Genetics in Direct Action

by Ryu

Genetics controls more than just appearance. It influences behavior, mindset, mood, and risk tolerance.

The older I become, the more I believe that a person’s life is written by age 6. Everything else the child learns sits on top of the base built when they were very young. The basic person does not change.

Not everybody can do what Eric Frein or Tim McVeigh do. A big part of it is being able to act without permission. Anyone can pull a trigger and shoot a paper target. Very few can do it to a living, breathing person when there is not a legal basis to do so.

There are true genetic freaks in direct action. So few understand this. They insult men with ……skills they do not possess.

Ted Kaczynski was a mathematical genius. His IQ was still 160 when he began his actions. He was not crazed.

Anders Brevik planned his work for 10 years. That focus and determination is extremely rare. It is what enabled him to be successful in the greatest mass killing in quite some time.

The Zodiac – what a man he was. He must have been a genius to be able to get away with those crimes with the amount of heat they generated. His ciphers and methods point to it. For him to carry the knowledge of what he was for all those years…amazing. We all live on the same Earth, but we inhabit completely different worlds.

There is a hidden force that wants balance restored. It is behind what we call white nationalism and radical Islam. There are no coincidences, in human affairs or otherwise. “Always trust your blood.” – the eternal truth. It rings true throughout the ages. Work with what you are, no matter what it is. True desire always finds expression.

ROK had a steller article yesterday, on Soviets, wolves and breeding. I highly recommend it.

WN may not shake out as we think. The future of the world might not lie with us. It happened in a movie once.

32 Comments to “Genetics in Direct Action”

  1. “Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man.” Francis Xavier of the Order of the Jesuits

  2. Of the beachgirls, I would want whichever one has wider hips.

    • Agree. Which race has wider hips, Arabs or Europeans…

    • + Which one is most different to you, that is the choice. Hybrid strength is real and exists; i am one.

      • Hybrid strength exists, but I do believe that hybridization prevents independent action or initiative which is why it’s encouraged. Different identities cancel each other out and identity is a vital to autonomy and action.

      • @ Jaeger
        That only applies in the colonies, where loose identity and the viking spirit reigns. The Janissary identity is very powerful, more powerful and dynamic than the master’s identity. It’s possible the potentials of hybridization is weaker in America, but the individual genetic strength still stays. I’ve known many hybridized people very intimately (back home), they are all superior to *both* their parents; mentally, aesthetically, everything.

        I’m talking about something like germans mixing with italians; but it applies with exotic cases too, as long as the Y chromosome is european. I’m willing to bet Elliot Hulse is patrilinearly white. He was darker growing up, lighter mature, indicating his maternal side was african.

        Powerlifter Dan Green:

      • Would someone kindly explain this “hybridization” notion? I’m assuming we are talking miscegenation, no?

      • Two things:

        “White-White crossbreeding can lead to the Whitest traits raising on top.” ~ oogenhand. This is correct. From here arises the dynamism of the mixed continental races.

        Spreading the Y chromosome to other races is good and excellent. My beard would love a harem of arabs, jewesses, and negresses alike. Ordained by the will of God almighty, of course.

  3. The radical liberationists have “transcended” genetics for at least 2000 years. The name of the game in the modern global arena is the perpetuation of the self-annihilator AND the decimation of the genuine white Supremacist. Intellectually, there can be no genetic “kill switch.” Which is to say that the self-annihilation we witness all around us IS CHOSEN by a free will AND NOT the effect of genetics. For the white Supremacist, the daily regiment is clear: reject self-annihilation, maximize genetic potential, seek a truly free will.

    • Intellectually, there can be no genetic “kill switch.” Which is to say that the self-annihilation we witness all around us IS CHOSEN by a free will AND NOT the effect of genetics… or media.

      There is DESIRE for self-annihilation amongst the degenerates.

      And there is DESIRE amongst many “white” self-annihilators in IMPOSING a belief that one can “love, f$&k, screw” whomever one pleases AND THIS BELIEF not have the effect of self-annihilation.

      • The poster stays.

        One woman has tits, another has legs and height. It’s just a matter of knowing how to display them to the best effect. One is not better than the other.

        Liberalism is the genetic kill switch. Those whites who believe and fight for it, will die. We are the remnant. Others have written about the brain misconnections and amygdala underdevelopment in details. There is an objective world out there, genetics is part of it.

      • The poster stays… But no white boy who comes through here to see it will be better for it. In fact, the best we could imagine only has these white boys seeing good “genetics” where there may be none and seeing bad “genetics” where it may actually be in abundance.

        Further… These aren’t women. That may seem pendantic until you realize that words are the weapons of psychological warfare and sentences and paragraphs are the machine gun and bomb in this psychological affair. To give these females what they have not earned –ESPECIALLY because they are white females — is detrimental to our long term interests.

        But the larger point still stands…

        Genetics is NOTHING without genuine free will. Genetics without free will just makes “us” busted A.I. deluding “ourselves” with the “idea” of “being” this “entity” called “human.”

  4. The poster is actually the most diabolical type of propaganda and I suggest it be removed. The boys we have today cannot be made to actually think that by making “genetic” comparisons similar to the one made in this poster that they are actually advancing in some manner. Which pair will most thoroughly nourish my sons’ children? Which psychology will actually nourish their children with the healthiest milk? Genetically, both these girls could be 10s or 0s. From the outside, WHAT REALITY should we create? Certainly not one that divides these two white girls into good genetics/bad genetics IN THE MINDS of our white boys BASED on stunted thinking.

    • You lift weight, TD?

      If you do, you know, with no question in your mind, the impact of genetics. The best genetics I ever saw for building muscle was this guy:

      With training and experience, one can evaluate an individual’s genetic potential, not just the body but of the mind. This is why you see WNs running into huge roadblocks that they can’t overcome. I have seen over and over again, in every field, from engineering to math to WN, the influence of genetics.

      It is more than just looks but behavior. Your persistence, TD, is genetic.

      You should be the first to defend genetics. Rocky 4 was an American anti-white supremacist movie, the multicult American against the superior Aryan.

      • Ryu…

        For 28 years…

        No… I don’t discount genetics. But genetics is like the quantum foam and all we can say is that something came from nothing BUT that “nothing” is some crazy, unexplained phenomena.

        At the same time, there is a genetic assault on white man.


        It doesn’t explain the desire for self-annihilation amongst whites AND NEITHER can the genetics.

        And the poster… It’s flawed because the “genetic” comparison IS STUNTED thinking. It DOES NOT REALLY confront the issue of advancing good white genetics in a substantive manner. It is actually going to further confuse an already seriously confused collective of white boys.

      • Now I’m the white supremacist.

        PU teaches beauty as an objective value. Symmetry, proportion, personification of type. There is an absolute beauty, and the white woman is absolutely more beautiful than the non-white.

        In bodybuilding, we pursue the ideal. There are variations of what is best, but some traits are universal. Every person has a level they can reach. I seek perfection for what my genetics allow.

      • White boys of today – Today’s Brandon!™ – cannot tear themselves away from HBO’s Girls long enough
        …to finish CoD’s Level 2104923-21b to read Eradica.

        In fact, I, in all my persuasive majesty, cannot even get you loyal readers to bring each one new reader…

        If you believe a poster drags down these tender, sensitive buds, then you need to clear your mind to see that providing excuses to faggots only enables them: It is one of our main modern weaknesses:
        Button-Mashing Faggots
        WHY You’ll NEVER SEE Manpower of The Revolution

      • Ryu…

        Caught the Rambo where he was allies with jihad against the strawberry blonde “Russian” aggressor.

      • That gravitar is for you Ryu… A better answer to your question.

      • That’s good but beware – I know all the tricks too. Better your comments show your level of knowledge; getting involved with pictures online is not good. I comment your exceptional lower trap development. Yates had it as well.

  5. TD is yoked.

    • Yeah dog… 41 next month… Did I tell you I could still dunk? Lol… Might have to post a video.

      • Haha…maybe we should all post pics of our physiques and feats of physical prowess. What you got Ryu and FP?

        Sadly my hopes haven’t been neurologically nor physiologically primed in awhile. The All-American discus thrower in my Anatomy and Physiology class challenged me to a competition to see whose vertical was the highest. I lost badly.

      • WN is outlawed in the USA. I will not post pictures, nor would I recommend any WNs post them.

        What I’ve got is my knowledge, which I freely share. Those who have experience will be able to tell quickly what is true and not.

      • I was only joking. I agree…I’m not prepared at this point to reveal that much of myself through pictures or videos.

      • TD should post a slow motion video of him doing snatches, and his deadlift max.

      • Hey TD, have you ever heard of Alex Viada? He’s a hybrid athlete that runs ultra-marathons and puts up huge numbers in the bench, squat, and deadlift. He pretty much destroys the myth that a powerlifter can’t be strong as hell and cardiovascularly fit.

      • He’s on. I respect his hard work and accomplishments, but all will disappear when he goes off. For long time user’s of anabolic steroids, the drugs account for 50-70 lbs of muscle.

      • The only lifts I really do anymore is the stiff legged deadlift (best was 365 for 3 reps… I’ll do 225 for 20 reps for some real cardio) and incline barbell press (max 110s for 4-5 reps). I will occasionally do a smith machine row. I do band work mainly for small muscle structural strength at the shoulder and hip. Mentally, I primarily train for the SNA (savage nigel attack). Obviously, being in SoCal, I hit the sand for some calisthenics and rock throwing (25-75lbs) and some vitamin D. I hit a small rec center a few times a week for some bag work (basic jab, elbow, knee, shin work) for impact training. I round this out with 3-6 miles runs on the beach/bay usually in the sand 1-3 times a week. Nothing crazy. At 40, I’m at refinement stage in the physical sphere. I’m at 6’1″ 195 8-10% body fat. It’s all about physical maintenance and the shift towards the intellectual assault. My physical training was always the grounding that would back my words with knuckles when necessary.

      • 40 can be just the beginning, though it is rare. Beckles was able to compete until his early 60s.

      • Ryu…

        I agree with your general sentiment in regards to the mass of WNs…


        If one is to become an exemplar of white Supremacy then being invisible to the masses defeats the purpose.

        The reality is that NONE of our boyhood “idols” turned out to be motivated by white Supremacy in their pursuit of physical excellence. In fact, the dominate “idol” of our time turned out to be another “white” (foreign) self-annihilator with corrupt beliefs and morals.

        Meaning, his physical prowess WAS A RUSE in the big scheme of things. A distraction for many a white boy who didn’t really see the truth from the propaganda.

        Who out there represents the physical aesthetic of the genuine white Supremacist?

  6. Ahh,
    as Sigmund Freud famously stated:
    Anatomy is destiny

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