PU: The Rest of the Story

by Ryu

The old mPUAs. I think of them often – Mystery, Eric Weber, Style, Ross Jefferies. By now they would be in their 40s to 70s. Life consists of 3 stages: youth, middle and old age. It is not only youth. American culture and PU tend to emphasize the first stage.

Sex is the fun part of relationships. It is the champagne of the blood. Sex is important to men but…… absolutely vital to women; no wonder people focus on it so much today.

One’s priorities change over time. The highs and lows of youth disappear. Money and sex lower in priority as health and stability rise. Many a young man chases sex, but it’s not pleasure he seeks. Both men and women use sex for validation; men, to prove they are masculine and virile. Women, to prove they are attractive.

A man can only see as far as his mind and experience allow. I wish wisdom and patience for young white men. The unexamined life is not worth living.

By now, Robert Redford is truly old. His face looks tired and foolish as men tend to look as they cross into real old age. But in his mid 50s, he had his peak as a man. He personified all that was great and right about the white male.

The Horse Whisperer is a magical movie. Redford captured something eternal. A change comes over the face of Kristen Scott Thomas and she seems to become more beautiful as the film progresses. The ending is one of the finest things crafted by the hand of man. This movie is the best thing that Robert Redford did in his life.

57 Comments to “PU: The Rest of the Story”

  1. The issue of Old Time pua (if y2k can be considered ancient history)
    …is that it mistook an albeit crucial element of life and magnified and glorified courtship and sex into the main purpose of what “millennial man” was supposed to emulate.

    Glorifying a physical pleasure into some sort of existential~philosophical “life virtue” makes not Millennial Men, but…boys.

  2. Three stages of life

    Worry about women
    Worry about money
    Worry about health

    Or another way

    Boys seek pleasure
    Men seek power

    As for the ladies…

    Women want fame

    Their transition is thinking about themselves to thinking about their children.

  3. Millennial White men (as in guys now in their 20s and early 30s) are for the most part, beta and unremarkable. Their women are generally not impressed with their male cohorts. Not a vibe of thrill seeking and originality among most of them, which has made New World America and Old World Europe, the greatness, as a result from these traits.

  4. Some people age better than others but most celebs look like shit from the lifestyle. Very few actually bother to keep in shape and diet all the time. Everyone ages and becomes old/fat but the party and drug culture makes it worse.

    • Info_theory…

      Start with this…

      A radical autonomist sees The Perfect Man as an imposition to be remade in THEIR image…

      A genuine white Supremacist sees The Perfect Man as a REPRIEVE in which one can absolutely obtain genuine free will…

  5. So every institution, corporation, bureaucracy, organization and movement is corrupt EXCEPT PUA and WN? Lol…

    The end of the PUA story is more “white” males embracing homo-sexuality (radical sexual autonomy) than ever before. Less actual white fathers. Even crazier white females. More miscegenation. Other than tired anecdotes, where does one find the objective value of PUA?

    • The Soviet Union was attacked for implanting its ideology into every facet of society but the same exact thing happens here. Schools, workplace, social clubs, mass media, and government bureaucracy all push the same liberal garbage. Dissident movements like WN and PUA are among the last uncorrupted defenders of truth.

      The value in PUA is that young men are drawn to it unlike religious white knight BS. Only in your kooky worldview is learning how to score with hawt chix considered gay.

      • Eradican says,

        The Soviet Union was attacked for implanting its ideology into every facet of society but the same exact thing happens here (emphasis mine). Schools, workplace, social clubs, mass media, and government bureaucracy all push the same liberal garbage. Dissident movements like WN and PUA are among the last uncorrupted defenders of truth.

        You have repeated exactly what I said AND then made the exact same assertion that seems so laughably absurd. WN and PUA are RADICAL LIBERATIONIST movements and therefore are absolutely not dissident movements.

        The value in PUA is that young men are drawn to it unlike religious white knight BS. Only in your kooky worldview is learning how to score with hawt chix considered gay.

        What are “young men?” What white knight BS have I ever proffered here? And you must quit submitting to the liberal frame on the “nature” of homo-sexuality. The fact that you use “gay” is a tell that one is liberal. ALL of the West believe in radical sexual autonomy… Ergo, ALL in the West believe in the “right” to “love, f$&k, screw” whomever one pleases INCLUDING the self. YOU BELIEVE IN THIS “RIGHT”. This is the belief in homo-sexuality.

        Homo=same=exact same=self…

        No one have ever refuted the above equation because it is irrefutable.

        PUA = Paint Us Azzholes…

        Think it about real hard and quit imagining all this anecdotal heresay. Where is the objective proof of PUA’s broad success? What should one look for?

      • You’re the male equivalent of a church lady.

      • Between the Red love, ambiguous gravitar and apparently unironic cultural reference to Carvey in drag, I would say Eradican simply has no real finger on the pulse of young white males in America.

      • WN is international in scope. We have no special hatred of Nazi Germany or the USSR.

        You seem to still have some pride in being American, TD. Eradican is the future. In particular, he understands that Communism and Islam are the two most successful ideologies against American capitalism.

        The only nations today that are free of American interference are Cuba, North Korea, Iran, and Russia. All Communist or Muzz. WNs who wish to defeat America should learn the example.

      • Lol… Who’s Eradican? Who’s Firepower? Who’s Ryu? The future?

        Your frame is STILL a radical liberationist frame and therefore “success” is only measured in worldly fashion and by stunted metrics.

        Real WN is PERSONAL. Local. On.the.ground. Here or not. Lead by white Supremacists.

        Communism and Islam only defeat “American Capitalism” because you maintain a false conception OF ALL THREE PLAYERS.

        If you thought strictly mechanistic and mathematical, you might make a good argument for the claim BUT you would show the adversary that YOUR universe is, clearly, a stunted one, i.e., SMALLER than it actually is.

        Now, if you entertain a LARGER FRAME then you RECOGNIZE that both communism and Islam OPERATE ENTIRELY WITHIN the Capitalistic paradigm HOWEVER perverted their respective outcomes may appear.

        Capital = Man’s credibility

        That these communist and Islamic “elites” then turn around and sell YOU anti-Capitalism (communism/socialism) is analogous to the pro-MMA fighter that now takes part in crafting an image of a high barrier to entry. But there is no real barrier to entry in seeking to increase one’s credibility. In other words, there is no real barrier to gaining Capital. And NO ONE within communism and Islam is not absolutely dialed in on the idea of obtaining Capital… More and more credibility.

        So in sum, Ryu, you speak in favor of the Capital gain sought by communism and Islam all the while giving a pretense of being an anti-Capitalist EQUAL to the communists and jihadists you laud.

        This phenomenon is called radical autonomy.

        IT MEANS you are an anti-white Supremacist…

        And we need not even speak about “America.”

      • Alliance with Russia is the future. Our comrades in France and Hungary are being partially funded by Putin.

        I wish Vlad would send American nationalists some money. All we lack is money.

      • TD ought to spend less time smashing idols, and more time explaining to us the intricacies of The Perfect Man. What is his destiny ? how can he be reached ?

        TD is correct, and he is (part of) the future. Eradican & MW are un-impressive, pale matriarchal specimens.

      • Ryu…

        There is absolutely no evidence that the modern Russian is motivated by genuine white Supremacy. None.whatsoever.

      • What matters is victory because no matter who holds the power history will be written.

        Some prefer ideological purity and being “correct” more than winning hence you lose.

      • Eradican…

        What really matters TO YOU is whether you choose self-annihilation or not? All the other political protestations are mere smokescreen.

        The sheer absurdity of a WHITE nationalist SHOWING DEFERENCE to the DERACINATED ideologies of communism and Islam IS EVIDENCE of radical autonomy.

      • Eradican…

        You “order” claims the ability to win by doing “it” all wrong.

        Radical Autonomy…

        A genuine white Supremacist understands that any potential victory needs come by way of doing things right. Real order. Mathematical order. A True equation. The more things done right, the better potential for victory.

        Can you dig that?

        It used to be commonsense amongst white man.

      • What mofo thinks he can maximize his genetics by doing all the wrong things in the gym?

        A radical autonomist.

        What knucklehead thinks he can expand his knowledge by studying all the wrong things?

        A radical autonomist.

        And what pipsqueak is going to get on here and tell us all that there is no such thing as “right” and “wrong?”

        A radical autonomist.

      • Here comes smarty pants…

        “I didn’t say do the wrong things to achieve victory. I said one should do anything to achieve victory… Or, at least be willing to swing from the biggest perceived nuts around.”

        No man.

        That isn’t no man.

      • People kill for money but they won’t die for money. People sacrifice and die only for ideas. The muzz are on the warpath in the 21st century in the same way communism was in the 20th. They win in the real world while you pretend to win internet arguments. The whole “white supremacy” crowd is a joke.

    • Hey TD, where do organizations like these fit in on your spectrum of radical autonomy to White Supremacy? White Rex is a Russian based company that encourages Europeans to re-establish their fighting spirit through MMA, athletic tournaments, and outdoor pursuits. Greifvogel is a company based out of Germany and has a similar agenda.


      • Political animal…

        It seems crazy that something so vitally basic as a father teaching a son how to defend his life and the lives of those he loves has been outsourced to the burgeoning gladiatoresque industry.

        The hard facts of this industry are not actually pretty. The symbolism is all dark and evil in essence. The modern ethos takes pride in injury which can only manifest from the ability to prepare for combat and not actually operating in a real jungle AND there are no indications that the industry is motivated BY BRINGING OUT THE BEST of white men.

        Perhaps these companies will be different. Only time will tell BUT CERTAINLY their adherents will have direct influence.

  6. thordaddy, how can I contact you ? could you list an e-mail on your gravatar temporarily ?

  7. Alliance with Russia is the future. Our comrades in France and Hungary are being partially funded by Putin.

    Smart and racially aware WNs should ally themselves with the PIGS of Europe. They are by far, the most normal and psychologically stable demographic in the Old World. France has been ruined by multiracialism, especially with their large Sub-Saharan black immigration. The degenerate Anglosphere is set to implode anytime. Why would any sane person would want to surround themselves with its 2 faced SWPL elites and ignorant proletariat is beyond logic?

    • Ok, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain. I hadn’t heard that one.

      I don’t follow the others closely. Spain has a Catalonian independence movement. But Golden Dawn in Greece lost all their momentum. Their system has no doubt become accustomed to their presence. You’ve got to shake things up to win.

      • Southern Europe is more nationalistic and xenophobic than Northern Europe. They also hate the repugnant Britons who come over for “holiday”. Many immigrants in the PIGS nations would love to emigrate to the Anglosphere (no surprise there). I would love to see English tourists grabbing Africans by the hand in Southern Europe, and say “come with me” when they leave for the UK.

        It seems like Golden Dawn is on the rise again:


        If you follow my comments on LoftB, I hate the Anglosphere with a passion. They’re hostile towards anyone who doesn’t eat their M&M candies, (Multiracialism and Mediocrity). Not to mention, it has the most social pathologies of all the Western entities.

      • North euros live in a high trust society which produces untrustworthy individuals, that feel the need to self censor, etc., slaves to the state apparatus. Interactions with these type of people are superficial and passionless.

        It is more lamentable however, that the OP is drinking the Russian kool-aid. Standard WN delusion, everything seems wonderful from afar. I know these Orban-esque russophiles on a personal level, and talk to them regularly for my own amusement. You will not find bigger sacks of hypocritical inbred degenerates then these people. Nazi flags on their walls, fluent in english, avid fanboys of all things ‘western’, yet hate ‘the west’ and passively praise the east, out of feelings of inadequacy, i.e., radical autonomy. Which political ‘leaders’ exploit to the max.

        I’ve smoked eurasianists and their ilk a while ago. One must be suffering from severe solipsism to think that moskals are in any way ‘comrades’. Although, it would not surprise me at all if american WNs and moskal WNs were to join up and turn on european WNs; both of these are out for themselves. This is entirely possible, and has arguably happened before. Moskals are excellent propagandists and liars, hats off in that department. Rational, non-deracinated euros know what the moskal spiel is; one needs only to crack open a history book.

        @JS: don’t forget us wild and rugged east euros & balkanoids. party time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGTlcKL2eHQ#t=76

      • GD is on the right track. They can dance ! The next step is following what the IRA did, then they will succeed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTM99zbclss&list=UUKjh7SRpIMDfp8qtb9g9b9g

        Can the russians dance ? the (non-russian) Cossacks maybe. But the Chechens are the better dancers; you judge the future outcome. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXmixr-Xgko https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9S0T9ga-dc

        Balkans on steroids, nothing less.

      • For American “white” males there is the excitement of a once arch nemesis now being a real ally against the finally revealed enemy of us all. The enemy that the ruskies always knew about. But like everything else in this post-liberationist circus, it is the right hand slapping the left and “we” are the dingiling in between.

        The only alliance to be found amongst white man MUST BE GROUNDED in striving towards Supremacy…

        The FACT that “we” share an arguably particular skin color and therefore certain lineage ONLY MEANS “we” are bound to be violent and disloyal towards each other.

        How can this seemingly inevitable cycle of events be transcended? Collectively? Without force and coercive? Against ALL “others” that deny its possibility and revel in its falsification?

      • Info_theory is an eastern European the type whose grandma was gang raped by the Red Army.

      • What is the fate of those who have dunya in their hearts, and victory, ideals, morality in their hands ?

        Hell is eternal, hell is eternal, hell is eternal.

  8. FP or Ryu, please provide me with TD’s e-mail. Thanks.

  9. Think about being voluntarily confined to a relativist paradigm all the while rejecting true lasting bonds ALL IN THE NAME of Liberation. It is the stuff of psychotic dissonance. But this is YOUR desire and in order to maintain “it” YOU must PUBLICLY PROJECT the antithesis. One is actually spiritually, intellectually and now virtually physically unbounded and seeking lasting bonds with each and ALL.

    This is the hocus pocus of PUA…

    High IQ “white” males and assorted “other” liberationists PREYING on the desperation of the masses as though they were playing genuine mentor. But these cynical and childless fellows speak for themselves when one appropriates the correct frame.

    THEY TEACH HOMO-sexuality…

    Where homo=same=exact same=self…

    Sex with self = major pornage = self-annihilation…

    Radical sexual autonomy = pleasure one’s self to death…

    PUA = Paint Us Azzholes…

    The first and most “dynamic” homo-sexual recruitment campaign to date… All Internet driven… Subject to viral communication… Eliciting massive amounts of impulse analytics…

    How many are ready for even a leaked email, search query, Internet purchase the first time you attempt to step on the big stage? What are all these PUA’s going to do with the skeletons of “success?”

  10. Sheeeeeet…

    PUA might as well be KGB or CIA with all the skeleton-making it has endeavored into.

  11. Anyway you look at “it,” the narrative crumbles. One is either impaling faulty A.I. or one must submit to “safe sex” in order to “survive” in the “game.” Either way, the ART is LOST. There is no artistry in PUA. THIS IS A FACT. When one “learns” PUA, he IS NOT LEARNING an art. When one learns PUA, he IS LEARNING how TO NOT BOND with a female liberationist. This is fact. In this process is the illusion of increased “game” which merely equal the decreasing amount of time and effort it takes to pump and dump another female self-annihilator (usually white). Over time, one will hopefully get a sense of being led astray as there seems to be no tangible victory in this “game” as these females are simply one’s “equal” and therefore not actually being gamed or the sex must be “safe” and devoid of any real passion and filled with fear of bad consequence. No art shall be found under those bed sheets.

    • @thordaddy

      pua was and is, a good.
      puas are mainly bad
      Because: they are corrupted millenials, Today’s Brandon!™

      you must distinguish between the two, the concept and its practitioners.

      There is no way one can say the world was better before pua

      • Firepower…

        Spoken like a true capitalist?

        PUA is a good… As in PUA is a product/service to be sold to the masses and the faulty A.I. end user undoubtedly mangles and then destroys the PUA’s exemplary application in the real world.

        This is a coherent view ALTHOUGH it misses the point of PUA.

        What future reality does your perception attempt to CREATE?

        A less faulty A.I. end user?

        A “finer” PUA product/service?

        Even after this though, the ORIGINS of PUA are the origins of all modern radical liberationist movements.

        So the dispute is more particular.

        You say PUA sells “pick up artistry.”

        I say PUA sell “homo-sexuality.”

        What does reality say?

        If PUA sells “homo-sexuality…” Or more specifically, if PUA put skeletons in your closet with technological zeal and a fee then “it” is most certainly not a good or service. Its aim is anti-Capitalist. Its aim is to destroy white man’s credibility across the broad spectrum. It has been an unduly “success.”

      • td, You misunderstood: PUA is a “good” not in the economic sense of “goods & services” but in the Logic/Philosophy sense of a virtue or better yet, a positive.

        PUA’s originating prescription was not to “destroy white man’s credibility” but break the unearned monopoly Murkan females’ won by default from the medieval practice of Western Courtly Love.

        See the profligate Ginsu-ization of PUA from a studied, serious practice reduced to a spectacle of quick-bucks internet commercialism touted by one trillion online forum seminar hypsters.

        See former outcasts – herds of geek PimpleNerds – Mehow* their Field Reports with the newly emerging 21st century visual recording device technology.

        Give sensitive, awkward, 21-year-old boychildren raised by SingleMommy a taste of power…
        White man destroys his own credibility easy enough.

        *LIUFY; look it up for yourself

      • Necessary to PUA are females with genuine free will.

        BUT THIS DOES NOT EXIST in the PUA’s metaphysical paradigm. In other words, PUAs, in this day and at this time are merely impaling sheep. Faulty A.I. A biological entity one calls a “female human being…” BY THEIR OWN ADMISSIONS.

        THERE IS NO ART TO THIS. There can be no art in this…

        It takes a paradigm in which white females have genuine
        free will for there to be “pick up artistry.”

        To go even further…

        It’s not JUST that the “female human being” lacks genuine free will, but also, resides in a state of known or unknown radical autonomy. Meaning, “female human being” either “knows” she lacks genuine free will or she doesn’t BUT EITHER WAY, she “acts” accordingly and all “art” is lost and there is no room for “game.”

      • Freewill? Nothing but a vestigial concept now in the Land 0′ Bred N’ Cirkus, thus, it matters not.

        Nor is it material that it is labeled an “art” in the similarly careless nomenclature where PlayStation rangers practice the “art” of videobuggery.

        Reduce it thus to “PU” if you must.
        But, it still exists…

  12. The end game of PUA was to put many a skeletons, either real or virtual, in the closets of masswhitemale.

    • So as to = the homosexual.

      • I agree with T Daddy about this homosexual thing. If you are constantly thinking about (your) penis (or vagina), you’re mind is being perverted rather than made healthy. Porn also is meant to make you a homosexual. If you are looking at hardcore porn, you are looking at the SAME sexual organs as you have. That can’t help but mess up your head.

        In a committed relationship, a man or woman doesn’t have to obsess on “getting some” and can devote him/herself to nurturing a family and possibly an empire (eventually). Is it F-ing difficult to accomplish in this screwed up world? ABSOLUTELY. But the only way our race will survive is by forming and caring for families.

        WNs not having children truly IS defacto homosexuality. It makes you a genetic dead-end. I’m not trying to be insulting-just hoping this makes sense to someone. Thousands of ancestors made YOU who you are. Don’t break the chain!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RQVdRHETak&list=PLJJGM7l9fbvI0_OQgZqz4iQr0CtIdDrHJ

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