War of the Flea

by Ryu

This is a docu on South African farm murders. What can you say about a country where whites are murdered in such a way? Why would one stay?

If there is any white man who “should” resist, it is the Boer. We would expect most vicious and racist wns to come from SA. Yet this is not the case.

An interesting angle for an enterprising wn, would be to move to SA. Not to “make a living”, but to learn how to….…. live in such an environment. SA is a war zone in the way that the USA will be.

12 Comments to “War of the Flea”

  1. They killed terre blanche and i believe the other so called leaders sold out

    • Plausible. Above ground leaders have to be pretty amazing. They have to deal not only with the minos, but the state. JT Ready was similar.

      • Everyone (in person too) spends a lot of time lamenting over how dumb Americans (and Whites in general are). I think they do it to feel superior…since the Jews are eating our lunch right now. IF it’s true that many Whites are not as intellgent as we wish, why aren’t us “super geniuses” able to win them over?

        That’s what is great about Bob Whitaker’s stuff. It is simple and appeals to our basic instincts.

      • The fact you notice “jews eating lunch”
        *should* show you whites are indeed not as intellgent as we *wish*.

        Super geniuses do not win over a retarded people motivated now solely on greed, porn and bread & circus.
        In fact, super-geniuses usually grow tired of trying and move poolside.
        This…is what I’ve been telling you.

        High-level conceptualization and intricate planning of an adult academy fails on twelve-year-olds, retards or even chimps.

        Such people must suffer to the point of madness to move, like a cow in a growing swarm of pests.

        That is definitely not the fault of the teacher or leader unless such a fool chooses that sort of folly and if they were, they probably are phony-smart.

        You, also, will have to undergo more suffering to improve your observation and analysis skills into a qualified leadership role.


      • AGLs strike me as rash in Today’s Murkan Environment, like base jumpers of the Johnny Knoxville sort.

        Is sticking your neck out brave – or foolhardy?
        Observe the nation’s sentiment. It still has a long way to go, so I lean heavily toward the latter.
        Most agl’s are dead or in prison.

      • I don’t require applying for a leadership position. I’m a woman. I say my piece and live my life on my terms (for the most part. That’s all. I’d wager than I’m more autonomous than most of the men who post here though (although I only hint at how I do it)

  2. SA is a place of symbiotic regression.

  3. The moral question for the white Supremacist is whether to propheteer in the perpetuation of self-annihilators or truly sacrifice to fight the genocide of a fellow white man? The intellectual question revolves around whether the Boer is being genocided or whether he is a self-annihilator? Clearly, no sane white man would sacrifice for a self-annihilating Boer who thoroughly rejects white Supremacy.

  4. Israel faces many of the same dilemmas South Africa did and both were military allies once upon a time. Israel never surrendered to international pressure which simply wants to eradicate them off the map but the Boer did. When people say Israel doesn’t want peace they’re 100% correct because contrary to the myth “peace” isn’t always desirable.

  5. “There’s no hatred here.”

    That’s the money quote in my estimation. It perfectly encapsulates a mind bent on self-destructive delusion.

    If the intent of the documentary was to gain empathy for the civilized whites amongst the savage nigels then it worked here BUT it did nothing to convince one to want to sacrifice for these deluded folks who simply WILL NOT see the full depth of their dilemma and WILL NOT see the black African his entire being.

    One sees those that scream “genocide” as simple opportunists.

  6. All one needs to know about the “nature” of this documentary is that the man who coined the 8 stages of genocide said that the solution to said genocide of the Boer was more “education.”

  7. I wonder if white South Africans cry liberal tears about the hootmonkeys poor, deprived, childhoods as they jump the fence to machete them into cat chow.

    I remember a powerful socialist politician in a country I used to live visiting an Inkatha rally, trying to dance along without his feet leaving the ground, while the savages made woowoowoowoowoowoo sounds.

    SA band ‘Die Antwoord’ music video ‘Fatty Boom Boom‘ tries to embrace the darkness through the lens of madness.
    I suspect they may get darker than we can get crazy.

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