Future Senate GOP Defeatism

by Firepower

FOX Babes Andrea Tantaros VS Kirsten Powers ~ RAWDOG!

Propaganda LibStream Media love Love LOVE to tout the “upcoming republicunt defeats in 2016!” 🙂

The next election cycle’s Senate map is as bad for Republicans as this year’s was for Democrats! The GOP forced to defend seven seats in states Our -President Lord & Son of G-Ziss – Barack Obama carried twice!!!

Not so fast.

Remember: It will be a ……Presidential election year; the perpetual hype-bullshit machine will run at full speed. Dim GOPpers will crawl out of their gated communities to vote.

So will everybody who’s taken a future two-year ObamaCare buttfucking: Wallets have loooooooong memories.

5 Comments to “Future Senate GOP Defeatism”

  1. Elections dont matter as you have made clear in other posts.

  2. The Americans will be revolutionary when they ignore elections. They’ve got a longgggg way to go.

    An election is simply one part of the upper class battling another faction of the upper class – like a high brow version of horse racing.

    [ed note: republicants want to give all your blood to israel and democants want to give it all to coloreds]

  3. I wouldn’t mind if McCain like a certain unfortunate rent-a-cop in downtown LA had to go back to delivering pizzas in South Central in his ’87 Yugo. He probably will be very well taken care off though.

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