Six Jewish Companies Control 96% of the World’s Media

by Ryu

Those who control the message, control the world. As this article will prove, the owners and directors of the largest media compnaies in the world are mostly Jewish.

This article will an update of an older article, written circa 2003. {ed note: teaser!}

In addition, the older article is far too long and contains too many facts for the average reader (or me!) to digest or remember. Therefore, we’ll stick with the basics.

The six biggest media companies are:
1) Disney
2) Sony
3) Time Warner
4) Comcast
5) CBS/National Amusements
6) News Corp

Sony Corporation of America
[ednote: Sony Pictures: Amy Pascal OY!

The traditional “big six” media companies are: Disney, Time Warner, Comcast, National Amusements, News Corp, and Sony.

Company: Disney
CEO: Bob Iger (Jew)
TV Holdings:
Radio Holdings:
Newspaper/Magazine Holdings:

Company: Time Warner
CEO: Jeffrey Lawrence ()
TV Holdings:
Radio Holdings:
Newspaper/Magazine Holdings:

Company: National Amusements
CEO: Sumner Redstone (formerly Rothsstein) (Jew)
TV Holdings:
Radio Holdings:
Newspaper/Magazine Holdings:

Company: News Corp
CEO: Rupert Murdoch (Gentile)
TV Holdings:
Radio Holdings:
Newspaper/Magazine Holdings:

Company: Comcast
CEO: Brian Roberts (Jew)
TV Holdings:
Radio Holdings:
Newspaper/Magazine Holdings:

Company: Sony
CEO: Bob Iger (Jew)
TV Holdings:
Radio Holdings:
Newspaper/Magazine Holdings:

28 Comments to “Six Jewish Companies Control 96% of the World’s Media”

  1. Whats stunning is the complete success of propaganda on the populace, that you can point this FACT out and instead of doing anything rationale, they think YOU are the lunatic and then they recycle tired ‘evil nazi’ tropes. Oh, maybe they will ask you if you want to start gassing them too.

    Again, stunning.

    • They have literal MIND CONTROL of the population. Some people think I’m exaggerating when I say this but I mean it literally.

      And the US who supposedly HATES “evil nazis” employed their mind control expert scientists to defeat the Soviets. Even Huff Post covered this fact.

      • It seems all successful revolutions are top-down today. The USG’s program works on the vast majority of the population. Not liking something is not the same as doing something about it. But there’s only one thing left to do, and it’s not voting. All mino races know how to do it, but the whites cannot.

      • It’s bourgeois morality that holds them back. I recall an interview with Leon Trotsky about the role Jews played in the Russian Revolution. He denied that Jews were overrepresented in communism asserting that most Jews are petty bourgeois shopkeepers or rich capitalist types. He even derided Zionism as bourgeois nationalism created to distract the Jewish proletariat from class struggle. Only a small few were revolutionaries determined to advance the class war.

      • The French Revolution was top-down Illuminati/Freemasonic/Jewish controlled too. All major revolutions in the past couple hundred years have been.

  2. The only successful mechanism of true mind control is language. So the battle for mind control starts with the language. If we assume the Jewish collective as capable of mass mind control then we assume a command of the language by the same Jewish collective. So how do “we” take command of the language? Well, by destroying the dominant messenger. This starts with a mere FACT. A simple Truth. An understanding recognized throughout history.

    The Jewish collective IS ALWAYS on the brink of annihilation BECAUSE the Jewish collective IS THE ARCHETYPE ETHNIC SELF-ANNIHILATOR.

    And the message that the messenger sends out to the masses will confirm this understanding for anyone willing and able to parse the language and get to the heart of this desire for a perpetuating self-annihilation.

  3. The Peeple grumble & groan of the latest TDO, some Manhattan Monkey w/ 31 arrests getting choked-out – permanently.

    And even FOX “the champion of the true common man”
    Runs to cover it –
    Dropping the hammer-attack murder of a white couple by a gang of coloreds:

    The peeple cry over Ferguson Mike Brown/Manhattan Man-Monkey, why~Why~WHY-eeeeee?!?

    All this, minutes after the predictable non-stop media barrage where a white congressional staffer is fired for criticizing Our Historic Black Ruler’s princesses at a book shop…from the same media that ignored Gruber.

    Gruber’s fault lay not in insulting The Murkan Peeple by calling them stupid.
    His crime was revealing with clarity that the stupid sheep are indeed quite stupid (as evidenced by their continued behavior in response to these stories) – and the jewish media know this, and use it to actually control stupid sheep into pro ObamaCare pens.

    There’s your jewish media; summed up in the comparison between these two stories.

    • It’s not good enough just to identify the media as Jewish-dominated. One also needs to account for the dominance of Jewish faggots in the media (and “white” fags, too). In fact, “anti-semitism” stands as the smokescreen for this dominate media faggotry. A faggot WILL NATURALLY propagate faggotry. Ergo, if faggots are dominate in the media then the media will be dominated by stories of self-annihilation/homo-sexuality.

      • Of course, faggots are but one phalange and component of the FFOL.

        Pure identification of media jews is the finest – and only – way to fight them… now.

        Years of foaming TrailerPark Nazi Niggerspickiking transformed a truth into a caricature – a cartoon stereotype clown. Love it or hate it, it just is. Think what you will: Dumbasses in wifebeaters fresh from the Springer Show never inspire confidence and leadership.

        Simply lead others to ryu’s article (…maybe he’ll finish it. heh).
        Prep them with the other fact that jews make up just 3% of US population. Carve that down with the qualifier that half of those are under 8 and over 88 and thus, not in the game.

        That leaves 1.5% of US population making up allllllll those people in those pictures running every company. It’s deliberate.

        Facts work best.
        They cannot be denied, nor can any programmed SWPL WANTING to utilize their PC propagandized attitude deny and hate you to successfully argue against them.
        These facts simply…exist, and are our greatest weapon now.

        They cannot be refuted.
        Our propaganda puts a crack in their armor.
        It is a dose of poison that gets the mind working.

        The human mind can not rationally deny a fact.

  4. FP – What you don’t seem to realize is that “dumbasses in wifebeaters fresh from the Springer Show” were the only kind of Pro-White people the Jew-run media allowed the masses to see. So the masses, including YOU believe that most pro-Whites/Nazi sympathizers are trailer park Nazis. This is patently untrue.

    I try not to comment much but some of the things you say just show how much you still believe the Jew-stream media’s presentation of things.

    AND because we (WNs) STILL don’t control the media, the “trailer park Nazi” image will continue to be perpetuated regardless of how we REALLY are. Do you begin to understand? Or are you going to CONTINUE to help those fuckers make us look bad?

    • Why would you indirectly identify yourself with Nazis ? they were chauvinistic, monogamist, anti-euthanasia fools. All jewesses can rest safely on my lap, i promise them safety. There is nothing I love more than buxom, curly haired jewesses. 🙂

    • You inadvertently demonstrate the inherent difference between the typical TPN and exceptional Eradican. One is a grunt, the latter – a leader with potential of highest quality.

      Quality is the basis of excellence.

      I speak of TNs from vast, actual experience.

      There’s no dishonor in being a grunt. But trailerpark nazism’s worst dishonor is: it failed, miserably.

      60 years of guys in Klan suits mouthing off stupid shit to the jewcam and not a goddamned thing to show for it but Barack Hussein Obama: It’s time for a new strategy.

    • @Trailer Park Nazi

      FP – What you don’t seem to realize is that “dumbasses in wifebeaters fresh from the Springer Show” were the only kind of Pro-White people the Jew-run media allowed the masses to see.

      Again, when a vast white majority is physically controlled by even mere words from a 3% jew minority – WHAT does that say about this larger tribe?

      Eradica had has the best WN writers espousing the greatest white doctrine with the most original ideas.

      Did you and others even merely bring others to read ryu?
      Ya’ll flocked to SoreFront and TDO’ed to the rest of the VRWs about the latest colored to rape a white family in LA…

      • Seems like you are on a fishing expedition FP and I’m not going to provide anymore info about myself than I already have.

        Anyway, It is very disturbing to me as well that Jews have had their way with us. They have honed their parasitical skills over thousands of years and Whites, because they have built the most excellent of societies, have relaxed too much and been too generous…over and over again. It’s very troubling. Supposedly, Jews have higher IQs than us, probably due to the eugenics they practiced for at least hundred of years so that accounts for some them pulling the wool over our eyes over and over again.

        The big question is, how can we get this info into a credible format that will FINALLY win over our people’s minds FOREVER with the truth??? I just don’t know. We have made progress though and anyone who doesn’t realize it is either uninformed or disingenuous. The election of Barack Obama, coupled with TDO in its various forms has been very effective.

        Certainly, one of our goals (after we win) must be a way to preserve the knowledge of the Jew in a way that cannot be destroyed like books are. But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

        Honestly, I think all branches of WN are useful. TDO is important for newbies. Problem is….with our sheeplike nature…a lot of Whites copycat and we end up with too much TDO. I have been saying something similar (under different handles) for a few years (without the TDO acronym, obviously).

        There has been a lot of innovation in the last couple of years though….Mindweapon and his spinoffs like Viking Bitch (who captures a working White woman’s perspective), Hipster Racist, Aryan Street and of course, here at Eradica with Ryu and some of the commenters.

        Although I don’t read there anymore, I always stick up for Stormfront because for many, many years if was virtually the ONLY source of Nationalist information. I learned a lot there so I don’t denigrate it. You have to remember that a lot of young people go there and they make silly comments sometimes. It’s a place where they can unload their angst without getting arrested. Then you also have (I’m guessing) hundreds of enemy posters there…FBI, CIA, Anti-fa, the list goes on an on, not to mention individual humanoids with an ax to grind.

        I hope someday FP you will stop listening to the Jews version of what a Pro-White person is because it puts you in the non-productive mode of tilting at windmills. In other words….you are being controlled by the 1.5-3%. Get it?

        [ed note: *sigh…* i am fully aware who you are and have been all along. imagining im “controlled by jooz” is another manifestation of accusatory, ‘noid-nuttiness of Das TPN. the rest of your spiel up to that point was kind of interesting. As for your last little ‘shot’ – maybe one day you’ll pull your head out of your snatch]

      • Erin…

        You have to ask yourself where you stand in the contributing authorship of the Jewish creation myth? One of the most dirtiest secrets out there amongst the “hardcore” “white” “racists” is their IN YOUR FACE propagandizing of “jewish supremacy” with nary a single individual recognizing this cogent fact.

        I repeat…

        “Hardcore” “white” “racists” ARE THE LEADING AUTHORS and PROPAGATORS of the “jewish supremacy” narrative.

        This isn’t just wrong. This isn’t just evil. This isn’t just false.

        It is self-annihilating.

        The Jew qua Jew is a self-annihilator. Anti-Supremacist. Believer of “equality.” Rejects The Perfect Man.

        “White man” has embraced the self-annihilating “nature” of the ethnic Jew, the racist black, the perverted homo, the bitter dyke, the bloodthirsty jihadist and so on and so forth…

        In other words, YOU reject genuine white Supremacy as do most of your kin.


      • The jews are superior to the average white.

        I have no issue stating the truth. Having met a few of them, I can see it quite clearly. No wonder they won so easily.

        But I will also say this – a real WN should have no problem dealing with the jews. The problem is, we are so few and the average whites are so many.

      • “The jews are superior to the average white.” — Ryu

        But this only makes “sense” if you forget what a Jew qua Jew actually is…

        It doesn’t even matter which iteration you choose: ethnic, Orthodox or ideological.

        All anti-Supremacists. All in an epic battle with self-annihilation.

        So to now speak of being “superior” to whites MEANS WHAT EXACTLY?

        Only that whites NOW IMITATE the self-annihilating ethos of the “historic” Jewish collective.

        The late Lawrence Auster showed the “hardcore” “white” “racist” that the path to superiority FOR THE ETHNIC Jew (of Eastern European descent) is conversion to genuine white Supremacy. THEY hated him for that.

        [ed note: “they” hated Lauster bc he smelled like cabbage – and the bottom of your mom’s purse]

      • Perhaps the editor cannot envision the psychological dilemma presented to the modern “white racist” by an ethnic Jew convert to white Supremacy?

      • Fp I am only “accusing” you of giving too much credence to the exagertions and out and out lies of our enemies. Personally, I have had enough of their nonsense and try to pay attention to MY world.

        Td The Jews in Israel have been mowing down the home of their enemies lately. How is this not supremacy in action? What would a real Jewish Supremacist do instead?

      • Erin,

        An ethnic, Orthodox or leftist Jew convert to white Supremacy would do exactly what a genuine white Supremacist would do, namely, rejecf self-annihilation, reject all false religions, reject all false ideologies, differentiate between objective Supremacy and subjective supremacy while recognizing the former AS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for the latter’s conception, regard race as substantive BUT understand genetics is nothing without genuine free will, internalize “racist” as passive and white Supremacist as aggressive, embrace the reprieve granted by the standard set before us INSTEAD OF transmongrifying “it” into an inescapable imposition THAT THEN DEMANDS radical autonomy…

        That’s a start, I suppose?

      • Erin…

        For the ethnic Jew, conversion to Orthodox or adherence to Leftism = radical autonomy.

        At the same time, for an ethnic Jew to reject Supremacy = annihilation.

        This is what the late Lawrence Auster recognized…

        It was not good enough for an ethnic Jew to reject Judaism and Leftism… He must also EMBRACE Supremacy or perhaps face total annihilation for his “father’s” sins.

        If you die JUST as an ethnic Jew… Total annihilation befalls you. Radical autonomy.

  5. @ Erin

    Firepower antagonizes you excessively but he doesn’t speak for everyone. I appreciate your commentary and loyal readership despite whatever disagreements we might have.

    [how wonderful to see you writing again]

  6. The reddit gallery of
    OWSers on vaykay
    Imagines this some sort of “conspiracy”
    A target for derisive dismissal!
    Even though there’s actual pictures of
    Actual Jews
    Running those actual companies!

    tee hee
    Perhaps they better return to safe suburban fappage,
    Stroking it to
    Myths 0′ Mike Brown’s
    Raised Hands

  7. @ryuski:
    i know i rushed you mercilessly on this article.

    you forgot Zuckaboig & tweeeeetz

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