Personal Assistant to the Stars

by Ryu

It’s important to realize that when one sees Tom Cruise or some famous guy, he’s not just one man. Obama has an army of secret servicemen with him at all times and a larger number of assistants, advisors, secretaries and gophers. All CEOs, stars and presidents have this entourage.

In my library, I have a few books on being a Hollywood assistant. It takes a certain type. This is not a 9-5 job. Stars require an extreme level of dedication and attention. To reach the top of their profession requires alot of rejection and they develop a bulletproof ego. In fact, when you see a man of fame and power, he is the result of many men’s work.

Assistants and bodyguards are slaves. We don’t need 300 year old accounts to learn about slavery. Ask any Hollywood gofer today. There’s no job too small and forget having a…… personal life. Many of these stars don’t give their staff off for Thanksgiving or Christmas. No days off for weddings or pregnancies either. No time off the clock, they’re answering texts and emails at 1am.

Don’t believe the hype. ROK had this article where a young soldier is kissing a general’s ass, because the general “got so much done each day.” Writing that minute-by-minute schedule was a big job, and one the general certainly didn’t do himself. Hey – how many secretaries do you think a general has? What could you do with that number?

There is a flip side. Everywhere you can imagine, there’s a janitor. Someone cleans shit and piss at the white house, the FBI building, and at the Grammies. I’ll bet this man is alot less impressed that the man on the street. George Bush senior is just another senile old man now. What does his diaper-changer think of him?

It is extremely rare to see the human side of the famous. We don’t see the graves, or them walking out of bathrooms. They build up a mythology of being more than human, which is patently untrue. Mythology enhances their own reputation, bringing in more money.

Please be careful building people up too much. Don’t allow yourself to be hustled. It’s alot easier to beat a man with reputation and illusion than by a contest of equals. This is yet another form of the American love for the bluff.

Whenever you see Obama on TV, look for the plainclothes bodyguards. While everyone else is staring at Obama, look for people looking at other things – the crowd, the door, etc. Most networks are very careful to not film the muscle when they tape Obama, as if he were out there alone – that’s another myth. He is never alone.

10 Comments to “Personal Assistant to the Stars”

  1. I’ve determined that the POTUS spends so much time traveling, primping, and BS’ing that it seems they wouldn’t have any time left for doing any actual work. I think it has been a long time since we’ve had one that actually did, I believe they are just talking heads directed by the oligarchy.

    • Yes. The myth of “the busy executive” exploded and became clear during Sick Willie’s Oval Office blowjob sexcapades: Besides his cock, it was exposed Xlinton had so much free time, he warehoused politicians in his royal waiting room until he reached release.

      Not only Mizz Monica, but Liz Hurley & Gina Gershon – to name a few. Our First Black President did not limit himself to oral pleasures contrary to myth.

      It’s also clearly obvious when Presidents are lauded as “voracious readers” with the gushing reporters’ proof being their chocking-up dozens of foot-thick, boring political history tomes per year: Where do they get the time to read all that crap?

      • And everyone today claims to be ‘busy.’ Because commerce and money is the American religion. The lower classes imitate the upper classes in this.

      • I just wonder about the technicalities of the “oral-anal contact” that was alluded to in the Starr Report but never explicated.

      • Such harmful details of Xlinton’s degneracy were immediately expunged by the ballwasher media.

        Censorship is perfected in the days of the Obama Regime to be rendered undetectable. This is aided by a complacent, degenerated society in general.

  2. The Wall Street Journal had an interesting article about estate managers not too long ago:

    The peculiar requests and need for everything to be just so make these people come off as weak and effeminate more than anything else.

  3. In this current age, it helps if you can delegate. There’s plenty of cheap labor around and if they do a great job, you can promote them and give them raises. Whites are uncomfortable with delegating because they are perfectionists and think no one can or will work work as hard as them but there are still plenty of Whites that will work hard if you look for them. You have them do the mundane stuff so you can put your efforts into planning, creating etc. for your business (or other endeavor)

  4. I’ve considered hiring an illegal to work a minimum wage job, and I keep the difference as profit.

  5. Remember everyone puts their pants on one leg at a time.

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