Lone Survivor: Iraqi Edition

by doomdigit

Below is the story of Ali Hussein Kadhim, the survivor of an ISIS massacre back in June.  Any time there are massacres like this there will always be a lucky few who survive, even if they do not resist.  When you watch the video look at the long stream of captives marching to their doom.  This is the norm.  Few resist.  It is why any plan you make should not count on too many people.  There will not be any back up.  You are a one man army.

One of the reasons I wrote about boring chicken coops and slaughtering techniques is because I want people to…… understand the mind of the butcher.  The more experience the butcher has, the less chance the captive has of surviving.  You can see some specific examples here.  The more time I spend around various critters the more I understand them, and how to despatch them at my convenience–and this is key.  Note how people were promised things, then the concentration and division.  These ought to be huge warning signs.  Everything is done in a way that is convenient for the executioner.  Mistakes are always made though, hence the survivors.


40 Comments to “Lone Survivor: Iraqi Edition”

  1. An NKVD executioner holds the record for the most people killed by a single individual in recorded history.


  2. I now believe whites will meekly surrender to their mass executioners…just as Jews did in Nazi Germany.

    This leaves the rest of us less of a herd to hide amongst.
    Sometimes, when a White settler was surrounded by Comanches, his entire family beside him, dead, the only option was to make the redskins pay.

    And all that remained, were grisly tales from the discoverers of that scene…or a few mute, tintype witnesses to the aftermath.

    • The problem with Islamofascists is mostly an Anglosphere phenomenon. You don’t find Muhammad’s followers messing around Spain, (after the Madrid bombings, because Spain learn the hard way not associate themselves with the English degenerates), or Italy (despite a rising tide of Islam on its shore). You DO find them with their hatred in England, Murka and now Aussie Land (another piece of multiracialist and PC rightist crap coming from the Anglo empire).

      There’s something inherently defiling and obnoxious with the English tradition, that makes other people despise them, and what a perfect group for the Muslims to use their jihadist propaganda.

      • You guys also have to understand, the Islamic world’s hatred of Israel is understandable. It’s another Anglosphere nation with Jews under its helm.

      • This is already clearly understood at Eradica.

        Muzz originally sought the (formerly) Free-est Great-est Nation on Earth!
        In crafting its freedom & religious independence in 1969.

        Muzz originally suffered under the simpering british…but suddenly left them completely alone and unpunished for past sins to shove a pepper up our ass.

        We shat on their request as we did Castro’s and that year, with Ted Kennedy’s plotting, gave unconditional love to israel.
        Whereby, the muzz promptly and righteously declared war on Murka that rages to this day.

      • You see the new surgeon general, FP? It’s a dothead.

        [ed note: yet again, my MINO Machine theory is proven correct]

      • “The problem with Islamofascists is mostly an Anglosphere phenomenon.”

        You’re wrong. Belgium is a recruiting hub. France has had problems for years; Journalists refused to discuss bus burnings. The Netherlands is too open for its own good and certain areas are Muslim only–don’t take my word for it, ask Oogenhand. But really, it’s like that wherever the muz are welcomed. I could go on and on with examples–Nordic countries, and of course, who can forget Beslan?

        “There’s something inherently defiling and obnoxious with the English tradition”

        This opinion doesn’t bother me, but don’t let it cloud your judgment.

      • It’s faulty to imagine jihad and the Liberalism of the West as being arch enemies when there is no fundamental schism between the two “ideologies.”

        IN FACT…

        Both jihad and the Liberalism of the West SHARE THE SAME MOTIVATING DESIRE…

        Radical sexual autonomy.

        “We” are in a symbiotic regression where everyday “white” liberals are maimed, molested and murdered by jihad AS PROOF of jihad’s domination of Christianity (white Supremacy) BUT in fact jihad is merely fulfilling its role as facilitator to the “white” self-annihilator while the “white” self-annihilator fulfills his role as perpetuator of jihad (by pretending that the murderous dispatch of his fellow “white” self-annihilator by jihad WASN’T ACTUALLY the murderous dispatch of his fellow “white” self-annihilator by jihad).

      • doomdigit – The Anglosphere takes the cake when it comes to inequality measures, multiracialism and self entitled bratty women of the 1st world regions.

        Further, PUA is mostly an Anglosphere phenomenon.

      • Thordaddy – Many Jihadist are just a group of frustrated guys, angry at the establishment with misogynist leanings who want to be self empowered, and Islam provides a very convenient and immediate resource for them. There are no different from many of the WNs with extremist leanings, and there are no different from the PUAs when it comes women. I see Jihadism incubating in the Anglosphere nations like the xenomorph embryo inside a human from the movie Alien. It has all the right temperature and nurturing environment for it to grow and explode.

      • JS…

        As social engineers, we must see reality clearly BUT ALSO maintain a clear vision of a desired future.

        The success of Islam in America is tied directly to the mutual desire shared by many a “white” yes-“men”-ion. In other words, both jihadist and “white” liberal male of the West HIGHLY VALUE radical sexual autonomy.

        But it doesn’t there because the “white” liberal females of the West also desire radical sexual autonomy.

        So there is a symbiotic regression in play. And the job of media is to obscure this FUNDAMENTAL DESIRE SHARED by jihadist and radical “white” liberal with terror threats, false flags, incited Muslims, etc.

        As a genuine white Supremacist, seeing this symbiotic regression, recognizing the greater chance of being collateral damage, one must destroy this perpetuating of self-annihilators BOTH the jihadist and radical “white” liberal for the understanding goes that even if we were to rid America of jihadists, blacks, Jews, miggers, dykes, etc., radical “white” liberal will STILL find another way to self-annihilate and bring all the collateral damage with them.

  3. This is slightly random, but have you seen A Man Called Horse?

    • yep. i dug it. although not really as PC-Peaceful as lionized in hollywood movies, injuns were justified in killing invading whites. its why LA jews luv them.

      get “Black Robe” and see it.

      btw, do you like “gladiator movies?” 😉

  4. Black Robe looks interesting. I saw The Gladiator, but I am not really a fan. Spartacus is certainly an appealing person, though. If you have any recommendations I will take a look. I kinda have more free time, at least for a couple weeks.

    • That video in your post was a good find, Doomie.

      Have there every been any birds who have escaped your knife? Any escapees?

      Here’s Black Robe with spic subtitles:

  5. “Have there every been any birds who have escaped your knife?”

    Nope. Because they think they can just stay at home and not be bothered. Most of the birds are too domesticated. There are wilder breeds that are too risky for me to consider keeping. For example, if you purchase Rouen ducklings you will be informed that they are not necessarily Rouens and that some of them could be Mallards which will usually just fly away when they are ready to go.

    • Ha. Sounds familiar. Comfort makes cowards.

      And no escapees? No one traces the perimeter and looks for holes or spaces?

      • They’ll get out, but they always come back. There were a few chickens that decided to roost in a tree at night instead of going in the coop. Coons got ’em. I tried to persuade them to go in the coop but gave up after several tries. They were replaced.

      • You have a real insight into system butcher mind. I suspect that if a few got out, you’d just let them go. If too many go, it’s a problem. It’s about economics and your convenience.

        All of these dystopian 70s movies have the same thing, just a few leaving the coop. FP turned me on to this movie. It must be what those bird felt as they escaped.

  6. JS

    Are you Asian? You seem to have a different definition of Anglosphere than me.

    • What is your definition of the Anglosphere? To me, all the severe social and economic problems in the Western world that we’ve been hearing about, is uniquely to the Anglosphere.

      • Further, having friends from Southern Europe, my anecdotal encounters with Spaniards, Italians and Greeks show how wretched the English Speakers have it in their own countries. Despite the economic problems with the Southern Euro countries, your average citizen in the PIGS region is psychologically happier, because they don’t have elites who use multiracialism to divide their subjects. They also have closer families, own multiple homes, have better food, and gentler women to boot.

      • This. All the severe problems we are hearing about in the West are related to decadence, which affects all nations, all peoples.

        The above countries I mentioned are not in the Anglosphere. You really don’t see similar problems? How is it that France can get to the point where bus burnings are not reported? That’s very similar to the black elephant in America. Nordic countries are also loathe to deal with the muz problem because white racism is bad.

        Economic problems are the same. The euro is a sick sham. I remember when it was introduced, how an item that was one guilder magically became one euro. How does that even make any sense? And how does it make sense for the Fed to print money and debase American currency? It is talked about openly, and yet no one seems to understand. Inflation is theft, and it is done on purpose. Are you seriously arguing no other country experiences this?

        Again, you don’t have to like the English. It makes no difference to me. Don’t let your hatred cloud your judgment though.

        The arguments I make on this site are not about how everyone should be like Americans. My arguments are about survivalism. I want people to improve themselves and form networks.

  7. One of the reasons why I try to include examples of different countries in my posts, even African countries, is to show that there are some similarities. I am racist, but I don’t want to be blinded. There is nothing wrong with being proud of your heritage but I believe supremacists are blinded. I want to get rid of blindspots, even my own.

  8. All the severe problems we are hearing about in the West are related to decadence, which affects all nations, all peoples.

    It’s affects the English Speaking nations the most.

    Now, I’m not discounting what Muzzies are up to in other parts of Europe, it seems like the Muzzies in those regions are a foreign component in strife with the nationalistic natives. Many of us fail to take notice that Islam takes on a different concept in the Anglosphere, which is somewhat of a “hazy” us vs them concept. Not only are the Muslims the most hellbent when it comes to the Anglo entities, it serves as a vehicle for empowerment and vengeance for many of those who are disenfranchised, which includes quite a number of English Speaking White males, as you see it with its terrorist organizations. This should be a symptom of the unique malaises that are mostly attributed to the Anglosphere, such as multiracialism, feminism and economic immobility (or a lack of social welfare), which have even clouded the thoughts of its unsuspected White majority.

    • “It’s affects the English Speaking nations the most.”

      This is what confuses me about your definition. I’m not trying to be pedantic, but what you’re saying applies to Uganda as well because it’s an English speaking nation. Are you talking strictly about English Heritage countries, or do you also include those countries influenced by English Heritage countries?

      “Not only are the Muslims the most hellbent when it comes to the Anglo entities…”

      Honestly, I just don’t see it. I don’t have a problem with the idea of an Anglo breed (technically it would be a variety or kind–subset of breed), but it seems you misunderstand the nature of the modern, decadent white man. The fact that non-Anglosphere countries even allow foreigners to become citizens should tell you something. You talk about strife between nationalistic natives and muz, but why were they even allowed to enter in the first place?

      Why did France ban the burqa? Are nationalistic French really known for that fashion? That country which once proudly ate the croissant as an insult to Islam. Why did Denmark have to ban halal/kosher slaughter? For fuck’s sake, they have a mosque in Aachen of all places, and yet the Germans were upset about plans to build a mosque in Cologne. They already shat all over Charlemagne, all over Europe. The Bilal mosque has been there since the 60’s. It’s decadence, JS. You don’t have to like the English, but you don’t have to hate them.

    • If one accepts a paradigm where only Supremacists and anti-Supremacists exist AND one recognizes that genuine Supremacists are nearly extinct then what one sees all around are different degrees of symbiotic regression BETWEEN anti-Supremacists. A symbiotic regression BETWEEN those that reject The Perfect Man. A symbiotic regression BETWEEN those that highly value radical sexual autonomy.

      When one looks at Judaism, Islam and Western Liberalism, one should see THE ORIGINAL DEGENERATE “love triangle.” One that banished The Perfect Man so that they could perverse amongst each other while they weren’t slitting each others’ throats.

      The genuine white Supremacist is stuck smack dab in the middle of this violent “domestic” dispute. What to do? What to do?

      • TD, I have a couple of questions…

        Why do you consider Jesus the Perfect Man? If he is truly the Perfect Man, what role will emulation of JC play into the lives of genuine white supremacists? Why are whites entitled to the option to strive for supremacy as opposed to all other races/ethnic groups?

      • Political animal…

        As far as I know, only Jesus Christ has been argued The Perfect Man (meant to be the revelation of A Perfect Creator God). There simply is no other candidate up for the accolade as far I know. So “this” is first a matter of history and empirical reality. Clearly, only Christians believe the history of Jesus Christ as empirical fact. So self-evidently, only Christians can be Supremacists, i.e., believers in objective Supremacy… Believers in The Perfect Man. And it has been mainly only white Christians who have exalted this concept of The Perfect Man AS THE OBVIOUS choice of whom to worship at the collective level. Meaning, a collective of men who faithfully worshipped The Perfect Man could be reasonably assumed to be a superior collective of men IN RELATION TO ALL OTHERS who either worship false things or worship nothing at all (but really worship their SELF).

        So when I speak of white Supremacy, it has NOTHING to do with the autonomy of the “others.” They are free to be believers in The Perfect Man. And they are free to seek out others of their kind to worship The Perfect Man. This is the universality of Christianity.

        But where the white man is concerned is in his total lack of solid identity, his subsequent radically autonomous state and his misconception of the personal effect of The Perfect Man as empirical fact.

        White Supremacy is the solution to the radical liberation OF ANY VARIETY although one can still maintain ethnic/racial identity while acknowledging a superior adherence to the proper order of things by another ethnic/racial collective.

        So you can have a black Supremacist or Jew Supremacist or female Supremacist BUT you cannot have a Islamic Supremacist or a homosexual Supremacist or a communist Supremacist.

        But the reality is that only white Supremacists even attempt to make a name for themselves in the spirit of object Supremacy.

      • @political animal:

        what role will emulation of JC play into the lives of genuine white supremacists? Why are whites entitled for supremacy as opposed to other races?

        Christ is defined as the perfect man…only by christians. More than that, he is defined as God. He has help being perfect in an imperfect world where Whites must regain their supremacy and dominate among all the other races who strive for it.

        Emulating the meek Jesus has destroyed the race – through destroying its fight. JC may be considered the perfect man, but he’s also the perfect victim, ready to sacrifice for his lessers and sets up the doctrine of dying for unworthy scum. That’s what brought Whites low.

        Christ taught white men to be cheerful sacrificial victims to coloreds, who – instead of showing respectful repentance – still howl mockingly in the darkness. Is God to be loved when he repays true kindness with scorn?

        Godly America freed the slaves; blacks rob, rape, pillage and burn cities whites built then drain the treasury with welfare. Today’s Germany is more “blessed” than us.

        Holy America defeated Nazism at great cost and liberated God’s Chosen People who we still protect 70 years later. Jews give us stock market manipulation ending in ruinous the Great Depression & Great Recession of 2008. Saudi Arabia and every jew-hating nation is blessed with oceans of oil.

        Deluded Murka fought “godless communism” for decades at great expense: Communist Red China owns us.

        If God’s plan for his religion is repaying loyal disciples with contempt and rewarding their enemies, then his “great plan” is working great – if you call it betrayal.

      • FP…

        The problem with that narrative is that IT IS THE CREATION of both friends and foes of Christ. Specifically, Christ as victim is the narrative created by those who seek to “perfect” man through social engineering. So now, we read an alt-rite lamenting mainstream “Christianity” for its “salvation through self-annihilation” belief system.

        BUT THIS IS MERE ADHERENCE to “equality” doctrine.

        This is a feeble attempt at MAKING US ALL EQUAL self-annihilators whether Christian, Jew, Jihadist or Secular. This is a hopeless attempt designed to convince the white man that he must self-annihilate for his God just as the Jew and Jihadist must do.

        But the craziest aspect of your narrative IS THAT YOU CAN CORRECT IT AT ANY TIME and then social engineer the truth of the matter INTO EXISTENCE.

        Only Christians can be Supremacists (and of course, white Christians are white Supremacists) BECAUSE only Christians believe in the EMPIRICAL REALITY of The Perfect Man.

        So how then are our “elites” going about to “perfect” man?

        They’re not. They are engineering mass self-annihilation.

      • The brilliant aspect of the narrative IS THAT I CAN CORRECT IT AT ANY TIME and then social engineer the truth of the matter INTO EXISTENCE.

        …and that’s called superior strategy based on flexibility: Try it sometime.

        Jews do not self-annihilate themselves for Gawd; they are the people of the Old Testament who eradicate Amalekites and Canaanites for lush land as commanded by their big-balled Gawd because jews still await their true Messiah, while white man’s messiah mewls platitudes of “turning the other cheek” to give the next black a chance to ass pump you.

        No foe of christ anoints him with perfect God/man status as you claim; that’s just you saying so, and it’s bull.

        I’d had suspicions, but it’s quite curious verifying you are an Xtian…

      • FP…

        It is more advantageous to “see” this logical progression:

        thordaddy–>radical liberal–>radical autonomist–>anti-radical autonomist–>white Supremacist–>Supremacist.

        Let it be known, YOU ONLY REVEAL TRUTH and SHOULD articulate it accordingly. Social engineering future realities should not be confused with creating NEW Truths. In the ideal, YOU labor to bring total Truth to Reality.

        There is a REASON that “they” are called “The Chosen Ones” AND IT IS BECAUSE “they” are the PREMIER ethnic self-annihilators OR WE WOULD CALL THEM, and they would call themselves: Christian Supremacists, Jewish Supremacists, white Supremacists, European Supremacists, American Supremacists or just plain Supremacists.

        “They” call themselves none of the above BECAUSE “The Chosen Ones” is passive liberal-speak FOR REJECTORS of The Perfect Man, i.e., radical liberationists.

        Those who reject The Perfect Man EITHER IN CONCEPT or the empirical fact ARE self-annihilators. That they have found a mechanism of perpetuation (feeding off a host) does not refute a self-annihilating ethos. It does not refute the FACT that a Jew qua Jew ABSOLUTELY ABHORS the idea of striving towards Supremacy. Even further, I know of no intellectual Jew that has even tip-toed upon the subject of object-ive Supremacy AND WHY THEIR REJECTION of the mere concept is as equally degenerate as their rejection of the empirical reality of Jesus Christ as The Perfect Man.

        The Chosen Ones = Rejectors of Godly Revelation = Radical Autonomy (eternal diaspora) = Self-annihilation (what is a Jew? Ethnic? Judaic? Marxist? Anti-Supremacist?)

  9. To understand the muz mind you must understand that constructing a mosque is marking territory. It’s like a dog or cat spreading scent. The West lost their balls and their scent. Apparently no one is home in the West, so here come the settlers. Muz restrict the construction of churches. Imagine what would happen to a church built in Mecca. That’s what should happen to the Bilal mosque.

    • Doomdigit…

      But why not be more imaginative… The weakness of the jihadist is his desire for radical sexual autonomy. It is evidence of a primitive mind. It is evidence of where to attack the jihadist. But because no will attack the jihadist in his desire for radical sexual autonomy, he seems on the “ascent.” This is an illusion because the jihadist is not attacked for his desire of radical sexual autonomy BECAUSE HIS ENEMIES desire the EXACT same thing ONLY in a different variation. “We” are not witnessing the success story of Islam. “We” are witnessing the symbiotic regression amongst the various radical liberationist movements in which jihad and Western Liberalism represent virtually the two largest liberationist movements.

      • Both of these liberationist movements “battle,” successfully hide their fundamentally EQUAL origins with both sides ONLY INCREASING their respective autonomy’s at the expense of their lesser yes-“men”-ions. Who then maximize their autonomy’s at the expense of the lesser liberationists all the way down until we get a dumbed down and dead “white” liberal in the street AS EVIDENCE of the black man’s liberation from “white Supremacy.”

        The logical progression of radical autonomy is anti-radical autonomy… Ergo, genuine white Supremacy.

  10. All Western Nations have immigrants, just as China has seen a surge of non-natives in their country. It’s a good question. But the Anglosphere has completely lost control of its direction, due to decades of misguided and disingenuous policies, and rashly “doing what seems good for the moment”.

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