Leader as Entertainer: Mass Movement Leadership as Party Planning

by Ryu

What follows is a classic article from a comrade of ours. Though I did not write this article, I support every word. -Ryu

It seems that up until now, there have been no leadership organisations within the racist movement. The movement has been broken into two categories, both being rather ineffectual on their own and disdain to cross paths.

The first type I will classify as the literary movement. This movement is largely a stay at home movement. They tend to be a bit older. They like to read interesting journals and perhaps if they work up a ton of motivation, they’ll attend an…… annual conference, which really amounts to an intelligent form of party.

They seem to have no real tangible objective. They like to read interesting articles. They may not like the direction that society is going, but it hasn’t occurred to them to formulate a plan to change it. As long as they get more self-reinforcing literature to read, they’re happy. The leaders of this movement are actually smart enough to know what’s going on. However, instead of organising and pooling resources to enact change in the real world, they’ve decided to provide entertainment for their readership. So the leader is an entertainer, who just routinely meets deadlines and comes up with more interesting stories for their audience at whatever regular intervals they can keep up. The big conference, for the really ambitious, is quite a hoot as well. The theory, I guess, is that once everyone on the planet is a subscriber, things will just change without having to take any action. Of course that day will never come.

The second type of movement I’ll call the “action” movement. These folks tend to be young and energetic. The leadership are quite intelligent, although inexperienced and often ill-disciplined. Their followers are just plain lazy and stupid. They, at base, have the exact same function and strategy as the literary movement, it is just more low brow in its approach. Here’s the formula. The leaders throw parties for the lazy and stupid followers. As long as enough lazy and stupid people show up to drink beer, they figure they are successful. Just like with the literary types, it’s all a numbers game. The more idle spectators you can amass, the more successful are your efforts, obviously. Just try to have such meetings with no alcohol at the ready and see how many people show up! They’re constantly trying to increase the idle herd.

So, the entire movement becomes one giant string of publicity stunts. To seem relevant to the idlers, one must have more spectacles. So, they will march in the streets to attract a ton of media attention. Or they periodically waste a bunch of time and money handing out flyers or throwing them on people’s lawns who don’t give a shit about what they’re saying. The entire purpose of all of these practices is to generate media controversy, so they can tell the idlers that their weekly or monthly beer party is where it’s at. Again, no change for the race is actually occurring. These groups just ebb and flow. Leaders burn out, and then new ones come along. It’s all predicated on the fact that once everyone on the planet comes to your party, you can win an easy victory without having to really do anything to change things.

What if people never show up, or the subscribers never come? Then what? To plan a movement like that is to plan your financial future based on when you win the lotto.

One should have a plan for victory that includes nothing and no one more than we have already at our disposal. We already have hundreds of thousands of activists in the US today. We don’t need to recruit anymore. We simply need to organize them and put them to work, and not many of them either. Most of them won’t ever contribute any work.

Money is power. Leaders need to drop their high profile and their idle followers. They need to network only with leaders of other organizations, for it is that leadership class who is doing all of the work anyway! They need to make money and pool money. Once you have the finances, you can achieve anything. We need to buy land. We need to move White people to that land. We need to drive non-Whites away from that land. It all takes money, and that’s all it really takes. $10 in dues or subscription fees will never get you there.

19 Comments to “Leader as Entertainer: Mass Movement Leadership as Party Planning”

  1. A great essay but it bears saying again that some are keeping a low profile (as advised in the essay)

  2. Why the leader acts as entertainer now is because it is the last resort when there are no followers.

    Followers define the leader and mold him into entertainer.
    This happens in all groups when followers are of low-quality.

  3. A good leader will inspire his people. Hitler took up a degenerate Germany and turned them into ardent nationalists mainly by getting international Jewry out of their business.

    Study Entryism

    • I need not study anymore: I invent new, original ideas from a synthesis of past studies coupled with new information. If folks want to discuss the present day in the imaginary context of “what if Uncle Adolf never invaded Russia – and had laser guns!” let them fap their lives away.

      Eradica has more originality in one day of publishing than 20,000 daily TDO articles at Top 40 VRW sites.

      Mr. Hitla was nothing without loyal followers. Even Xtianity’s “perfect” man of G-Ziss fell into the hands of his enemies due to cruddy disciples.

      It was then the same followers who later built xtianity into a giant, while Godd N’ G-Ziss did their typical hands-off act in heaven.

      You assume a leader automatically inspires his followers as if by divine act, yet cannot explain how This Leader is supposed to inspire a herd of Jersey cows…

      Is a genius capable of inspiring today’s retarded Brandon(?)
      A box of rocks?

  4. Whats your guys read on this releashed reports about the CIA tourture coming out? Esp with warhawk/traitors mccain and radditz leading the report, what would we have to gain, other than further stain the USA image to lead to its collapse?

    • “Whats your guys read on this releashed reports about the CIA tourture coming out?”

      It’s just people trying to dissociate themselves before it’s too late. Back in 2009 Pelosi denied any knowledge of waterboarding and tried to act as though she were shocked that such a thing was happening. Everyone knew, it’s just posturing.

    • Many a man lies about who he is and what he wants.

      If the American people want lies, that’s their problem. The USG “should” understand that it is a police state now, today. It commits the same atrocities it accused Hitler, Mao and Stalin of.

      I’d bet many ISIS and Taliban have family members who the USG tortured. I hope they get their payback.

  5. In WN 3.0, “we” will have virtual leaders that only exist “in principle.” No skeletons in the closet. No guilt by association. No radical autonomy. No self-annihilation. The virtual leaders of WN 3.0 will seemingly be one or many and never to be neutralized. All virtual leaders of WN 3.0 will abide two fundamental axioms:

    1. White man will live amongst HIS OWN in peace…

    2. And such a physics defying feat can only be realized through striving towards Supremacy…

    Ergo, the virtual leaders of WN 3.0 who exist solely “in principle” and are therefore indestructible shall be called white Supremacists. In the real world, “we” are all converts.

    These axioms are the mechanisms of perpetuation in a society of self-annihilators. By mandating all virtual leaders of WN 3.0 follow these axioms, “we,” at the minimum, insure IN OUR LEADERS the fundamental imperative to perpetuate and ascend.

    • You forgot axiom #3: Everything in wn hinges on learning fluent hebrew and arabic. Unless one is a woman or a genetic defect, every wn must master these two things. The golden mean is now complete.

  6. “yet cannot explain how This Leader is supposed to inspire a herd of Jersey cows…” I DID tell you what he did. But here is a gift for you. Hey, I don’t worship the guy, contrary to your opinion but he did a lot of things very well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NC1B1oZo0Og

    It’s disturbing that you think you have nothing left to learn. As far as innovation goes, yes, you invented some nice acronyms.

    As far as I can tell, your biggest contribution thus far has been in facilitating Ryu’s finding his voice.

    [ed note: moo-ooo
    you cattle iz restless…
    when you need 2b milked]

    • I told you: Modern nationalism’s problem is quality followers – not leaders.
      But, like a derelict follower I describe, you never listen.
      So, why would anybody be foolish enough to lead you?

      Judging White http://wp.me/p2kmGE-40G
      Leadership For Nationalistic Organization http://wp.me/p2kmGE-3Se
      No More Nationalism http://wp.me/p2kmGE-2Xk
      Vikings Riding Wolves http://wp.me/p2kmGE-1OG

      Sharpton says “burn this MOTHERFUCKER down!”
      And his followers burn it down.
      Whites, need incessant hand-holding to even figure this basic shit out…

      • Sharpton and his gang have the FORCE of the United States government with them. There’s no comparing Whites and Blacks on this issue.

        PLUS you actually are too chicken shit to tell anyone to do anything. You only hint.

      • Ah, so you fear USG
        Tremble at all Uncle Beast’s powers
        Its social power…it’s weapon powers
        And so, you have already lost

        I speak uncomfortable truths.
        All you see is your discomfort
        And not that truth

        [God, you must need a fucking so bad…]

  7. You have not earned your stripes fp. Men need to have condidence in a man who is leading them into the pit of hell Also your obvious degenerate nature hinder you

    • Yes, because we all know HEROSeal Cannonfodder squad-level movies script for us the best leaders.

      Gen. Patton, Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin all killed thousands of their enemies with their hairy-chested bare teeth, and thus won The Single Housewife Seal of Approval, Congressional Medal of Ugly.

      A good leader knows when to quash dissent.

  8. I’m reasonably sure real and trusted leaders are forming cells with relatives and childhood friends IRL as we speak. That is a good place to start. Ryu’s emphasis on tactics will go a long way.

  9. A few legal activists might also be useful, though the law is an illusion for the powerful.

    The Swedish political elites should all be indicted for genocide.

  10. The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.

  11. The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves.

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