by Ryu

Arson is one of the most interesting crimes available. Large amounts of property damage are possible, yet clearance rate is only 13%. Clearance rate is defined as cases with an actual arrest. Only 2% of arsonists are ever convicted.

Leftists groups have used fire to great advantage in the past. The EFL or Earth Liberation Front set many fires against ……loggers, developers, and hotels. You already know how they got caught. The usual – one of their own got cold feet, in too deep, and narced.

Of great importance is timer devices. One may either start the fire immediately or with some delay. It need not be complicated. In fact, simpler is harder trace. Few possess the expertise to make an electronic timer, but anyone can buy a book of matches. Candles or matches form the mass of timers. Professional arsonists work either for money or pleasure. Those who work for money are “mechanics” or “torches.” For pleasure are pyros.

Accelerants are chemicals used to make the fire burn more easily. There’s great danger in volatile accelerants like gasoline. It’s the gas vapors that ignite, leaving the potential for the torch to burn himself. Less volatile chemicals are preferred.

Fire destroys evidence. It’s hard to work an arson scene. It takes a special skill, only possessed by fire marshals. Ordinary cops don’t do well with it, and only big cities can devote an entire department to arson investigation.

The ideal is always the same – no motive, no forensic evidence, no witnesses. Basics, basics, basics. There’s no need for elaborate trickery. The simplest cases are the hardest to solve. Especially in crime, there’s a 1% action to planning ratio – there’s 100x more planning than action.

I have included a link to the audiobook of Sun Tzu’s Art of War, which has a section on the use of fire.

8 Comments to “Arson”

  1. A negro burned down a major shopping mall during the holidays a couple years back. He threw pipe bombs at stores during morning shopping hours and for whatever reason the emergency sprinklers never activated. The inferno destroyed a brand new shopping complex in an affluent area and they had to rebuild it all again. The cost in time, money, insurance, and stress must have been astronomical. Although he lacked a higher motive and was just being black I applaud him nonetheless.

  2. There is no excuse for all the cuckolded divorce theft victims living in roach dumps to just kill themselves without trying to fight back, just because they can no longer pay their extortionate alimony or other deeply unfair debts.
    That’s just letting the System win.
    And yet that is exactly what happens.
    Suicides aren’t even reported in my local liberal newspaper.
    Debt, often to the government or to tax authorities, is a leading cause of suicide.
    The System wants the least useful drones (non-protected classes only) to off themselves.

    • @Ryu,,0,2184500.story I will be interested to see if he gets away with this. I can’t believe people still try to physically rob banks anymore.

      • He should be clear, since it has been 5 days. The bad thing is, he didn’t use a disguise.

        Robbing banks is still done. It takes a great skill. The big problem is the number of witnesses and the police response time of 4 minutes. Average take is only 4K. You’ve got 4 minutes to go from inside the bank to a safe distance away and change your appearance.

    • “That’s just letting the System win. And yet that is exactly what happens.”

      This is normal behavior. It is one thing that most human breeds have in common. You have to get to the point where it does not bother you anymore, otherwise your range of actions will be limited. This is not easy. You can deny it and suffer, or acknowledge it and profit.

  3. Ryu, i believe you are overestimating this expertise. It really doesn’t take an EE degree to figure out basic electronics.

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