Never Trust an American with Good Intentions

by Ryu

Nobody is as cruel or as violent as an American. Done properly, this is a virtue. But the Americans lie about who they are and what they want.

The US so wanted freedom and democracy for Vietnam that they killed millions of civilians, burned villages, raped, tortured, and sprayed Agent Orange on their forests.

The war on drugs…a glorious crusade to clean up the streets. The CIA did its part during Iran Contra by importing drugs to the US then using the proceeds to ……support third world dictators.

The Americans wanted to “liberate” their women. So they did. Now women are free to be cogs in the corporate machine. Women are now infinitely replaceable and may now spend their best years slaving to make their masters rich.

America dislike Germany because they put made war and put jews into camps. To solve this, America declared war on Germany, put Germans into camps, then allowed the Russians to rape millions of German women.

War is about killing, murdering, robbing, and burning. War has nothing to do with “honor, justice, integrity” and other flim-flammery.

No word is as misused as ‘criminal.’ All Americans are criminals. There are an infinite number of laws, statutes and directives in the US. The more laws broken, the more money and power the USG accumulates when they present the cure.

37 Comments to “Never Trust an American with Good Intentions”

  1. Murka doesn’t stand for “democracy” but capitalism. When they talk about “freedom” they really mean freedom for lawyers, bankers, bureaucrats, executives, and anyone else upper middle class and above. In Marxism this is called a bourgeois democracy. The decline and degeneracy across the west is the result of bourgeois decadence. Marxists never understood why revolutions didn’t occur in the advance capitalist countries but that’s because the bourgeois were still a positive force. We’ve arrived at a new epoch of history namely the death of bourgeois democracy.

  2. The US so wanted freedom and democracy for Vietnam that they killed millions of civilians, burned villages, raped, tortured, and sprayed Agent Orange on their forests.

    I always thank special segments of our HEROVets!™ for “fighting for my american right to VOTE”
    …for ensuring Ho Chi Minh didn’t obstruct my right to Vote-0-Bama.

    That is, whenever they stop moving and the clinking, clanking sound of a thousand tiny buttons and pins stops swaying upon the “Vietnam VET!!!!” t-shirts, Harley vests and ballcaps demanding I worship their service.

  3. Ryu…

    This is too sloppy and simplistic. The American mind LEFT a KING and exalted The KING and now bows down to a negro-“king.” In other words, the American mind is most radically autonomous. BUT, you inexplicably despise this radical autonomy while glibly praising the radical autonomy of the absolutely deracinated duo of communism and jihad. This incoherence… Ergo, this pretense of distaste for a greater autonomy versus a lesser and more primitive one JUST EVIDENCES your type of radical autonomy. In your own methods of madness, you are attempting to “transcend” all three entities BECAUSE after all, axiomatic to a REAL white nationalist, is the revulsion for being coerced into a collective under false promises of greater individual freedom. This latter scheme is why the genuine white Supremacist rejects ALL liberationist movements and understands that striving towards Supremacy is the only frictionless bond to be forged amongst white man.

    To reject the radical autonomy of the American in no way requires one then to praise the radical autonomy of communism and jihad. The reality is that all three entities are deracinated and not worth of worship or praise in their present manifestations. And this bring us to the question of redemption? Of these three radically autonomous entities, does any one of them have a chance at redeeming itself?

    • What you call “white supremacy” is just a rehashed version of racial chauvinism a bourgeois nationalism similar to Zionism. It doesn’t really threaten system making it acceptable to your middle class values.

      • What I call white Supremacy is the white man striving towards Supremacy…

        Your debilitating narrative “building” serves no purpose to genuine white Supremacy.

        Your deconstruction plays no role in the conceptual idealization of white Supremacy…

        The dichotomous metaphysical structure in which YOU inhabit includes Supremacists and anti-Supremacists… And no one else. And YOU are an anti-Supremacist, particularly, an anti-white Supremacist.

        What should this mean to others?

      • Eradican, I think you are on the right path with your whole class-conflict thing you espouse, but you focus way too much on communism as if it was an independent entity, as if the communism we saw was some sort of ideaological counter to capitlism – it wasn’t.

      • Communism works.

        What do Russia, China, North Korea and Cuba have in common? America fears and respects them. To a country, each is homogeneous, has intact families, and is anti-American.

        Communism works as a protective cloak against all the evils capitalism brings. I’d take the “human technologies” that communism retains versus the trinkets that capitalism creates.

      • Communism works as a protective cloak against all the evils capitalism brings. I’d take the “human technologies” that communism retains versus the trinkets that capitalism creates.

        Given the fact that capitalism is heavily entrenched in Anglo countries, and there is less homogeneity and social networks for the powerless and disenfranchised in English domains, Islam seems to be that vehicle of empowerment for converts that you don’t find in significant numbers in non-Anglo entities.

      • Ryu…

        It’s incoherent to conceptualize “capitalism” as both an evil thing in and of itself all the while maintaining its total malleability in the hands of man.

        The reality is that Capitalism is neither of those things… Not evil in and of itself AND not malleable by man’s hand.

        The communist ideology DOES NOT RESIST Capitalism. Communism only pretends as though it were a competent economic order. “It” fails BECAUSE IT MAKES NO SENSE to distribute “capital” to the least worthy of individuals and investments. Further, where Capitalism is colorblind — as in ALL MEN obtain the ability to gain credibility — communism is deracinated AS IN “it” rejects the substance of its own origins. So communism is fundamentally unmoored. Rootless. Radically autonomous.

        Those countries aren’t anti-American because “we” abide by the Capitalist paradigm (we actually don’t… We operate in an anti-Capitalist paradigm… A “communist” paradigm where the losers win.), they are anti-American BECAUSE America is more radically autonomous. America has a greater chance to act with impunity on a global scale. That’s what the fellow primitives really despise. All the ideological debate is mainly hobby for those that use their words more than their muscles.

      • Capitalism is a specific mode of production where the economy is mostly privately held. Communism is where the means of production are state owned specifically the commanding heights of the economy. The only thing malleable about communism is the definition which changes to fit whatever boogeyman is popular today. The commies will take your guns is particularly odd given that Marxists seized power through warfare against the state.

        Soviet Russia and Red China both Marxist superpowers but “communism failed everywhere it was tried”. As for misallocating capital I’m from California ground zero of the real estate bubble and foreclosure epicenter of Murka. The only people who got rich from this fiasco were the titans of Wall Street the very embodiment of capitalism. Marxists understand class, power, and the state. They also recognize whose interests the state protects.

        The capitalist mode of production and bourgeois class is the source of the rootless cosmopolitan liberal/conservative. TD simply represents the rightist faction of the bourgeoisie. Until you reject the Murkan superstructure you cannot fix the problem.

      • Eradican…

        Capitalism Is the pursuit of the man seeking greater credibility.

        Such that…

        The man with the most credibility is the man with the most Capital AND the man with the most Capital is the man with the most credibility.

        This is the Capitalistic order. This is the.order that the communists and socialists LIVE AND BREATHE to destroy.

        But such a conception IS INDESTRUCTIBLE and such a truthful conception is why Capitalism can never be destroyed.

        On the other hand, communism has a “personal” interest in conceptualizing Capitalism as a purely physical “thing.” Such a stunted conceptualization then becomes the rationalization to destroy Capitalism. And so we bear witness to the self-annihilating “nature” of communism. It’s not just that communism fails to destroy that which it cannot destroy. And it’s not just that communism tries to falsely reconceptualize a thing in order to destroy it. It’s that COMMUNISTS PRETEND as though that weren’t on a relentless pursuit TO GAIN CREDIBILITY… Gain Capital.

        Communists are radical autonomists. Anti-Capitalists relentlessly acquiring “capital” by any means necessary.

        YOU, Eradican, are a radical autonomist.

      • The supreme authority above all others is force. Marxists understand hierarchy but you don’t.

        None of this comes as a surprise as your entire worldview seeks to maintain property relations.

      • “The supreme authority above all other is force.” — Eradican

        You can’t read how this makes no sense OR how a man can take no control over a “supreme authority.”

        “Marxists understand hierarchy but you don’t.” — Eradican

        On the contrary, Marxists understand “hierarchy” as a thing that can be destroyed while also giving lip service to “supreme authority.” I understand “hierarchy” as a thing that CANNOT BE destroyed BECAUSE “it” is the work of a Supreme Authority whose characteristics are far more complex than mere “force.”

        But I digress… As I do not primarily seek to maintain private property relations, but rather, desire to strive towards Supremacy without the onslaught of fear, hatred and murderous rage that such a desire invokes in the mad liberationists.

      • Now you’re just nitpicking and backpedaling. Marxism never claimed to “destroy hierarchy” either. Minimize hierarchy perhaps but more importantly the focus is on seizing power. As a reactionary whose interests are challenged by that I don’t expect you to approve.

      • On the contrary, I’m neither nitpicking or backpedaling (verbiage indicating a female) AND I did not claim that Marxism destroyed hierarchy ONLY THAT Marxists erroneously and destructively BELIEVE they can destroy hierarchy… What you characterize as “minimizing” hierarchy.

        If you define power AS a man who moves the masses then you understand that “seizing power” in the communist “sense” is a total mind fugg. The rationale behind the enforcement of a coercive collective such as communism IS NOT for man TO MOVE THE MASSES, but for a small radical cabal to lull the masses into not moving at all AND THEN DEFINING this self-induced paralysis as freedom.

        Your operating system amazingly seems to generate optimal output using only absolutely suboptimal input?

      • What is interesting Eradican is that you speak of “hierarchy,” remain mum on objective Supremacy, are condescending towards genuine white Supremacy and inexplicably beholden to Capitalism as a strictly material phenomenon.

        What is the metaphysical paradigm that can bring coherency to these disparate understandings?

      • A highly determined few shaping society/history isn’t unique to Marxism. That’s just how power works.

      • Why would the logic stop at a few? Why not one?

        What does communism MOVE A MAN to do?

        If the answer is “nothing” then one must be suspicious of claims of power for the “power” to make man do nothing is the desire for default status. Statist status.

        Communism WORKS when the masses desire to do nothing. Liberalism WORKS when the masses desire radical sexual autonomy. Jihad WORKS when one can commit an act of murderous self-annihilation to gain 72 virgins for eternal exploitation… Er, radical sexual autonomy.

        We understand these “things” WORK because THEIR MASSES DO NOT.

      • Humans are pack animals a hierarchy of one is self delusion leading to your worldview.

        Marxism has a very specific goal actually a proletarian dictatorship that isn’t “nothing”.

        Jihad is both mental and physical. Islam is a warrior religion. No hand holding kumbaya.

    • Thor, you got a book, blog, or manifesto? You got some good shit here at times – even if it is buried in nearly insassaible verbiage.

      [ed note: td was offered a contributor’s slot on Eradica but it languished.]

      • Erudite Knight…

        What I have is patience and a methodical desire to plant digital seeds amongst the weeds… Convert wants to needs… And convince “white” male liberal of the need to bleed as they stir the pot and bring the “other” to the streets.

        If you are a white Western male, you are going to die a “white” liberal or a white Supremacist

    • White supremacy blah blah blah……Radical autonomy blah blah blah……Liberationists blah blah blah….Nobody understands what you mean most of the time and if this is insightful to anyone then the decay is far worse than I ever imagined. You make better points when you just talk normally instead.

      Most white people hate each other and the average white person is nothing special. How many years/decades of “white supremacy” will it take to do anything semi-revolutionary? Not even anything major how about simply giving nasty looks to their enemies?

      • Eradican…

        I don’t believe that you are an American. And I have found most Europeans to be obviously weary of “white supremacy” due to the relentless Nazi propaganda they were subject to…

        You don’t understand American/Western Liberalism.

        First, you don’t understand American/Western Liberalism AS the homo-sexual “nature,” politically manifest. And secondly, YOU IMAGINE American/Western Liberalism as a movement with spiritual and/or intellectual origins that has now run its course. So your view of reality is doubly stunted.

        The reality is that American/Western Liberalism IS PRIMITIVE and those that practice “it” DO primitive things.

        So what we actually have are “intellects” like YOU of serious liberal bend congregating rightward towards the land of “white supremacy,” bringing your American/Western Liberal creation myths that inexplicably lauds the coercive collectivism of communism and jihad OVER the coercive collectivism of the “American” homo-sexual regime.

        Just like Ryu… There is no real principle behind choosing one radically autonomous regime over the other unless one defines “principle” as attempting to swing from the new biggest global nuts around?

      • Eradican…

        Contemplate the psychological war that you conduct here on American white males in particular? First, you have a gravitar that implies we are being lectured by a mere child. And not just any child, but one that appears androgynous. Second, your handle is Eradican, implying that you are on board with an eradication program. Thirdly, YOU SELL Red memes. So you are now an active participant in a generational narrative that seeks to transform arch nemesis into premier ally. The obvious implication being that “we,” American white males, are now farther away from knowing the actual truth of the matter. Red Ruskie as arch enemy or premier ally?

        You should understand THAT IN America, ALL white males are generally dissuaded at every possible juncture from embracing white Supremacy while a small minority is actually pushed in the direction of a highly state manufactured “white supremacy” that then serves as both a catalyst for AND an example of how one can lose one’s freedom and perhaps life by choosing “white supremacy.”

        Your class conflict model is coherent BUT stunted and incomplete. Class consciousness in no way equals loyal bond. “Class consciousness” really only means the perception of a collective of pillagers of equal mind and imagined financial resources AS ME

        You are being disingenuous when you mock the memetic effect of white Supremacy. “It” is the force that binds ALL liberationist movements including those of communism and jihad. Deracination IS A PATHOLOGY and so communism and jihad AS DERACINATED ideologies ARE FUNDAMENTALLY PATHOLOGICAL… And thus inevitable enemies of genuine white Supremacy.

        When will you recognize that the paradigm you operate in is EXACTLY the one I speak of?

        Supremacist and anti-Supremacists… White Supremacists and anti-white Supremacists.

        These are the ONLY PLAYERS in the game THAT MATTER.

      • It’s not just that Red and jihad fear, loathe and hate the white man who strives towards Supremacy… It’s that Red and jihad WILL MURDEROUSLY THWART a voluntary collective of white men striving towards Supremacy.

        And the “reason” for this murderous action IS TO THWART FALSIFICATION of communism and jihad BY white Supremacy.

        So again, we witness here the severely confused state of the “white” American male… He’s like a passive agent, consciously rejecting a free will and willingly embracing a different variation of what he claims to actually despises.

        And Eradican you bring no clarity to the table for the “white” American male.

        I do though. I have to though. I must do so. Fidelity. Loyalty. Legacy. Those ideas are what drive and motivate the genuine white Supremacist and the true American man. These “things” are nearly synonymous.

        Red and jihad. PRIMITIVE.

      • Yes, the WN movement never catalyzed, because most WNs aren’t diligent enough to study their enemies with detail like one finds with the Crusades.

      • The problem with WNs is that they won’t ascend to white Supremacist and thus render their fundamental assertion as axiomatic and unarguable…

        And such an “action” is merely a psychological CORRECTION.

        To resist such a simple “move” is mistaken as defiance and dissent when in reality it is just conformity to radical liberation and self-annihilation.

      • You cannot unite people based on race alone. There is no precedent and more importantly no results. Communism and jihad have successful track records because they combine the right ingredients; ideas and action. Racial chauvinism is primitive/tribal hence its strong appeal to the colored. The more enlightened races can’t lower themselves to embrace something so….basic.

      • Eradican…

        You simply do not read what I write. And you are still completely submissive to the liberal frame.

        A white Supremacist is a white man who strives towards Supremacy. Period. No more, no less.

        All you have done is merely rehashed the liberationist’s same deceitful misconception of “white supremacy” that has dominated American discourse for decades.

        And the modern “black man” is not a genuine black Supremacist. The modern “black man” is a believer in “equality”/anti-Supremacy/anti-white Supremacy.

        BUT SO ARE YOU…

        You fear, loathe, hate AND POSSIBLY WISH TO CRIMINALIZE a white man and/or white men striving towards Supremacy.

        This is the REAL FRAME in which you operate.

      • You claim to value winning but disparage anyone who actually achieves victory. The whole disagreement here is that the very people you loath actually get results.

      • Eradican…

        This is desperate, silly talk.

        I operate with the intent of converting “white” male liberals to white Supremacists WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY persuading same said “white” male liberals to reject all forms of self-annihilation…

        So you tell me, Eradican, what’s your REAL BEEF?

        I say that you are a bona fide self-annihilator…

        YOU believe in the “right” to self-annihilate.

        This is your operational frame that you MUST CRAFTILY obscure for the obvious reason that self-annihilators SHOULD HAVE NO SEAT OR VOICE at the Table of Civilization.

      • Or, one may flip to the other side of the coin and claim to desire “equality” (destruction of hierarchy) and give the impression that one believes in the “right” to “love, f$&k, screw” whomever one pleases (the most tolerant and nondiscriminating fellows).

        This is a desire for radical sexual autonomy (a desire shared by communists and jihadists alike).

        My guess, Eradican, is that being the radical autonomist that you are, you “believe” in BOTH the “right” to self-annihilate and the “right” to “love, f$&k, screw” whomever you please (including self).

        It is like YOU are your own “supreme authority?”

      • Civilization requires more than just Mary Sue types to survive. It also requires new ideas the sort bible thumper like you find contemptible.

      • White civilzation needs genuine white Supremacists plus the ruthless suppression of self-annihilators and the eradication of those that sell self-annihilation as liberation.

  4. This was recently touched on over at whittaker’s site. All the gov’t agencies have their own constituency. Cops have to arrest people to get promotions, DAs need people to prosecute, etc. Therfore more laws, more ‘criminals’, and more work for everyone. It’s the same for all beurocracies everywhere so it should not come as a real surprise.

    Does anyone think the Education Dept. Hates homeschooling because kids might not get a good education? You’re taking their bread away from them, that’s all they really care about. Therfore laws are implemented to protect their jobs, although other nobler reasons are given. Yes, the Gov’t does gains more power, but there is a problem for them as well. Each constituency wants it all, and there is only a finite pool of resources to exploit, so they will eventually come into conflict among themselves. This happens in all forms of Gov’t where there is an entrenched beurocratic class and isn’t unique to ‘Democracy.’ This is why Gov’ts always grow and eventually try to consume the entire GDP. When it reaches a Tipping point it just implodes.

  5. At best Americans with good intentions are like parental authority figures. Those Iraqis and Afghanis sure did a bad job at doing Billy Kristol’s chores.

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