “Yeah,” I lied, “it was this band I used to be in, maybe you heard of us?  Anyway, we played around a lot.  I played bass, and we were doing pretty good, making some money, you know, and then my drummer married this broad, I never could stand this bitch, you know?  You ever have a friend of yours marry some broad you couldn’t stand?  She was nothing but trouble, this dame, telling him what to do all the friggin’ time, and finally he quit the band and I lost my job and had to sell my bass, and I haven’t worked in six fucking months…”  Just a torrent of bullshit talk, and this guy’s eyes were rolling.  Anybody’s would have been.  We pulled into the 125th Street station and I got up nice and casual, stuffed my book into my hip pocket, and said goodbye on the way out.  Then I moved back one car and resumed my ride.

I have absolutely no doubt that the thumb-sucker cut the hell out of someone that night–someone who quivered and sniffled and begged him not to do it.  That’s what he was looking for, fear and the power that goes with it.  You can get all cerebral about it if you like, talking about illiteracy and the permanent underclass of society and all that, but its relevance evaporated the second the cat pulls his shank.  Right out the fucking window.

What saved me that night was attitude.  If he had caught me in a more vulnerable mood, it might have turned out differently.

Chris Pfouts, True Tales of American Violence (Boulder: Paladin Press 1993), 3-6.

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  1. Akinokure’s Face to Face blog says we’re due for a rising crime trend after twenty years of falling homicide and rape rates. Got my own car window smashed recently by some thug gang using rental cars to stake out isolated parking lots. If some crankhead confronts me I plan to talk to him in a foreign language.

    • It’s obvious rising crime comes with rising numbers of coloreds displacing meek whites:

      Timetable For America’s Burial
      The Coming USA Terror
      White Minority Eradication:

      • Jesus Christ was not meek. He endured the Perfect Pain at Crucifixion. Many don’t understand how this helps solve the problem of “evil” or how this lack of understanding has “us” so laser focused in on savage violence.

        It should be taken on faith that our God will never have us suffer the pain that his only begotten Son suffered. The sacrifice WAS MADE. That with the suffering of this Perfect Pain, even the most diabolical of human savages will not have an equal power of infliction on us.

        “We” fight a psychological war and He who has endured the most Perfect Pain of ALL MEN is someone to look into to get answers.

      • Christ was definitely meek during his 1st coming. The hundreds of Bible passages say so and even describe him as The Lamb of God.

        Seeing as the bulk of evidence regarding his life are thus in those pages, we cannot convolute “promises” of some Vengeful Revelation Christ coming to dispense justice…after he’s been on the pot for 2,000 years.

      • FP…

        But the larger point is that Christ’s meekness IN YOUR MIND is in actuality your rejection of the CONCEPT “The Perfect Man.”

        The game is on to “perfect” man…

        To destroy the only viable standard LEAVES YOU WHERE?

        You are working from scratch LIKE God himself.

        If you can accept a time for meekness then you have not invalidated Christ’s Perfection.

        If you accept Christ as enduring the Perfect Pain then you have evidence of Christ as valiant warrior…

        With genuine free will, YOU can orient your own reality.

        Like a typical alt-riter, you socially engineer suspicious new realities seeking to “perfect” things without a sense of Perfection… Seeking to refine things without a sense of refinement… Seeking to move man without a sense of genuine free will…

        This phenomenon is called radical autonomy where the destruction of old and despised realities/selves is primary to the creating of new and orderly future realities/selves.

      • No…
        The only point is that you make the opposite point of Christ’s “boldness”
        …Which is also in YOUR mind, if you hadn’t noticed.

        If you label Eradica – or especially me – as a typical alt-riter you’ve dropped too much acid.

        You define every frame with a mystical, obtuse phenomenon of your own that you call “radical autonomy”.

        I will tell you clearly that trying to Outframe me is impossible. I’ll bet you’re likely to grow so frustrated at its impregnability you silently retreat into thin air, quit, then vanish.

      • Lol…

        No need to out frame you… You have already asserted the intent to “speak” Truth. In other words, you have already attested to your belief in objective Supremacy (and if you are white then you are a de facto white Supremacist).

        The only DISPUTE is with the definition of said objective Supremacy…

        I have put forward my understanding:

        Objective Supremacy = The Perfect Creator God = The Perfect Man = He who will do all right = Jesus Christ…

        It doesn’t get more straightforward than that…

        AND if you accept this definition then it makes COMMON SENSE for the white man to worship The Perfect Man.

        “We” in the West HAVE FOLLOWED the primitives AND NOW not only do “we” reject Jesus Christ, The Perfect Man, a revelation to the Chosen Ones of a Perfect Creator God as empirical fact, “we” simply reject the CONCEPT of “The Perfect Man,” outright. This is pathological and degenerate. It is self-annihilating.

      • Good to see you not running away.

        Objective Supremacy = The Perfect Creator God = The Perfect Man = He who will do all right = Jesus Christ…

        AND if you accept this definition then it makes COMMON SENSE for the white man to worship The Perfect Man.

        No. God has no perfection to worship in the description I gave Erin.

        A god that creates a Satan – then lets him run unchecked for millenia – is no perfect being. Not when the same god demands I feed the poor while he does not.

        To your other point, primitives are the most prone to accept the xtian god, for they are like the children he professes to cherish.

        So, if you believe god created Man in his own image, the anthropological progression of homo sapiens originates with Africans, making it likely your god is a colored.

      • But it doesn’t stop there because the radical autonomist is attempting to “perfect” man through social engineering… Ergo, the radical autonomist IS THE PRODUCT of the attempt to “perfect” man BY social engineering a dispirited, deracinated and homo-sexualized individual whose fundamental belief is in the “right” to SELF-annihilate (true liberation).

        The dispute is not in eradicating lethal enemies. This does not necessarily evidence radical autonomy. The dispute is in becoming a genuine white Supremacist and recognizing that ALL are potentially lethal BUT some are aggressive genociders and some are infectious self-annihilators AND SOME are genociders who sell self-annihilation to all “others.”

      • Let me explain the “alt-rite” comment…

        Alt-riters = “racist” anti-white Supremacists…

        So “we” are better than the negro BUT NOT BECAUSE of “our” collective free will. It is mere genetics of which “we” now claim to be able to manipulate.

        And so “we” can now socially engineer a genetically inferior “white man” who AUTOMATICALLY rejects white Supremacy and submit to genetically superior “black man.”


      • I gave Jesus 40 plus years. He fed me to the christians who liked the browns better than my poor White ass. Why would I want to worship someone like that?

        I’m my own god now.

      • @erin:
        I gave Jesus 40 plus years. He fed me to the christians who liked the browns better than my poor White ass. Why would I want to worship someone like that?

        Similar responses caused me to see the world as it actually is, not the storybook pretend of xtianity.

        Why worship “a god” who saddles you with humanistic rules – that he repeatedly breaks?
        These glaring hypocrisies abound.

        The New Testament also abounds with examples of Sweet G-Ziss lavishing love & compash on “The Poor”, then commanding his Earthly followers to do likewise for these deserving poor – as if Judean poor in Roman times were somehow different than today’s.

        IRL…generations of today’s poor are coloreds. They rob, steal, rape and murder – all the while sustained by their cheating $tate Welfare dole and mooching hand-outs from gullible, blind, charitable whities.

        They are also the greatest sinners of god’s laws, breaking his rules against sloth, drunkenness, fornication, thievery, lying and murder.

        So instead of “Him” punishing the wicked coloreds, he blesses Saudi Arabia and Red China: Such an idiotic contradiction can not be from a god and certainly no just god.

      • Erin…

        The BETTER question is why won’t you worship The Perfect Man and it is a better question because you can give the same answer. You are your own god now.

        But what does that mean to the rest of us?

        It means YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOUR HEART DESIRES… Everything opposite… And all things in between. You are a radical autonomist.

      • Td I won’t worship him because he loves jews and blacks better than me.

      • Erin…

        Even if that were true, you have avoided the pertinent issue. The focus on Jesus Christ for the “white” liberal must always avoid THE CONCEPT of The Perfect Man.

        Erin… YOU REJECT the CONCEPT of The Perfect Man and your beef with Jesus Christ is JUST SMOKESCREEN.

        You have erroneously constructed an imposition out of the reality of Jesus Christ INSTEAD OF A REPRIEVAL. This constructed imposition THEN SERVES AS JUSTIFICATION “to be” your “own god now.”

        You reject the concept of The Perfect Man BECAUSE you reject the idea of doing it all right in order to experience a genuine free will.

        Life in the West is telling me that the masses are willing to suffer in order to be able to do it all wrong. This is the modern operating system.

      • FP…

        You ask yourself, “What is the solution to the ‘infinite regress?'”

        What is liberal “white” male of the West’s solution to total degeneracy?

        Perfection is the solution to the “infinite regress” BECAUSE the First Law of Perfection is non-duplication.

        Seeking Perfection utilizing genuine free will IS THE SOLUTION to total degeneracy.

        Meaning, when the “white” anti-white Supremacists whine, screech and lament about how their ancestor’s God didn’t create the Perfect Universe, THEY ARE INDICATING both their ignorance of the First Law of Perfection AND attesting to the REALITY that they are without genuine free will and thus equivalent to a malfunctioning A.I.

      • @thordaddy:
        What is liberal “white” male of the West’s solution to total degeneracy?

        Why, of course, it’s to join in the total degeneracy and expand it…

        You ask yourself, “What is the solution to the ‘infinite regress?’”

        Surely it’s not little, powerless, Pipsqueak Man who’s solely to blame. No: It is a silent, absentee-landlord god who lets evil thrive – whilst at the exact same time, punishes man for doing nothing when we see evil.

        Something that obviously hypocritical can not be a perfect god.
        If he instead promoted himself as a ferocious, blood-lusting maniac like Zeus, there’d be no problem.

        “Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent.
        Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent.
        Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil?
        Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?”

        ― Epicurus

      • The white Supremacist defines omnipotence AS Perfection so that our omnipotent God IS Perfection… “He” who will do all right.

        The radical liberationist’s definition of omnipotence is The Will To Do Anything such that their god IS RADICALLY AUTONOMOUS… “He” who will do right and wrong, be merciful and merciless, be rational and irrational, etc. This is the Judaic and Islamic god.

        What the Western ATHEIST does is equivalent to defining omnipotence as the will to do anything and just dispenses with the idea that there needs be a god to motivate such a will. And they are right in that respect. One does not need a false god in order to “worship” a false order of things.

        BUT… One does need a Perfect God in order to be motivated to follow the proper order of things.

        Again, the problem of evil is with GRATUITOUS PAIN and the necessary free will inherit to God’s creation. What the empirical life of Jesus Christ showed us is that HE ALONE suffered THE MOST PERFECT PAIN and throughout his life he ascended FREELY AND WILLINGLY.

        In other words, a true believer will never suffer more gratuitous pain than Jesus Christ himself even as the hands of most gruesome evil AND YOU have the means to ascend willingly OR descend in rejection. You cannot float in between in a state of “dark enlightenment.”

      • meh.
        Nero used xtians as human torches in the Circus Maximus. Sounds at least as gnarly as crucifixion.
        Plenty of latter xtian martyrs were crucified also; same pain.
        Perpetua was tortured for hours before a mob in a coliseum – and that’s just a few listed – so I’m unsure what your point is.

        Unless… you’re applying the old adage of:
        If you can’t dazzle ’em with facts
        Dazzle ’em with bullshit

        that dont work on me either…

      • The convert class… “White” male liberationists; dispirited, deracinated and homo-sexualized… The are in a psychological war against Perfection. These “white” anti-white Supremacists want victory BY doing it all wrong and then victory dance while crying to the “heavens” about their imperfect world.

        “We” are smack dab in the middle of the victory dance OF PATHETIC WHINERS and suffer the inevitable cognitive dissonance that follows an acute perception of the perversion.

        Perfection DOES NOT DUPLICATE… That is how “it” counters “infinite regress.” Ergo, a PERFECT God DOES NOT re-create Perfection/Himself for man.

        What He did instead was BLESS YOU with genuine free will… The ability to do all right. YOU CANNOT ASK a Perfect God for more than this!

        But the radical liberationist…

        He ASKS that he may do things all wrong and see victory and mocks The Perfect God and The Prefect Man. So let it be known, he will get exactly what he desires in a properly ordered universe.

        Death–> total annihilation–> genuine radical autonomy = “conscious” oblivion = Hell?

      • The point is the problem of Evil and whether that is the creation of The Perfect God OR to be laid at the feet of man with God unwillingly or unable to stop “it.” In other words, why did not The Perfect God create the The Perfect universe NECESSARILY WITHOUT Evil.

        The answer is three-fold:

        1. Perfection does not duplicate as solution to “infinite regress.”

        2. A perfect world = no free will for man.

        3. On faith, no man is to endure The Perfect Pain of that suffered by the Lord’s only begotten Son and therefore the problem of “evil” AS GRATUITOUS PAIN is solved.

      • If you ask an intellectually blunt radical autonomist, “what is evil,” he will say, “Purely subjective… Even though I inhabit a strictly objective world.”

        Thus, we can glimpse the “mechanics” of the most radical of social engineers. Since the drive is to “perfect” the world and to “perfect” man WITHOUT pontificating or asserting any definitive notion of Perfection then the first order of business WAS ALWAYS to banish, whitewash, erase and criminalize ALL notions, ideas, thoughts and inklings of PERFECTION… Eh… Objective Supremacy FROM A SUBJECTIVE VIEW.

      • We inhabit a universe where man is endowed with free will. Subsequently, this means there is NO equal pain. In other words, from the beginning of time one could theoretically rate the individual pain suffered BY ALL MANKIND from the very least suffering to most suffering WITH ABSOLUTELY no overlap. This order is ESTABLISHED by recognizing Jesus Christ as suffering the most pain of any man in history. This is an OBJECTIVE FACT that helps answer the “problem” of evil. Of course, one can freely and willing reject this assertion BUT NOT if he readily admits to having no free will. His rejection is then at the “hands” of a mysterious and invisible external “force.” Do he believe this OR does he make you believe this? Radical liberationist or radical autonomist?

      • FP…

        Eradica is a place of some of the “finest” autonomists and “respectable” anti-white Supremacists. So of course, “it” is a place where a “white” male of the West will go to seek clarity on the issue of white Supremacy.
        [ed note: thanks, i think lol]

        All men stepping onto the big stage MUST CLAIM the desire to speak “Truth to the People” (even if “it” is ALL LIES). This axiom is the critical juncture at which the genuine white Supremacist attacks. He is provided a clear cut progression of action. Truth is first defined as objective Supremacy and then one is forced to embrace or reject objective Supremacy thereby indicating whether one truly intends to speak Truth to the people or simply gives lip service to the idea in order to proffer nothing but lies. It’s friend or foe at the get-go.

      • The reason for “white” male liberal to convert to white Supremacy is manifold, but a few axioms are thus:

        Reject self-annihilation.

        Reject self-annihilation in those of close proximity.

        Vowing to speak Truth.

        Vowing to do all right as the path to success as opposed to doing anything to satiate a subjective desire that I conceive as objective goal.

        Solve personal identity crisis.

        Understand that action IN.THE.REAL.WORLD requires AT FIRST a CORRECT ORIENTATION or it is as though your every “act” started from nowhere. You emulate “quantum foam” in order to do “nothing.”

        There is a vast number of rationales for conversion to white Supremacy…

        But lastly… Liberationist creed mandates it!!!

        Radical autonomy –> anti-radical autonomy –> white Supremacy –> Supremacy.

      • “B-deep, b-deep, b-deep… That’s all folks.”

        For now… I’m here to be provoked and put myself higher on the list of those who endured the most pain, whether real or psychotically derived.

      • Eradica and I
        Are here
        To inflict
        The most pain

      • If the pain is legitimate, I will endure it… If it gratuitous, I will reject it… If it is Perfect then YOU are revelation.

  2. “Got my own car window smashed recently by some thug gang using rental cars to stake out isolated parking lots.”

    There were some people stealing catalytic converters. Scrapyards aren’t always so picky. Values range from $15 up to the hundreds.

  3. I don’t see why you can’t be a racist Christian:

    In the question of progress, many date it from the advent of Christianity, and attribute to our religion a powerful, civilizing mission. We do not believe in any such mission. If Christ’s object had been to civilize the world, how easy it would have been for him to have appeared on earth as the son of a Roman emperor (that need not have prevented his death on the cross)! As Sovereign of the world he could have introduced a new era of Christian civilization and intellectual progress, with a perfect form of government, truly humane laws and abolition of slavery; and enlightened patronage of art and science; the promotion of trade, commerce, and industry. A few words would have revealed the knowledge of steam, electricity, and perhaps other forces yet unknown. He could have solved all social problems; he could have put an end to all bodily suffering by some rational remedy, seconded by miraculous agency, by the constant supply of food-products.

    All this lay in his power “for whom are all things and by whom are all things.” (Heb ii, 10.) But how different from the reality! Christ ignores completely the arts and sciences, politics and legislation, and refuses to interfere even in a matter of right, with the words, “Man, who made me a judge over you?” And when he stands before the representative of the most powerful empire of the world, instead of pointing out to him the enormous advantages of a civilizing Christianity, he answers briefly, “My kingdom is not of this world.”

    “What doth it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul?” If a man is converted he is civilized enough; if he is not converted, neither education nor civilization is of any use. That is Christ’s standpoint. Not civilization, but everlasting life, is what Christ brought to man; but his gift was refused.

    F. Bettex, Science and Christianity (New York: The Abingdon Press 1901), 36-37.

    • The flaw of a “racist Christian” is that it’s a corruption of Absolute with relativism. The “sin” of genuine white Supremacy is the fidelity to a voluntary collective GROUNDED IN RACIAL CONNECTION. You can join white Supremacy and enhance one’s free will OR you can reject it and seek other ways in which to enhance your free will. White man CANNOT be coerced into an involuntary collective that promises increased individual freedom through collective force AND ONLY DELIVERS DEGENERACY that it then calls “liberalism” or “progressivism.” Only “white” liberal can submit to the above paradigm. White Supremacist is the correct terminology. “Racist Christian” is passive and diluted. It implies objective relations between whites and blacks in the matter of white Supremacy. Nothing could be further from the Truth.

      • White Supremacist a jew term. I want none of it. I just want a homeland for Europeans . It will only be gained through force not debate.

      • Erin…

        It is a purely emotional outburst to claim white Supremacist as a “jew term” when it PERFECTLY, accurately, exactly and truthfully describes a white man who strives towards objective Supremacy… As the obvious solution to an infinite regress.

        The Jew qua Jew HATES, HATES, HATES the genuine white Supremacist and has put forth an ideological assault that has transformed the conception of Supremacy –> anti-Supremacy = degeneracy…

        YOU MAINTAIN STEADFAST to this “intellectual” hocus pocus… This relentlessly FORCED false equation.

        You PLAY radical Jew…

        I’m sorry you cannot see this. You are in a state of radical autonomy… A detachment from reality.

      • Gotcha. And actually, come to think of it, the thought of White Supremacy manifesting itself scares the heck out of them so maybe you are onto something.

        JT Ready unfurled a Swaztika flag in front of rolling jewstream cameras because he knew it would make them quake in their shoes.

        Besides Jesus TD are there any other White Sups we can look to as an example?

      • Erin…

        I would not say that Jesus Christ was a white Supremacist. I would only say that those who worship The Perfect Man AS white men are white Supremacists.

        The real DISPUTE with “white” male liberationist of the West IS NOT Jesus Christ, man or myth. The real DISPUTE is WITH THE CONCEPT OF The Perfect Man.

        The real conflict is the denial of such a “thing” and the intuitive grasp that one must bow to such an entity if “it” in fact existed. Even IN CONCEPT, The Perfect Man is exemplary memetic persuasion. An intelligent “white” female instinctively wants one with her modern self playing its self-annihilating role. For the intelligent “white” male, absolute suspicion reigns supreme because behind the mocking and contempt is a sense of foreboding about the work to be done and the sacrifices to be made. This is why the high IQ “white” male liberationist is the greatest foe of genuine white Supremacy. He has NO DESIRE, NO MOTIVATION, NO WILL to rise to the standard SET.

        Shall we lament or carry on with our conversion efforts?

      • Erin…

        But now you must see the unfurling of a Nazi flag, indignant Jews, accusation of anti-semitism ALL CAME AT THE EXPENSE of genuine white Supremacy. The event you describe was a “symbiotic regression” where two variants of radical autonomist maximized their autonomy at the expense of genuine white Supremacy and thus white civilization was all around worse off for it. The Jewish Liberationist HAS NO PRINCIPLED beef with Socialism and so a flag that represents an ideology YOU AGREE WITH but of a “people” you fear and loathe must elicit a reaction that CANNOT BE UNIFORM. But it is and it reeks of script, but it takes writer and actor, director and producer to create this realistic drama.

        A real white man rejects the coercive collective… And seeks frictionless relations with fellow white Supremacists… He stays sharp in his social, physical, intellectual and spiritual skill sets for the inevitable clash with radical autonomists abound… He’s always looking for converts and avenues of inspiration… He never deludes himself of the idea that he’s worked too hard, hasn’t got what he deserved or sacrificed more than others… If he believes a proper order prevails then he is exactly where he should be for better or worse… He has his head on Supremacy… He trains is upper body like he’ll be crucified and he trains his lower body so as to prepare to be the beast of burden….

      • Erin…

        National Socialism properly defined is a) not a true enemy of global communism and b) the creation of radical liberationists.

        A nation CANNOT originate from A TRULY SOCIALIST economic
        order. It makes NO SENSE to conceive and contrive and falsely construct a viable nation beholden to the premise that said “lively” new nation ordered its economic affairs in a manner that directed Capital towards all variety of unworthy individual and investment AS EVIDENCE of “moral superiority.”

        “White” males of the West who are soft on National Socialism, hot/cold on global communism and just plain vicious towards “American capitalism” HAVE NO IDENTIFIABLE ECONOMIC PHILOSOPHY. None.whatsoever. Their rants are purely emotional. Their diatribes contain no substance.

        What is the economic order that a WN is beholden to? Does he seek debt driven exponential growth, break-even perpetuation or does he revel in the black market adventures? Does he seek self-sufficiency against the force of the Global Advanced Economy or does he join the Global Advanced Economy and aid and abet in the total assimilation of all self-sufficient economies? What does a white Supremacist do, economic-wise?

  4. Not every Christian is a cunt. This guy was interesting.

  5. This is the exact debate I wanted to be prompted by my questions. TD’s concepts are entirely contingent on JC being the perfect man. How this Perfect man is in accord with striving for supremacy is what is so confusing. I see JC as meek as well. How can he be a model for emulation? We already have thousands of individuals who emulate JC according to his values – charity, humility, compassion and sacrifice. To convince Christians to think in terms of supremacy would create cognitive dissonance to the aforementioned values. It just doesn’t compute. However, I’m all for striving for supremacy, but I feel JC isn’t going to be the one to inspire me to do it.

    • Political animal says…

      TD’s concepts are entirely contingent on JC being the perfect man.

      Perhaps… But you can’t prove this. I could just as easily assert that without Jesus Christ, MAN OR MYTH, no conception of The Perfect Man would actually exist.

      The real INTERNAL DISPUTE within the “white” male liberationist of the West is with the CONCEPT of The Perfect Man. Jesus Christ, MAN OR MYTH, is just something for the radical liberationist to violently reject in order to distract all from his fundamental DISPUTE with a proper order of things.

      I see JC as meek as well. How can he be a model for emulation?

      Unless you are making the bold claim that meekness is wrong in all places and at all times then the assumption is that Jesus Christ was meek at exactly the time he was ordained to be meek and therefore you have done nothing to invalidate his Perfection. What you should know is that you are mired in an “infinite regress” to which the only solution is a “thing” that does not duplicate… A Singularity… Something Perfect. You are free to choose your most worthy idol. But there might be real radical autonomy to pay?

      We already have thousands of individuals who emulate JC according to his values – charity, humility, compassion and sacrifice. To convince Christians to think in terms of supremacy would create cognitive dissonance to the aforementioned values. It just doesn’t compute.

      Well first, the above observation is why I’ll say I’m a white Supremacist as opposed to just a Christian. I believe I am telling you MORE DETAIL about my identity. Yet, one still cannot deny that the TRUE Christian worships The Perfect Man and is thus a believer in objective Supremacy… Ergo, a Supremacist.

      However, I’m all for striving for supremacy, but I feel JC isn’t going to be the one to inspire me to do it.

      Well… Then you are left with an abstract Perfect Man to emulate or you may choose from a myriad of flawed men who have lived and died throughout history. BUT FIRST, you must decide whether doing it all right is YOUR path to victory?

  6. Doomie, that is an excellent documentary. It appears you have many of the same interests that I do now.

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