Feudal Frisco Purges Its Poor: UPDATE

by Firepower

Told ya so: Silicon Valley homeless no longer welcome in ‘the Jungle’

This is an update of:

Liberal Elites of jews and WASPs drive up the cheapest rent within 10 miles of ……San Jose to $2,633 per month. That gussies-up their ocean vista view and averts their uncomfy eyeballs from having to see the colored scum they use for contaminating White streets.  Manhattan did this; Brooklyn and Hawaii are quickly following this trend.

The median home price is $700,000 in the Silicon Valley/San Francisco/San Jose nexus. That keeps out every dumb Trayvon and Ferguson black too busy licking Reverand Al’s nutsack…Gentrification keeps out NRA & TrailerPark whites, also. No doubt, the “jungle” is inhabited by dumbass veteran Jordies who “fawt~fur muh Murka nyuk-nuk!”

Distilled into its quintessence:

  1. Democrats want to strip your granny (and later – YOU) of Social Security to pay for coloreds & Miggers.
  2. Republicans want to outsource your job to Red China to make $1 more per Iphone.

Oh, the Elite shall Vote-0-Bama and give Our Historic Black President billion$ to spread Colored Liberal Nazism, but CLN hurts poor and middle-class whites more than it bothers the rich elite’s dinner plans for $300 lobster.

Client #9

This is how it goes down when Murka is run by a huggy, Communist, colored President – imagine what Killary, Leftard~Liawatha, or a hoo-rah ass-kicker like St. Reagan the Resurrected does.

Pushing poor far away from the mansion is the lesser of two evils for the Elite: They want MINOs to eradicate whites – and it’s working. Exterminate the color with the most (and best) guns, then mop-up the colors with no hereditary ties to 1776 values. Retire to Manhattan and winter in Hawaii. Rinse & repeat…


12 Comments to “Feudal Frisco Purges Its Poor: UPDATE”

  1. Part of “our” job here is social engineering. If you work an average American 39 hrs per week, he’ll cry to high Heaven about not getting full time. Make him work 41 hours and the same dude is worn out on all the overtime.

    “We” have a “default elite.” Paid shills that PLAY “elite” as a form of entertainment. “We” have false divisions between radically autonomous collectives that can increase their respective autonomy’s at the expense of a dazzled and dizzy spectating crowd. Our “default elite” LITERALLY fake fights, have these fake fights broadcast by a media entity that ALSO creates fake controversy amongst itself and its ethical concerns, then the masses duly don skirts and pom poms, take sides and rally like barely pubescent school children. And are paying an increasingly exorbitant ticket price.

    In a radically autonomous society, ALL things BECOME anti-things. So our “elite” is actually an anti-elite. They are “elite” FOR THE VERY FACT that they do nothing elite. Merely play the part for a handsome paycheck. Not fundametally different from a Hollywood actor. At the same time, “we” understand their desire to stay on top with their loaded rhetoric understood as the desire for the radical autonomy that it represents. So the goal of a modern “elite” is default status. That belief is the psyxhological attack point.

  2. I sense a web site operated by a Disturbed Individual (DI). Although no crimes have been alleged, we need to incarcerate the said DI for observation. The perion of detention/observation may be indefinite, but if the DI shows evidence of violence or resistance, then we will transfer detainment to the Criminal Justice System. For the safety of the community, we have initiated civil forfeiture proceedings against the DI’s assets.

    You’re welcome,
    The Authorities

    • I do not sense, but know a commenter who must suck my cock.

      Or, I’ll report your IP to the fascist police state for impersonating a law enforcement officer.
      For this crime (which they hate the most), the HEROCops!® will
      Amadou Diallo YOU, then
      have you waterboarded and rectal-rehydrated
      before you grunt: “Firepower’s cock tastes like Chuck Ross’ mouth.”

    • Not only that, but I saw him say he was a SEAL and MARINE. Then the US military will be after him too.

  3. Expensive only real estate in the urban center is an Anglosphere phenomenon, which characterizes its haughty bourgeois. It’s the same throughout Canada (except the French Province) and England, and I would assume Australia as well.

  4. This model is some of your best work.

    They are building their fortresses from the ground up. Outsiders clammer to get in and get a “good job” there. If they manage to get one, they put in 60 hour weeks and cannot do revolution. They’d be too busy for it. The rural areas empty out organically as well, leading to a Soylent future.

    • Emerging feudal Murkan cities are similar to the strategic founding of medieval English castles near crucial junctions and trade crossroads.

      They were a display of power – and a projection of power – situated near lands crucial to wealth, needing martial protection and control. Thug Knight enforcers were early settlers inside, while outside the walls rickety huts of peasants sprang up to ply their miserable trades serving the Lords.

      If the economy failed and surplus peasants could not be fed, they were banished and sent on their way to prevent revolt.

  5. Glad to see both the democrats and republicans getting called out, usually its how bad the left is, as if the right is somehow our savior.

    Btw, can I have Thordaddy’s email emailed to me? Thanks.

  6. I expect they’ll shovel millions to Jeb Bush even though he has no real chance of winning, just to control the Republicans acceptable debate parameters.
    George W. will support him indirectly with ‘non-political’ charity projects.

    GOP candidates will have to sign pledges condemning any HBD talk. Rand Paul will probably be first in line.

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