It Takes 2 Sides, To Civil War…

by Firepower

America was a land of firsts. Murka is, also – and shall be.

It was the most Republican of times, it was the most Democratic of times.

That’s the U.S. right now, a nation heading in two diametrically opposed directions.”

First, opponents must distill into broad camps, then to coalesce as enemies they focus solely on their differences – to become enemies. Republicant is first necessarily reduced to conservative, then to nationalist then finally to our kind of partisan.

Rome had no revolution where noble statesmen spake big noble words to eager patriots filled with history and national pride. Nor did they pamphleteer twitter style. Rome simply sank into the drain like the expended turd it was. Seen any “Great Men” lately?

Civil wars take two to tango, but ours will likely be between three: Coloreds, Miggers and Whites as discussed previously: LIUFY


18 Responses to “It Takes 2 Sides, To Civil War…”

  1. How to maintain the right cohesion? Our ancestors took to the streets intermittently for 30 years before the Civil War, fighting for self-rule in government and culture, opposing immigrant political, economic and cultural power and the powers that stood behind them. But then the country divided up and fought to the death, not over self-rule, but over slavery. The result was a catastrophe for native white America. Was the whole war a diversion from the nativist uprising? Lincoln probably won with nativist votes, though he was not sympathetic to nativism.

    Reading Brass-Knuckle Crusade (1960)–a hypocritical Red screed, biased in every line, but full of useful information about a time when WASP America wasn’t afraid to riot. WASP America also recognized, instinctively, that the question of who is the community is not decided at the ballot box, but by force. Voter intimidation appears to have been the norm for all parties.

    • I believe the period between the Mex-American war and the Civil War was the last “real” America. The Civil War destroyed all that. Like most nations, we still had shimmers of the glorious past but it was like the shards of a broken mirror gleaming on the ground – it was not the splendid piece in original form.

      Rome took well over a century to fall; super-rich enterprises always do. The 5th century was filled with despotic Syrian usurpers, foreign spenders with destructive Roman emperors incurring blame themselves.

      The Rome that collapsed in the 6th century wasn’t even the same pagan rulers or people. It was as different from Julius Caesar as Barrack Hussein Obama is from George Washington.

      The Peeeple are not let off the hook either: Our gaming Brandons and coloreds are as inferior from 1776’ers dumping tea overboard as the chasm between those two Presidential examples.

      • Another probative document–the director’s and actor’s commentary to Gangs of New York, in which nativism is shown to be nothing but gutter hatred rather than, as it was in fact, a movement from top to bottom of American society to preserve the country’s political and cultural character.

        Scorsese shows that story ending with the Civil War — which for him is a happy ending to the WASP defense of the country.

      • The cradle-to-grave assimilation indoctrination of America’s traditional “nation of immigrants” value trumps nativism at present.

        That’s because it’s only used on Whites.
        The black is allowed special privileges to refuse assimilation.
        Now, with Obama’s Migger Amnesty (and the many more to come) the Migger will be allowed the same.

        The problem for USG is: That many coloreds choosing racial identity now lights the fuse for Civil War 2.

      • Do we want the polarization to be racial, or cultural/ethical/political? Do we have a choice? Spengler said race was a spiritual fact, not a zoological one. But the hotter the conflict, the blunter the instrument of discrimination.

        Agree 100% that blacks Mexicans are given a non-assimilation privilege. That is what multi-culturalism is all about. Break down the common/dominant culture by making it one among many and defame it as bigoted/homophobic/misogynistic/xenophobic/sadistic/imbecilic/inbred/irrelevant/backward, etc. Create the nationless, history-less fellaheen civilization easily dominated by commercial/governmental propaganda.

      • A decision of whether to toss elites into the conflagration with MINOs is a long ways off.

        It is the rare soldier who knows how to get at them in their luxury castle keeps; the best way then, is to blunt their buffer zone of MINO foot soldiers and whittle them away, the way the Whermact was dismantled before Uncle Dolfie was exposed.

        Common white liberals – SWPLs – that march along side colored causes are the most pressing threat: They voted Obama 2x and will vote Hillary/Warren. Thank Gawd coloreds are the ones taking them out with lighter fluid.

        It is said cut off the head, kill the snake. But, if the snake is protected in its hole and all that you can get at is its tail, chop that off until it bleeds to death – segment by bloody segment, if necessary.

  2. That’s why I’m leaving this nation of a dump, where I can be a spectator, when civil unrest breaks out and Murka implodes. People will riot because of the economy, but the scapegoats are race baited. The hipsters taking their selfies will be the 1st to go. I see it coming in about 2 years, 2016 to be exact!

    • You’re going to miss out on all the loot. Maybe we’ll save a spot on the team for you.

      The more minos, the better. It means we can be a lot less selective in who we deal with. Sometimes its good to be surrounded by enemies.

      It’s going to be a lot of fun. True radical liberation. Just get the cops out of the way. Their just-us system is the only thing stopping WN.

      • A strike against the elite while simultaneously battling the black and migger must be weighed with challenges of adding another enemy in a “two-front” war.

        We’ve seen how well that worked for The Idol of VRW. Yet…it worked out swell for FDR’s Uncle Beast.

        As more Jordies start PTSD’g and wetting themselves when it finally dawns on them USG uses them like Kotex, they may leave the predictable Veteran HEROCopJOBS to the Fat Feminists filling those ranks now.

      • It’s a hard call. I can imagine Hitler felt so happy to finally fight back that he bit off more than he could chew. The balance is difficult. One needs enough emotion to fight but enough discipline to have control.

        I am not sure if anything can wake up the Jordies. By the time they “get it”, they are used up and worthless. They gave their best to the USG. Few are going to say “I worked for a tyrannical government against my own people.”

      • There will be no shortage of yes-“men”-ions in any of the proliferating executive fields to be found in the near future. All “we” can do is seek out viral communication and press for conversion. If “we” are to have yes-“men”-ions then “we” want them to be ours.

        The first psychological hurdle to be jumped FOR ALL self-
        identified whites is thus:

        Belief in Supremacy DOES NOT EQUAL degeneracy…

        Such that…

        A genuine white Supremacist IS NOT a white degenerate.

        It is such a simple, straightforward truth TO ANYONE NOT radically autonomous.

        So WHY will this be the tallest hurdle of them all?

      • Very few would be able to understand what you’re talking about. You have to make it very simple, so simple a child could get it.

      • Ryu…

        You are dispensing with all your formulaic proclivities and wandering off into a place with actual relations.

        The current liberationist frame is:

        Supremacy = degeneracy

        Such that…

        White Supremacy = white degeneracy…

        IF everyone believes this formula THEN everyone is a radical liberal…

        BECAUSE THE TRUTH… Ergo, the CORRECT formulation is thus:

        Supremacy = Supremacy

        Just as…


        White Supremacist = White Supremacist…

        This is the CORRECT frame.

        All that is left is defining Supremacy…

        And therein lies the hang up for the “white” males of the West…

        They either CANNOT conceive of a definition OR they simply concede to the liberationism frame.

        Radically autonomous, either you look. Degenerate in mind.

        Objective Supremacy = Perfection = He who will do all right = The Perfect Man = logical object of worship = correct orientation = clear path of action = individual solution to “infinite regress.”

        Now, you can see why ALL liberationist movements are HELL BENT on squashing genuine white Supremacy.

        It’s very formulaic. There is a mathematical order in here.

      • I have found that people are not rational, TD.

        Logic and reason do not always work with people. It’s not the same as STEM.

        I’m reminded of Dr Stadler in Atlas Shrugged:

        A former professor at Patrick Henry University, and along with colleague Hugh Akston, mentor to Francisco d’Anconia, John Galt and Ragnar Danneskjöld. He has since become a sell-out, one who had great promise but squandered it for social approval, to the detriment of the free. He works at the State Science Institute where all his inventions are perverted for use by the military, including the instrument of his demise: Project X (Xylophone). The character was, in part, modeled on J. Robert Oppenheimer, whom Rand had interviewed for an earlier project, and his part in the creation of nuclear weapons.[4] To his former student Galt, Stadler represents the epitome of human evil, as the “man who knew better” but chose not to act for the good.

      • –Should be here–

        Yes… But radical liberationists understand “equations,” ESPECIALLY false ones…

        And the most radical “white” liberationists are the nerd and his acolytes.

        Nerds are “out of the closet.” The nerds of STEM are the yes-“men”-ions behind the machinations and they HATE genuine white Supremacy for a myriad of childhood “traumas.”

        Oh… The enemy knows “equations,” for sure.

      • Ryu..

        The yes-“men”-ions are “white” male liberals of >115 IQ, i.e., nerds…




        All various nerd collectives that form the core of technical know-how for Uncle Beast’s machinations ALL THE WHILE giving out the false pretense of being anti-government/anarchist/libertarian…

        When a nerd SAYS that he DOES NOT UNDERSTAND the concept of objective Supremacy (the phrase literally does not compute) HE IS NOT THEN GIVEN the benefit of ignorance. He is instead accorded the identity of radical autonomist WHETHER he is aware of his condition or not. It does not change his radically autonomous state of being.

  3. If you are at Eradica then the assumption is that you are a social engineer seeking to create future realities.

    It DOES NOT in fact take two to civil war. “Ours” is a civil war in our own minds. We define “it” externally the same way the theoretical physicist defines “our” universe through a multiverse paradigm. In other words, “we” can only “see” our civil war by seeing civil war in every other direction. But this in fact MEANS we cannot see our own internal civil war just as the physicist — right before he “saw” the multiverse AND right after he “stood at” a universe-wide perspective — looked backed and “saw” nothing (a modern scientist CANNOT observe a singularity). This is where most “white” males of the West are positioned. They can see the whole universe from the bottom up. And they’ve learned about the multiverse from the top down. But stick them on the edge of the universe and the door of the multiverse and they see NOTHING.

    The real Civil War is genuine white Supremacy versus “white supremacy” by many other names.

    Even when a Japanese scientist is called “racist,” the accuser MEANS white Supremacist.


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