Laser Pointers and Airplanes

by Ryu

or, How a $10 Child’s Toy Can Control the Lives of 100 People and a Million Dollar Machine.

Whenever you see the system throwing real jail time and penalties at an activity, you know its something effective. Pointing green laser pointers at airplanes is now like that.

It is now a felony to point a laser at an airbourne plane. This is because a mere toy can ……bring down an airplane, though it has not yet happened.

Rumor is that during Iraq 1, the Americans used laser weapons. These can blind a man with a single viewing. The human eye is particularly sensitive to green, which is why it’s used. Above a certain wattage, exposure leads to permenant blindness.

Direct action is about minimizing cost and risk while maximizing effect. A truly powerful man could bring down the USG with the slightest touch of his pinky, touching the right place. A million dollar Ferrari can be brought down by a 10 cent spring.

Some have been caught using lasers on planes. How?

At night, a green laser may have a range in the 10s of miles. When turned on, the entire straight line path is visible though dust in the air. It’s not hard to trace it back to the origin.

Sometimes the police dispatch helos to track a laser. New police helos do have IR and can see at night. They trace the beam back to the source, then radio cops on the ground. The cops find a person with a laser beam on his person, and he usually confesses. That is the standard technique. The solution is to cover all the bases before the action is begun.

To obtain the most powerful green lasers available, one must turn to the Chinese capitalists. They will sell a man anything. Customs is no problem, just as one can get foreign prescriptions inside the US. The thing to be aware of is that some companies sell product that does not perform to specification. Just look at the reviews of those who have experience.

6 Comments to “Laser Pointers and Airplanes”

  1. So the plane has to be flying pretty low for the pilot to be blinded by the pointer yes?

    Also, best not to mail order this…traceable!

    • Bah. You worry too much.

      They have to establish that you have the pointer.

      Then, that you had the pointer that night, and that you pointed it.

      Then, the police actually have to find you. Then find it on you. A good criminal could get away with it easily.

  2. “A truly powerful man could bring down the USG with the slightest touch of his pinky, touching the right place.” — Ryu

    Have you been hacking my personal work?

    Who is the man with most Capital?

    Real Power = ability to move and feed men…

    Viral communication = global mind

    Quit thinking criminal… Think Singularity… Think Supremacy… Quit talking to the white juvenile class as though they were expected to be juvenile.

    Uncle Beast IS JUST one player. The biggest? The baddest? The greatest? Does it matter when it’s game time?

  3. This would be a very useful weapon to fire against DPRK invaders in a Red Dawn situation. Good thing Hollywood helps us accurately identify threats in advance. The large glass cockpit of the Mil-8 or their illegally acquired Hughes 500 choppers would be particularly vulnerable.

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